Come to the show of metal daze
Rise your fist, scream at night
Blackened leather is your uniform
Chain and knife are your weapons
Cut their throats to all the posers
Kill them pigs, take their lives.
Pray to all metal gods and feel the whip of our metal law
Banging your heads like hemmer boring machines
Shout with devotion to hear this black rock & roll.
Metal Mania
Black arts and blasphemy
Metal wizards cast the spell
Atomic blast of sonic sounds
Bestial chants, thunder drums
Mayhemic razor, earthquake roar
Metal load to blow your head.
Pray to all metal gods and feel the whip of our metal law
Banging your heads like hemmer boring machines
Shout with devotion to hear this black rock & roll.
Metal Mania
Here is Witchtrap, one of the best Thrash/Black Metal band from Colombia! We're sorry about the bad English in this interview but it is still understandable.

Hello there! This is Mirgilus from Mirgilus Siculorum & Cross of Black Steel Magazine! First, tell us the history of WITCHTRAP, such as who founded it and when, current lineup, release history, etc.

W/ Hello Mirgilus, here Witchhammer for getting you thrash till destroy your damned room, jeje. Well, WITCHTRAP was founded in late 1992 by B. A. Ripper and me (Witchhammer), after we stopped to work in a Death metal band called “Dark Millenium” (at this time we were the same current lineup of WITCHTRAP nowadays), anyway we set up WITCHTRAP just two members because we saw that we’re taking the way that we don’t enjoy it at all, so we though play thrash metal that’s we enjoy and we have grew up into metal scene from the start;
Our current lineup is:
Edison “ENFORCER”: bass
B. A. Ripper: guitar and vocals
Witchhammer: drums.
Our history came from we wanted to play the kind of metal we enjoy and made us get in into metal way, so we practiced for a longer time until we made a recording in our rehearsal room, this recording had a good quality for underground maniacs and we took the idea of making it as our first demo called “The First Necromancy” that was in 1996 and released in 1997 this year we recorded other demo called “Turn In Your Graves” but it was never released until Obliteration Records did a Cd version of our both demos and some extra songs. After this demo we got a new member “Darkmoon” for bass session and get more quality sound in live performance. Anyway we got a contact with some guy from “Cali” city and we make our very first professional recording in a studio for the “Witching Metal” Ep in 2000, it was amazing and it gave us an interesting way for getting a new idea to make good recordings in future. So we go on in making new songs and rehearsing every weekend, and playing in some local shows in Colombia. After this album we were contacted by other young underground label from the same city “Cali”, with this label we pressed our first full-length “Sorceress Bitch” in Cd format in 2002 and we got a more maturity and we got more fans into the underground scene, since we press it, we got many support and some labels from other countries wanted to press this album on vinyl format so we’ve got deals with Ordealis Records from France and Utterly Somber Creations from USA, and few days of this recording we recorded our single “Nightmares Of The Dead” this single was recorded without Darkmoon in our lineup, and Witchhammer played the bass session, and this single was only pressed until 2007. But a new member was recruit Edison “Enforcer” in bass session, with him we have got a great powerful sound in our compositions and our shows ‘cause he have an attitude and likes very similar to us. So we kept making some gigs in Colombia every month, until we recorded in late 2005 our second full-length “No Anesthesia” and we pressed it with our own label Dirty Sound Records in early 2006 with the repressing of our “Witching Metal” Ep in Cd format one year ago, and with very good results and with this money we got, we made a good pressing of No Anesthesia and then we were contacted by Hells Headbangers Records from USA to make a re-issue in Cd, Lp and picture of this album, and that album has give us more spreading out side of Colombia, doubt to their promotion and bigger distribution out there, and right now we are working hard to be in Europe in a little tour next year 2008, so we hope be there and make you bleed with our thrash.

Where does the band's name come from, what does this name cover?

W/ It comes from the terror movie of 80’s years with the same name, and it comes from our lyrics and topics too.

We know very stereotypical things about Colombia, like beautiful girls in TV series, drug dealers, civil wars, etc. Tell me something special about your country!

W/ Right now Colombia has all things that after you are here you don’t want to leave it, cos we are very funny and affable people, our country has enough beautiful places to know, and Colombia it’s the most party country to be in the worldwide. Every weekend you can find parties, good food, good people, and nothing about war. The war it’s just propaganda from TV news for sure.

