Hi Erik. Iím Leslie from the Hungarian underground fanzine Stygian Shadows. This is the first Vomitory interview for us. Do you like answering the questions of crazy, stupid maniacs, like me? Ha-ha!

Hello Leslie! Yes of course we like interviews especially the crazy ones from fanzines, magazines and radio etc, etc.

Did you give maybe earlier interviews for Hungarian fanzines? Do you know some Hungarian, underground papers? Do you like reading fanzines or rather magazines?

I donít know if anyone of us has done a Hungarian interview before, so Iím honoured to be the first one to answer one. There is not that many fanzines and underground papers in Sweden anymore so we try to read as many as possible when we are on tour, but most of the time these are not in English so we canít understand them.

Congratulations for your new album, which was killer. Do you agree with me? Ha-ha!

Thanks a lot, we are very pleased to hear that people like what we like, Swedish brutal death metal, Yes we are very pleased with the recording and the layout the sound and the mix, we mastered it once but then Henrik Larsson the producer was not satisfied and mastered it again, so no it sounds killer.

When have you started writing the new material? How were the songs born?

I canít remember exactly when we started creating new songs, but from the start we were supposed to record Primal Massacre in February but then we should go on tour. No Mercy 2004 in April. So we had to enter the studio in December instead.
We were short of songs (as usual) so we finished a couple of them in the studio and created I think it was 2 new songs in the studio as well, and also about 5 lyrics for the songs, so it was hard work in the studio.

Where and with whom have you recorded the new stuff? How many time did you spend in the studio? Where was the album mixed? Tell us please about the recordings!

We recorded in studio Kuling in ÷rebro Sweden, the first time we used that studio with the same producer Henrik Larsson as we have used for our last 4 records, we recorded for 2 weeks and the we had a break over Christmas and then we went to MalmŲ Sweden studio Berno for the mixing and to finish the record.

The title of the new album is ďPrimal massacreĒ. I think the title speaks for itself, doesnít it?

Yes, we were looking for a brutal title and when we heard Primal Massacre the first time we all liked it so we said that this would be the title of our new record, it also fits with the brutal music that we play.

Tell us please about the new songs! How many tracks are on the new album? What must we know about the new Vomitory record?

The new record has 10 new tracks on it titles are: Primal Massacre, Gore Apocalypse, Stray Bullet Kill, Epidemic (created to kill), Demonís Devine, Autopsy Extravaganza, Retaliation, Condemned by Pride, Cursed Revelations and Chainsaw Surgery and all you need to know is that this record is a Fucking killer record.

In your opinion, there are differencies or similarities compared to ďBlood raptureĒ? What kind of reactions did you get to your previous album?

I think the sound is almost the same as on the Blood Rapture record but more intense in the songs and of course there is also a couple of really heavy riffs as well, almost all the reactions we got on Blood Rapture was very good so we hope this one will be the same, we havenít got so much reactions yet as the record has not been released yet.

The sound became cool too. Are you satisfied with the result?

Yes very satisfied.

The new album was recorded by the same line up, which has recorded ďBlood RaptureĒ. Everything in all right within the band? What do nowadays the former Vomitory members do? Are Urban and Tobias Gustafsson brothers?

We have had the same line up for the last 3 record, what former members are doing I canít tell you because I donít know and yes, Urban and Tobias are brothers, they also have a smaller brother who plays in a another death metal band as well.

Your lyrics are about gores, bowels, blood etc. It isnít boring writing always about these themes? Could you write lyrics about love or happiness? Ha-ha!

We never get bored to write about these thing, itís brutal music so you need brutal lyrics to go with that we are not interested to write about other things than that, the more blood it contains the better, thatís what Death Metal is all about, brutal music and brutal lyrics.

This is your third record, which was released by Metal Blade. Are you satisfied with them? Do they all for the band? I think of course about promotion, advertisement, supporting the tours etc.

Yes, Metal Blade is doing a great job for Vomitory in every way with commercial, advertising and all these things.

Why did you leave Fadeless Records? Does that label still exist? I have written them because of promos, but nobody answered me.

Fadeless was such a smaller label than Metal Blade is so we felt that we could get better tours and better distribution for our record.
Fadeless was a sleep for a couple of years but now it has woken again and has for intent released a new Redemption with some extra stuff on it.

