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A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - No way out DIGI CD 2008 (pure Neo(Pop)Folk album with many Neoclassical and some Martial elements, dreamy and catchy atmosphere with monumental and heroic parts, in vein of Joy Division, the Fall, New Model Army, etc) NED (12,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Trilogy 2xCD 2007 (this 2CD-set containing the three 10" EP's digitally remastered on CD1 and on CD2 the Steinklang EP 'Am ende des Tages...' as well as 5 unreleased tracks and 4 remixes, Martial Industrial, Ambient, Neofolk) NED (16,-)

A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR - Monuments 2007 (Re-issue of the LP 2004, remastered, including the songs of the lim.150 bonus 7" and 3 unreleased songs) NED (12,-)

A WINTER LOST - Weltenende 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) CAN (12,-)

A WINTER LOST - Die längste Nacht 2013 (2nd full length album, Cold Canadian Black Metal, Sun & Moon Records) CAN (10,-)

ABIGAIL - Forever Street Metal Bitch 2003/2009 (re-release of the 2nd album with new artwork, a must release!) JAP (12,-)

ABIGAIL - Welcome All Hell Fuckers 2001/2010 (re-released the band one of the best MCD with new artwork and 7 bonus tracks) JAP (10,-)

ABIGAIL - The Early Black Years 1992-1995 2007 (legendary Japonese Thrashing Black Metal with early demos, rare tracks) JAP (12,-)

ABIGAIL / IRONFIST / DEIPHAGO - Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters Split CD 2008 (1st class Asian Blackened Thrash attack) JAP/SIN/PHI (10,-)

ABIGAIL / PAGAN FIRE / BLACK SISTER - Thrash Metal Superstars 2010 Pro CD-R (Official live bootleg recordings, lim to 133 copies only) JAP/PHI/HUN (6,-)

ABSCESS - Damned & Mummified 2004 (ex-Autopsy/Von members playing excellent punk death metal, the 4th full length album) USA (10,-)

ABSURD - Life Beyond the Grave 1992 - 1994 2 x CD 2010 (Features the demo recordings of ABSURD from 1992 until 1994. Mastered by TT (ABIGOR), essential release with booklet of early photos, newspapers, etc) GER (15,-)

ABSURD - Asgardsrei 1999/2012 (the legendary 1st Ep, Totenkopf Propaganda, new artwork (Antichrist Kramer), remixed & remastered + bonus songs) GER (10,-)

ABSURD – Totenlieder Digi CD 2003/2009 (re-release with new artwork + 2 bonus tracks, the 3rd album by tyrant of german Black Metal) GER (12,-)

ABSURD / GRAND BELIAL'S KEY / SIGRBLOT - Weltenfeind 2008 (one of the best split albums ever released, exclusive songs from each band!) GER/USA/SWE (12,-) 

ABUSUS - Lichter Gedanken und Lieder- digisleeve CD 2005/2010 (Black/Doom Metal with Nagelfar, The Ruins of Beverast, Kermania, Graupel members) GER (12,-)

ACHERONTAS - 15 Years Anniversary of Left Hand Path Esoterica Double CD Digipack 2011 (feature the two albums + parts of the split-releases with Leviathan and Necromantia. Fantastic occult black metal, with ex- Stutthof members) GRE (14,-)

ACHERONTAS - Amenti DigiCD 2013 (4th full length album, Acherontas once again offer intense & sinister Art at its best. The 62 minutes longing album features guest appearances / collaborations with following artists:  Naas Alcameth / Nightbringer, Henry Möller from Arditi & Puissance, Jhon Longshaw (Black Seas of Infinity) and Edgar Kerval from Emme Ya and comes as a noble Digipak CD, incl. a 24 pages booklet) GRE (12,-)

ACID WITCH - Stoned 2010 (Psychedelic Occult Death/Doom Metal, 2nd album, for worshippers of Witchfinder General, Trouble, Deep Purple and Winter) USA (12,-)

AD HOMINEM - Dictator - A Monument of Glory 2009 (Militarian Black Metal, the great new album) FRA (10,-)

AD HOMINEM - Slaves of God to the Gallows digi 2013 (Remixed old Ad Hominem songs by PreEmptive Strike 0.1 to Industrial Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

AD NOCTUM - Arrogance 2006 (Black metal with members from well-known Dannish black/death metal bands, Undercover Records) DEN (10,-)

ADUMUS - To Heed The Call of War 2004/2011 (Satanic, war, Black Metal from Texas with Thornspawn, Temple of Wrath, etc members) USA (10,-)

AGATHOCLES - Theatric symbolisation of life + Live Aalst '90 1992/2007 (a grindcore masterpiece from the godfathers of the genre!) BEL (12,-)

AIDS - Syndrome of the end approaching 2007 (Crude, filthy black metal. The soundtrack of the apocalypse + Autopsy cover) USA (10,-)

ALEXEI BORISOV and HEC - Live In Paris CD-R 2008 (Experimental Noise, ltd. to 200 copies in special pack) RUS/FRA (5,-)

ALKERDEEL - Luizig 2008 (Raw Sludge/Black Metal from Belgium with Thee Plague of Gentlemen/Leng Tch'e/Welkin/Headmeat, etc members, special packaged lim to 500 copies, At War with False Noise release) BEL (10,-)

ALLERSEELEN - Hallstatt DIGI CD 2007 (between folklore, krautrock and industrial music, apocalyptic and passionate songs about love and death) AT (12,-)

ALLERSEELEN - Edelweiss DIGI CD 2005 (a selection of the best ALLERSEELEN songs, many of them for the first time on CD. also some unreleased Industrial-Folk hymns, Industrial, Neofolk, apocalyptic folk) AT (12,-)

ALTAR OF PERVERSION / MORDAEHOTH / DER BLUTHARSCH - TRIBUTO A DER BLUTHARSCH split CD 2005/2011 (A Black Metal tribute to Der Blutharsch) ITA/NED/AT (12,-)

ALTERNATIVE 4 - The Brink 2011 (new band of the ex-Anathema mastermind Duncan Patterson, 1st album, Doom Metal/Rock) UK (10,-)

AMES SANGLANTES / THE VAULT - Split CD 2009 (satanistic Black ambient soundscapes, noise, heavy analogue electronics, dark and oppressive for fans of ARCHON SATANI, SLEEP CHAMBER and early Cold Meat Industry stuff) CAN (10,-)

AMMIT - Hammer of Darkness 2005 (Old school black thrash from Chile! including an Accept cover: Fast as a Shark) CHI (12,-)

AMMIT - Armageddon Cobra 2009 (Bestial, Old school black/thrash from Chile! including G.G. Allin & WASP covers) CHI (10,-)

AMORPHIS - Eclipse 2006 (the 1st album with Tomi Joutsen - Vocals, the 7th full length album) FIN (10,-)

ANAL VOMIT - Demoniac Flagellations 2004 (1st album, killer black death from Peru, like Sarcofago and Hadez!) PER (12,-)

ANAL VOMIT - Depravation 2007 (Total bestial black death perversion! 2nd album) PER (12,-)

ANAL VOMIT - Gathering Of The Putrid Demons 2009 (the 3rd album, total old school Thrash / Black Metal in the classic South American way) PER (12,-)

ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds-The Antediluvian Tapes 2005 (comp. of the "Eerily Howling Winds" demo + early, unreleased material) NOR (10,-)

ANCIENTBLOOD - The Profane Hymns of the Sovereign Darkness MCD 2007 (satanic old school Black Metal cult from Brazil, a must!) BRA (10,-)

ANDY ORTMANN / JOHN WIESE - Recorder Out of Tune 2006 (Noise, Experimental collaboration by Panicsville members, Ortmann own Nihilist Records, Wiese is known from Bastard Noise and great collaboration albums with Pain Jerk, Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, Wolf Eyes, Lasse Marhaug, etc and dozen of solo works) USA (12,-)

ANIMUS - Hallucinations: Ideals Surrounding Water, Sand, and Clouds of Dust 2008 (Despair, Depression, Suffering, Suicide Black Metal) ISR (10,-)

ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE - Saturated Feathers 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) UK (12,-)

ANTISEMITEX / SELBSTMORD - We Bring Desolation 2008 (RAC-NSBM meets NS Black Metal, Polish attack, a must for the fans of the genre) POL (10,-)

ANWYNN - Voices of Perdition 2008 (Traditional French Black Metal, Gallic Metal) FRA (10,-)

APART - Across The Empty Night 2008 (Folk, World, & Country, Acoustic, Pop Rock, Neofolk) ITA (10,-)

ARC - Arkchangelsk 2008 (Tribal guitar drone with post-rock elements, Canada. Digisleeve CD, ltd. edition 600 copies, Epidemie Records) CAN (12,-)

ARCANUS TENEBRAE - Odium in Homines 2008 (misanthropic Greek Black Metal) GRE (10,-)

ARES KINGDOM - Return To Dust 2006 (Thrash/Death Metal with Black Influences, with Order From Chaos, Vulpecula members) USA (10,-)

ARES KINGDOM - Firestorms and Chaos 2008 (includes "Firestorm Redemption" & "Failsafe" Ep, "Chaosmongers Alive" Ep and original 1997 Demo) USA (10,-)

ARFSYND - Arfsynd 2010 (traditional Satanic Swedish devil worship Black Metal with Orcivus member) SWE (10,-)

ARGHOSLENT - Incorrigible Bigotry DIGI CD 2002/2009 (Re-released with different cover art and the bonus track "Mob of the Howling", 2nd album) USA (12,-)

ARGHOSLENT - 1990-1994: The First Three Demos 2008 (CD with the first 3 demos. Essential for Arghoslent maniacs!) USA (10,-)

ARGHOSLENT / MARTIAL BARRAGE - Send Forth the Best Ye Breed 2009 (great split CD with special songs from both band, death metal) USA (10,-)

ARKONA - Raw Years 1993-1995 2005 (2nd edition of 500 copies with corrected cover and released by Garazel exclusively) POL (10,-)

ARKTHOS - Knights of the Eternal Sun 2006 (ex-Tenebrous, Benighted in Sodom member playing USBM) USA (12,-)

ARMAGEDDA - Only True Believers 2003/2011 (occult Darkthrone worshipping traditional Swedish Black Metal, the 2nd full length masterpiece) SWE (10,-)

ARMAGEDDA - I Am Digisleeve MCD 2010 (The mini album contains a lost recording from the period between 2001 and 2002, essential black metal) SWE (9,-) 

ARMAGGEDON - I.N.R.I. 2009 (true elitist black metal + Isengard cover, the new album) FRA (12,-)

ARMOUR - Armour 2009 (great heavy metal 80's with style, debut full-length, a must for Accept, Running Wild, Exciter maniacs, European version!) FIN (10,-)

ARPHAXAT - Loudun la Maudite 2008 (ex-Deathspell Omega, Hirilorn member doing excellent Black metal, like early Deathspell Omega!) FRA (10,-)

ARS MANIFESTIA - The Enchanting Dark's Arrival 2007 (Raw but emotional Black Metal with bloodfreezing riffs and a dak mysterious feeling lasting for near one hour) ITA (10,-)

ARS MANIFESTIA - The Red Behind 2009 (the 2nd album, Over 70 minutes of dark and cold Black Metal) ITA (10,-)

ARSONIST LODGE - Perkele, Antikristus ja vaara profeetta 2007 (Churchburning Black Metal! The arsonists are back and continue even darker than on the "Lihaa Pedolle" EP, reaping the flesh of christians with torches and blades! 3 tracks of hatred and reaping, reeking of gasoline and unholy fire of Satan) FIN (10,-)

ASH POOL - World Turns On Its Hinge 2007 (Raw Black Metal by Dominick Fernow from Prurient, Cold Cave, Hospital Prod, etc, 1st album) USA (12,-)

ASHES - Hymn to a Grey Sky 2005 (Raw Black Metal/Ambient, 1st album) UK (10,-)

ASHES - Yggdrasil 2007 (Raw Black Metal/Ambient, the last album) UK (10,-)

ASKA - Dar Vanvett Gror 2007 (macabre and twisted journey into filth Black Metal, Total Holocaust Records) SWE (10,-)

ASSAULTER - Salvation Like Destruction 2008 (great Australian Blackened Thrash metal, th 1st album) AUS (10,-)

ASTROFAES - Those Whose Past is Immortal 2005 (Black Metal with Lucifugum, Drudkh, Hate Forest, Blood of Kingu, Lutomysl, Kladovest members) UKR (10,-)

ASTROFAES - Dying Emotions Domain DIGI CD 1998/2011 (re-mastered version, new artwork and an 8-page booklet. The 1st album with  Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Kladovest, Hate Forest member) UKR (12,-)

ASTROFAES - Idea. Form. Essence 2007 (Great new Album! Supernal Music) UKR (10,-)

ATARAXIA - Concerto No. 6: A Baroque Plaisanterie 2009 digi (re-pressed in a beautiful digipack edition of the 1996 album with digitally mastered sound and 2 exclusive bonus tracks recorded in 2009) ITA (12,-)

ATARAXIA - Nosce Te Ipsum 2008 (Originally released on tape on Energeia in 1991. First time on CD of this great medieval, folk album!!) ITA (12,-) 

ATARAXIA - Lost Atlantis 2010 digi (After 11 years from its first press, available again, in a new digipack edition, digitally mastered, of one of the most appreciated albums of ATARAXIA!) ITA (12,-)

ATARAXIA - Saphir 2010 digi (digitally mastered new digipack edition, of one of the most poetic and various albums of ATARAXIA from 2004) ITA (12,-)

ATARAXIA - Suenos 2001/2012 (neo classical, orchestral for 4 voices and Mediterranean dreamy ambiances. remastered with bonus tracks) ITA (12,-)

ATMAN - l'Assassi de Venus 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) SPA (12,-)

ATMAN - Djirli Ika 2005 (Very unique and varied Black Metal hailing from Catalunia. Personal sound landscape based on raw Black Metal!) SPA (10,-)

ATMAN - Psy Atman + Like Pure Unawaited Magic 2009 (first 2 albums on one CD with brand new artwork, essential release!) SPA (10,-)

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Rise Of The Ancient Ones 2008 (ancient RIFF-ORIENTED death/thrash in vein of old Sepultura, Mutilator, Sarcofago!) BRA (10,-)

ATOMIZER - Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt 2008 (farewell album of this great Thrash/Black metal band, essential release!) AUS (10,-)

ATOMIZER - Death Mutation Disease Annihilation Slipcase CD 2002/2008 (legendary Thrash/Black Metal re-release with bonus stuff!) AUS (12,-)

AXIS OF ADVANCE - Strike 2001 (Canadian war metal it's best, a must for Revenge, Blasphemy, Conqueror fans, 1st album) CAN (12,-)

AXIS OF ADVANCE - Obey 2004 (Canadian war metal it's best, a must for Revenge, Blasphemy, Conqueror, Gloria Diaboli fans) CAN (10,-)

AUSTERE - Withering Illusions and Desolation 2007/2008 (total despair, contempt through a high-class and well-performed desolate black metal) AUS (10,-)

AUSTERE / ISOLATION - Bleak split 2008 (stronger emphasis on the desperate side of their art. black metal meets blackened desparate doom) AUS/GER (10,-) 

AUTUMN VERSES - Tunes of Disconsolation 1997 (Finnish Black Metal with Thromdarr member) FIN (10,-)    

AVARUS - Ruskeatimantti 2xCD 2005 (a collection of rare out of print material from this legendary Finnish free-folk collective. stumbling, tribal, trippy and ritualistic) FIN (15,-)   

AVENGER - Godless 2003 (Czech Republic's only real true Black Death Metal band. AVENGER plays early Swedish style death metal (NIHILIST, CARNAGE or TREBLINKA) with black metal overtones and a distinct eastern European twist. Memorable songs and heavy productions. Sure to please fans of Master's Hammer.) CZ (10,-)

AVENGER - Feast of Anger / Joy of Despair 2009 (the 4th album, one of the long active black/death metal bands from Bohemia) CZ (10,-) 

AVERSE SEFIRA - Advent Parallax 2008 (the 4th album, Orthodox USBM) USA (10,-)

AVULSION - Indoctrination Into the Cult of Death 2003 (AVULSION breathes a foul and decrepit breath of lifelessness into death metal. 'Indoctrination into the Cult of Death' praises the essence of death with every gut wrenching guitar riff and vomited out gurgle. This CD will please fans of INCANTATION, NECROPHOBIC and AUTOPSY) USA (10,-)

AZAGHAL - Codex Antitheus 2005 (traditional Finnish Black Metal, the 5th full length album) FIN (10,-)

AZRAEL RISING - Azrael Rising MCD 2008 (new band of Witchfinder from Reverend Bizarre! suicidal black metal in the vein of Shining and Silencer) FIN (10,-)

AZURE - Moonlight Legend 1998 (Swedish Black Death Metal from 1998 with member from Naglfar) SWE (10,-)   

AZURE EMOTE - Chronicles of An Aging Mammal 2007 (Avant-garde death metal, Azure Emote is an experimental death metal project created by Mike Hrubovcak from Monstrosity / Divine Rapture / Vile, etc. One of the most interesting underground music projects to emerge in quite some time. Musically, visually and stylistically different than anything out there right now. Experimental metal / industrial / noise / avant-garde freak out that really gnashes at every sense you have!) USA (12,-)

BAD SECTOR - Transponder 1999/2011 DIGICD (dark, deep, meditative, structured noise-ambient with bonus track, 1st time on CD) ITA (12,-)

BARDOSENETICCUBE - Noosphere 2008 (Dark Ambient, Abstract, Noise, dark ambient/industrial project from St. Petersburg) RUS (10,-)

BEASTCRAFT - Dawn of the Serpent 2006 (featuring 3 Beastcraft's demo tapes and 2 new tracks. True Norwegian Black Metal) NOR (10,-)

BEATRIK - Requiem of December 2005 digi CD (Supreme funeral black-doom metal from italian masters, the 2nd album) ITA (12,-)

BEFORE THE RAIN - Frail 2011 (Portuguese death doom metal band formed in 1997, the 2nd album) POR (10,-)

BEHEADING MACHINE - Stillbirth Civilization MCD 2009 (Technical Death Metal with Neolith & Garroter members) POL (10,-)

BEHERIT - At the Devil's Studio 1990 2011 (The VERY FIRST Beherit debut studio album recorded back in 1990! You NEVER HEARD this recording or the two previously UNRELEASED tracks featured!) FIN (12,-) 

BENIGHTED IN SODOM - In Hora Maledictus Part I 2008 (brandnew album of this depressive/suicide/ambient black metal band) USA (10,-)

BENIGHTED IN SODOM - Plateau S: The Harrowing 2010 (the 5th full length, depressive/suicide/ambient black metal) USA (10,-)

BERGRAVEN - Dodsvisioner 2007 (Total Holocaust Records) SWE (12,-)

BESATT - Black Mass 2006 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Sacrifice for Satan 2004 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Triumph of Antichrist 2007 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Hail Lucifer 2002 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Demonicon 2010 (the new album,cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESATT - Hellstorm 2003 (cult, satanic black metal from Poland!) POL (10,-)

BESTIAL SUMMONING - The dark war has begun 1992/2011 (a piece of BM history, 1st time on CD by Supremacy Through Intolerance! classic '90s Black Metal) NED (10,-)

BETHLEHEM - Stonkfitzchen MCD 2010 (brand new Ep with Kvarforth on vocals) GER (10,-)

BETHLEHEM - S.U.i.Z.i.D. 1998 (the suicide Black Metal classic album!) GER (12,-)

BETHLEHEM - A Sacrificial Offering To The Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear 2009 (Re-recording of S.U.i.Z.i.D. with Kvarforth on vocals) GER (12,-)

BETHLEHEM - Reflektionen auf's Sterben 1998/2006 (re-release of the 1st Bethlehem Ep with one bonus track!) GER (10,-)

BEYOND DAWN - Bygones 2009 (the early out-of-print ep's, demos and unreleased tracks from the period 1991-94, Norwegian Avantgarde Metal!) NOR (10,-)

BEYOND LIGHT - Eclipsed Sun Path 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) NED (12,-) 

BILSKIRNIR - In Flames of Purification / Totenheer 2002/2010 (great German NSBM) GER (10,-)

BILSKIRNIR - Wotan Redivivus 2013 (the new album, NSBM, one of the best release of 2013, recommanded!) GER (10,-)

BISCLAVERET - Psyche NoMine 2007 (Polish dark ambient/dark wave, Electronic, Industrial) POL (10,-)

BLACK ALTAR - Death Fanaticism 2008 (true Satanic Black Metal, the 2nd album) POL (10,-)

BLACK AUTUMN - The Advent October MCD 2013 (Doom, Ambient Black Metal, the perfect soundtrack for a solitary travel in the Autumn rain and cold) GER (9,-)

BLACK CRUCIFIXION - Faustian Dream 2006 (Ten years in the making results a Dark Metal classic from the Finnish Black Metal pioneers, highly recommended!) FIN (10,-)

BLACKDEATH - Chronicles of Hellish Circles 2009 (songs from LP bonus, split 7"EPs with HORNA & BLOODHAMMER + Darkthrone & Summoning covers) RUS (10,-)

BLACKDEATH - Satan Macht Frei 2004 (Disease filled Black Metal hell.....Satan makes you free.....the 4th album) RUS (10,-)

BLACKDEATH / LEVIATHAN - Portrait in Scars Split CD 2005 (Russian elite Black Metal meets USBM) RUS/USA (10,-)

BLACK DEATH RITUAL - Profound Echoes Of The End 2005 (excellent Finnish Black Metal with Baptism, Prevalent Resistance, Behexen, etc members) FIN (10,-)

BLACK FUNERAL - Belial Arisen 2003 (legendary, obscure Black Metal/Dark Ambient!) USA (10,-)