From the 1980s until the late 1990s, the city of Medellin was known for being a base for the most powerful international drug trafficking organizations like the home-based Medellin Cartel, led by Pablo Escobar, and for being constantly affected by the violent Colombian conflict. It was, however, primarily common delinquent elements such as street gangs that made Medellin one of the most violent cities in the world. In the year 1991 for example, the city recorded 6,349 homicides and a rate eleven times that of Chicago. The United States government considered the city so dangerous that it shut down its consulate in 1981 for security reasons. The U.S. State Department later issued a travel warning for US-Americans not to travel to Medellin. What do you think about? Your comment:

W/ I have lived in Medellin all my life, and I have lived in a poor and affected neighborhood by drugs cartel too, but in my opinion, those years we’re dangerous but not to me and many other people here, it was dangerous of course, but it was dangerous for the people into cartel or else. Every time Medellin was a quiet city if you aren’t into cartel or else, anyway you can be a victim of any accident of criminality in everywhere in the world I think, but really I can say Medellin it’s a quiet city and affable city, for sure.

Compared to other countries in the World, in your opinion, which are the best things in Colombia? Tell me min. 2 remarkable things, events or anything, which confirm your statements.

W/ 1-Colombia have a beautiful places and a big affable face of people with stranger, tourist, and all kind of visiting people that want to know our country and culture.
2-We have a big geography with all kind of weather, fauna and flora richness to know.

Atletico Nacional or Independiente Medellin? Do you like football? Do you know some news about the legendary Colombian goalkeeper Higuita?

W/ jaja, yeah, I like soccer game and I’m a fan of Athletic Nacional but not too much, maybe when I was a child, anyway I know to Rene Higuita he was an idol to soccer’s fans and to me as well. But I really don’t know anything about him nowadays.

Three times Tour de France stage winner Santiago Botero Echeverry was also born in Medellin, you knowing this guy and what is your opinion about this sport?

W/ Yeah he’s a good sportsman and about this sport I think it’s a good sport because it’s about your real own self work and effort, that’s the way of each person can raise its spirit, attitude, honor and pride.

Is black metal (and metal music in general) as popular in Colombia as it would appear?

W/ Yes, it’s very popular but all kind of subgenres of metal has its place into our underground nowadays. Every day you find a new bands and a great talent in these bands, about fans for example: when Metallica came to Colombia in late 90’s, in their show were about 120.000 maniacs, and the very first time Iron Maiden in Colombia will be around 80.000 and almost all the tickets are sold for two months before the show.

How strong is Christianity in Colombia now?

W/ Well, about Christianity here it’s like all kind of religion, but here it’s the official religion and it is very strong and it’s hard to find other religious communities, but the things are changing cause the young people is turning it as each one want to support the religion, not as regular way in early years of Christianity. But I don’t care.

Is a lot of the Satanism just reaction against that?

W/ No, I don’t think so, I think they are working and setting up their own churches, but how I told you above really I don’t care about religions, and my faith is METAL.

Is Christianity in Colombia something that should be battled against?

W/ No, it isn’t I think, but how I told you above here the people is turning its own faith to its way of think. That’s way I think the Christianity it’s killing itself, you know.

How did you originally get involved in black metal?

W/ We’re never ever be involved into black metal, we have many friends into black metal style life, that’s way the people taking us into black metal for our friend’s circle, but they don’t knew we don’t enjoy black metal, of course we have listen some few bands of black and death metal but they aren’t our favorite genres, anyway we really love the hard rock, heavy metal, speed & thrash metal. We got into Metal way cause our desire for others things and because we found in Metal good things and good times very different of our culture.

How would you describe your own views on Satanism?

W/ To me, anyone religion it’s a shit, so my only way of faith it’s ME and METAL, there’s no more to say. Anyway we talked about Satan in our lyrics because Metal talk about all things the crowd never has talked in music, things such as: devil, death, Satanism, cruelty, murders, tortures, black magic, etc. those things are things to people make them fell fear to speak and spread and WITCHTRAP do it without any fear.

How do you see the relation between metal and black metal? Is black metal only referring to a more extreme type of metal? I guess we all agree that black metal is more than just music; can you describe where you see the greatest differences?

W/ Anyone can carry on in its backs how thinks must be his attitude about black metal, but the differences are strictly in black metal is more a style life than Metal, and Metal is music, freedom, crazy, and no compromises to live.

Has the climate any influence upon the music? Many bands from South America have a very special style with their music had some kind of special sound that seemed so typical for them. Can you imagine living in another country far away and still doing the same music?

W/ Yes, we are sure; if we would live in other country we can keep our style and sound. About South American bands, our style it’s from our way to live metal here, with many troubles, and discrimination or else, from the society. Because we are different like them and they feel envy for that, and keep out us of their way, making us living in hate. That’s way we have our own sound.

Do you also listen to other musical styles outside of metal? Could you imagine playing something else different than metal one day?

W/ Before we get into metal yes, of course. But after we got into metal “NO” we never play other kind of music, for sure. That sucks, or you live in Metal or Die Poser! Our way to live metal here in Colombia is about no listen other kind of music different to Metal. If so, you’re a fucking Poser!!!