As I as know, Fadeless has released an compilation CD and a picture LP. What can you say about these releases?

Fadeless have released the first Vomitory CD Raped In Their Own Blood, and the second CD Redemption and also a 12Ē picture Lp when Vomitory celebrated 10 years as a band 1999.

In your opinion, it is worth to release compilations? Sometimes they are sucks, because new song canít be listen to on such albums.

I donít know what you mean? If you mean cover albums where death metal band do covers of other bands I think sometimes it can be a good idea, but then I think the covers should be done on a band that doesnít play death metal so the song will have a totally new sound.
But of course we have done covers of death metal band but that is more in a way to celebrate these bands for being our influences over the years.

Do you like CD-s or rather vinyls? Are you a collector? Do you collect or order vinyls?

When I started listen to music there were only vinylís so I have a couple of them but I prefer CDīs so that is what I collect cause they sound better and donít take that mush space, but nowadays the prices on the vinylís is mush higher on the internet and so on so maybe I will sell them and by more CDīs instead.

Tell us please about the death metal scene of nowadays. What do you think about it? In this year have released and will be release awesome death metals albums, like yours or Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Insision etc.

I think the death metal scene is better today than for a couple of years ago when every band who played death metal could get a contract, today the scene has a higher quality and only the best bands get a record deal.
But also there is a lot of bands that have played for a very long time so we will see for how a they will continue to spread sickness and death over the world, hopefully for another 20 years.

I have got the promo version of the new Cannibal Corpse album and in the songs was whistled. The label said, they have done these whistlings because of downloadings from the Internet. It disturbs me very much.
What do you think about downloading of music from the Internet? How often do you use the Internet?

I use the Internet every day in my work and since the internet and especially the email system arrived I think it saves a lot of time instead of sending letters, but the bad side is that people always expect you to be in touch with email, cell phones etc.etc.
About the downloading I can understand that Metal Blade try to stop it for at least a while but on the other hand as soon as they release the record it will be on the internet anyway, I donít know what the downloading do to the record sail but I hope that Death Metal fans like the music so mush so they by the record anyway and nowadays there is more and more extra material like live DVDīs and interviews and so on that you get when you buy a record, that is the record labels thought that it will hopefully make more people buying the records.

What would you say for example about the newest Deicide albums? In my opinion, since the releasing of ďInsineratehymnĒ they have made weak records. Do you like them? ďInsineratehymnĒ wasnít the best too.

I like the new one, itís more Deicide than in along time, still not as good as the earlier stuff but much better than the latest stuff. If they can go back to the earlier sound again I think the next album will be even better.

In these year will return Obituary and Suffocation. Beyond these bands have returned great acts, such Exodus, Nasty Savage, Assassin, Iron Angel etc. How would you comment this process? Do you like thrash metal too?

I grow up with Thrash metal so of course I like it, but there is also to many shitty thrash band out there riding on the new wave that has come today when a lot of older band play again, but I really like Obituary so I hope they will stick around for a couple of years still.

What could you say about the Swedish scene. The Swedish scene was always strong, awesome bands are working in your country. What would you say about it?

In the earlier years there were a lot of good Swedish bands like Entombed, Unleashed, Dismember and my personal favourites Grave, At The Gates and so on that really made a name for themselves and for the Swedish death metal scene, than the second wave of bands arrived and death metal was here to stay, unfortunately the quality of the music got lost but I think that is the record labels blame cause they signed to many bands at the same time and could not release everything so they only released the coolest band and not always the bands with the best music, and today Entombed plays Rockīn roll Grave and At the Gates is no more Dismember and Unleashed sound crappy, but a couple of new bands from Sweden that sound really great is bands like Kamoos and Godhate so I think the scene from Sweden will still be great.

I know, the Swedish government supports the metal bands. Why and how does the government support the bands? What kind of advantages have these supports? I think, is it a good idea to support the metal scene.

The Swedish government has never supported the metal scene and never will I guess so wherever you heard that itís wrong. The only thing they do is to invent new taxes so musicians canít live on what the do.

Did you listen to maybe the newest Dismember and Unleashed albums? Do you like them? Do you have some informations about Grave? Donít you know, they are working on a new record?