BLACK FUNERAL - Vukolak 2010 (legendary, obscure Black Metal/Dark Ambient since 1993! The 8th full length album) USA (10,-)

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - Yes, Sir (Filth Play) CD 2009 (Mask of the Slave) USA (12,-) 

BLACK LEATHER JESUS - The Defining Love (Top/Bottom Exchange) 2010 (the new album comes in a beautiful 7"inch size cover, 300 copies) USA (12,-)

BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY - Hieros-Gamos Digi CD 2008 (true ritualistic music, the new album, Autumn Wind Prod.) USA (12,-)

BLACK WITCHERY - Inferno Of Sacred Destruction CD+DVD 2010 (the 3rd album, Comes with a 20 page booklet and a live DVD in Helsinki 24/10/09) USA (14,-)

BLACKWIND - Demain, l'Apocalypse 2008 (Quebec Black Metal! Features Monarque on guitar) CAN (10,-)

BLASPHEMY - Gods Of War + Blood Upon The Altar digiCD 2007 (Blood Upon The Altar demo as bonus! All time classic Black Metal release!) CAN (12,-)

BLAZE OF SORROW - Echi 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

BLEIBURG - Way Of Crosses 2007 (Martial/Industrial/Electronics/Neo-folk) GER (10,-)

BLIZZARD - Fuck the Universe 2012 (Black'n' Roll/Speed/Thrash Metal masterpiece, the best Blizzard album to date, the 4th album) GER (10,-)

BLIZZARD - Rock'n Roll Overkill 2011 (Alcoholic Speed/Thrash Metal, the 3rd full length album) GER (10,-)

BLIZZARD - The Roaring Tanks Of Armageddon 2009 (the great new album after 8 years, german thrash metal it's best!) GER (10,-)

BLODARV - Civitas Diaboli MCD 2009 (long time active Black Metal band, Satanism, anti-Christianity, darkness, death) DEN (10,-)

BLODSKALD - Vidundret 2008 (Swedish Black Metal with Sorgeldom, Kaos Sacramentum member) SWE (10,-)

BLODULV - S/T 2005 (Extreme Swedish black metal, re-released version with 2 bonus tracks from Pagan Panzer Ep) SWE (10,-)

BLOOD RED FOG - Death Cult 2012 (The two "Death Cult" tapes on one CD. Expect true Finnish black metal the Blood Red Fog way.) FIN (10,-)

BLOOD RED FOG / FUNERARY BELL - Split MCD 2009 (typical excellent finnish black metal from both bands) FIN (10,-)

BLOOD STAINED DUSK - Dirge of Death's Silence 2001 (great, traditional black metal with Pest from Gorgoroth on vocals) USA (10,-)

BLOODHAMMER - Post-Apocalypse Trilogy 2006 (extremely dirty, frantic raw black metal with old school influences and thrashing vibes, 2nd album) FIN (10,-)

BLOODHAMMER - Passion of the Devil MCD 2005 (old Finnish bestial Black Metal) FIN (10,-)

BORGNE - IV 2009 (cold, mechanical and inhumane Industrial/Black Metal, as martial as it is hypnotic) CH (12,-)

BORKNAGAR - Borknagar 1996/2003 (the legendary 1st album, re-release with new artwork of this classic viking/black metal art) NOR (12,-)

BOSSE - Echoes of the Forgotten 2008 (emotional rendition through the bleakest form of acoustic funeral folk, nostalgia & voluntary isolation) USA (12,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - USA - the United States of China 2009 (noise/power electronics/industrial, the new album! lim. to 350!) POL (12,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - Three Strikes And You Are Out CD 2011 (Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise, ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) POL (10,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - Willkomen bei uns! 2012 CD-R (Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies in a dvd case (cd size) with 2 inlets. Industrial, PE, Noise) POL (7,-)

BRANSTOCK - BRANSTOCK MCD 2005 (German black metal with pagan metal touches, good song structures) GER (8,-)

BUNKUR - Nullify 2009 (Grim torturous ultra doom! 2nd full length! A must release!) NED (10,-)

BURIAL HORDES - 12 years of war and revenge 2012 (The band consists of founding member Necro (Enshadowed), Psychaos (Dead Congregation) & Cthonos (ex-Ravencult). Brutal black metal with a death-oozing aura performed the old school way.) GRE (10,-)

BURIED GOD - Dark Revelation 2003 (Thrash Metal from below! The return of the thrashing madness! Stunning debut from this German thrash machine!! "Dark Revelation" will show you the dark sinister face of traditional Thrash Metal!) GER (10,-)

BURZUM – Anthology 2002 (official compilation, Allgermanic Heathen Front/Cymophane Records release, white CD) NOR (11,-)

BUTCHER ABC - Butchered Feast of Being MCD 2006 (japanese Death Metal/Goregrind, sick as hell!) JAP (10,-)

BUTCHER ABC - Butchered at Birth Day MCD 2003 (japanese Death Metal/Goregrind, sick as hell!) JAP (10,-)

CAÏNAN DAWN - Nibiru DIGI 2011 (excellent French black metal with Nehëmah members!) FRA (10,-)

CALDERA - Mithra digiCD 2011 (Doom Metal, Black Metal, Industrial, Stoner, the 2nd album) FRA (10,-)

CAMPO DE MAYO / PERMAFROST -  A Blindfold Stained With Blood / Haunting The Forgotten Split CD 2009 (NSBM from Argentina) ARG (10,-)

CARPATHIAN FOREST - We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade of Perversions 2002 (True Norwegian Black Metal!) NOR (12,-)   

CARPATHIAN FOREST - Defending the Throne of Evil 2003 (True Norwegian Black Metal, the 4th album) NOR (10,-)

CARRION WRAITH - Carrion Wraith 2009 (Quebec Black Metal! Features Monarque on guitar and vocals) CAN (10,-)

CELESTIA - Dead Insecta Sequestration Slipcase CD 2008 (inlcudes 7 bonus tracks from a live in Holland 2002, Apparitia Recordings) FRA (12,-)

CELESTIA - Retrospectra Slipcase CD 2009 (Including "A cave full of Bats" Mcd, "The Awakening of the Dormant Fiancee" Demo, "A Dying out of Ecstasy" Demo, also material from the split tape with EVIL(Bra) and other material recorded for the SABBAT LP tribute) FRA (12,-)

CELESTIA - Archaenae Perfectii DIGI CD 2010 (the 3rd full length album! Fantastic French Black Metal with the best French traditions) FRA (12,-) 

CHAOS MOON - Languor Into Echoes 2007 (obscure black metal with funeral doom touches) USA (10,-)

CHELMNO - Horizon of Events 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

CHRISTFIGHTER - Satan's Perversion (The Best of The Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection) 2012 (porno, lo-fi Black Metal with the Heretic mastermind Tom Goat) NED (10,-)

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Falling Monuments 2010 (it continues logical journey since Church Of Atrocity, with more distorted, lethal, fierce sound) FIN (12,-)

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Night Of The Unholy Flames 2005 (2nd album. Most straight forward recording of total black metal. Comes with lyrics) FIN (12,-)

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Deliverers of Faith 2004 (4th album! Elite Black metal. 12 pages booklet) FIN (12,-)

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - Church of Atrocity 2006 (5th full length album. 45 minutes of black metal. Black & White artwork, with lyrics) FIN (10,-)

CLIMAX DENIAL - All my loves are like Dreams 2010 (PE/Noise/experimental, ambient, for fans of Prurient, Sutcliffe Jügend. Lim. to 300 copies) USA (10,-)

CLOSED ROOM - Closed Room digi CD 2012 (Valse Sinistre Productions) BLR (12,-)

COLD FUSION - Occupatria DIGI CD 2005 (beautiful symphonic Martial industrial, compared to A Challenge Of Honour, Les Joyaux de la Princesse) POL (12,-)

CONFUSION - Demos'lition 2007 (Colombian Kult Grindcore! legendary demo collection. For NAPALM DEATH, SORE THROAT, FEAR OF GOD, Carcass fans!) COL (10,-)

CONSPIRATOR - Exorcism 2008 (Witchburner members playing Death/Thrash Metal) GER (10,-)

CONTRA IGNEM FATUUM - Detritus MCD 2005 (Nietzschean, Cynicism, Environmental purity, Black Metal) UK (10,-)

COOLOOLA MONSTER - Canciones del Diablo 2010 CD-R (Mask of the Slave Records) SPA (5,-)

CORPUS CHRISTII - Tormented Belief 2003 (Melancholic, aggressive and grim Black Metal from Portugal) POR (12,-)

CORPUS CHRISTII - The Torment Continues 2005 (Melancholic, aggressive and grim Black Metal from Portugal) POR (10,-)

CRAWL UNIT - Proprietary Acoustics (Live) 1997 (one of the revelations of the last couple of years, great pe/noise, consumer electronics!) USA (10,-)

CRIMSON - Fading 2009 (Grief, solitude and autumn skies in crimson blossom, Total Holocaust Records) SWE (12,-)

CRIPTA OCULTA - Ecos dos Dolmens Esquecidos 2010 (Excellent Black Metal with Lusitanian Pride, War, Death, Ancestral Honour, the 2nd album) POR (10,-)

CRYPTIC WINDS - Storm Of The Black Millenium 2001 (Terrorist US Black Metal for the glory of war and evil. Prepare for the fucking apocalypse!!) USA (10,-)

CRYSTALIUM - Doxa O RevelatioN 2007 (Elitist, fast, French Black Metal attack, 4th full length album) FRA (12,-)

CSEJTHE - Réminiscence 2013 (the 2nd album, great Canadian (Quebec style) Black Metal with Monarque, Forteresse, etc members) CAN (10,-) 

CYCLOTIMIA - Wasteland 2002/2005 (dark ambient sounds supported by bouncing electronic rhythms, noise, experimental soundscapes) RUS (10,-)

CYCLOTIMIA - Algorithms 2008 (dark ambient sounds supported by bouncing electronic rhythms, religious samples and different effects) RUS (10,-)

CULT OF DAATH - Slit Throats And Ritual Nights 2005 (great USBM, the second album, recommended!) USA (12,-)

CULTUS - A Seat In Valhalla 2006 (the 1st full length album, minimal, primitiv black metal with pagan influences) NED (10,-)

DAMIANO MERCURI - European Music and Ballads from Renaissance and Baroque Era 2009 (Damiano Mercuri is Rose Rovine E Amanti!) ITA (10,-)

DAPNOM - Verklart Nacht 2006 (One track, one hour of mental and spiritual black noise torture, Black satanic ritual ambient-project) FRA (10,-)

DAPNOM / KENJI SIRATORI - Nhir-otkiv Yima'k split CD 2008 (Ritual Dark Ambient, France. Hyper Modern Harsh Electronics, Japan. Sabbathid Records Japan) FRA/JAP (12,-)

DARK AGES - Twilight of Europe digiCD 2009 (Great Drudkh side-project, majestic & esoteric medieval ambient. Beautiful 6-pannel digipack) UKR (10,-)

DARK AGES - The Tractatus De Hereticius Et Sortilegiis 2011 (the 3rd album, Blood of Kingu, Drudkh, Hate Forest mastermind Roman Saenko playing fantastic dark ambient) UKR (10,-)

DARKESTRAH - Manas 2013 (Epic Shamanic Metal that combines dark and mystical atmosphere of Black Metal with ritualistic sounds of tradional Middle Asian music. The 5th full length album!) KYR/GER (12,-)

DARK FORTRESS - Profane Genocidal Creations 2003 (german melodic black metal, the 2nd album) GER (10,-)

DARK FURY - Saligia 2010 (the 6th full length album! NSBM with Thunderbolt, Thor's Hammer, Ohtar, Selbstmord etc members) POL (10,-)

DARK FURY / EVIL / PAGAN HELLFIRE - We Know How to Hate 2012 (pagan metal meets NSBM from the masters of this genres!) POL/BRA/CAN (10,-)

DARK SANCTUARY - Dark Sanctuary 2009 (Electro/EBM/FOlk/Darkwave with Kristallnacht, Sacrificia Mortuorum, Bekhira, Black Dementia, etc memebers) FRA (12,-)

DARK TRIBE - Archaic Visions 2010 (after 6 years of silence, here is the 3rd album, sick, morbid total Black Metal madness, masterpiece!) GER (10,-)

DARKSPACE - Dark Space -I 2012 (Re-release of the band's first demo, entirely re-recorded. digisleeve CD) CH (12,-)

DARKSTORM - Hell Satan Blasphemy 2006 (uncompromising and purely Czech Black Metal, featuring ex-members of the legendary Maniac Butcher) CZ (12,-)

DARKTHRONE - Tansivanian Hunger 1994 (A Black Metal classic! Brazilian import) NOR (10,-)

DARKTHRONE - Under a Funeral Moon 1993 (A Black Metal classic! Brazilian import) NOR (10,-)

DARKTHULE - Beyond the Endless Horizons 2007 (Re-release includes also early demos "Summon thee..." and "Awakening of the Ancient Past". Almost 64 minutes of the rawest Hellenic Black Metal. Limited to 1000 copies...Dark Hidden release) GRE (12,-)

DARVULIA - L'Alliance des Venins 2005 (2nd full length of fascinating Grim Black Metal) FRA (12,-)

DARVULIA - Belladone MCD Digisleeve 2003/2013 (Luxuous 6 panel-Digisleeve MCD edition, limited & handnumbered to 499 copies. 3 trackz of Grim & Occult Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

DARVULIA - L'Ombre Malicieuse 2002/2007 (first masterpiece of this obscure, grim and raw Black Metal band) FRA (10,-)

DASEIN vs NORMA REAKTSII - 93 CD 2011 (Power Electronics / Death Industrial, ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) RUS (10,-)

DAWN OF AZAZEL - Sedition 2005 (First studio album to feature Martin Cavanagh on drums, death metal from New Zealand!) NZ (10,-)

DAWNBRINGER - In Sickness and In Dreams 2006 (Excellent black/death metal and classic metal fusion with ex-Nachtmystium member) USA (10,-)

DEAD - Whorehouse of the Freaks 2006 (long time active Death Metal/Grindcore trio from Germany! 3rd album) GER (10,-)

DEAD BODY COLLECTION - Laryngeal Carcinoma 2 x CD-R 2002 (lim. 44 copies in DVD Case, noise, power electronics, running time over 150 minutes) SER (12,-) 

DEAD HEAD - Kill division 1999/2008 (classic Thrash Metal, reissue of the 3rd full length album + 9 bonus tracks!) NED (10,-)

DEAD RAVEN CHOIR - Cast Strength Black Metal 2XCD 2006 (A collection of all the black metal releases, Raw Black Metal, recommended!) POL (16,-) 

DEATH NöIZE - Conquest War Famine Death 2013 (new band of Nekroführer (Wolfsgrey) total fucking old school madness from Transylvania, Incriminated & Hellhammer worship! Crust, Blackened Thrash Metal, punk) ROM (10,-)

DEATHGATE ARKANUM - Stillhallen 2008 (Black Metal creativity, individualism, consequence without compromise. To say it short: a real Masterpiece!) GER (10,-)

DEATHHAMMER - Onward to the Pits 2012 (blackened thrash attack. Recommended for diehards of early SODOM, early KREATOR, VULCANO, etc, 2nd album) NOR (12,-)

DEATHROW - Gateways To Oblivion 2008 (traditional Black Metal by Thorns from Ad Hominem, Arcana Coelestia, Glorior Belli, Hiems, etc) ITA (10,-)

DECAY - Mutilating... Gutting 2002 (Compilation of Mutilage and Gutting albums with a bonus track on the end) FIN (10,-)

DECAYED / THUGNOR - Satanic Blast / At the Gates... 2007 (one of the first Black Metal band from Portugal, active from 1990!) POR/POR (10,-)

DECAYED - Chaos Underground 2010 (new album from this Portugal Black Metal Legend, active since 1990!) POR (10,-)

DEI NOSTRI - Introvert digi CD-R 2010 (Death Industrial/Power Electronics opus, violent and intense - heavy frequency oscillations, feedback squelch, extreme (!) vocal outbursts, and grimey, distorted electronic filth. Pro CDR in Digipack. 200 copies limited edition) SWE (8,-)

DEIPHAGO - Filipino Antichrist 2009 (Hi-Speed Satanic Bestial Metal, FOR DIE HARDS OF: Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Profanatica, Beherit, Archgoat) FIL (12,-)

DEMOGORGON - Naenie 2008 (German Black Metal with Paria, Ignis Uranium members as session members!) GER (10,-)

DEMONCY - Within the.../Faustian Dawn 2XCD Special digipack 2001 (a part from USBM history, 2 classic Demoncy releases in one special pack!) USA (16,-)

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - Cold Disease of Reality 2009 (1st album, Satan, Evil, Death, Destruction, Black Metal with XAOS OBLIVION member) POL (10,-)  

DENIAL OF GOD - Death and the Beyond 2012 (the 2nd opus, a black metal masterpiece, true horror black metal its best! a must release!) DEN (10,-)

DENOUNCEMENT PYRE - World Cremation 2010 (A perfect hybrid of black metal, death metal, and thrash metal with the wellknown australian style) AUS (12,-)

DER STURMER - Transcendental Racial Idealism 2011 digiCD (the long awaited 3rd album, a true NSBM masterpiece! digipack version) GRE (12,-)

DER STURMER - Transcendental Racial Idealism 2011 (the long awaited 3rd album, a true NSBM masterpiece!) GRE (10,-)

DER STURMER - A Banner Greater Than Death 2006 (the 2nd album, great NSBM, a must release!) GRE (10,-)

DER STURMER - Bloodsworn (The First Decade) 2008 (Compilation from songs that appeared in split releases, compilations etc. a must release) GRE (10,-)

DESCENDING DARKNESS - Gevatter Hein 2008 (mixture of old Gorgoroth, Ildjarn, Von and Profanatica with a totally cruel and overdriven 'production') AT (12,-)

DESTRUKTOR - Nailed 2009 (Warring Black Metal of Death, FOR FANS OF: Bestial Warlust, Order From Chaos, Destroyer 666, Abominator) AUS (12,-)

DETHRONED CHRIST - Roots of Ancient Evil 2010 (old Motorhead meets Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Venom, Hellhammer, Sodom, Bulldozer, Possessed and early Darkthrone! An evil masterpiece and important chapter in the Brazilian Black Metal history) BRA (10,-)

DETONATOR666 - At The Dawn Of Sadistic infernal Holocaust 2004 (true fucking infernal Black Metal Holocaust...featuring members of Maniac Butcher, Agmen and Dark Storm) CZ (10,-)

DEUTERROR - Le Gueule de Guerre digi CD 2007 (Getting beyond the limits of a minimalist dark ambient or the violence of an extravagant noise) BEL (12,-) 

DEVASTATOR - Morbid Force 2007 (Blackened Thrash Metal, the 3rd album) USA (10,-)

DEVASTATOR / BLASPHEMER - Split CD 2005 (Black-Thrash Metal attack for old school maniacs) USA (10,-)

DIABOLIC - Chaos In Hell/Possessed By Death 2008 (2 Eps on one CD, bone-crushing Satanic Death Metal like Morbid Angel/Monstrosity) USA (10,-)

DIAGNOSE: LEBENSGEFAHR (EX. SILENCER) - Transformalin 2005/2012 (dark ambient, power electronics, martial and noise-influenced industrial, with black metal serving as the filter that taints and completes them) SWE (12,-)

DIAMATREGON - Crossroad 2009 (sick French Satanic Black Metal with Blacklodge, Sentinel members, the 3rd album) FRA (10,-)

DIAPSIQUIR - A.N.T.I. 2011 (3rd album, Experimental Industrial Black Metal masterpiece!) FRA (10,-)

DIAPSIQUIR - Virus S.T.N. 2005 (2nd album, Experimental Industrial Black Metal masterpiece!) FRA (10,-)

DIES ATER - Hunger For Life 2012 (new masterpiece from this german cult Black Metal act! the 5th full length album) GER (10,-)

DISFORTERROR - Impalement and Holocaust Stench MCD 2008 (old school brazilian brutal death metal) BRA (10,-)

DISHAMMER - Vintage Addiction 2008 (A perverted overdose of raw diabolic metal punk. Sounds like Hellhammer, Discharge, Motorhead, Bathory & GBH) SPA (10,-)

DISHAMMER - Under the sign of D-beat mark MCD 2010 (raw diabolic metal punk. Sounds like Hellhammer, Discharge, Motorhead, Bathory & GBH) SPA (8,-)

DISINTER - Desecrated 1997 (Re-release of one of the most underrated US Death Metal albums ever. Classic old school Death Metal, for the real maniacs. No brainless grinding, no senseless technicality. Just total brutality, and timeless Death Metal songs.) USA (10,-)

DISSECTION - Live the witchwood,Ashton,Uk,03.02.1996 (raw rough and fans only live cd, pro CD, a must release for die hard fans) SWE (10,-) 

DIVINE EVE / VEX - Split 2010/2012 (1st time on CD, Doom/Death Metal with Grindcore influences meets Death Thrash) USA (10,-)



DODSFALL - Djevelens Evangelie 2013 (the 3rd full length album, true Norwegian Black Metal) NOR (10,-)

DODSFERD - Denying with Arrogance your Pathetic Existence 2008 (2nd demo on CD with special live tracks + Burzum cover, great black metal) GRE (10,-)

DODSFERD / CHRONAEXUS - Desecration Rites 2013 (Dodsferd plays excellent thrashing black metal. Chronaexus reminds me very much into Agalloch!) GRE/USA (10,-) 

DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE - The Music of Belief 2010 (Abstract/Experimental/Ambient, Music made to awake the listener's inner-seeing or God-vision) BEL (10,-)

DOODSDREK - Doodsdrek 2010 (Black metal to the bone. A creation of Svein & Barditus from LUGUBRUM. Crude, filthy, raw) BEL (10,-)