How have been the reactions of your last album?

W/ They are awesome form different fanzines, promoters and labels, in special from the fans, anyway some fans told us they prefer “sorceress” or “no anesthesia” but all of them have enjoyed both albums very well. No Anesthesia has showed how WITCHTRAP has kept our style and feeling!

What bands have influenced your music and what are your most favorite bands?

W/ The next four bands that I’m gonna say are our influences and my favorites: VENOM, METALLICA, MOTÖRHEAD, AC/DC.

Can you describe how a typical WITCHTRAP song is composed? Are all band members equally involved?

W/ Ripper and Me write the songs and lyrics each one by separated, and then together make some arrangements in drums or some riffs in guitar and after some practices we have got a new song ready to kill!!!

All WITCHTRAP releases are available on vinyl as well as on CD. (Except the last MCD) Is there any format that you prefer personally? Also is there any song that you would call your most favorite?

W/ About formats there is no like Vinyl, it rules for over all kind of formats. All our songs are awesome to me, but the song “Witchtrap” is my favorite, because it was the first song we composed.

Do you see the typical black metal attributes as long hair, black clothes, etc as important?

W/ That is really important to me, but anyone can take his hair or dress as he want. But if you see very well, I think this attributes aren’t black metal style, they are Heavy Metal style.

What is the greatest problem of the current society in your eyes and what could be a possible solution?

W/ The problem in South America is about here there is many people, we need to set up a natal control, this way the poverty would be finished, because rich people have just a one child and poor people have a bigger families with 4, 5 or 6 Childs, that’s way they go on being a poor people. I mean few people: good jobs and good payments; many people: bad jobs and bad payments. Right now there are many people in the world.

Is there any philosophy that you consider as important for your life?

W/ Yes, my philosophy is keep in mind on this word: DOUBT! Think about it and you will find the answer.

Do you like to play live? What is more important in your eyes, playing live gigs or recording music for albums?

W/ Yes, we do. To our experiences both are very important, for example play live is get in touch to the energy of fans, that makes me feel excited. And recording music it’s to have the chance to keep my thoughts and feelings over something for all a life. That’s to record my spirit forever.

Do you see black metal as an extreme form of art or rather as a tool for propaganda?

W/ Really I think black metal is the most introspection of mind for humankind, but I have to say there is a false black metal and there is a true black metal. It depends!!!

Comment the following:

We drink the vomit of the priest
Make love with the dying whore
We suck the blood of the beast
And hold the key to the death’s door
W/ This is VENOM, that’s as we understand how to live without lies of beauty heaven, or false words of people to make us be a robot man, that’s the way to say we are free, we are Rockers, without compromises and chains in our minds or hands to do what we want to do or think.

Do you have any goals you want to reach with WITCHTRAP? How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

W/ Yes, we have one goal. We want to keep alive our roots of Rock’N’Roll and Metal, we want to find the way of earn our life playing metal, and have many rocking friends around the world. Hey guy our music is like a magic touch, a perfect mixture of Rock’N’Roll and Metal, that it makes you get into trap and it makes you feel free for doing everything what you want to do as crazy guy, such as if you are just a 18 years old.

While in the past it was sometimes very difficult to hear certain stuff at all, nowadays it is usually very easy to obtain at least a few mp3 files. When you listen to other bands, is it important for you to have an original copy?

W/ The mp3 files are an interesting way to know new bands, but of course we love to have original copies on Cd or vinyl format. That’s the way of support anyone metal band. Buying original stuff. (Mp3 collection is killing underground metal).

Are there also times when you have no inspiration at all? What are you doing then? Have you ever used any drugs to explore new realms within your mind?

W/ No, just go to do other things such as read a book or listen music or else, we think the real way to get inspiration is to be out of drugs-control; I mean, drugs or else are false inspiration.

One problem that creators of uncommon art often have to face is censorship. Did you ever encounter any of those troubles in Colombia?

W/ No at all.

Can you imagine a live presentation of WITCHTRAP? Obviously this may be impossible within the frame of a usual gig, but I could think of some kind of “exhibition with musical background” at least for a few people…

W/ Oh you’re meaning about few people and they are friends of us or else in WITCHTRAP’S show, yes we have made this kind of shows here in our country, few months ago we played in Pereira-Colombia for maybe 10 or 12 people in a small bar there, and we enjoy this kind of shows, that’s very cool and underground, I think few knows bands do that kind of shows.

Are there any morals or values that you consider as important for your life?

W/ Yes, of course.
Loyalty, Honesty, Friendship, Love.

Are there any others activities that you are involved in that you can tell us about?