See question 21, what I heard JŲrgen left Entombed and now plays in some other band but it was not Grave, hopefully Iím wrong.

You have taken part on the No Mercy Festival. With which bands did you play together? How was the tour? How were your gigs?

It was our second time on the No Mercy and this time we played together with Cannibal Corpse, Hypocrisy, Carpathian Forest, Exhumed, Kataklysm and Spawn Of Possession and on the 3 last gigs Pro-Pain also joined the tour (I donít know why) a Hard Core band from the US.
We played 14 gigs together in Germany, Check Republic, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and France.
All the places were sold out and the gigs went really good, we knew a lot of these bands since before so we knew we were supposed to have good time, everything went really good and we had no problem this time, of course someone was a little to drunk but thatís always happens on a tour like this, anyway we had a really good time and it was a good chance to play a couple of new songs for the audience.

On what kind of festivals will you play still this year? How can we imagine a Vomitory gig?

We will play a couple of festival in France and Germany this summer maybe some in Sweden as well, than we will do something this Autumn but nothing is decided yet, a Vomitory gig is 30 to 45 minutes pure blast that hopefully make you shit in your pants we try to make it so intense as possibly when we play live, that is a Vomitory gig.

You have never played in Hungary. When do you come to us? Do you know something about our country or about our metal scene? Do you know maybe the legendary Tormentor?

We would like to play in Hungary very much but unfortunately the booking agency never book any gigs in your country, I donít know why maybe to long travelling, I know very little about your country and your music scene, Iíve heard the name Tormentor but I canít say I ever listened to them.

Didnít you think about to record a Vomitory live album? Will you release in the near future a DVD? In your opinion will the DVD-s squeeze out from the market?

We were supposed to have a live show or at least a live album on Primal Massacre but some fucking idiot soon to be dead sound engineer fucked up and destroyed our recording so we had to release the CD without any extra material, to bad cause we would like people that has not seen us live get a chance to do so, maybe on the next time we can get a proper recording and donít involve this shitty asshole idiot that call himself a sound engineer and get someone professional instead.
I think the DVDīs will grow more and more and in a couple of years totally replace the CDīs at least in Sweden it seems like that.

The DVD-s are expensiver than the CD-s, but also more popular. In your opinion, in what is inherent the popularity of the DVD-s?

The DVDīs can hold so mush more information than a CD and also the DVDīs have a even better sound and picture quality, and back in time when the CDīs arrived they were also very expensive but today you can buy a CD for nothing and I think the DVDīs also will be more cheaper to buy when more people use it.

How would you characterize the career of Vomitory? In my opinion, you were always devoted to your fans. Is Vomitory a popular group? Did your dreams come true?

I was not in the band when it first started, but I know Vomitory first started because of Sodom, the very first Vomitory gig they only played Sodom songs, but then they started to make own songs with a mix of blast and the typical Swedish sound and after a couple of years they had a record deal, every bands biggest dream and released the first CD Raped in Their Own Blood then there were some troubles in the band, no Bass player and no singer but then me and Jussi Linna joined the band and we recorded the second CD Redemption and made the first European tour, the second biggest dream.
And from there we made a new European tour and had a new Record deal with Metal Blade where bands like Slayer and Metallica has been released, our 3 dream, a new European tour together with Cannibal Corpse and joined the No Mercy together with Deicide, Immortal, Cannibal Corpse, Vader, Marduk, Dark Funeral and Hate Eternal another dream, and from there it just continued with tours and recording new CDīs Revelation Nausea, Blood Rapture and our newest one Primal Massacre, so our dreams have come true as long as we talk about Death Metal but still we play because we like it and if other people also likeís it itís even better therefore I think we can say we have stayed true to our listeners and always will. And now we will probably do an US tour this winter and hopefully play in Japan and then another dream come true, but we will see.

Erik, thank you for your patience and for your cool answers. What would you say to our readers at the end of the interview? Vomitory rules!!!

Thank you Leslie, without people like you, devoted to the Death Metal scene we would not be this successful and to all the listeners to brutal and extreme music out there, we salute you, stay fucking sick, hopefully we will play in Hungary someday, until then, thanks and see you.

Contact: vomitory@hotmail.com

by David Laszlo