DOVE YELLOW SWANS - Live During War Crimes #3 digiCD 2009 (4 unedited live sets from the bands last year in existence, drone/noise/electronic) USA (12,-)

DRACHENFELS - Bow Down Before Death 2008 (Excellent french elite black metal in old traditional way!) FRA (10,-)

DRAUGAR - From Which Hatred Grows 2003 (main band of Hildolf from mighty Twilight, USBM on high level!, 1st album) USA (10,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride 2007/2011 (re-release with an alternate cover and bonus tracks from the "Flames of Sacrifice" demo) AUS (10,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - The Fading Rays Of The Sun MCD 2009 (melancholic black metal, the new MCD) AUS (10,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - The Weeping Moon MCD 2010 (now out on mini cd this fantastic album. limited to 1000 copies) AUS (8,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Drowned 2004/2011 (the 1st DTL album re-release with brand new artwork!) AUS (10,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Oceans of Eternity 2011 (the last full length album, Black Metal from Australia) OZ (10,-)

DUNKELHEIT - Temps Modernes digi CD-R 2010 (From industrial noise to concrete cut-ups and cold ambient soundscapes. projekt active since 1993) FRA (7,-)

DYSTER - Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten 2006 (depressive, suicide Black Metal with the best French Black Metal traditions) FRA (10,-)

DYSTER - Le Cycle Senescent 2010 digiCD (the long waited 1st full length album, depressive, suicide Black Metal) FRA (12,-) 

ECLIPSE - Grind, Suffer, Dreams 2009 (one of the oldest death metal bands from Ukraine, 1st album with C. Corpse, Slayer, Morbid Angel covers) UKR (10,-)

EINDIG - Doodschrift 2008 (Depressive, Hate, Suicide Black Metal, the great 1st full length album) NED (10,-)

EINDIG / HAPPY DAYS - The First Step Towards Suicide 2010 (excellent depressive-suicide Black Metal from both bands, exclusive tracks!) NED/USA (10,-)

ELDRIG - Mysterion 2008 (the 3rd album, Epic, Orchestral Black Metal with Nietzschean Philosophy, Aryan Mythology) USA (10,-)

ELIMI - Summoned From Ashes 2008 (great continuation of SNÖTARAR, 1st album, fine Satanic Black Metal) SWE (10,-)

ELIMI - The Seed MCD 2012 (brandnew mini cd of this unique swedish black metal band) SWE (8,-)

ELYSIAN BLAZE - Levitating The Carnal 2006/2008 (Re-issued by Osmose with Beneath Silent Faces demo with new artwork, depressive black metal) OZ (10,-) 

ELYSIAN BLAZE - Beneath Silent Faces 2004/2008 (Cold and harsh black metal + one bonus track, 2nd demo on CD) OZ (10,-)

EMBRACE OF THORNS - Prevalence (A Decade Of Atomic Genocide) 2009 (Comp. CD featuring the demo songs from the 1st decade of this War Metal Terror Machine) GRE (10,-)

ENCLAVE - Paradise of Putrefaction 2008 (Full-lenght album from this Polish black metal horde. 7 furious black metal hymns with mystic keyboard atmospheres) POL (10,-)
ENDLICH - Was einst war 2012 (A concept album using classic and acoustic instruments to cover several of the most well-known songs by Burzum) GER (10,-)

ENDURA - Elder Signs =2XCD= 1999 (Contains "Dreams of Dark Waters" and "The Dark Is Light Enough," along with numerous bonus tracks) UK (14,-)

ENDWARFMENT - The Paralympik Sessions 2006 (sick grindcore with Dodheimsgard, Ved Buens Ende, Aura Noire members!) NOR (10,-)

ENFEUS LODGE - Enfeus Lodge MCD 2008 (excellent epic and elitist black metal with Xaphan from Seigneur Voland/Kristallnacht/Finis Gloria Dei) FRA (10,-)

ENSAMHET - Les siecles se sont ecoules digipack 2005 (French black metal with Aguares from Bael) FRA (12,-)

ENTARTUNG - Krypteia 2012 (“mid nineties feeling” Black Metal with a few hints to bands like Sargeist, celebrating the true Luciferian spirit) BEL (10,-)

ERAZOR - Erazor 2010 (German Black/Thrashing War, the 1st album) GER (10,-)

ERHABENHEIT - Missgediehen 2008 (8 thorns of bleak and cold German Black Metal with Odal & Wolfsschrei members) GER (10,-)

ERIC LUNDE - Death To Eric Lunde CD-R 2011 (lim. 66 copies only, 3-D Cover with pair of glasses! Noise & Power Electronics) USA (10,-)

ERRARE HUMANUM EST / DISSECTING TABLE - Howling Silence + AZOIKUM / GOVERNMENT ALPHA - Methadonprogramm 2011 (2 split albums in double slim DVD case and new cover, great noise, PE collaboration releases) GER/JAP (15,-)

ESSENZ - KVIITIIVZ Beschworung des Unaussprechlichen 2010 (ESSENZ likes to paint a hole in your heart. Transcend into meditation, black-doom) GER (10,-)

ETERNITY - Funeral Mass 2007 (2nd full length album, destructiv German Black Metal) GER (10,-)

ETERNITY - Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII 2012 (the 3rd album, German Black Metal attack) GER (10,-)

ETERNUM - Arms of Sacrifice 2013 (great BM from Australia "Promo 2009" demo tape as bonus material) OZ (10,-)

ETHELYN - Traces Into Eternity 2008 (Death/Black Metal with Nomad guitarist) POL (10,-)

ETHER - Derpraved, Repressed, Feelings 2007 (Torment, Emptiness, Spirituality, black metal) CAN (12,-) 

EVAN PARKER / JOHN WIESE - C-Section digipack 2009 (Real-time improvisations to be played at maximum volume, real experimental sound!) UK (12,-)

EVIL - Arktogaa MCD 2006 (New MCD from the legendary Brazilian NSBM band!) BRA (10,-)

EVIL - Pure Black Evil 2011 (old songs recorded during the years of 1996 to 2008, mostly released as 7eps, Split Eps, True Black Metal) BRA (10,-)

EVILFEAST / MARBLEBOG - Isenheimen / Abyss Calls split 2008 (Misanthropic cold black metal! Long, epic depressive black metal tracks.) POL/HUN (10,-)

EX CALIGA - First Visions 2002 (Summoning, Mysticism, Sorcery, Anti-Christian Black Metal) FIN (10,-)

F.M.S. 41 - ... past ... 2009 (Industrial war marches. Ogneslav's projects (N. Novgorod). Very original recording at nowaday's scene) RUS (10,-)

FDS - XII.07 MCD 2009 (Cssaba, Furia, Massemord, Arkona, etc members playing excellent Black Metal with Depression, Misanthropy, Hatred, Decadence) POL (8,-)

FEAR OF ETERNITY - Light of the Night 2010 digi (The new amazing melancholy and depressive opus, a great album full of sad and desperation) ITA (12,-)

FETID ZOMBIE - Vomiting in the Baptismal Pool (CD + Zine) 2010 (death metal band by the legendary graphic artist Mark Rddick, release contains the 2nd album + a special zine with Mark's illustrations) USA (14,-)

FEUERSTURM - Apokalypse 2007 (Amazing german Black Metal. Pure 90's Black Metal style, lim. to 500 copies) GER (10,-)

FINNENTUM - Reveries 2010 (great folk/black metal by Shatraug fom Horna, Sargeist, Mortualia, etc. This band is the continuation of Blutschrei) FIN (10,-)

FINNENTUM / ETERNUM - Oath of Defiance 2010 (folk/black metal by Shatraug fom Horna, Sargeist, Mortualia & medieval Black Metal from Eternum) FIN/AUS (10,-)

FJORD - Vor Tru 2009 (Great Northern Folk Metal with Vjohrrnt V. Wodansson from Black Sun Rising, Nacht und Nebel, Sombre Chemin, etc.) CAN (10,-)

FLAME - March Into Firelands 2011 (the 2nd album after 6 years from the Into the Age of Fire! Black/Thrash Metal with Urn, Barathrum members!) FIN (12,-) 

FLUISTERWOUD - Laat Alle Hoop Varen 2009 super jewel box (second and last strike of the Dutch old school Black Metal maniacs) NED (12,-)

FLUTWACHT - Breath 2008 (German PE/Noise with lots of dark ambient touches, full length album, lim to 500) GER (12,-)

FLUTWACHT + N.STRAHL.N - Flut CD+CD-R 2011 (Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies. Industrial, Experimental, Electronic) GER (12,-)     

FLUTWACHT - Komareise 2009 (limited to 299 hand-numbered copies and comes with handpainted cardboard sleeves, Dark Ambient, Industrial, PE) GER (10,-)

FOLKSTORM - Archive Series 5 - The Culturecide Campaigns 2010 (old-school industrial, Recorded 1999 - 2000/2001 by Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk) SWE (12,-)

FOLKVANG - Six Stories Without Keys 2011 (the 4th album, fantastic Pagan Black Metal, Incarnatus playing drums from Pagan Hellfire) BLR (10,-)

FOLKVANG - Atmospheric Black 2009 (the 3rd album, fantastic Pagan Black Metal, Incarnatus playing drums from Pagan Hellfire) BLR (10,-) 

FOLKVANG / PAGAN HELLFIRE - Firmament Eclipse 2009 (one of the best split albums ever, great atmosphere and songs both bands! black metal) BLR/CAN (10,-)

FOREST OF IMPALED - Rise And Conquer 2007 (Black/Death Metal, 3rd album, with Vital Remains, Nachtmystium, Judas Iscariot, Krieg, etc members) USA (12,-)

FOREST OF IMPALED - Demonvoid 1999 (fine Black/Death Metal with ex- Krieg, Nachtmystium, Broken Hope, Vital Remains, Dying Fetus, etc members) USA (10,-)

FORGJORD - Ajasta Ikuisuuteen 2008 (ranging from furious hate to more melancholic atmospheres of freezing black metal, eerie coldness) FIN (10,-)

FORGOTTEN SOULS - Nine Syndromes 2008 (dark death doom metal) POL (10,-)

FORGOTTEN TOMB - Negative Megalomania 2007 (the 4th full length album, depressive, suicide Black Metal, Doom) ITA (12,-)

FORLORN WINDS - As the Wolf Swallowed the Sun 2013 (NS Black Metal with Pantheon & Dark Fury members) INT (10,-)

FOUDRE NOIRE - The Dark Gods 2008 (brilliant black metal project from finland/england with Shatraug from Horna!) FIN (10,-)

FRANCISCO LOPEZ - El Dia anterior 2006 3" CD (powerful and consistent world of minimal electroacoustic soundscapes, absolute concrete music) SPA (8,-)

FREITOD - Nebel der Erinnerungen digipack CD with slipcase 2010 (Dark Metal / Depressive, Suicide Black Metal, 1st album) GER (12,-)

FRONT BEAST - Wicked Wings of Wartjalka 2009 (Black Metal projekt by Avenger from Nocturnal, Szarlem, etc, including Belketre cover) GER (10,-)

FROZEN SHADOWS - Dans les Bras des Immortels 1998/2009 (classic, Quebecois Black Metal opus, remastered + Burzum cover) CAN (12,-)

FUNERAL GOAT - Mass Ov Perversion 2009 (occult, satanic Black Metal with Sauron, Planet AIDS, Abysmal Darkening, Bunkur members) NED (10,-)

FUNERAL PROCESSION - Funeral Procession 2006 (Total Black Metal, one of the best BM release in the last few years, Van Records!) GER (10,-)

FUNERAL PROCESSION - The Red Vine Litanies digisleeve MCD 2008 (Total German Black Metal, fold out inlay with lyrics, black polycarbonate CD) GER (10,-) 

FUNERAL WINDS - Koude Haat 2004 (the 2nd album, Traditional, Unholy Black Metal from this fine band) NED (12,-)

FUNERAL WINDS - Godslayer Xul 1998/2004 (the 1st album. Re-released by Death To Mankind with 4 Bonus tracks. Unholy Black Metal!) NED (12,-)

FUNERARIUM - Valley of Darkness 2006 (Black Metal from Luxemburg!) LUX (10,-)

FUNERARIUM - Nocthule 2008 (Black Metal from Luxemburg! the 2nd album) LUX (10,-)

FUNERARY BELL - The Second Manifestation MCD 2009 (excellent occult finnish black metal + Mortuary Drape cover) FIN (10,-)

FUNERARY BELL - The Coven 2011 (excellent occult finnish black metal, the long awaited 1st album!) FIN (10,-)

GALGENBERG - Blutgrund/Galgenberg digiCD 2013 (legendary Polish NSBM, 2 demos one one CD, essential) POL (10,-)

GALLHAMMER - The Dawn Of... 2007 (Female Black/Doom Metal, Crust, compilation of demos, rehearsals, etc) JAP (10,-)

GANZER - Puppet Faust CD-R 2009 (Harsh Apocalyptic Noise. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) RUS (5,-)

GENERAL SURGERY / BUTCHER ABC - Split CD 2009 (great old school death metal/goregrind split release, exclusive stuff from both bands!) SWE/JAP (10,-)

GENOCIDE - Apocalyptic Visions 2007 (Old School Black Metal, Van Records!) GER (10,-)

GHREMDRAKK - Je m'exalte 2007 (Satanic Devotion, Death Worship black metal) BEL (10,-)

GOATFIRE - Sacrophobic Initiation 2001 (Re-issued by Total Holocaust Records in 2005 with The Fifth Fulmination 7" as additional tracks) ITA (12,-)    

GOAT SEMEN - En Vivo En Lima Hell 2007 (Peruvian terrorist black death metal live!) PER (12,-)

GODHEADSCOPE - A City Out of Sight 2007 (Dead Raven Choir side projekt, Ambient, Noise and Chamber Music together in an all new relationship and the results come together with beautiful and original effect. For fans of WOLFMANGLER, vidnaObmana, LYCIA, BORIS, JESU, ROBERT RICH, DEAD RAVEN CHOIR and TOBY DRIVER. God is Myth Records) POL (12,-)

GODLESS NORTH - Fimbulvetr (Anthology) 2009 2xCD (essential comp. with Summon the Age of Supremacy album + the rest of the discography!) CAN (16,-)

GOSPEL OF THE FUTURE - s/t 2007 (Sludge / hardcore / metal, Czech Republic. Digisleeve CD, limited edition. Epidemie Records) CZ (10,-) 

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS - Sinners / Monuments of Impurity digipack 2007 (2nd demo + 1st Ep on one CD with nice digipack cover!) OZ (12,-) 

GOTTLOS - Infernal Pandemonio 2004 (7 songs of raw and fast true Unholy Black Metal influenced by Darkthrone and Judas Iscariot with a bit melodic guitars... featuring Barbarud from Maniac Butcher on vocals...include cover-song "Mesiasuv konec" from Maniac Butcher) GRE (10,-)

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY - Mocking the Philanthropist 1997/2012 (USBM classic debut album reissue on Drakkar, essential!) USA (10,-)

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY - Judeobeast Assassination 2001/2012 (2nd album, one of the best Black Metal albums ever recorded, contains "I Kill Everything I Fuck" by G.G. Allin) USA (10,-)

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY - Kosherat 2005/2012 (the 3rd album, great USBM, 2nd edition on Drakkar) USA (10,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR - Unblessed Bootleg Live in Bressuire - France 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) BRA (12,-)

GRAVE DESECRATOR - Deathspells Rising 2011 (10 years of Antichristian Artillery! Demo 01, Cult of Warfare and Darkness 7", rehearsal + Bathory cover) BRA (10,-)

GRAVELAND - Wotan mit mir MCD 2011 (Released on CD in 2011 by Darkland Records including one bonus track) POL (10,-)

GRAVELAND - The Celtic Winter 1994/2001 (no lyrics in booklet, Polish Black Metal masterpiece!) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Memory and Destiny 2002/2012 (this is the 2012 version, re-recorded with new artwork!) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Creed of Iron 2000 (the 5th album, first from the new era) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Dawn of Iron Blades 2004/2008 (the 8th ful length album) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - The Fire of Awakening 2003 (the 7th full length album) POL (12,-)

GRAVELAND - Fire Chariot and Destruction 2005 (the 9th full length album) POL (12,-)

GRAVEN - Perished and Forgotten    2002 (This is what the Black Metal scene has awaited for years! Raw & hateful BM its best!) GER (10,-)

GRAVEWURM - Funeral Empire 2009 (5th full-length album of this Morbid Metal Cult, a must for Cianide/Nunslaughter/Profanatica, etc maniacs!) USA (10,-)

GRAVEWURM / HEKSERI - Split CD 2007 (Gravewurm's side features Jim Sadist of Nunslaughter on drums. old school black/thrash as hell, Obliteration Records) USA (10,-)

GREGORIO BARDINI - Sentinelle del Mattino 2007 (excellent Dark ambient/Industrial/Darkfolk/Neofolk) ITA (10,-)

GREGORIO BARDINI & THIERRY JOLIF - Kantalon 2009 (World, Acoustic, Folk, Experimental, Neofolk, Compositions and popular songs of Brittany!) ITA (10,-)

GRIM FUNERAL - A Grim Funeral to the soul of this world 2008 (Funeral black metal, 1st full length, Total Holocaust Records) SPA (12,-)

GRIM FUNERAL / SPECTRE - Split 2004 (Great split album for depressive Black Metal maniacs, 2 great Spanish band on one CD, Solstitium Records) SPA (10,-)

GRIM FUNERAL / GHEESTENLAND - Total Necro Deceased Split CD 2007 (great split album for depressive Black Metal maniacs) SPA/NED (10,-)

GRIMA MORSTUA - Illustratio per Horribilem Obscuritatem 2007 (killer satanic, occult black metal from Argentina, the 1st album) ARG (10,-)

GRIMA MORSTUA - Magnam Mortem Transcendere 2010 (2nd full length album, Occult, Eerie and Grim Black metal from Argentina) ARG (10,-)

GROINCHURN - Fink 1998 (A grindcore masterpiece from South Africa, no grindcore collection is complete without this album, a must!) AFR (10,-)

GROM - We Are True, We Are Hate 2005 (pagan black metal from Russia, second full length album) RUS (10,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching 1998/2011 (Originally released as C-60 tape 1998 by Force Majeure, prime Power Electronics/noise by Mikko Aspa. Housed in a black vinyl CD case with cover and insert, limlited to 500 copies) FIN (10,-)

GRUNT - Europe After Storm 1998/2011 (Power-electronics / Harsh Noise by the headliner of the Finnish Industrial scene, Limited to 500 copies) FIN (10,-)

GUT - The Cumback 2006 (legendary german grindcore, the return album after 11 years since their last full length album!) GER (10,-)

H.E.R.R. / DER ARBEITER / STORM OF CAPRICORN / GHOSTS OF BRESLAU - Hopes Die In Winter 2005 (Electronic, Modern Classical, Industrial, Ambient) (12,-)

HAEMOTH - Mortuales Delecti (The Demonik Prophecies) 2011 (Compilation of all demos! of this great French Black Metal act!) FRA (10,-)

HAKUJA - Legacy 2008 digiCD (sick Japan Black Metal, solo band by the Funeral Elegy/Cataplexy member Hakuja) JAP (12,-)

HAL HUTCHINSON - Male Captive 2010 CD-R (Mask of the Slave) UK (5,-)

HAL HUTCHINSON - Amplifications 2010 3" CD-R (noise, PE from London) UK (5,-) 

HAMMEMIT - Spires over the burial... 2008 (-ex Emit, with Vomit Orchestra, Ofermod, Ante Cryst members, Dark Ambient/Black Metal, THR) UK (12,-)

HAMMERGOAT - Regeneration through Depopulation... 2010 (Bestial War Metal like BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT & SARCOFAGO! with Evil members) BRA (10,-)

HANGOVER - Under the Shitfluence MCD 2006 (old school thrash metal/punk, exclusive GG Allin covers its best!) POL (10,-)

HATE FOREST - The Most Ancient Ones 2002 (great Ukrainean Black Metal with Drudkh members) UKR (10,-)

HATE FOREST - Dead But Dreaming 2009 (Slavonic elite black metal! Contains last unreleased material of this band, 3 studio and 4 live tracks) UKR (10,-)

HAYRAS - Sombre Destin 2006 (Rost from Seigneur Voland, Blessed in Sin, Finis Gloria Dei, Kristallnacht doing excellent Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

HAUD MUNDUS / WORMLUST - Oblivio Appositus digi CD 2009 (passage into otherworldly desolation, with Rebirth of Nefast, Myrkr members) IRE/ISL (12,-)

HAVOHEJ - Dethrone The Son Of God 1993/2007 (black metal masterpiece, the one and only full length of Havohej, a must for Profanatica maniacs!) USA (12,-)

HAVOHEJ - Kembatinan Premaster 2009 (Black Noise Grand Master, the 2nd full length album! a must for Profanatica maniacs!) USA (12,-)

HEAVY LORD - From Cosmos to Chaos 2006 (excellent sludge-doom from The Netherlands, if you are an Electric Wizard, The Obsessed, Eyehategod, Fleshpress, Crowbar & Grief fanatic, don't hasitate to order this great release! Doom over the World!) NED (10,-)

HEAVY WINGED - Spreading Center digiCD 2009 (Driving and powerful proto-psych-metal, Noise, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, special pack) USA (12,-)

HEIDEN - Potomkum pozemskeho soumraku 2004 (fast and raw Pagan Black Metal ala Trollech with great heathen atmosphere, Long Ago Records) CZ (10,-)

HEKEL - De Dodenvaart 2006 (great satanic black metal, a real masterpiece! Painfully performed vocals, in a totally and unique style) NED (10,-)