W/ Well, my brother Ripper is a translator in a call center, Edison is a Technologic sound master, and I’m a goldsmith and silversmith, and math teacher in free times.

Despite the massive decline of the church’s power in the last century Christianity is still very dominant in this society. Do you also see this as a problem? In how far does Christianity influence your life? Is Christian influence strong in Colombia?

W/ All about Christianity here is a meeting with the high powerful society, but it never been a problem to me or anyone into metal I think, right now I don’t care about Christianity and isn’t influence my life except by moral and values that I told you before.

Without a doubt, the internet has a big influence upon the underground: it enables not only fast communication and cheap way to write mails but it makes also a lot of people talking big words in massage boards. How do you see this? Would you disassemble the whole structure if you had the possibility to do this?

W/ No, I think we have go on with the chances of the world and its technology advances, it no means we’ll have to change our roots about music and philosophy.

Is alcohol and metal together the only way to go? And what about the “sex, drugs and “Rock’N’Roll” slogan?

W/ No, really there are just circumstances of rocking life I think and of course each one can self thought take a choice that what to do with its body.

Where do you get your living from? Do you think it’s important to have a real job instead of just laying home unemployed like a parasite in this society?

W/ Well, I would like to be a unemployed guy as I was 18 or else, but I need to eat for survive, and I’ve found a way to get a job here in my home with any compromises of time to work etc, how I told you before I’m a goldsmith and silversmith, and that’s the way for earning my life, and support my band from the start.

Could you tell me something about the lyrical contents of your albums? How important do you see lyrics in black metal?

W/ In our band the lyrics are over all things about metal such as: hate, war, death, witchcraft, devil, vengeance, etc. About lyrics into black metal are most important than music, so I think black metal is a little different to see the Metal feelings.

Are you interested in seeing gigs anymore and what is the best gig you have seen during the last years?

W/ Yes, I love to go the gigs in home town and get drinking nights with metal friends. That’s fucking great. My best show was in 2002 when Destruction came to Medellin-Colombia by very first time, and they played all old stuff, it was amazing to my brother Ripper and Me.

Tell me something about your other band Nightmare. Is still active? I think that High Speed Venom album was a great heavy metal release, your comment:

W/ Nightmare it’s a Ripper project made real, so the bands is going on the way of old days of Hard Rock and Heavy metal, right now we are working in recording a new album, maybe it will be ready in early 2008.

And what about with Dirty Sound Records? Is this your own label, only for WITCHTRAP releases?

W/ Yes, we started with our “Witching Metal” Ep in Cd format, then with “No Anesthesia” and now with “Nightmares of the Dead”; we hope to do a new album of WITCHTRAP for sure in early 2008. This way we can work with all our stuff without intermediary labels or else.

Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol. II is one of my favorites split LP’s. How get in touch with Death Strike Records for this release? Do you know something about the part III?

W/ Ohh yeah, they wrote to us by an email for taken us in the vol. II, we were agree with their proposal and go on with the pressing, we are very satisfy with their distro and support, and now we have get more spreading out there.

The Nightmares of the Dead in my point of view is the best release of WITCHTRAP to date! One of the best releases for 2007. Tell me all necessary info behind this release!

W/ Well, Nightmares… was recorded in October of 2002 after Darkmoon was fired of the band and Enforcer were recruit, this time I recorded the bass session and our first idea was pressing with the support of foreign label Ordealis Records from France but they had had some troubles inside the label, and it was delayed until 2007, when we pressed it with our own label D.S.R. now it will be press by Hells Headbangers Records from USA in Vinyl format for next year 2008, we hope al maniacs enjoy it till they’re trapped in a Nightmare.

Metal Mania is one of the best metal songs ever, a classic song! What is the reaction from public when you playing on gigs?

W/ This song is from our very first demo “The First Necromancy” but it was removed from it to be taken for a compilation of local bands in Medellin, this compilation it was called Black Moon Comp.Vol. I, after people knew this song in every gig they chant its name for being played, it’s really killer to know that our music is of the likes of our fans, and hear some name of them makes me feel proud and excited.

Thank you for your time and thoughts. Any final thoughts or closing comments?

W/ There’s no other way to be free and crazy, there’s no other way to be proud and honored, there’s no other way to be young for all your life. Don’t destroy your roots and keep them as your personal treasure, because Metal has showed us how life is and how to live it. Hey maniac right now our music is going to be kill for Mp3 files and home burning, so now we have in our hands to keep and defend Metal from piracy, please don’t support piracy, support the real underground metal buying original stuff from metal labels and metal bands. And join to our: METAL ARMY MARCH!!!

Thanks for your support!
Your metal brother
Stay Evil, Stay Ugly, Stay Metal.
See you in hell!!!

Contact: www.witchtrap.cjb.net

by Mirgilus