Hello Christoph!!!!
As this is your first interview for a Romanian magazine please introduce yourself, and if possible, add a short Vinterriket history, too.

Hello Boros. Well, actually this is not my first interview for a Romanian magazine. In the past, I did interviews for Nemesis Mag, Ardeal Mag,...The history of Vinterriket is nothing special. The project was started in late 1996. Back then, things went slow and the whole thing was not that serious. The first Demo was finally released in early 2000 and the whole project became more serious for me. Til this time many Vinterriket- releases have seen the light of day so far on different labels. Too many to mention, actually, hehe.

Why have you chosen a Norwegian name and what does Vinterriket mean?

I just thought that the name "VINTERRIKET" would fit perfectly to my music. VINTERRIKET means (translated into english) "The Winterrealm" or "The Realm Of Winter" and this word describes the sound very good. I love all "german" languages such as German, Swedish, Norwegian, etc. Just listen to all this english shit. In my eyes it sounds so stupid. Besides this, 99% of all bands carry an english band-name. And in my opinion originality is very important. The name came up when the first Demotape was in progress: The picture was taken in Norway and the Cover-painting is also from a Norwegian artist (Theodor Kittelsen) and therefore I decided to use a norwegian name in order to keep to the whole concept. I just felt to do so!

Lots of Vinterriket 7" Eps have come out through years, at different labels. Do you like LP's that much? Do you agree with the idea that underground music sounds really good only on LP and tape?

Yea, a lot of Vinyl has been released throughout the last years. I like Vinyl very much! Demotapes, too. But the most important thing is "High quality". This stands above all. I hate shitty demotapes with bad xeroxed covers, copied on the cheapest tapes. About the sound: It depends. Some stuff sounds better on Vinyl, some better in digital form (CD). The same with Vinterriket: Some tracks are much better on Vinyl than on CD. Some the other way round. So, I simply think that it is different from band to band and from release to release.

The first full lenght Vinterriket album has come last year at Regimental Records (the tape version at the Hungarian label Stygian Shadows). What was the public's reaction? Why did you work with this label, which (genarally known) favours black metal?

The CD- release on Regimental was perfect! I was and I am still very satisfied with the label/ release. Regimental is known as a Black Metal label, yes,... But Joe also likes Ambient- stuff very much, I think. He has also released something of HUNOK (Ambient- stuff). I decided to work with Regimental 'cause Joe showed interest in releasing it. The reactions for the CD have been very good so far, I think. Of course there are always some negative reactions, too. Mainly from people who dislike Ambient- stuff in general.

You use German titles and lyrics. As this is all "Greek" to me, please, tell me about the contents of your songs. I'm specially interested in Kalte and Herbstnebel 7" Eps as these are my personal favourites from Vinterriket.

Yes, all my lyrics are written in German. This is my native language. By using German it is much easier to express my feelings/ thoughts. I'll NEVER use stupid-trendy-english shit, hehe. The contents of the lyrics vary a lot.
Most of the lyrics deal with the dark side of nature mixed with deepest person feelings, visions, thoughts, etc. Some astral- themes can be found, too (especially on the 2nd Demo). But I do not want to explain my lyrics. They are too personal. Everybody who is able to read them should interpret them of his own. The "Kälte"- release deals thematically with "winter", "Herbstnebel" with the Autumn- season...

There was a girl singing on your first demo. Who is she? Will there be any woman singing on your next releases?

The female session- vocalist I used is a friend of me living in my area. She showed interest in Vinterriket and when I decided to use some female- vocals I asked her to sing. This is all. No, I do not think that I'll use female vocals again in the future. But we'll see, time will tell. If I'll decide to use female vocals again, I'd ask her. She is not involved in any other band/ project. She also did some drawings, pictures and lyrics for Vinterriket!

You made a Graveland cover (Forge Of Souls) last year, which, I think, had a better feeling than the original one. What happened to this song? There were talks about you being part of a Burzum tribute album. Has this been released and if so, where and when?