HELLEWACHT - Euvele Daeden 2009 (Black Metal with Striid, Lugubre, Eternity, Thronum Vrondor, Paragon Impure, etc members) BEL (10,-)

HERETIC - God's Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan 2009 (Satanic Black'N'Roll it's best! the 3rd album!) NED (10,-)

HIKIKOMORI - s/t digi CD-R 2009 (Music for and from the morgue, merging cold electronic soundscapes and eerie drones with various forensic tools) FRA (7,-)

HIKIKOMORI - A Story of Monstrosity digi CD-R 2010 (this time settles on a nightmarish soundtrack of the cult movie 'Freaks' by Tod Browning) FRA (7,-)

HJARNIDAUDI - Pain Noise March Digi CD 2008 (Niklas Kvarforth from Shining sings on the rerecording of this album, funeral doom/drone) NOR (12,-)

HOLMGANG - Gengangerens Kvad 2007 (Scandinavian Black Metal with Ynleborgaz (Angantyr, Make a Change... Kill Yourself) on drums, 2nd album) DEN (10,-)

HOLOCAUSTIA - The Sacrament Seed MCD 2006 (Anti-cosmic Satanic Black Metal from Sweden, Unholy Horde Records) SWE (10,-)

HOLOCAUSTUS / ODELEGGER - Split CD 2005 (NSBM from Holocaustus meets Widar's (Bilskirnir) Ildjarn worshipped band!) GER (10,-)

HORDAGAARD - Ondskapt 2006 (True Norwegian Black Metal!) NOR (10,-)

HORNA - Askel Lähempänä Saatanaa 2013 (the new Horna album, A Step Closer to Satan, 9th full length release!) FIN (10,-)

HOROLOGIUM - Le Paradis Des Chasseurs 2008 digi (one of the most important acts in Poland if we talk about dark ambient, martial music!) POL (12,-)

HOUR OF THE WOLF / I DREAMT OF HER BEAUTIFUL TENTACLES / DEAD BODY COLLECTION / INDCH LIBERTINE - Split 2 x CD-R 2011 (Harsh Noise Wall. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) INT (10,-)

IGNIS URANIUM - Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency 2009 (Chaotic necro black/thrash! A mix of classic black metal with technical thrash aggression!) GER (10,-)

IMAGO MORTIS - Ars Obscura 2009 Slipcase CD (great occult, esoteric Black Metal, the 2nd album) ITA (12,-)

IMAGO MORTIS - Mors triumphalis 2001/2007 (re-release by the 4th demo with 5 bonus tracks, occult, esoteric Black Metal) ITA (10,-)

IMMORTAL - Pure Holocaust 1993 (the best Immortal release ever! A masterpiece of freezing Northern Black Metal! Osmose Prod.) NOR (12,-)

IMMORTAL - Battles in the North 1995 (another masterpiece of freezing Northern Black Metal! The 3rd album. Osmose Prod.) NOR (12,-)

IMPIOUS HAVOC - Manifestations of Plague and War 2007 (Cold Northern Finnish black metal, the 4rt full length album) FIN (10,-)

IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES - Insanity & Treatment 3CD DIGIBOOK 2012 (a collection of group’s live performances in a luxurious packaging. The record is featured by Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio), Kathleen Binder, Peter Andersson (raison d'etre) and Peter Andersson (Deutsch Nepal)!) SWE (25,-)

INCRIMINATED - Kings of Misery 2004 (Hellhammer meets Master! Satanic Warmaster drummer! Primitive and depraved with raw coffin sound) FIN (10,-)

INCRIMINATED - Hypocricide MCD 2004/2008 (Pure old school death metal with really ugly and filthy touch) FIN (10,-)

INCRIMINATED - Miracle of Purity 2002 (Killer old school attack, slow and painful tracks and midpaced lethal attacks. 1st album! 1st press!) FIN (12,-)

INFANDOUS - Blood, the sun and the cosmos DIGI 2013 (Cryptic, crawling, complex black metal. Debut album. 6-panel digisleeve CD) INT (10,-)

INFAUST - Blutbad & Melancholie    2008 (supreme black metal, powerfull with melancholic edges, depressive moments, the new album) GER (10,-)

INFERNAL - The Deepest Emptiness 2009 (Satanic Occult Columbian Black Metal, the 4th full length album) COL (10,-)

INFERNO - Stare bezbozne emoce 2006 (Black Metal... demo "Peklo na zemi" and demo "Temna poselstvi davnych predku" on one CD plus one new extra bonus song specially recorded for this edition... whole disk is with re-mastered more underground sound) CZ (10,-)

INFERNO - Nikdy Nepokrteni 2006 (Intolerant Antihuman Black Metal, the 3rd full length album) CZ (12,-)

INFERNO / TUNDRA - Infernal Belief 2008 (great new split album + moonblood cover, Long Ago Records) CZ/ITA (12,-)

INFEST - Onward to Destroy 2009 (old school death/thrash metal, no compromise, 2nd album) SER (10,-)

INFINITY - Back To The Source (Summon The Black Flame) 2012 (5 new and re-recorded tracks as well as covers of Dissection, Immortal, Bathory) NED (10,-)

INFINITY – Non de Hac Terra 2012 (th 5th full length, supreme Black Metal! artwork by mighty Necrolord!) NED (10,-)

INHUMAN HATE - Twilight Of A Lost Soul DigiCD 2010 (misanthropic, desolate, depressive Black Metal, the 3rd full length album) GER (12,-)

INHUMANE DEATHCULT - On Behalf of Satan 2009 (Finnish Black Metal with total devotion with Barathrum, Cacodaemon, Death Thrashers Kuopio, members) FIN (10,-)

INPESTAE - Cold & Dead MCD 2007 (Haemoth's new projekt, 5 tracks of Great Harsh & Aggressive Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

INSANE VESPER - Abominations Of Death 2011 (8 new hymns of a decadent & filthy Black Metal to glorify the dead with the best French traditions) FRA (10,-)

IRIKARAH - Behind The Scenes CD-R 2011 (lim. to 111 copies, Special paper sleeve, the 10th album from this Industrial / Power electronics Act) GER (10,-)

IRRLYCHT - Schatten des Gewitters DigiCD 2011 (Traditional German Anti-Human Black Metal with Sorghal from Nahar, Nehemah, Cainan Dawn, etc.) GER (10,-)

IRRWISCH - Irrwisch 2009 (Irrwisch is atmospheric black metal of the highest class. Re-release of Irrwisch's debut demo on pro-CD) NED (10,-)

IRRUMATORIUM - Also Sprach My Ass digi CD-R 2009 (Industrial, Noise, Experimental, inspired by the book Fight Club, the Occam's razor principle) FRA (7,-)

ISANMAA - Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien MCD 2010 (Finnish black metal jewel. Some of the tracks were supposed to be on Impaled Nazarene mini album 1996,
but Sir Luttinen left the band just before the recordings and recorded them by himself under the name of Isanmaa) FIN (8,-)

ISKON - Dok Gnev Proslosti Navire 2007 (great Serbian Black metal, slavonic thunder, recommended!) SER (10,-) 

ISKON - Gde krug vecni svoj beskraj nudi 2010 (the 3rd album, great slavonic, pagan black metal) SER (10,-)

ISKON - Tisina usnulih vekova 2008 (the 2nd album, great slavonic, pagan black metal) SER (10,-)

ISOLATION - Closing A Circle Slipcase CD 2011 (the 1st album, great emotional black/doom metal, the band released their 1st MCD through Sun & Moon Records in 2008!) GER (11,-)

ISVIND - Dark Waters Stir 1996/2012 (One of the best Norwegian underground debuts from the mid 90's available again with bonus trax the 1994 7" (on cd) and differant artwork. Killer riffs and atmosphere, full speed raw BM) NOR (12,-)

IXION - To The Void 2011 (Fantastic Atmospheric Doom Metal, the 1st album) FRA (10,-)

IXXI - Ixxi 2007 (Black Metal with Dimhymn, Lifelover, Ondskapt, Zavorash members) SWE (10,-)

JARBOE - Alchemic 2009 digi (trance-like compositions, an atmospheric rhythm creating tonal voices, great album from the ex-Swans member) USA (12,-)

JAZKAMER - Balls the Size of Texas, Liver the Size of Brazil 2007 (John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug, Noise, Experimental, Ambient from the masters!) NOR (12,-)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Under The Black Sun 2000 (killer cult live with bonus unreleased studio track!! Lim. at 300 handnumbered copies!) USA (10,-)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Heaven in Flames 1999 (USBM classic album, a must release!) USA (10,-)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten MCD 2000 (true elite US Black Metal!) USA (10,-)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding 2002 (the last album of one of the best USBM acts, true Black Metal with true spirit!) USA (10,-)

KADAVER - This Time... It's Cancer 2007 (Power Electronics, Noise, lim. to 500) ISR (10,-)

KADAVER - Automatic Autopsy 2009 (Power Electronics, Noise, electronic attack, the new album, lim to 500) ISR (10,-)

KADAVER / THE VAULT - The Noir Seasons 2011 CD-R (Mask of the Slave release) ISR/CAN (7,-)

KAEVUM - Kosmos Erwache 2013 (all demos on one CD + 1 unreleased track, Norwegian NS Black Metal highlight!) NOR (10,-)

KAEVUM - Natur 2012 (Great Norwegian Black Metal, the 1st album in the vein of old glorius 90's Black Metal spirit!) NOR (10,-)

KANIBA - THE SERPENT, the Omega and Completion of the First Circle 2006 (experimental sounds, Autumn Wind Prod.) FIN (12,-)

KAUAN - Kuu.. digipack CD 2011 (the 4th full length album, folk, doom metal, post-rock, ambient) RUS (10,-)  

KAWABATA MAKOTO - Tales of the Dream Planet 2009 (leader of the Acid Mothers Temple, guitar Drone, Psychedelic, electronic, glacially meditative) JAP (10,-)

KAWIR - Ophiolatreia 2008 digiCD (great greek Black Metal in old traditional way, the last album) GRE (12,-)

KAWIR - To Uranus MCD 2010 (new extended EP, 3 new songs, + "Eumenides" EP from 1994 and the track from the Sigh split EP, both remastered!) GRE (10,-)

KAWIR - Arai 2005 (the 3rd masterpiece, fantastic Hellenic Pagan Black Metal!) GRE (10,-)

KEEPER OF DREAMS - Taste Smashed To Pieces 2009 (Progressive old school death metal for the fans of Death, Atheist, Pestilence) HUN (10,-)

KILL - Horned Holocaust 2003 (Kill is the aural essence of primitive and dark Black Metal, as it was intended to be) SWE (10,-)

KILL - Inverted Funeral 2007 (old school Scandinavian Black Metal, Total Holocaust Records) SWE (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - Pictures From Eternity 1996/2008 digi (beautiful and cult album from one of the most important and popular electro bands!) ITA (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - Erinnerung 1994/2006 (another masterpiece from this great electronic band, with the "classic line up", a must release!) ITA (12,-)

KIRLIAN CAMERA - Schmerz 1992/2007 (pioneers of the Italian electronic scene! Schmerz is one of the top masterpieces by Kirlian Camera and contains some of the best tracks ever written (Heldenplatz or Twilight Fields to mention just two)!) ITA (12,-) 

KOLDVOID - Roadside Ghosts 2012 (Valse Sinistre Productions) ROM (10,-)

KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE - From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea 2008 (from the great faceless waves, impelling you to take a bow where the heavens meet the waters. Seizing you to your knees, forcing to gaze to the veiled bottomless depths... First part in the series of experiencing the concealed underwater mysteries, manifested through experimental Black Metal. Limited to 800 copies due to band's request. ahdistuksen aihio release) FIN (10,-)

KRATORNAS - Over The Fourth Part Of The Earth 2007 (Old school black/death from Philippines to warmetal freaks) PHI (10,-)

KREUZER - In Hoc Signo Vinces 2008 (Martial/Industrial/Ambient/Military/Noise) ISR (10,-)

KRIEG - The Black House 2004 (great USBM, one of the best Krieg albums! the 3rd full length) USA (12,-)

KRIEG - Destruction Ritual 2002 (No bass guitar was used on this recording: nothing but sheer audial torture, the 2nd full length) USA (12,-)

KRIEGSFALL-U - Kriegsfall-U 2011 digi (Uncompromising sacral martial industrial with apocalyptic neo-folk elements declaiming in Hungarian. Delikatessen for lovers of old Dernière Volonté, Der Blutharsch, Sophia. Luxurious digipack edition with 12 pages booklet.) HUN (10,-)

KRISTALLNACHT - Blooddrenched Memorial 1994-2002 2006 (Full Kristallnacht discography on one single CD! NSBM Classic!) FRA (10,-)

KRODA / OPRICH - Legend / Wolfen Loyalty Split CD 2005 (Pagan Folk Black Metal meets Russian Folk Metal, Paganism, NS) UKR/RUS (10,-)

KULTO MALDITO - Kulto a la bestia 2008 (Old school Death/thrash ala MASACRE + SARCOFAGO from Bolivia! Obliteration Records) BOL (12,-)

L'IDIOT DU VILLAGE - Bestioles digi CD-R 2008 (73 minutes opera of groovy insects doing their sometimes harsh, sometimes ambient, noise stuff) FRA (7,-)

L'IDIOT DU VILLAGE - Haikus digi CD-R 2010 (re-release of concept-recording 'Haikus' with extra tracks and a nicer artwork, noise, pe) FRA (7,-)

LAID IN ASHES - Bastards from Hell 2006 (Atmospheric, technical well-versed but nevertheless brutal, Thrash emphasized Death Metal at its best) GER (10,-)

LASSE MARHAUG - The Quiet North digipack 2010 (Brand new harsh-noise recording from Norway's finest. Guitar, pedals and metal objects used with "Reign In Blood" style efficiency. A must release from the master of noise!) NOR (12,-)

LATHSPELL - Versus Ecclesia 2006 (Underground Finnish black metal) FIN (10,-)

LAURA WEIXELBAUM - Gebet zu der schwarzen Sonne 2011 CD-R (Mask of the Slave release) HUN (7,-)

LEGACY OF BLOOD - Infernal Cult of Blood MCD 2005 (NS Black Metal attack from Poland + Baphomet's Throne cover from Samael, recommended!) POL (10,-)

LEGION OF DOOM - Kingdom of Endless Darkness 2005 (the legendary 1st full length album!) GRE (10,-)

LEGION OF DOOM / STUTTHOF - Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood Split 2007 (great greek Black Metal split) GRE (10,-)

LETHAL DOSE 50 - 21st Century Awakening 2006 (L.D. 50 is the poison dose injected into the veins of persons sentenced to the death penalty) BEL (10,-)

LIFELOVER - Konkurs 2008 (post black metal, alkohol, drugs, depression, etc. the 3rd album!) SWE (12,-)

LIK - The Second Wind 2011 (the 4th album, occult black folk metal/rock with Armagedda, Lönndom, etc members) SWE (10,-)

LIKBLEK - Likblek 2010 (Swedish Black Metal with Kill, Necroplasma, Swordmaster, Nightshade, etc members) SWE (10,-) 

LIVSNEKAD - Den Sociala Vanforheten 2009 (Shining, Apati, Promenia, etc members playing depressive black-doom metal!) SWE (12,-)

LOITS - Vere Kutse Kohustab 2004 (Militant Flak 'N' Roll, Estonian pagan metal highlight!, 2nd album) EST (10,-)

LOITS - Ei Kahetse Midagi DIGICD 2001/2009 (re-release of the legendary demo + bonus track from this Flak n' Roll pioneers!) EST (12,-)

LOITS - Must Album 2007 (great Estonian Militant Flak 'N' Roll, the 2nd full length album with nice booklet) EST (10,-)

LONNDOM - Falen Fran Norr 2007/2008 (ex-Armagedda, LIK members playing brilliant native folk influenced metal!) SWE (10,-)

LONNDOM - Viddernas Tolv Kapitel 2010 (ex-Armagedda, LIK members playing brilliant native, acoustic folk on this 2nd album!) SWE (10,-)

LÖNNDOM - Hagkomster fran nordliga nejder & norrskenritual DIGI 2010 (Re-release of the "Hågkomster från nordliga nejder" EP (for the first time on CD) & "Norrskenritual" (unreleased EP). Limited embossed handmade digipack) SWE (10,-)

LORDAMOR - Lordamor 2009 (black/doom metal in the vein of Unholy, Worship, Thergothon & Beherit with Cosmic Church, Utgard, Blood Red Fog members) FIN (10,-)

LYCANTHROPY'S SPELL - Forest of Misanthropy 2007 (Compilation of the best LS songs, pure 90's Black Metal style mixed with misanthropic depressing Black Metal + Moonblood cover, amazing band and excellent release, highly recommended!) BEL (10,-)

LYRINX - Nihilistic Purity 2007/2008 (nihilistic, death, suicide black metal, highly recommended!) UK (10,-)

LUCIFUGUM - ...And the Wheel keeps Crunching... 2001/2002 (great, Satanic, true Black Metal from Ukraine, the 3rd full length) UKR (12,-)

LUGUBRE - Chaoskult (Hymns of Destruction) 2011 (comp from early demos, split, etc songs Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies. Dutch black metal) NED (10,-)

LUGUBRUM - De Totem 1999/2003 (Blood, Fire, Death version with 2 bonus tracks, the 3rd album from the Belgian Black metal pioneers!) BEL (12,-) 

LUGUBRUM - De Vette Cuecken 2004 (the 5th album, bizarre and very original Black Metal, recommended!) BEL (10,-)

LUGUBRUM - Face lion face oignon 2012 (Lugubrum is Lugubrum, you can't put any label on them. This is their 10th album for 20 years of existence.) BEL (10,-)

LUTOMYSL - De Profundis 2008 (the great new album from the Superior, Individual & Nihilist Black metal band!) UKR (10,-)

LUTOMYSL - Lutomysl Digi CD 2010 (First 500 copies are released as digipak. The 7th full length, Ukrainean Black Metal) UKR (10,-)

LUX DIVINA - From The Tomb To Nature's Blood 2009 (Phenomenal nature-driven Black Metal that will appeal to fans of Borknagar, Agalloch, etc) SPA (10,-)

MAEROR TRI - Multiple Personality Disorder 1993/2009 (Drone Ambient masterpiece, used only electric guitars and tons of processing devices) GER (12,-)

MALACHI / BASTARD NOISE - The Immortals 2009 (doom-laden hardcore meets deep space sonic experimentation and power electronics, special pack) USA (10,-)

MALHKEBRE - Prostration    MCD 2006/2010 (satanic black metal, housed in jewel case with additional cardboard slipcase and 16 page booklet) FRA (10,-)

MALKUTH - Sefirah Gevurah 2009 (second full length album from this obscure occult black metal. hail!) USA (12,-)

MANDATORY - Exiled in Pain 2008 (All of Mandatory's demo's on one CD along with some previously unreleased material, Repulsion & Razor covers!) GER (10,-)

MANEGARM - Dodsfard 2003 (great Viking/Black/Folk Metal, the 3rd album) SWE (10,-)

MANEGARM - Havets Vargar 2000 (great Viking/Black/Folk Metal, the 2nd album) SWE (10,-)

MANEGARM - Vargaresa - The Beginning 2004 (Re-mastered re-issue of Manegarm's 2 demos) SWE (10,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Cerna Krev 1998 (the legendary 5th album available again, a part of Black Metal History!) CZ (10,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Epitaph: The Final Onslaught Of Maniac Butcher 2000 (the 6th album, leading Czech Black Metal!) CZ (12,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Masakr 2010 (the come back album, 7th full length of true Bohemian Black Metal!) CZ (10,-)

MANII (ex-Manes) - Kollaps 2013 (surprising come-back after the dismissions of MANES, great new album!) NOR (12,-)

MARZURAAN - Five Years Worth Of Fuck All 2008 (sludge-drone doom metal from UK, more than 70 minutes of audio torture, comes in a three-panel chipboard sleeve, double-sided print, with stark black letterpress and clear varnish. Recommended!) UK (10,-)

MASACRE - Colombia... Imperio del terror/Cancer de nuestros dias 2004/2013 (Colombian Cult Death/Black Metal, MASACRE's 89/90 demo on CD! re-mastered, 16 songs incl. Brazilian god, SARCOFAGO cover! Obliteration Records/NWN!) COL (12,-)

MASSEMORD / SVARTSKOGG - New Millennium Holocaust / Svart Metall Ondskapt Split 2004 (True Norwegian Black Metal from both bands) NOR (10,-)

MASTER'S HAMMER - The Jilemnice Occultist 1992/1993 (the 2nd opus, epic black metal classic album!) CZ (12,-)

MATRICIDE - Holy Virgin MCD 2006 (Great black metal misery from Sweden! Satan, massacre, desecration! Unholy Horde Records) SWE (10,-)

MAYHEM / MORBID – A Tribute to the Black Emperors 1994 (Warhammer Records release this great bootleg split from the black metal history) NOR/SWE (10,-)

MAURI - Breathless 2003 (Rhythmic Noise, electronic in special pack!) FRA (10,-)

MAURIZIO BIANCHI / SIEGMAR FRICKE - Stroma~Konkret 2006 (fusion of industrial noise and musique concrete, this exclusive collaboration unites forces of two legendary musicians, who were witnessed the roots of industrial music movement, lim to 500) ITA/GER (12,-)

MAURIZIO BIANCHI + MAOR APPELBAUM - Environmental Meditations 2006 (Abstract, Noise, Industrial collaboration CD) ITA/ISR (10,-)

MAURIZIO BIANCHI & CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI - Alienation CD-R 2008 (legendary Italian experimental artist collaboration CD) ITA (8,-)

MAURIZIO BIANCHI - Regel 2007 (technological sounds to work for a full awareness of modern decadence, reissue of 1982 album!) ITA (10,-)

MEDICO PESTE - Tremendum et Fascinatio 2012 (Enclave, Massemord, Mord'A'Stigmata, etc members playing excellent Polish Black Metal) POL (10,-) 

MELANCHOHOLICS - A Single Act Of Carelessness 2006 (2nd Album from this out of the world project, for fans of not easy music, recommended, masterpiece!) GER (10,-)

MELEK-THA - Apokalypsia 2007 (Excellent Evil Ritual Industrial Musick.) FRA (12,-)

MELEK-THA - Perfect World Eradication 2003 (Excellent Evil Ritual Industrial Musick.) FRA (12,-)

MENEGROTH - Gazourmah 2009 (Occult, Fascist, Militarist, Paganist Black Metal, the 3rd ful length album) SWI (10,-)

MENEGROTH - Das rote Werk digiCD 2012 (great militant, totalitarean Black Metal, the 3rd album) CH (12,-)

MERCILESS CRUCIFIXION - Airesis 2006 (Massive bestial assault of Warlike brutal Black/Death Metal for fans of Blasphemy/Beherit/Morbosidad, contains a Sarcofago cover, just for warmetal maniacs!) GRE (10,-)

MERESSIN - The Baphomet's Call 2007 (Lithuanian Old school black metal with influences of heavy, thrash and occult metal. This is old record which was originally released only on tape. Pro pressed CD with new artwork, remastered songs and 12 pages colored booklet.) LIT (10,-)

MESSIAH - Powertrash + The Infernal Thrashing 2004 (The two killing Demos, total infernal Thrashing Madness from Switzerland wildest Thrash Underground band ever. Breathe the atmosphere of an excited and wild mid-80s die hard Thrash-scene) SWI (10,-) 

METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Bulldozer 2009 (Japanese version released by Holycaust Records, the 3rd album, Heavy Metal masterpiece!) JAP (10,-)

MGLA - Mdlosci/Further Down The Nest 2007/2010 (MCD compilation of both 7" EP's. Excellent Black Metal, the best Mgla releases on one CD!) POL (10,-)

MICHAEL MANTRA - D#m/Gm 2008 (brain hemisphere synchronization, perfect ambient soundscape for the ultimate relaxation trip) USA (12,-)

MIDNIGHT - Complete And Total Hell 2012 (21-track, collects all of MIDNIGHT's entire pre-"Satanic Royalty" back catalog, a must release!) USA (12,-)

MIDNIGHT - Satanic Royalty CD+DVD 2011 (Black Heavy Metal is the law. Highly anticipated debut album, lust, filth & sleaze + live DVD) USA (14,-)  

MIEL NOIR - Der Honigflugel 2009 (project of D. Dimov (Svarrogh, Sturmpercht, Allerseelen, Saggitarius), piano, industrial, folk) RUS (10,-)

MINAMATA - Niigata 2007 (Re-release of the 3d tape of this legendary group, originally recorded in 1985, industrial & hardcore electronics) FRA (12,-)

MINAMATA - Cyclator CD+DVD 2009 (full-length audio-CD containing material recorded in 2002-2007 and a DVD offering the complete MINAMATA' performance recorded live on Saturday, April 21st 2007 in Belgium plus the video of this show. power electronics pioneer of the French industrial scene) FRA (16,-)

MIND & FLESH - Martyr Generation digi CD 2012 (a mix of dark & heavy analogue electronics and pounding rhythms with processed vocals) NOR (10,-)

MISANTHROPIC TRIUMPH / RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE - Breath of Deadly Silence split CD 2009 (NSBM meets black/death/thrash metal) BRA (10,-)

MISANTROPICAL PAINFOREST - Firm Grip of the Roots 2010 (Epic Black Metal by Kutcheck Gorealis from Tyranny, Dark Legions, Hail, etc, 2nd album) FIN (10,-)

MISERY'S OMEN - Misery's Omen 2003 (great blackened doom from Australia, contains first Ep and demo material, essential release!) AUS (12,-)

MONARQUE / SORCIER DES GLACES - Split CD 2012 (brandnew and excellent split cd from two of the best canadian black metal bands !!masterpiece !!) CAN (10,-)

MONUMENTUM - In absentia Christi 1995/2009 (Remastered reissue of this classic avantgarde dark doom album, including 1 bonus track!) ITA (12,-)

MOONTOWER - In The Shadow Of The Wolf 2008 (re-release of this great Ep with bonus tracks and Emperor cover, black metal) POL (10,-)

MOONTOWER/TARAN - Devil's Incarnation 2005 (Moontower - fast and raw Antichristian Black Metal with really hateful vocal, incl. new version of coversong "Armaggedon" from Bathory... Taran - raw aggressive Black Metal influenced by Swedish hordes like Marduk or Dark Funeral, incl. cover-song "Maaneskyggens Slave" from Gorgoroth) POL (10,-)

MORBOSIDAD - Profana La Cruz del Nazareno 2008 (the third Morbosidad album is heavily influenced by Brazilian deathrash masters such as the mighty Sarcofago, Sextrash, and Holocausto, yet is still undeniably Morboso Metal. One of the most sacrilegious and blasphemous records, masterpiece of goatworship) MEX (12,-)

MORD'A'STIGMATA - Antimatter 2011 (Sun & Moon Records) POL (12,-)

MÖRK GRYNING - Mörk Gryning 2005 (essential Swedish black metal, the last album) SWE (10,-)

MORRIGAN - Celts 2003 (the third MORRIGAN full-length album. reissued by Undercover Records with bonus track "Dead Forever") GER (10,-)

MORRIGAN - The Damned 2007 (the 6th full length album, majestic german black metal) GER (10,-)

MORTE - Irresponsible Misanthropic Existence 2006 (Disgusting primitive Black Metal, a must for Ildjarn fanatics!) ITA (10,-)

MORTIFERA - Maledictiih DIGI CD 2010 (sad, desolate Black Metal with Noktu Geiistmort from Celestia/Gestapo 666, etc, 2nd full length album) FRA (12,-)

MORTIFERA - Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera DIGI CD (the legendary 1st album, sad, desolate Black Metal with Noktu Geiistmort from Celestia) FRA (12,-)

MORTUALIA - Blood of the Hermit 2010 (Depressive, melancholic, nostalgic and desperate black metal from Shatraug [Horna, Sargeist], 2nd album) FIN (10,-)

MOURMANSK 150 - La guerre, l'anarchie et le chaos 2008 (Radical Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise) FRA (10,-)

MOURMANSK 150 - No Volunteer 4 This Society 2009 (Radical Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise) FRA (10,-)

MYRK - Icons Of The Dark 2003 (Satanic Black Metal from Iceland!) ICE (10,-)

MURMUR - Mainlining the Lugubrious 2010 (USBM, Opiate Abuse, Depression, The Apocalypse, Nihilism, 1st album, nihilist/depressive BM) USA (10,-)

MUSTA KAPPELI - Saatanassa Ulvoneet MCD 2008 (Really dark mid tempo satanic black metal with Molestor from Anal Blasphemy, Calvarium, etc) FIN (10,-)  

MUSTA KAPPELI - Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon Digi CD 2010 (mystical lycanthropic forest black metal with Satanic worship of nighttime darkness) FIN (12,-)

MUTIILATION - Vampires of Black Imperial Blood 1995/2012 (Official Drakkar Productions pressing! With lyrics! No bootleg, no bullshit, black metal collection can't be complete without this Black Metal Masterpiece!) FRA (12,-)

MUTIILATION - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul 1999/2012 (Official Drakkar Productions pressing! No bootleg, no bullshit, black metal collection can't be complete without this Black Metal Masterpiece!) FRA (12,-)

MUTIILATION - Black Millenium (Grimly Reborn) 2001/2012 (Official Drakkar Productions pressing! No bootleg, no bullshit, black metal collection can't be complete without this Black Metal Masterpiece!) FRA (12,-)

N.STRAHL.N - Nachstücke 2009 (Industrial, Musique Concrete, Experimental, Ambient, lim to 300) GER (10,-) 

NA RASPUTJE - Early demos (1998-2003) 2009 (Russian NS Black Metal, contains early demos) RUS (10,-)

NAGELFAR - Hunengrab Im Herbst 1997/2009 super jewel box (Legendary German Black Metal, re-release & remastered the bands first album, essential!) GER (12,-)

NAGUAL - Active Side of Infinity 2008 (Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal with Nokturnal Mortum, Hate Forest, Dark Ages member) UKR (10,-)

NAHASH - Nocticula Hecate 2007 (Obscure Lithuanian black metal band Nahash presents their cult demo Nocticula Hecate. Originally released in 1994 on demo tape, now it is re-released on CD format. Slipcase CD edition, 12 pages booklet, different artwork) LIT (10,-)

NAKED WHIPPER – Painstreaks 1995/2011 (Black Metal/Grindcore, Naked Whipper + Moloch: Acid Orgy Eps as bonus on CD) GER (10,-) 

NAPALMED - Up to the ears in Tinnitus 2006 (oversized 3-panel sleeve with a plastic screw, best known noise/industrial projekt from CZ) CZ (12,-)

NASUM - Human 2.0 2000 (a grindcore masterpiece, the 2nd album, essential!) SWE (10,-)

NAZXUL - Iconoclast 2009 (enigmatic Australian legends NAZXUL return after a long hiatus and deliver another classic, Black Metal) AUS (12,-)

NAZXUL - Totem 1995/2011 (enigmatic Australian legends NAZXUL's first album re-released version!) AUS (10,-)

NAZXUL - Black Seed 2005/2010 (Contains Black Seed EP, 2 live tracks and the 1994 demo. Occult, Satanic Black Metal!) AUS (10,-)

NECROFROST - In a Misty Soar and on its Swampy Floor 2006 (Total Holocaust Records) GER (10,-)

NECROFROST - Bloodstorms Voktes Over Hytrungas' Dunkle Necrotroner 2006 (Total Holocaust Records) GER (10,-)

NECROFROST - Blackeon Lightharvest 2008 (one of the best true Black Metal album for 2008, a must release!) GER (10,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Death is Fun 1995/2000/2006 (Black/Death/Thrash originators classic demo recordings finally re-issued!) USA (10,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Harvest Ritual Vol. I 2005 (nice digibook version by Coffin Records! special size, limited release!) USA (14,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Season of the Dead 1987 (the legendary 1st album, a gore/horror/death metal masterpiece!) USA (10,-)

NECROPHAGIA - Black Blood Vomitorium MCD 2000 USA (10,-)

NECROPLASMA - Sit Gloria Domini Insecvlvm 2006 (Raw Devil Worshipping Black Metal, the 2nd full length album) SWE (12,-)

NECROSLUT - Black Deceiver 2010 (Blasphemic old school Black/Death Metal attack by Shatraug fom Horna, Sargeist, Mortualia, etc. ugly as fuck) FIN (10,-)

NEKROKAOS - Chaos II 2007 (chaos black metal for obscure musick maniacs, Insidious Poisoning) FRA (12,-)

NEKROKRIST SS / FAAGRIM - Strike of the Northern Legions 2012 (Finnish NS Black Metal meets German black metal!) FIN/GER (10,-)

NEON RAIN - We Are Meat / The Vultures Double digipack CD 2008 (Between drone and power electronics, through synth-pop to post-industrial martial anthems, great release, recommended!) FRA (15,-)

NERGAL - Absinthos 2006 (The legendary Greek band Nergal was formed in 1989, and its still alive) GRE (10,-)

NEUTRON HAMMER - Extermination Kommand MCD 2009 (Blackened thrashing metal of death with Horna, Vitsaus, Sacrilegious Impalement members) FIN (10,-)

NEUTRON HAMMER - Damnation’s Bringer MCD 2006 (Blackened thrashing metal of death with Horna, Vitsaus, Sacrilegious Impalement members) FIN (8,-)

NEW RISEN THRONE / CRUEL HARVEST - Shadows over Humanity Split CD 2007 (3 brand new tracks from Italian dark ambient master New Risen Throne, plus the debut of U.S. dark ambient project Cruel Harvest. 7 tracks total and over an hour of icy cold and treacherous dark ambient soundscapes for fans of Raison D'etre, Northaunt, Svartsinn & Atrium Carceri. God is Myth Records) ITA (12,-)

NEZHEGOL - From the Heart to Sun 2008 (pure heathen metal with Slavonic lyrics and original atmosphere, Black Metal, Experimental, Darkwave) RUS (10,-)

NIGHT MUST FALL - Dissonance of Thought MCD 2008 (eerie funeral doom with the ugly crushing sludge attitude with Tyranny, Slugathor, etc members) FIN (10,-)

NJIQAHDDA - Nji. Njiijn. Njiiijn 2008 Digipack CD (psychadelic black metal art, folk, ambient, doom and shoegaze music, excellent release!) USA (10,-)

NJIQAHDDA - Yrg Alms 2009 (black metal, dark ambient, noise, electronica, post rock and funeral doom scattered all over the record) USA (10,-)

NKVD - Vlast DIGI 2011 (8 hymns of industrialized oppressive horror. Blacker, darker, stronger. 1st album industrial black metal) FRA (10,-)

NO - Moongoon CD-R 2006 (Hand-numbered edition of 200 copies, experimental/industrial, the most obscure & extreme in its musical expression) GER (10,-)

NOCTA - Wicked Woman 2005 (traditional heavy metal with Kostas from Nightfall) GRE (10,-)

NOCTURNAL - Violent Revenge 2009 (Old school German thrash, again a masterpiece!) GER (10,-)

NOCTURNAL BLOOD - Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration 2010 (Morbid Black Death Metal, INFLUENCES: Beherit, Blasphemy, Von, Demoncy, etc.) USA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL BREED - The Tools Of The Trade 2000 (Blackened Thrash Metal, the 3rd album) NOR (10,-) 

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Suicidal Thoughts 2011 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Reflections of a Sad Soul 2008 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II 2008 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Four Seasons to a Depression 2007/2010 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past 2007/2010 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION / WEDARD - Beyond The Light 2009 (Depressive, suicide black metal from both bands) FRA/GER (10,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - The Cult of Negation 2010 (suicide-depressive Black Metal, a bit different from the previous albums, 4th full length) FRA (10,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - The Cult of Negation digi-pack 2010 (suicide-depressive Black Metal, a bit different from the previous albums) FRA (12,-)

NOCTURNAL GRAVES / HELLSPIRIT - The Gravespirit Sessions 2010 (Australian Blackened Thrash/Death Metal meets Finnish Black/Heavy/Thrash Metal) OZ/FIN (10,-) 

NOCTURNAL VOMIT - Divine Profanation 2006/2010 (a must for Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago, Incantation maniacs, old school death-black) GRE (10,-)

NORD'N'COMMANDER - Maps Of Shadow Travelling 2003 (Electronic Folk/Black Metal with Philosophy, Mysticism and Military ideas!) RUS (10,-)

NORD'N'COMMANDER - Hermeneutics 2005 (Electronic Folk/Black Metal + Burzum, Death & Manowar covers) RUS (10,-)

NORDLYS - 'til Pest 2007 (This german cult act gives us here stuff that they have released under the names Nordlys, Pest & Die Pest. Also there is a unreleased track from the Pest ep session and a live song from the legendary gig back in 1997 with lunar aurora, nagelfar and mightiest.) GER (10,-)

NORDVARGR - Untitled Navigations I 2009 (deep dark ambient/dark sounds in special pack, lim to 300!) SWE (12,-)

NORDWIND - Wendehorn 2012 (Godless North members playing excellent Black Metal) CAN (10,-)

NORTT - Ligfaerd 2005 (the 2nd album, Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal) DEN (12,-)

NORTT - Graven 1999/2007 (Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal, re-release the 3rd demo with bonus) DEN (12,-)

NORTT - Galgenfrist 2008 (the new album, Pure Depressive Black Funeral Doom Metal) DEN (10,-)

NOX INFERI - Adverse Spheres 2008 (new experimental Black Metal projekt with Nazxul, Drowning The Light, Vrolok, Corpus Christii, etc members!) AUS (10,-)

NYCHTS / WEDARD - Zwischen Leere Und Nichts Split CD 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) SWI/GER (12,-)

NYCHTS / MORTUALIA - Nebelstern Des Nichts A5 digiCD 2010/2011 (Sun & Moon Records) SWI/FIN (15,-)

NYODENE D - Every Knee Shall Bow 2011 (death industrial / dark ambient / power electronics. Limited to 300.) USA (10,-)  

NUIT NOIRE - Fantomatic Plenitude 2007 (9 studio tracks + 9 live tracks, the masters of French punk-black metal are back!) FRA (10,-)

NUNSLAUGHTER - DemoSlaughter 2 x CD special cases 2009/2011 (compilation release of demos + rare, unreleased stuff, rehearsals, metal of death) USA (14,-)

O - O MCD 2004 (raw and hateful black metal, O is a side-project of ...And Oceans/Havoc Unit/Rotten Sound members) FIN (8,-)

OBEISANCE - Hellbent on Slaughter 2005 (colection of all demos, raw and ugly Black/Thrash/War Metal its best!) USA (10,-)

OBEISANCE - Unholy, Unwholesome and Evil 2006 (Old school Death/Black/Thrash Metal attack from El Paso, Texas) USA (10,-)

OBEISANCE - Satanik Fuck 2009 (Insane Death/Black/Thrash Metal from El Paso. Compilation of rare EP's, re-recorded tracks and a new song!) USA (10,-)

OBJEKT4 - Shades of Night 2007 (Industrial Death Ambient, Sabbathid Records Japan) SWE (10,-)

OBJEKT/URIAN - Tonfragmente II 2004 (old-school industrial & Power-electronics at one and the same time original, melodic and powerful) GER (12,-)

OBSCURE ANACHRONISM - Transcending Mundane Obstacles 2007 (trance-inducing Black Metal -performed with utmost passion and dedication- proclaming the despise to the ill-fated lives yet acknowledging the own succumb to the all-devouring essence of deterioration. Transcending Mundane Obstacles isn't a recording which offers an easy walkthrough. ahdistuksen aihio release) AT (10,-)

OBSESSöR - Blitzkrieg Battalion 2011 (German Blackened Thrash Metal it's best!) GER (10,-)

OBTEST - Tukstantmetis Slipcase CD 2007 (great Lithuanian pagan metal, the legendary first album, collectors' slipcase edition) LIT (12,-)

OBTEST - Gyvybes Medis DIGIPAK CD 2008 (the 4th album, pagan metal heralds bear the Lithuanian flag forth!) LTU (12,-)

OBTEST - Prieš Audra SUPER JEWEL BOX CD 2012 (remastered black metal beginnings of Lithuanian metal celebrities, early demos, rare stuff) LTU (11,-)

OBTEST - Iš Kartos I Karta A5 PHOTOALBUM CD 2005 (the 3rd album, heathen war heavy metal, luxury cardboard A5 sized photoalbum, lim. to 1000) LTU (14,-)

OBTEST - Auka Seniems Dievams SUPER JEWEL BOX CD with SLIPCASE 2001/2011 (ten year anniversary re-issue of the second Obtest album [2001], it is no less than pagan war metal masterpiece) LTU (12,-)

OFFICIUM TRISTE - The Pathway + 5 bonus tracks 2001/2007 (excellent death/doom metal) NED (10,-)

OLD WAINDS - Where The Snows Are Never Gone 1997/2011 (one of the best Russian Black Metal demo ever, CD version with English title and track-list, freezing BM from Murmansk) RUS (10,-)

OMEGA - Second Coming, Second Crucifixion 2010 (Black/Thrash Metal in the Vein of Venom, Motorhead, Hellhammer + DarkThrone, a must release!) GRE (10,-)

ONIRIK - After Centuries of Silence 2009 (10 hymns of deep Black Metal art in cruel devotion to darkness) POR (10,-)

ONSLAUGHT - Power from hell Gateshead 01.12.1984 (this is a classic series release and a live recording for fans of the band only) UK (10,-)

OPERA IX - Anphisbena 2004 (long time active Italian Black Metal since 1988, the 5th full length album with a special Bathory cover) ITA (12,-)

OPUS LEVIATHAN / ASSUR - Dark Reborn Of Frozen Souls 2003 (great Epic Black Metal Split album from Colombia) COL (10,-)

ORIFICE - These Are The Flowers That I Love To Smell 2007 (excellent porno-grind) ITA (10,-)

OSIRION - Har Sabbat 2005 (Anti-Christian black metal, 1st album with Animus Herilis member) FRA (10,-)

OSKAL - Stahlkrieg / Blazes of Sunset 2008 (Russian NS Black Metal, gathering of the two demos recorded in 2004) RUS (10,-)

OTHAR / DARK FURY - Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames 2009 (2 great NSBM bands from Poland on one CD, a must for the genre maniacs!) POL (10,-)

OXIDISED RAZOR - ...carne ... sangre... 2003 (Mexican Raw Grind Gore, 2nd full album, including NAPALM DEATH and legendly NECRONY cover!) MEX (10,-)

OUROBOROS - Lux Arcana 2007 (Esoteric Dark Ambient) ITA (10,-)

P.FX68 - Fiction Alternative 2003 (Noise, Electro, Breakcore, Experimental, Industrial) FRA (10,-)

PAGAN RITES - Hellcome Back to Earth 2009 (great live album with some exclusive studio tracks as bonus, for old school metal maniacs!) SWE (10,-)

PAGAN RITES - Pagan Metal - Roars of the Anti Christ 2006 (Killer old school banging pagan black death with Autopsy Torment & Devil Lee Rot) SWE (10,-)

PAGANIZER - Basic Instructions for Dying 2009 (Rare and/or unreleased Paganizer material through the years. essential!) SWE (12,-)

PANOPTICON / WHEN BITTER SPRING SLEEPS - Split 2010 (new split release with exclusive songs from both bands!) USA (10,-)

PANOPTICON - Collapse 2009 (monumental black metal masterpiece, the 2nd album, Anarchism, Philosophy, Religion, Paganism) USA (10,-)

PANTHEON - Vargrstrike 2001 (great NSBM, Re-issue on DARKER THAN BLACK RECORDS 2008 with "Thangorodrim" 1998 DEMO as bonus tracks.) USA (10,-)

PANTHEON I - Atrocity Divine 2006 (1st album, Norwegian Black Metal with 1349, Koldbrann, Slavia, Den Saakaldte, etc members) NOR (10,-)

PARAGON IMPURE - To Gaius (For The Delivery Of Agrippina) 2005/2009 digiCD (Black Metal with Thronum Vrondor, Lugubrum, Grimfaug, etc. members) BEL (12,-)

PARANOIA INDUCTA - Evil Angel digipack 2010 (dark ambient / dark & death industrial masterpiece) POL (12,-)

PARIA - Vermin Race Digipack CD 2008 (finally out now the debut album of germany cult sick black metal act, recommended!) GER (10,-)

PERMIXTIO - Il Canto dei Sepolcri 2010 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

PERSECUTOR - Wings of Death 2008 (thrashing Black/Speed/Death Metal blasphemy, for maniacs of Abominator/Aura Noir/old Sodom, etc) POL (10,-)

PERSONA - Ruines 2009 digipack (Brass & Military, Classical, Electronic, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Neo-Classical, Noise, Neofolk) SPA (12,-)

PEST - Hail the Black Metal Wolves of Belial 2003 (all the band's previous material and some new tracks. with Satanic Warmaster, Horna members) FIN (10,-)

PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS - Depths 2011 digi (Released in deluxe digipack edition with 12 page booklet limited to 500 copies only! the 4th album) AUS (12,-)

PESTROYER - Inquisiteurs Des Temps Modernes MCD 2010 (Uncompromising black metal, featuring members of Monarque, Blackwind, Carrion Wraith) CAN (8,-)

PHRAGMENTS - The Burning World 2007 (Martial/Industrial/Neofolk/Majestic orchestrations, industrial machinery and noisy outbursts) SLO (10,-)

PORTRAIT - Portrait 2008/2009 (USA version, Occult, Satanic, Evil Heavy Metal a must for Mercyful Fate & Iron Maiden fans!, the 1st album!) SWE (10,-)

POTENTIAM - Balsyn 1999 (great Icelandic Black Metal with the Solstafir drummer G.o. Palmason! the 1st full length) ICE (12,-)

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION - Turm Schweigen 2010 (Harsh Noise and Power Electronics, music from the decaying and dying cities, limited to 200!) USA (10,-)    

PREVALENT RESISTANCE - Eternal Return 2008 (Grim masterpiece of Elite Black Metal with Black Death Ritual, VORDR, BAPTISM members) FIN (10,-)

PRIMIGENIUM - Intolerance 2002 (One of the first Spanish Black Metal bands, true black metal masterpiece! the 2nd album!) SPA (10,-)

PRIMIGENIUM - Faith Trough Anguish 2011 (new album, after 8 years of silence, traditional black metal it's best!) SPA (10,-)

PROFANATICA - The Enemy Of Virtue 2 x CD 2007 (the Black Cult of PROFANATICA compiles all their materials on these 2 CDs) USA (14,-)

PROFANATICA - Disgusting Blasphemies Against God 2010 (One of 2010's most highly anticipated black metal records, true legends of Black Metal) USA (12,-)

PROFANATICA - Profanatitas De Domonatia 2007 (the 1st album of this legendary black metal band! Recommended!) USA (12,-)

PROFEZIA - Black Misanthropic Elite 2008 (Beatrik, Tenebrae in Perpetuum members making excellent black metal!) ITA (10,-)

PROCER VENEFICUS - A Summerhaze Array for August Nights Double CD Boxed Set 2007 (contains 2 great albums: "Duskworlds" is psychedelic and dissonant black metal & "Lunar Transit" is soft, moonlit ambience for August meadows at midnight, amazing package with beautiful summer night photos + a bag of incense, a must!!! God is Myth Records) USA (20,-)

PROCER VENEFICUS - Ghostvoices 2006 (Dream-induced acoustic fog music recorded by Night alone in September of 2005. Acoustic guitar wreathed with wet ambience and distant eerie whispers. All tracks composed solely by Night, except "P.S. Nautical", written by Velvet Cacoon. God is Myth Records) USA (12,-)

PRURIENT - The Baron's Chamber (sick Industrial / Power Noise/PE by Dominick Fernow (Ash Pool, Cold Cave, Vegas Martyrs, Hospital Prod., etc!) USA (12,-)

PSYCHOPATHIC TERROR - Fucker Digi CD 2006 (Petri Ilvespakka from the mighty Diaboli playing old school Finnish Death Metal, 1st album) FIN (10,-)

PUKELIZATION - Storm of Resurrection 2007 (japanese brutal death metal) JAP (10,-)

QUINTA ESSENTIA - Neutrality for Defined Chaos 2006 (great mix between Black/Death/Thrash Metal) USA (10,-)

RACCOO-OO-OON - Raccoo-oo-oon digiCD 2008 (reeks of desperation and a feeling of going down with nothing to loose at all, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental, the last album) USA (12,-)

RAMLEH - Valediction 2009 (the first all new Ramleh album since 1997, and the first new power electronics recordings from the project for 25 years) UK (12,-)

RAVENBANNER - ...And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past 2008 (NS Black Metal from Jarl Von Hagall (Der Sturmer)) GRE (10,-)

RAVENDARK'S MONARCHAL CANTICLE - Sob a Bandeira do Odio... 2010 (Black/Death/Thrash Metal with Evil, Dethroned Christ, Hammergoat members) BRA (10,-)

REAKTOR 4 - Reaktor 4 2009 (industrial/Black Metal crossbreedings. B. of Lifelover/IXXI also appears as session vocalist) SWE (10,-)

REFUSE TO DIE - Collection Of Agnostic Flies 2008 (Neo cabaret/Industrial/Avant-garde, Industrial, Experimental) ISR (10,-)

RESUSCITATOR - Iniciation (Old Los Angeles area black/death/doom from 1993. The first press CD version of this was originally released by the infamous Wild Rags Records. This is for fans of old death metal and early 90's Greek black metal like Varathron and Necromantia.) USA (12,-)

RESUSCITATOR - Warrior's death 2005 (Enthroned meets late Immortal, 5th full length album) USA (10,-)

REX SATANACHIA - First Legion of Hell MCD 2008 (Scandinavian satanic black/death metal) DEN (7,-)

REVELATION OF DOOM - Shemhamforash 2007 (old school black metal, VENOM, HELLHAMMER, SODOM maniacs don't miss this CD) POL (12,-)

REVELATION OF DOOM - Unholy Goatfuck 2005 (old school harsh Black/Death Metal for maniacs of Witchmaster, Bestial Mockery and Throneum) POL (10,-)

REVENGE - Infiltration.Downfall.Death 2008 (ex-Conqueror, Axis of Advance, Order from Chaos members doing excellent, chaotic war black metal) CAN (12,-)

REVENGE - Victory.Intolerance.Mastery 2004 (ex-Conqueror, Axis of Advance, Order from Chaos members doing excellent, chaotic war black metal) CAN (12,-) 

REVENGE - Scum.Collapse.Eradication 2012 (ex-Conqueror, Axis of Advance members doing excellent, chaotic war black metal, 4th album!) CAN (10,-) 

REVERENCE - Chamber of Divine Elaboration 2007 digi CD (Industrial Black Metal with Animus Herilis, Osculum Infame, Quintessence, etc. members) FRA (12,-)

RIBSPREADER - Rotten Rhythms and Rancid Rants 2006 (Swedish death metal it's best with Paganizer & Edge of Sanity members) SWE (12,-)

RICHARD RAMIREZ - Start Again 2008 USA (10,-)

RIGOR SARDONICUS - Principia Sardonica 2004 (3rd and darkest opus of Apocalyptic Doom. Thergothon, early Skepticism, Disembowelment, Symphony of Grief, and Winter stripped to its barest elements. Only for the truest of DOOM enthusiasts) USA (10,-)

RIGOR SARDONICUS / DIMENTIANON -  Split CD Amores Defunctus Tuus Mater 2007 USA (10,-)

RIUL DOAMNEI - Fatima 2011 (fine Italian symphonic black metal, 2nd album) ITA (10,-)

RIZ ORTOLANI - Cannibal Holocaust 1995/2005 digi CD (original soundtrack of the legendary horror movie C. H., remastered with bonus videos) ITA (12,-)

RLW & TITO - Mahlzeit 2008 (A hilarious collaboration of P16.D4-founder and Selektion-Labelmanager Ralf Wehowsky (RLW) with German-Dutch collective Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra, experimental, industrial) GER (12,-)

ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME - The Royal Arch Blaspheme 2010 (Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso) USA (12,-)

ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME - II 2012 (the 2nd album! Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso) USA (12,-)

RXAXPXE - Of my own free will 2012 (Occult Power Electronics, Industrial, Noise for His glory! Edition of 300.) GER (10,-)

RUKKANOR - Deora 2007 (live percussions and synthetic beats, ethereal sounds and electromilitary marches, gregorian and muezzin chants) POL (12,-)

RUKKANOR - Despartica - Face One 2007 (19th and 20th Century poems "framed" in industrial rhythms with melancholic recitations and singing) POL (12,-)

RUKKANOR - Despartica - Face Two 2008 (industrial, EBM, synth-pop. 2nd part of the specific interpretation of 19th and 20th Century poetry) POL (12,-)

SABBAT - Sabbatical Blasphemous Gospels 2012 (Compilation of first five 7 inches of this great Black/Thrash band from Japan, essential) JAP (10,-)

SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM - Damnatorium Ferrum DIGICD 2009 (great French Black Metal, the 3rd full length, recommended!) FRA (12,-)


SADISTIC GRIMNESS - Asteni 2009 (Black/Death/Thrash Metal trinity by Kill, Diabolicum, Lord Belial, Bestial Mockery, etc members, 2nd album) SWE (10,-)

SARGEIST - The Rebirth Of A Cursed Existence 2013 (This CD features all Sargeist songs which were previously available solely on vinyl, tape and compilation releases. All songs have been carefully re-mastered to keep up the audio quality) FIN (10,-)

SATAN'S ALMIGHTY PENIS - Into the Cunt of Chaos 2004 (Sinister & epic black dungeon metal, not for the faint of heart! Perfect production, sinister riffs, blasting drums and varied vocals, a solid release, recommended!) USA (10,-)

SATAN'S ALMIGHTY PENIS - Pulsing Feral Spire 2010 (bizarre yet raw and vicious wild black metal attack, the 2nd full length) USA (10,-)

SATHANAS - Flesh for the Devil MCD 2007 (legendary US Blackened Death Metal) USA (10,-)

SAURON - The Channeling Void 2007 (Occult Satanic Black metal with Fluisterwoud, Bunkur, Planet AIDS, Funeral Goat, Abysmal Darkening members) NED (10,-)

SCHMERZ - Chronika 2008 (Eerie, drowning, doomed & suicide black metal for those who are into striid, xasthur or leviathan) GER (10,-)

SEAR BLISS - Forsaken Symphony 2002 (great Hungarian Black Metal!) HUN (10,-)

SECRETS OF THE MOON - Stronghold of the Inviolables 2001/2002 (the 1st album of this great occult Black Metal band, including Moonblood cover!) GER (10,-) 

SEEKER - Invocation of The Sleeper 2007 (an exclusive ritual to self discipline, mental focus and channeling of energies) LEB (12,-)

SEKTARISM - Le Son des Stigmates CD Digipack 2012 (Black/Funeral Doom Drone, Experimental band by members of Malhkebre and Darvulia, 1st album) FRA (12,-)

SEKTOR X - Rzeczywistosct CD-R 2009 (Power Electronics / Noise Dark Ambient. ltd. to 100 copies in special pack) POL (5,-)

SEMARGL - Manifest 2007 (Unrelenting, mechanical and spiteful black metal from Ukraine. Similar to Satyricon, Immortal, Thorns + video) UKR (10,-)

SEMARGL - Satanogenesis 2006 (Satanic, misanthropic black art, great production and innovative song writing) UKR (10,-)

SEMARGL - Attack on God 2005 (Satanic Black/Death Metal from Ukraine with sinister and haunting melodies, evil atmosphere) UKR (10,-)

SERCATI - Tales of the Fallen 2011 (Melodic black metal from Belgium, the 1st album) BEL (10,-)

SERVICE SPECIAL - Nord digi CD-R 2009 (rhythmic, darkly melodic synth, minimal electronics with haunting female & male vocals. K-branding projekt) FRA (7,-)

SHACKLES - Traitors' Gate 2009 (Supreme Sydney deaththrash in vein of Slaughter Lord, Armoured Angel, Hobbs' Angel Of Death, Destroyer 666) AUS (10,-)

SHACKLES - Coup de Grace 2006/2008 (Re-release CD version of the band's 2nd demo with 3 live bonus tracks, great Australian Death/Thrash Metal) AUS (12,-)

SHADOWS GROUND - In Eternal Coldness of the Night 2009 (traditional raw black metal with depression & misery) UKR (10,-)

SHEPHERDS - Loco Hills digiCD 2007 (the sound of a rolling southwestern road trip, Swirling strings, tape manipulations, fire and bone) USA (12,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Utolso vagta az Univerzumban CD 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) ROM (12,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Lelekosveny 2006 (True Transylvanian Black Metal) ROM (10,-)

SICULICIDIUM - A rothado viragok szinuket vesztik digi MCD 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) ROM (10,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Hosszú út az örökkévalóságba Digi CD 2013 (2nd full length album, Transylvanian Black Metal, Sun & Moon Records) ROM (12,-)

SIGH - Scorn Defeat 1993/2011 (the legendary 1st album, a milestone in Japanese Black Metal, originally released by Euronymous, looks like the 1st version + To Hell and Back Ep as bonus, a must release!) JAP (12,-)

SIGRBLOT - Blodsband (Blood Religion Manifest) 2003/2009 (one of the best militant black metal albums ever recorded with folk elements!) SWE (12,-)

SINAH - Sparkling Scars of Intuitivism 2008 (Raw & Cold Black Metal from Ukraine, Sabbathid Records Japan) UKR (10,-)

SINISTERITE - Sinisterite 2010 (Black Metal by Shatraug fom Horna, Sargeist, Mortualia, & Molestor from Anal Blasphemy, Hammer of Hate Records) FIN (10,-)

SINOATH - Forged In Blood 2004 (Original 1991 Demo, released on digital format with extra live tracks. Great Italian Black Metal) ITA (10,-)

SINPULARCTOS - The Voidance of Man 2007 (Antihuman suicide Doom Black Metal! Sabbathid Records Japan) UK (10,-)

SISSY SPACEK - Sepsis digipack 2010 (featuring the cream of LA: John Wiese, Mitchell Brown, Joey Karam (The Locust), Peter Kolovos, Rick Potts (LAFMS), Damion Romero, Corydon Ronnau and Shannon Walter (16 Bitch Pile-Up). One of the most streamlined and original Sissy Spacek recordings!) USA (12,-)  

SISTRENATUS - Magnetic Resonance digi CD-R 2009 (Echoing percussion, shards of static, crude tape noise, wind and drone. Factory duplicated Pro CDR in a Hand Made Pro printed Digipack. 200 copies limited edition) CAN (8,-)

SIVYJ YAR- The dawns were drifting as before 2013 (Slavonic pagan black metal with sorrowful poetry and mysterious atmosphere from Russia) RUS (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - Alloy 2008 (the long awaited new album from the funeral doom metal masters! Essential!) FIN (12,-)

SKEPTICISM - aes MCD 1999 (elite funeral doom, classic!) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - The Process of Farmakon MCD 2002/2010 (Funeral Doom Metal, re-press the 4th Ep in normal jewel case!) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - Ethere MCD 1997 (Funeral Doom Metal classic! The 2nd Ep) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - Farmakon 2003 (Funeral Doom Metal classic!) FIN (10,-)

SKEPTICISM - Lead & Aether 1997 (Funeral Doom Metal classic!) FIN (10,-)

SKITLIV - Amfetamin 2008 (Doom / Noise project of Maniac (ex-MAYHEM), featuring Kvarforth, Attila Csihar, intro by CURRENT 93) NOR (12,-)

SLAGMAUR - Von Rov Shelter digi CD 2009 (Certainly one of the very best Black Metal album from Norway! Something Strange, dark and freezing) NOR (12,-)

SMAGA - My Lands MCD (Slavonic Black Metal from Siberia with pagan melodic influences and heathen lyrical themes, recommended!) RUS (10,-)

SNOWBLIND - A World Full Of Lies 2000 (-ex Nightfall members playing excellent, traditional doom metal) GRE (10,-)

SNÖTARAR - Vredeslusta 2007 (the 1st, and last album, excelent Swedish Satanic Misanthropy Black Metal!) SWE (10,-)

SOGLIA DEL DOLORE - 2984 2008 (one of the most influential Italian punk bands of the '80s! the 1st full length album) ITA (10,-)

SOL - Let There Be A Massacre Digipack CD 2007 (Funeral Doom/Death Metal, Van Records!) DEN (12,-)

SOMNOLENCE - As Midgard Weeps 2008 (Experimental Black Metal/Ambient with Akashah and Veil members) USA (10,-)

SPIRE - Spire MCD 2010 (atmospheric cold black metal with great melodies and 2 ambient songs, enjoy the the cosmos of Spire!) AUS (8,-)

SPIRE - Metamorph Digipak MCD 2011 (atmospheric cold black metal.their brandnew mini album. comes on nice digipak format with 8 paged booklet) AUS (10,-)

SPLATTER WHORE - City of the Sleazehounds 2009 (great american Death Metal/Goregrind) USA (10,-)

SSORC - Infidel Eternal 2005 (Tokyo black metal 1st full-length album, Obliteration Records) JAP (10,-)

STALAGGH - Nihilistik Terror 2006 (Misanthropik Nihilistik Audio-Terrror) NED (10,-)

STORMHEIT - Kvenland 2009 (Great Finnish Black/Folk Metal with ex-Uncreation's Dawn, Wounds, Empire of Tharaphita, Evil Witch, etc. members) FIN (10,-)

STORMHEIT - Caelic Weold Finnum 2009 (Great Finnish Folk/Black Metal, the 2nd album) FIN (10,-)

STORMNATT - Funeral Apocalypse 2005 (Originally released on tape in 2003 by THR, this re-release features a live version of an unreleased song) AT (10,-)

STRIBORG - Black Desolate Winter / Depressive Hibernation 2008 (reissue of 2 old demos on one CD!) AUS (12,-)

STRIBORG - In The Heart Of The Rainforest / Misanthropic Isolation 2008 (Reissue of 2000 and 1998 demos on one CD) AUS (12,-)

STRIBORG - Southwest passage 2009 (Brandnew studio album by the illustrious Sin-Nanna! 40 minutes of ghostly depressive black metal!) AUS (10,-)

STRIBORG - Autumnal melancholy 2008 (ghostly depressive Black Metal/Ambient) AUS (10,-)

STRIBORG - Nefaria / tragic journey towards the light 2006 (ghostly depressive Black Metal/Ambient) AUS (10,-)

STROSZEK - Songs of Remorse Digi CD 2007 (dark and emotional acoustic music, the band contains members of one of Italy's most respected black metal acts FROSTMOON ECLIPSE. With carefully strummed minor key acoustic guitars, deliberate yet restrained piano lines, bursts of heaviness added for texture and deep, lush clean sung vocals that relay a sense of dread lurking beneath the surface, "songs of remorse" is perhaps at once one of the most melancholic yet accessible albums of 2007, highly recommended, God is Myth Records) ITA (12,-)

SUBREALITY - Endless Horizons 2004 (Blackend Doom Dark Metal, old recordings from 1996) GER (10,-)

SUMMONING - The Demon Tapes 2xCD 2012 (songs taken from the demo period of Summoning, in the years 1993/1994. All songs were remastered in 2012) AT (16,-)

SUN OF THE BLIND - Skullreader 2009 digipack CD (Zhaaral from mighty Darkspace playing astral Black Metal with ambient touches) SWI (12,-)

SURRENDER OF DIVINITY - Oriental Hell Rhythmics 2001/2007 (Re-released version, featuring 2 exclusive bonus tracks. Black Metal from Thailand) THA (12,-)

SURUNI - Antropomorfism 2012 CD-R (fantastic post-black metal, atmospheric, psychedelic instrumental music) FIN (7,-)

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - Pigdaddy 2008 (this SJ's most original album yet, contains some of the most fucked up, histrionic vocals ever recorded!) UK (12,-)

SVAFNIR - The Heathen Chapters 2008 (Pagan Black Metal, the 1st full length album) GER (10,-)

SVARTFELL - Day of the Unholy Massacre 2009 (Black Legions Black Metal, the 2nd full length album! Occult Satanic Black Metal) FRA (10,-)

SVARTR STRIJD - En Sista Vind MCD 2009 (suicide Black Metal its best, Total Holocaust Records) SWE (8,-) 

SVARTSYN - Timeless Reign 2007 (The 5th full length album, traditional Swedish Black Metal, one of the best BM bands coming from Sweden!) SWE (10,-)

SZARLEM - Night of Blood 2008 (Avenger from Front Beast/Nocturnal playing Evil Heavy Black Metal which captures the early 90's feeling) GER (10,-)

SZARLEM - Black Medieval Battle Hymns 2013 (occult dark Black Metal by Avenger from Front Beast, Nocturnal, etc, 2nd album) GER (10,-)

SZRON - Reign in Frost 2010 (traditional Polish Black Metal, a must for fans of Veles, Graveland, Infernum, etc) POL (10,-)

TAGHUT - Ejaculate Upon The Holy Qur'an 2008 (Raw, primitive black metal with powerful, catchy riffs. This is pure BLASPHEMY! Primitive Reaction) FIN (10,-)

TAPETUM LUCIDUM - Machteloos Bestaan 2008 (Sun & Moon Records) BEL (12,-)

TBC / DAS SYNtHETISCHE MISCHGEWEBE  - Split CD 2010 (Soundscapes, Field Recordings, Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Drones, Dark Ambient, 2 legendary artist/groups from the German industrial scene activ from the 80's!) GER (10,-)  

TEARSTAINED - Monumental In Its Sorrow 2005 (the legendary debut album with 4 bonus tracks, Bathory & Metallica covers! great USBM) USA (12,-)

TEMPESTA NOIRE - 66.33' North digiCD 2002 (neofolk, ambiental, electronic, Modern Classical, Down tempo from Germany since 1991, the 3rd album) GER (10,-) 

TERATISM - Pure Unadulterated Hate 2008 (brilliant US black metal, with guest vocals of Dagon/Inquisition!) USA (10,-)

TERRORAMA - Omnipotence 2008 (black thrash metal in old school swedish tradition, 2nd album) SWE (10,-)

TETRAKTYS - Voreion Sellas 2005 (Esoteric Ritual music performed by a member of The Shadow Order. Night falls at Hypervorea Halls') GRE (10,-)

TEXT OF LIGHT - Un Pranzo Favoloso / A Fabulous Lunch 2006 (Avantgarde, Experimental, electronic, rock) ITA (10,-)

THE ARRIVAL OF SATAN - Vexing Verses Digi CD 2009 (depressive, suicide black metal, new album) FRA (12,-)

THE BEL AM - Fresh Deadly Roses 1994 (Electronic, Rock, New Wave, Goth Rock a must for Death in June, KIRLIAN CAMERA fans) ITA (10,-)

THE END 666 - The Ultra-Violence 2003 (killer Black / Thrash Metal, 1st album) FRA (10,-)

THE END 666 - Terror Inside 2005 (killer Black / Thrash Metal, 2nd album) FRA (10,-)

THE HOLY KISS - Shot Love On A Back Line 2006 (Dark and heavily blues tinted rock n roll somewhere between the early Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds stuff and Sixteen Horsepower) USA (10,-)

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - The Early Years 2009 (essential compilation with early demos, rare songs and Bulldozer, G.B.H. covers!) UK (10,-)

THE SHADOW ORDER - Untold 2006 (great NSBM album, highly recommended!, 2nd album) GRE (10,-)

THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK - Alchemie Digi CD 2005 (Medieval Neo-Folk! Second edition with bonus tracks) USA (12,-)

THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACK - Quintessence Digi CD 2001 (a true masterpiece of Neofolk music!) USA (12,-)

THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Go without DIGI CD (death industrial, noise & power electronics. 500 copies in a deluxe 6 panel digipack) USA (10,-)

THOR'S HAMMER - May the Hammer Smash the Cross 2008 (re-release with new artwork, Supernal Music) POL (12,-)

THOR'S HAMMER - Fidelity Shall Triumph 2006 (Re-issue of the classic debut from 1997, now with the missing bass lines, an added lead guitar, and completely new and improved layouts, with a full-colour, illustrated booklet.) POL (10,-)

THOR'S HAMMER - The Fate Worse Than Death 2002/2010 (Re-released version with rehearsal tracks from 2001 by Lower Silesian Stronghold) POL (10,-)

THROMDARR - NorthStorm Arrives 2000 (3 Skepticism member playing Finnish Black Metal) FIN (10,-)

THRONEUM - The Unholy Ones MCD 2007 (Thrash from the Deepest Dungeons of Hell - Influenced by thousands of 80's and early 90's Death/Speed/Black/Thrash Unholy Gods, THRONEUM stands in opposition to all these happy/hippies pseudo death/black metal shit-heads of today! THRONEUM is aggressive, raw and ugly... Metal as it should be - that's the only goal of this unholy band!!!) POL (10,-)

THRONEUM - Deathmass of the Gravedancer 2007 (Blasphemous morbid fast black death!) POL (10,-)

THRONUM VRONDOR - Vrondor II: Conducting The Orchestra Of Evil 2009 (excellent black metal with Paragon Impure, Grimfaug and Hellewach members) BEL (12,-)

THY WINTER KINGDOM / PERMIXTIO - Gnosis / Resurrezione 2012 (the final release under the monicker Permixtio, prime Black Metal, limited to 300!) ITA (10,-) 

THUNDERBOLT - The Sons of the Darkness 2001 (the legendary debut album, a black metal classic! re-release) POL (10,-)

THUNDERKRAFT - The Banner of Victory 2005 (Ukrainian Folk/Industrial/Deathcore with Astrofaes & Drudkh members) UKR (10,-)

THUNDERWHEEL - Credo 2009 (Surrealistic Industrial Instrumental Romance, Chaos as Shelter, Agnivolok projekt) ISR (10,-)

TINA TORTURE - Stripped, Punishead and Fucked 2009 CD-R (Fresh blood from the Romanian power electronics, noise underground) ROM (7,-)

TJOLGTJAR - Holnijimnjok 2007 (sick black metal from the Blood Cult mastermind Reverend J.R. Preston, the 4th album) USA (10,-)

TODESKULT - Apathy 2009 (Depression, Suicide, Despondency, deep-self discomfort and obsessed inner torment, the new album!) GER (10,-)

TODESSTOSS - Wurmer zu Weinen 2008 (The new album, about 45 minutes of extreme avantgarde black metal art in the true sense) GER (10,-)    

TOIL - Obscure Chasms 2008 (Vrolok, Satanic Funeral, Pestilential Shadows, Drowning The Light, etc members doing obscure Black Metal) USA (10,-)

TONDRA / NORDIC MIST - Cracking The Hoarfrost / Into The Psyche Delve 2006 (Nunslaughter side projekt with total Celtic Frost/Hellhammer worship) USA (10,-)

TRANCELIKE VOID - Unveiling the silent arms of despair MCD 2008 (depressive black metal, doom with Kilte, Tapetum Lucidum members) BEL (8,-)

TRENCH HELL - Southern Cross Ripper MCD 2008 (Black Thrashing Speed Metal, FOR FANS OF: Toxic Holocaust, Gospel of the Horns, Destroyer 666) AUS (10,-)

TROLLECH - Svatoboj 2006 (live recordings from Brno - Svatoboj 17.12.2005...great sound...Pure Forest Black DivX video) CZ (10,-)

TRUPPENSTURM - Salute To The Iron Emperors 2010 (great war metal, a must for fans of Blasphemy/Conqueror/Black Witchery/etc, 2nd album) GER (12,-)

TSJUDER - Demonic Possession 2002 (True Norwegian Black Metal, the 2nd album!) NOR (10,-)

TSJUDER - Kill For Satan 2000/2005 (True Norwegian Black Metal, the 1st album!) NOR (10,-)

TYRANNY - Bleak Vistae MCD 2004 (Fantastic Finnish Funeral Doom, the 1st release) FIN (10,-)

TYRANNY - Tides of Awakening 2005 (Fantastic Finnish Funeral Doom, the 1st full length) FIN (10,-)

TUMULUS - Sredokresie 2005 (great Russian Pagan Folk Metal, the 2nd album) RUS (10,-)

TUMULUS - Winter Wood 2004 (great Russian Pagan Folk Metal, Collection of Re-recorded songs from two demo albums and Some new songs) RUS (10,-)

TUMULUS - Kochevonov Pljas MCD 2008 (great Russian Pagan Folk Metal) RUS (10,-)

TUNDRA - Ansia 2005 (debut CD of this Italian horde playing old fucking true Black Metal in uncompromising way... featuring Barbarud from Maniac Butcher on vocals...) ITA (10,-)

TUNDRA - Primordial 2008 (second album... Antitechnical Raw Black Metal Manifesto, Long Ago Records) ITA (10,-)

XAOS OBLIVION - Antithesis of Creation 2008 (misanthropical Black/Doom Metal/Ambient, the 1st album) POL (10,-)

XAOS OBLIVION - Nature's Ancient Wisdom 2012 (the 3rd album, Excellent black metal from Poland) POL (10,-)

XASTHUR - The Funeral of Being 2003 (a suicide Black Metal classic album! The second opus) USA (12,-)

XASTHUR - Nocturnal Poisoning 2002 (the 1st album, the best release by someone, depressive, suicide Black Metal masterpiece!) USA (10,-)

XASTHUR - Suicide in Dark Serenity 2003/2007 (great, suicide USBM, Undercover version) USA (10,-)

XASTHUR - Nightmares At Dawn 2012 (unreleased songs written and recorded in the last 5 years of its existence plus 3 Xasthur classics anthems re-recorded in different moments (‘Prison of Mirrors’, ‘Screaming at Forgotten Fears’ and ‘Suicide in Dark Serenity’) USA (10,-)

UGULISHI - Demo CD 2007 (Finnish Satanic Black Metal, Pro CD, limited 300 copies) FIN (10,-)

UNHOLY ARCHANGEL - Obsessed by War 2010 (1st album of the long time active Black Metal maniacs, a must for Blasphemy, Profanatica, etc fans) GRE (10,-)

UNHOLY TRINITY - Omnimalevolence 2005 (Ex-Nachtmystium members doing excellent USBM, Unholy Trinity is a channel for spiritual malevolence and utter hatred. This record was named Omnimalevolence because of the all-encompasing malice that existed within the composer during its final creation. A fitting beginning for NMB Records.) USA (10,-)

UR - Trieb 2008 (Abstract, Drone, Ambient, Edition of 300 copies. Packaged in a foldover cover) ITA (10,-)

URGEHAL - Rise Of The Monument 2009 (The 2nd demo of Urgehal first time on CD + Urgehal live at Under The Black Sun Open Air 2008) NOR (12,-)

URGRUND - The Graven Sign 2002 (A perfect hybrid of black/death/thrash metal with the wellknown Australian style, the 1st album) AUS (12,-)

URGRUND - Disciples of Supremacy 2007 (A perfect hybrid of black/death/thrash metal with the wellknown Australian style, the 3rd album) AUS (12,-)

URN - Dawn of the Devastation 2007 (storming with crushing old school Black Trashing Metal and even better than ever before) FIN (10,-)

USURPER - Threshold of the Usurper 1997/2008 (A perfect mix of black-, death- and thrash metal. re-issue includes 3 unreleased bonus tracks) USA (10,-)

UTGARD - Thrones and Dominions 2008 (Black Metal from the misty lakes and dark woods of Finland. Mighty Finnish Black Metal!) FIN (10,-)

UTGARD - Utgard 2006 (the 1st album on CD, limited to 500 copies, fine Finnish Black Metal attack!) FIN (12,-)

UTUK-XUL - Goat of the black possession 2003/2005 (satanist colombian black metal, the 1st album) COL (10,-)

UTUK-XUL - Whispers Of Yessod 2007 (2nd album, limited to 333 copies only, satanist colombian black metal) COL (10,-)

VADER - Live in Japan + Sothis 2XCD 1998 (one of the best metal live albums ever, A limited edition included 3 more tracks from "Sothis") POL (13,-)

VALHOM - Desolation 2005 (somber, unrepentant US Black Metal awash in chaotic reverie.) USA (10,-)

VARGR - Storm of Northern Evil 2008 (Unclean, ugly and lo-fi Black Metal from Nordvargr of MZ.412 / Folkstorm, etc. THR) SWE (12,-)

VARGSANG - Call of the Nightwolves 2002 (ex-Graven member playing lunatic black metal, 1st album) GER (10,-)

VEER - The Measure Of Waste 2009 (mix between Religious BM, rocking tunes of Darkthrone and oldschool of Hellhammer! Recommended!) HUN (10,-)

VENEFICIUM - De Occulta Philosophia - A Missae Tenebrae 2008 (Longing for Dawn members playing excellent Black Metal) CAN (10,-)

VENNT - Vennt 2008 (intersection of black metal, drone, doom and power electronics, bleak doom and buzzing misery, lim to 400 copies) USA (10,-)

VERMETH - Suicide or Be Killed! 2008 (Black Legions (Les Legions Noire) Metal with Torgeist, Amaka Hahina mastermind!) FRA (12,-)

VI - De Praestigiis Daemonum MCD 2008 (1st Colombian press! French Satanic Black Metal with Aosoth, Merrimack, Balrog, etc members) FRA (10,-)

VICTIMIZER - Rapid Thrashing Violence 2007 (Ep + live songs with great Exodus & Slayer covers!) DEN (10,-)

VILLAINS - Life Code of Decadence 2009 (old school death/thrash, 2nd album) USA (10,-)

VIOLATED - Only Death Awaits 2009 (classic thrash metal the Bay Area way! 30 minutes of headbanging mania!) NOR (10,-)

VINTERTHRON - Reign Ov Opposites 2008 (VINTERTHRON (formerly called ANCIENTBLOOD) play raw and unprogressive Black Metal in the vein of the old gods like BATHORY, CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER or DARKTHRONE) BRA (12,-)

VOGELSANG - Aus den Trummern Empor 2009 (heroic Black/Folk Metal) GER (10,-)

VOMIT ORCHESTRA - Bridges Burnt 2007 (experimental sounds, spiritual blindness and absolute-nihilism. Autumn Wind Prod.) USA (12,-)

VON THRONSTAHL / THE DAYS OF THE TRUMPET CALL - Pessoa / Cioran DIGICD 2004/2010 (Neoclassic/Ambient/Martial) GER (12,-)

VORDR - III 2007 (cold minimal Black Metal with Circle of Ouroborus, Hoath, Khert-Neter, Ravening, Prevalent Resistance, Verivala members) FIN (10,-)

VOWELS - Hooves, Leaves & the Death/As December Nightingales 2012 (Sun & Moon Records) ITA (12,-)

VREDEHAMMER - 4.September MCD (solo album of Per Valla from the Norwegian Black Metal band Elite & Allfader, traditional black metal) NOR (10,-)

VREDEHAMMER - Pans Skygge MCD 2011 (with ex-Allfader, ex-Elite member, brandnew mini cd of this cult norwegian black metal act) NOR (8,-) 

VROLOK - Resurgence III: Order of the Sphere 2007 (Black Metal with Ambient Influences, Satanism, occultism, philosophy) USA (12,-)

VROLOK - Resurgence II: Where the Dying Meet the Dead 2004 (Black Metal with Ambient Influences, Satanism, occultism, philosophy) USA (12,-) 

VARIOUS HOUSTON ARTISTS NOISE COMPILATION - Eleven Notes in Black CD 2009 (Mask of the Slave) USA (12,-)

V/A - A HUNGARIAN TRIBUTE TO BURZUM: Life Has New Meaning 2008 (12 Hungarian bands play Burzum. Aetherius Obscuritas, Funebre, Gholgoth, etc) HUN (10,-)


V/A - EVOLA TRIBUTE - The Spirit of Europe digipack 2009 (Lord Wind, Aryan Art, Morior Axis, Inhumane Deathcult, Menegroth, Von Thronstahl, etc) (12,-)

V/A - Hate Tasting CD 2010 (MOLESTER, MUTANT APE, BARRIKAD, WEREWOLF JERUSALEM, FECALOVE, FEAR KONSTRUKTOR, CLIMAX DENIAL, MOURMANSK 150, COMFORTER, SPLINTER vs STALIN, Power Electronics / Harsh Noise ltd. to 300 copies in special pack) INT (10,-)

V/A - Schatten aus der ... Bethlehem / A tribute to Dictius te Necare 2009 (very nice Bethlehem tribute with Maieutiste / Voodoo Planet / Ataraxie / Imindain / Mourning Dawn / Magnum Occultum Innominandum) FRA (12,-) 

V/A - Signvm Martis BMIA 2010 Digipack CD (Spite Extreme Wing, Janvs, Black Flame, Hiems, Tronvs Abyss, Frangar, Gladio, Hirpvs, Galaverna) ITA (10,-)


WAR FOR WAR - War Is The Only Way 2006 (debut... uncompromising fast and raw satanic War Panzer Back Metal for fans of Marduk, Setherial etc... horde of Morbivod from Trollech... incl. coversong of Siebenburgen plus divx video) CZ (10,-)

WAR PLAGUE - The Necro Continuum 2009 (war black metal, ice-cold, the blazing guitar solos are a blizzard of bullets, solid metal war machine) USA (10,-)

WARLOGHE - The First Possession 2008 (Official re-release of the first album! Cult band from Finland who barely needs introduction) FIN (12,-)

WARMER MILKS - Let Your Friends In 2007 (skate punk and black metal, street rock cum vomitorium, Folk Rock, Noise, Experimental) SWE (10,-)

WARWULF - The Archetype of Destruction 2013 (vocalist from Battle Dagorath playing elitist, occult Black Metal) USA (10,-)

WELTBRAND - Radiance of a Thousand Suns 2003 (Nihilistik assault Metal, twisted crossing of Black and thrash with the sick voice of RSD Xul of Funeral Winds, killer production, highly recommended for Funeral Winds fanatics!) NED (10,-)

WESTWIND - Ravage 2xCD Digifile 2009 (Apocalypse is now, and this is the soundtrack to the collapse of civilisation. A must release!) FRA (15,-)

WET HAIR - Dream digiCD 2009 (4 long tracks of analog synth atmosphere and industrial trance punk, Melodic, dark, warm, cold, catchy confusing) USA (12,-)

WHIPLASH - Insult to Injury + Live CBGBs reissue 1990/1998 (With 6 live bonus tracks, New York 19.10.1986, Thrash Metal classic album!) USA (10,-) 

WHIRLING - Faceless Phenomena DigiCD 2010 (Avantgarde Metal, feat members of ARMAGEDDA and BERGRAVEN! a mix of VEB BUENS ENDE, CODE and BERGRAVEN) SWE (12,-)

WHISKY RITUAL - In Goat We Trust digiCD 2011 (The Wraiths, SelvMord, L.O.S.T. & Forgotten Tomb members playing excellent Black'n'Roll Thrash!) ITA (12,-)

WINDBRUCH - Collision Of The Worlds 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) RUS (12,-)

WINTERBLUT - Grund: Gelenkkunst 2xCD 2002/2011 (sick and nonconform German Black Metal since 1994, obscure recording session from 2002 and re-recordings of the whole album done in 2011 containing an unreleased song from this time) GER (14,-)

WINTERNIGHT - Pestilenz 2010 (cold, atmospheric black metal with ex-member of Vargsang, Thurisaz) GER (10,-)

WISDOM - Sacra Privata 2009 (leading Black Metal band from Paraguay, the 3rd album with Bathory cover and tons of bonus stuff) PAR (10,-)

WITCHBURNER - Final Detonation 2005 (Together with Desaster & Nocturnal, Witchburner is a leading force in today's Thrash Metal scene) GER (10,-)

WITCHBURNER - Witchburner/Blasphemic Assault Digi CD 2009 (the first 2 albums on one digi CD, limited to 2000 copies!) GER (12,-)

WITCHBURNER - Incarnation of Evil/German Thrashing War Digi CD 2009 (the 3rd album + G. T. W. Ep on one digi CD, limited to 2000 copies!) GER (12,-)

WITCHBURNER - Demons 2010 (new album, great German Thrash metal attack again!) GER (10,-)

WITCHING HOUR - Rise of the Desecrated 2009 (the new force of German Thrash-Black Metal scene! The debut album) GER (10,-)

WITCHING HOUR - Past Midnight 2011 (the new album, better than the debut, great Germanic Thrash Metal attack!) GER (10,-)

WITCHTRAP - Vengeance Is My Name 2012 (3rd full-length studio album of dirty heavy thrash Black Rock'N' Roll) COL (12,-)

WOLFSGREY - Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee 2013 (Transylvanian hooligan Black Metal of Death, for Tormentor, Vlad Tepes, Siculicidium fans) ROM (10,-)

WOLFSKIN / LAST INDUSTRIAL ESTATE – Stonegates Of Silence digi 2010 (dark ambiental, noise, industrial with Anders Peterson of Objekt 4) POR/SWE (10,-)

WOLFSSCHREI - Torture of a Human Soul MCD 2006 (Powerful & devastating old school German Black Metal! GER (8,-)

WOLFTHORN - Towards Ipsissimus 2010 (ferocious, morbid Black Metal with Erhabenheit, Total Hate, Wolfsschrei, Caedes, Purest, etc members) GER (10,-)

WOLOK - Caput Mortuum 2009 (sick Black Metal by E. (La Division Mentale, Devilish Era), L. (Zarach 'Baal 'Tharagh) & C. (La Division Mentale)) FRA (10,-)

WOODS OF BELIAL - Deimos XIII 2003 (Industrial Funeral/Black Doom with Moonsorrow, Barathrum, Finntroll, etc members, masterpiece!) FIN (10,-)

WOODS OF DESOLATION - The Darkest Days 2011 2xCD Digisleeve (a compilation of old demos, split albums, and unreleased tracks) AUS (14,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Forlat 2011 (the 5th full length album, with 20-page booklet cover-art by Necrolord, one of the best BM release for 2011) SWE (10,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Forintelse & Libido DIGI 2004/2010 (re-released the bands 1st album on a limited handmade gatefold digisleeve) SWE (12,-)  

ZARACH 'BAAL' THARAGH - Eternal Darkness 2008 (the master of lo-fi primitive Black Metal-Noise, Contains demos "Primitive Era", "Apocalypse", "El Borak". At War with False Noise release) FRA (10,-)

ZARACH 'BAAL' THARAGH - A Nightmare Testimony 2006 (the master of lo-fi primitive Black Metal-Noise, the 1st full length album) FRA (10,-)

ZARATHUSTRA - Heroic MCD 2000 (the 2nd demo on MCD, german black metal force) GER (10,-)

ZARGOF - Departure For The Cosmic Twilight 2005 (the triumphant return of atmospheric Black Metal! An immersive landscape of majestic darkness) BRA (10,-)

ZAVORASH - N.A.S.D. 2006 (Total Holocaust Records) SWE (12,-)


ABSENTIA LUNAE - Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes 2004 (1st demo of this great Italian Black metal band on pro-tape) ITA (5,-) 

ARMOUR - Sonichouse Tape-Bolivian Invasion 2007 (pro-tape, bolivian version with 3 bonus tracks, covers of Venom, Poison & WASP!) FIN (5,-)

ASTROFAES - The Attraction: Heavens And Earth 1997/2003 (Project of DRUDKH member, members of NOKTURNAL MORTUM have also been part of ASTROFAES) UKR (4,-)

ASTROFAES - Idea. Form. Essence 2007 (Black Metal with Lucifugum, Drudkh, Hate Forest, Blood of Kingu, Lutomysl, Kladovest members, pro-tape) UKR (5,-)

BRANDKOMMANDO - From Past... 2012 tape POL (5,-)

CHRISTIAN KILLER - Diabolical Satanic Warcommand 2008 (old school black/death metal) USA (5,-)

DEATH NÖIZE - Conquest War Famine Death tape 2013 (Transylvanian apocalyptic black metal/crust, tape limited to 50 copies!) ROM (5,-)

FLUTWACHT gegen EGO DEATH - Stahl Gegen Stein 2012 split tape (Mask of the Slave release) GER (5,-)

FLUTWACHT - Closecuts [live] 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave release) GER (5,-)  

GEN 26 - Irish Made Easy 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) SLO (5,-)

GYAKUSATSU - Mechanisms and Sadism 2011 tape (Power electronics / Noise / Industrial, Persona side projekt, lim to 66 copies!) SPA (5,-)

KOLDVOID - Touching the Void 2012 tape Ep (Mask of the Slave release) ROM (5,-)

KORIHOR / ABIGAIL - Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers Split Pro-tape 2004 (blackened thrash from both bands + 2 Bulldozer covers) PHI/JAP (5,-)

KOSMISCHE HORROR - untitled 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) FIN (5,-) 

L.C.B. / SVART1 - Haram Wounds 2013 tape (Mask of the Slave release, limited to 50 copies) ITA (5,-)

LUTOMYSL - De Profundis 2008 (the great new album from the Superior, Individual & Nihilist Black metal band! pro-tape) UKR (5,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - The Beast of.../ A Tribute to Maniac Butcher Double Tape Box 2008 (a must release! special card box version) CZ (10,-)

METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Hunting 1995-2005 2006 (tape version of this great release, different cover, limited to 500, bolivian import) JAP (5,-)

PERSECUTOR - Wings of Death 2008 (old school death metal + Nunslaughter cover) POL (5,-)

SICK SEED - Elephant Man 2012 pro-tape (Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial by Pekka PT from Clay Figure, Gelsomina, etc) FIN (5,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Utolso vagta az Univerzumban 2010 (Night Birds Records, limited to 300 copies!) ROM (5,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Lelekosveny tape 2011 (Transylvanian black metal it's best! limited to 100 copies!) ROM (5,-)

SSRI - Rebis 2012 tape (Mask of the Slave) FIN (5,-)

STRIX - Strix tape Ep 2011 (Another great Black Metal band by Umbra, from the mastermind of Permixtio! limited to 111 hand-numbered copies) ITA (5,-)

SVART1 - Der Schnitter 2011 tape (Dark Ambient, Ritual, Experimental, Noise, PE, tape lim. to 60 copies, Mask of the Slave release) ITA (5,-)

TEMPLE OF TIERMES – Delirium Sadomaso 2013 tape (legendary Finnish PE/Noise, 1st time on tape, limited to 100 copies) FIN (6-,) 

XEDH + FLUTWACHT - Masked source tape 2011 (Collaboration C60 limited to 25 copies in plastic-bag, PE/Noise/Industrial/Etc) SPA/GER (5,-)

UTGARD - Utgard 2006 (The first full length album after 10 years of silence, stronger than ever!) FIN (5,-)

WOLFSGREY - "D" tapeEp 2010 (Transylvanian Black Metal, the new Ep!) ROM (5,-)

WOLFSGREY - "A" tapeEp 2008 (Transylvanian Black Metal) ROM (5,-)

WOLFSGREY - Pure Transylvanian Style tape 2012 (advanced promo tape for the upcoming full length album, hooligan black metal) ROM (5,-)

WOODS OF BELIAL - Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa! 2003 (Depressive Industrialized Black Doom Metal) FIN (5,-)


ASTROFAES - Live Hate Official DVD 2009 (shows from 2004 in Kiev, Moscow & Minsk, featuring Thurios of HATE FOREST, BLOOD OF KINGU & DRUKDH) UKR (10,-)

BLOOD STORM - "Alive In The Sirian Death Raid" Official Pro DVD (Blood Storm performs seven live video tracks of Qliphothic Black Metal Mysticism from their latest recording of pure black science: "Sirian Storm". Full color cover, Pro-Printed DVD, OFFICIALLY LICENSED from BLOOD STORM) USA (12,-)

KRIEG - Official Live DVD 2009 (Live shows included: Chicago 8/8/04, Hungary 3/9/03, San Antonio 12/1/01, primal black metal noise assaults) USA (12,-)

MANIAC BUTCHER - Dead but Live '92 - '01 DVD 2005 (Negative Existence release, pro DVD, official live DVD of this great band) CZE (12,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - Mankind Suffering Visions DVD 2009 (Sun & Moon Records) FRA (14,-)

OLD GOAT - Slaves of War Pro DVD + CD set (Old Goat is like drowning in a pool of icy, black sludge. Murky, filthy atmospheres conjured by multiple bass guitar tracks, bizarre, guttural, vocal croaks, screams, and roars, and rolling, thundering drumbeats. All sloshing together in an overflowing cauldron of molten metal on the deck of a grim and myst-covered longship. Black Metal from Alaska!!!) USA (15,-)

SARCOFAGO - Live in Lima, Peru '93 DVD-R (official Black Metal DVDs/Pagan Flames release, DVD-R in jewel case) BRA (10,-)

THROCULT - "Live Conjurations" Pro DVD (We are proud to announce the addition of Throcult to our ranks of unholy black metal video purveyors: Throcult - Pro DVD, Full-size case, Live shows: Denver, CO. 10-31-04, Littleton, CO. 4-22-03 Multiple-camera filmed, professionally audio-recorded, 4 pro music videos, + Tons of extras! A MASTERPIECE of BLACK METAL VIDEO ART! This DVD is as professionally-produced as it gets. Everything from the beautiful moving menus, to the vast amount of totally crystal-clear video and audio crammed on this DVD is almost too good for the underground. BUT, if you like technical, complex, black metal perfection in a package normally reserved for big-budget bands, you NEED this!) USA (12,-)

V/A - GATHERING OF SHADOWS 2xDVD 2006 (clandestine gathering in Rocky Mountains with: Krieg, Demoncy, Crimson Moon, Nachtmystium, Tenebrous, etc) USA (15,-)


ABIGAIL / AKASHAH - Axis of Evil Split 7" EP 2013 (Split 7" limited to 300 copies) JAP/USA (6,-)

ACHERONTAS / CRIMSON MOON / AKRABU / SHIBALBA - Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat LP 2012 (A mandatory release gatefold LP lim to 500, relic of Esoteric, Sumerian Blessing. Have Raised the Serpentine Force and invoked the Gods beneath decrepit sands. Chanted from within the 4 spheres and entitled
"Ana Harrani Sa Alaktasa La Tarat") GRE/USA (13,-)

AMNION - Cryptic Wanderings 2008 LP (great black Metal from Spain with Atman & Empty members) SPA (12,-)

ANGST SKVADRON - Flukt LP 2010 (eerie mix of 70's prog rock/metal blended with early 90's black metal. true sound of disharmony, misantrophy, melancoly and insanity, lim to 500 with 1 bonustrack!) NOR (13,-)

ANGST SKVADRON - Sweet Poison LP 2010 (New album of T. Nefas (Urgehal, Beastcraft, Kvist) & co. melancholic full of negative emotion soundscapes) NOR (13,-)

ANTISEMITEX / SELBSTMORD - We bring Desolation 12" LP Gatefold 2012 (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, 360 in black vinyl, this) POL (14,-)

APATI - Eufori D-LP 2010 (Very noble double LP version of this Swedish cult black metal album. Includes one bonus song. Lim to 500) SWE (17,-) 

ATOMICIDE - Bow Down Before The Ritual War Orgies 7" Ep 2010 (bestial Death/Thrash Metal with Chainsaw, Necropsia, Diabolical Holocaust members) CHI (6,-)

BETHLEHEM / BENIGHTED IN SODOM - Suizidal-Ovipare Todessehnsucht 7" Ep 2009 (re-recorded a song from S.U.I.Z.I.D. with Ataraxie vocals) GER/USA (6,-)

BLUTSCHREI - The Voice Of Forbidden Pride LP 2008 (Fantastic finnish black metal with members of Horna, Hammer, Sargeist, Sombre Chemin, etc. Comes on 350 gram covers with UV laquer and printed innersleeves. Limited to 500 copies) FIN (12,-)

BROWN EYE / SATAN'S BAKE SALE - Enemy of the Human Race / Phone Fun pic 7" Ep (Brown Eye includes Mayhem and Necrophagia members! lim to 250!) USA (6,-) 

CHELMNO - Horizon of Events 12" LP 2012 (fold out cover, limited to 100 copies only! 2nd album) ITA (14,-)

CHELMNO - Under our Cemetery 12" LP 2012 (fold out cover, limited to 100 copies only! 1st album) ITA (14,-)

CORPUS CHRISTII - The Torment Continues 2005 LP (the 5th album on White vinyl, gatefold cover + poster!) POR (14,-)

DAEMONOLITH - By Order of Decimation LP 2010 (Misanthrope Black Metal, LP lim to 308 copies! The first 100 Copies in Black Vinyl / rest in Blue) UK (12,-)

DIES ATER - Hunger For Life LP 2013 (Golden vinyl with golden print on the cover and an inlay. Limited to 300 copies, contains one bonus track) GER (13,-) 

DODSFALL - Den Svarte Skogen LP 2012 (masterpiece of elite black metal, the 1st album, Limited to 300 copies only!) NOR (13,-)

DODSFERD - Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow LP 2011 (bleak suicidal Black Metal, lim. 300 only with full coloured bothsided printed innersleeve) GRE (13,-)

DODSFERD - Another Two of Your Scars And The World Is Dead 7" EP 2010 (brand new killer gatefold ep of this cult black metal band. Lim. 500) GRE (6,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Sacrifice For The Darkness Gatefold LP (This is NOT a new album, but a compilation of tracks written & recorded in the same sessions in 2008 and used on various splits or unreleased. Epic, melancholic & haunting Black Metal! Limited to 500 in gatefold sleeve) OZ (13,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - An Alignment of Dead Stars Double LP 2011 (noble double vinyl in gatefold cover with 4 bonus tracks!!! Limited to 500) AUS (17,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Catacombs Of Blood LP 2011 (gatefold vinyl limited to 500 copies! different cover from CD version) AUS (14,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT / ETERNUM - Split 7" EP 2009 (Epic and melancholic black metal from both australian cult hordes. Comes on noble gatefold sleeve. Limited to 1000 copies) AUS (6,-)

DROWNING THE LIGHT - Dead Soul Requiem 7"EP 2013 (with Ash from Nargaroth doing vocals/lyrics! Melancholic and Epic Black Metal. Lim to 666) AUS (6,-)

FLUTWACHT - Fiebertentakel 7" Ep 2007 (Limited edition of 300 copies, with real photo glued on the front of the cover) GER (6,-)

FORGOTTEN TOMB - Negative Megalomania LP 2011 (cult suicide/depressive black metal finally on vinyl. comes on nice gatefold sleeve) ITA (13,-)

FORGOTTEN TOMB - Negative Megalomania LP 2011 (red/white vinyl! Lim.150!! comes on nice gatefold sleeve) ITA (15,-)

FUNERARY BELL - The Coven LP 2011 (limited black Vinyl version 400 copies with printed 4 site Insert, excellent occult finnish black metal) FIN (13,-)

GOAT TORMENT - Into the Mouth of the Serpent 7" Ep 2012 (Ferocious Black Death darkness, Including 3-panel-foldoutcover, protection sleeve and 14"x14" poster. Limited to 350 handnumbered copies) BEL (6,-)

GOAT TORMENT / THE BEAST - Bestial Torment 7" Ep 2012 (Two Satanic Hordes celebrate a Black Mass of Pure Devil Worship. They gather to pay Tribute to old Black Metal Legends, DEMONCY and BEHERIT) BEL (6,-)

GRAVELAND/ KREUZFEUER - Tribute To The King Of Aquilonia 7" Ep 2010 (lim to 1000 hand numbered copies [500 grey-500 black vinyl] with insert) POL (7,-)

HADEZ - The Path Of The Ossuary Devilish Possession 7"Ep 2010 (brand new Ep from this Peruvian legends, old school death-black its best!) PER (6,-)

HARAPPIAN NIGHT RECORDINGS / KOMMISSAR HJULER - Karawane/6 Reviews In Psychopathic Alchemy Split LP 2010 (Musique Concrete, Lo-Fi, Avantgarde, Abstract, Experimental, noise, electronica. 300 copies on critus vinyl) GER (13,-)

HORNED ALMIGHTY - Contaminating The Divine LP 2009 (finest black'n roll. comes with printed innersleeve, A2 poster, Beercoaster and 1 bonustrack) DEN (13,-)

ILL OMEN - Divinity Through Un-Creation LP 2011/2012 (334 copies pressed on black vinyl with insert, great BM with Nazxul, Austere, Pestilential Shadows, Woods of Desolation, etc member) AUS (13,-)

INFINITY - The Arcane Wisdom Of Shadows LP 2008 (Lim to 666 copies in noble gatefold sleeve with gold print and UV varnish, cult black metal) NED (12,-)

KEY OF MYTHRAS / DAEMONLORD - Bonded By Hatred 7" EP 2005 (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. 7"EP on black wax + insert with lyrics) SPA (5,-)

KILL - No Catharsis LP 2011 (Finally the vinyl version of their 3rd album. Comes in noble gatefold cover and printed innersleeve.) SWE (13,-)

MAZE OF TORMENT - Brave the Blizzard 7" EP 2004 (great Swedish death-thrash metal, limited 545 copies) SWE (5,-)

NASTROND - Toteslaut LP 1995/2011 (official LP version of the 1st album 400 - black vinyl. classic Swedish Black Metal, a must release) SWE (14,-)

NASTROND - Age Of Fire LP 1996/2011 (For the first time on vinyl. Traditional satanic and luciferian Black Metal, Limited to 400 copies black LP) SWE (14,-)

NIHASA / THE RED ANGLE - Vessels of the Aetheric Void 7" EP 2013 (Acherontas project (Nihasa) inlay with lyrics and notes, ritaul ambient BM) GRE/COL (6,-)

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - The Cult Of Negation LP 2010/2011 (LP-version released in 2011 by Funeral Industries. BLACK VINYL - lim. 850) FRA (13,-)

OMEGA / RAVENCULT - Straight Down in Hell / Deifier of Necromancy Split 7"EP 2012 (400 black vinyls, hand-numbered, insert with lyrics) GRE (6,-)

PAGAN HELLFIRE - Solidarity LP 2011 (Epic Canadian Black Metal with powerful melodies and spirit, the 4th album. Lim to 250 copies only!) CAN (13,-)

PROPERGOL - Tormentor / I need you 7" Ep 2003 (Power Electronics, Noise, Industrial, Limited of 1000 copies. Released in a glossy foldout cover. Included is a 11x14,5 cm postcard) FRA (5,-)

PROTECTOR / ERAZOR - In the Vein of Blackend Steel 7" EP 2012 (New Songs from each Band, 500 copies black Vinyl + printed Insert) GER (6,-)

SETHERIAL - Lords Of The Nightrealm Gatefold LP 1998/2010 (900 black Vinyl with gatefold covers and printed inner sleeves. 1st time on vinyl!) SWE (14,-)

SICULICIDIUM - Lélekösvény 12" LP 2013 (Finally available on 12" LP format the band's first mini album from 2006 + 2 bonus tracks, brand new cover art, limited to 300 copies only! Sun & Moon Records release) ROM (15,-)

SILBERBACH / UGULISHI - Madness Of His Followers 10" MLP 2013 (2 new songs of each band. Limited to 300 copies only!) GER/FIN (12,-)

SNÖTARAR - Through Time...Behind Light LP 2009 (limited to only 300 copies and comes with thick cover and printed thick innersleeves) SWE (13,-)

SPIRE - Spire LP 2010 (masterpiece with one bonustrack! Limited to only 350 copies! Cosmic atmospheric cold black metal/ambient) OZ (13,-)

SPITE EXTREME WING – Vltra double LP 2011 (lim to 500, with 2 bonus songs in noble gatefold cover, one of the best Italian Black Metal release) ITA (17,-) 

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL - Life is Shit 7" Ep 2007 (includes 3 punk covers with special guests from Sigh, Hawkwind and Ruts) UK (6,-)

THE SHADOW ORDER - Untold LP 2008 (masterpiece of Greek NS black metal. Limited to 500 copies on gatefold sleeve + poster) GRE (13,-)

THE VOMIT ARSONIST - Drown / Quelled Lathe cut 7" Ep 2012 (Industrial, Power Electronics. Hand numbered and limited to 30 copies!!!) USA (15,-)

THESYRE - Resistance LP 2009 (4th full length album, elitist Black/Thrash Metal, limited to 400 copies) CAN (13,-)

TUNDRA - Ansia 2007 LP (Limited to 500 handnumbered copies, cover by Christophe Szpajdel, with Barbarud of Maniac Butcher on vocals) ITA (12,-)

UNGOD / SACRILEGIOUS RITE - Sexual Blood Rites 7"EP 2011 (great german black metal bands. limited to 500 and comes with printed innersleeves) GER (6,-) 

VI - De Praestigiis Daemonum 12" MLP 2011 (French devil worshippers. fullcoloured gloss laminated cover and printed innersleeves, lim to 300) FRA (12,-)

V/A - BEER EXTERMINATION CAMP LP 2011 (Killer Black/Thrash Metal Compilation, gatefold cover with unreleased tracks of Baphomet's Blood, Deiphago, Zerstörer, Blasphemophager, Goat Messiah, Nocturnal, Nuclear Warfare, Hatred, Moder, Würm and Obsessör) INT (13,-)

WITCHBURNER - Demons Picture LP + black Vinyl 2010 (Limited to 500 copies Double Picture/Black Vinyl Album in Gatefold with extra printd Inner-Sleeve, Picture-LP: Demons - Album, Black Vinyl Live on Rock Hard Festival 2009) GER (20,-)

WITCHING HOUR / DIVISION SPEED - Antichrist Warfare MLP 10" 2010 (Limited to 400 copies, Black Vinyl with poster) GER (11,-)

WOODS OF DESOLATION - The Darkest Days Double LP 2012 (A rare compilation of all old demos,split tracks and unreleased stuff.) OZ (17,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Höpplos Vantän LP 2010 (The cult latest mini cd now available as LP includes 2 bonustracks! Comes with printed innersleeves and A2 Poster! Lim. 500) SWE (14,-)

WOODS OF INFINITY - Forlat LP 2012 (500 copies with printed inner sleeves and a poster, the best & last album!) SWE (13,-)

T Shirt:

GRUNT - Someone is watching T-Shirt (L size) (Double-sided printed T-Shirt with pictures of video surveillance on the chest, text about the same subject mater on the center back. Printed white on heavy premium quality black shirt, power electronics/noise) FIN (14,-)

GRUNT - Someone is watching T-Shirt (L size) (Double-sided printed T-Shirt with picture of a video camera on the chest left, text on the center back : GRUNT - SOUND OF DISSENT : ACCEPT THE CONTROL FROM YOUR POTENTIAL ENEMY, TRUST IN THE GOOD WILL OF THOSE IN CHARGE. Printed white on heavy premium quality black shirt, power electronics/noise) FIN (14,-)

Magazines, zines:

CROSS OF BLACK STEEL - Issue # 3 2011 (interviews: Apati, Arghoslent, Arkha Sva, Barathrum, Black Beast, Black Crucifixion, Comatose Vigil, Deinonychus, Der Sturmer, Dornenreich, Forgotten Tomb, Gelsomina / Sick Seed, Goat Semen, Hellish Crossfire, Hiems, Horna, Imperium Dekadenz, Incriminated, Ligfaerd, Make A Change...Kill Yourself, Monarque, Municipal Waste, Nastrond, Necros Christos, Nekrokrist SS, Nocturnal, Non Opus Dei, October Falls, Sadogoat / Sadomator, Sathanas, Uncelestial / Uncreation's Dawn, Van Records, Witchtrap, Woods of Infinity, A4 format, pro-printed, 56 pages, English written) ROM (6,-)

PERVERSE GOSPEL Issue #5 2013 (interviews with: Saturnian Mist, Worship, Loss, Funebrarum, Swallowed, Impetigo, Morbus Chron, Denial of God and Root. Killtown Deathfest, Areadeath productions, USA road-trip report, beer reviews, 48 b & W pages in total and topped with yellow covers.) FIN (5,-)


Slowly We Rot Fanzine Issue # 4 2013 (Cancer, Lifeless, Birth AD, Repulsion, Angerseed, Bethlehem, Carnal Ghoul / Decayed / Desaster / Metalucifer / Trinitas, Ultra Violence, Mortuorial Eclipse and Romanian Thrash Metal Club, reviews, 64 pages, A4 format, glossy paper with comp CD) ROM (5,-)