Great to hear that you like the Graveland- cover- track. I think it has been recorded in July 2001.... The song will be featured on the GRAVELAND Tribute CD/MC/LP to be released by NAWIA PRODUCTIONS (POL) as Intro or outro. It is a great synth-track, I think! The tribute- CD has not been released yet. I do not know when it'll be out. Maybe later on in 2003.
The BURZUM- tribute has been cancelled by the record- label (Deathcult Productions) in autumn 2002! So, this tribute will never see the light of day.

What inspires you to write songs? Listening to your songs it is obvious that your favourite season is the Winter. What does nature and loneliness mean to you?

VINTERRIKET is only influenced by the dark side of nature, nothing else! Sure, you get inluenced by many things around you if you want or not, you can even say by ALL things around you: friends, books, films, landscapes, pictures, etc. But my main source is the "nightside" of nature. Nature is all and everything to me. I am a "nature-child" so to speak and I have a very close relationship to nature. All VINTERRIKET tracks so far have been odes to the dark side of mother nature! Of course I prefer dark, melancholic and moody places and landscapes. I really like to walk around alone in autumn and winter through stormy, snowy, misty and cold woods... We have a lot of great dark and powerful places here in our area where you can really feel the energy and might of nature.

Is there a book, movie or music which had an effect on the birth of a Vinterriket song?

As I have explained in the last question: In some way you get inspired by ALL things around you. Music, movies and books. Maybe not conscious, but unconscious! No, there is no special book, movie or band (music) which had an direct effect on creating a Vinterriket- song. By the way: I am not interested in movies that much. I seldomly watch TV/ movies.

You had a serious activity, an underground label called Neodawn, which you had put an end to on March the 1st. Have you gave up with this kind of activity, or this is just a pause?

Neodawn is totally and forever closed since March 1st. Not a pause, but a total closure.

What led you to give up the label activity? I'm asking this because, thanks to the Neodawn, some bands had earned a serious fame in underground, and bigger labels directed their attention on them, for example: Bloodline (Selbstmord Services), Necroplasma (Hiberica Records), Solstafir...

I simply had no lust, no time and no energy for Neodawn anymore, this is the only reason why I have quit the label,.... In the future I'll TOTALLY concentrate on Vinterriket, hehe all future- Vinterriket- releases will be out on other labels (NOT Neodawn) etc. I have closed Neodawn, cause Vinterriket suffered from it. The only thing I want to do in the future is to make music, nothing else. Neodawn took to much time of the day. I was at a point where both things together (Neodawn and Vinterriket) became impossible to handle properly. I had to decide for one of them. And I have decided for Vinterriket without thinking about it! Vinterriket has top- priority.

There were mostly black metal bands working at Neodawn. You must be a great fan of this genre? Who are your favourites and can there be expected any other black metal project beside Vinterriket?

I lost my interest in Black Metal very much, actually. I am seldomly buying a Black Metal CD. The Black Metal scene is not as good as it used to be some years ago. There are only VERY few bands who are worth the attention these days. 99,9 % of the demo- stuff I got from bands who have been interested in releasing stuff on Neodawn was totally shit in my eyes, really!
I cannot identify with this scene anymore. The today's state of the Black Metal scene is totally bad and shitty! I must say, I am no longer interested in the today's Black metal scene. There are too many stupid followers in the scene these days with only shit in their brains, too many pseudo- satanists and too many little kids running around with CRADLE OF FUCK shirts. I do not want be be labeled as "Black Metal"... There are no plans for another project besides Vinterriket so far. But we'll see what will happen in the future. If I'd start another project it would NOT be Black Metal.

Your music has a true feeling, walking in the woods on a winter night... There might not be any better than Vinterriket to be listening to. Do you like wandering alone in the forest?

Yes, there is nothing better to do than to walk around alone in nature: Through wintry forest, on vast, desolate landscapes, through the mist etc.

What is your opinion about the relationship between politics and music and the whole NS movement, which gained an unbelievebly great popularity in the black metal underground these days.

I can only speak for myself (Vinterriket): I am NOT mixing music with politics. Politics is another field for me. Of course I am very interested in politics, but this is something else and has nothing to do with music I do not care what others do. If they want to mix politics with music they should do. This does not affect me.

What do you think about the society of the 21st century, about the accelerating progress, and about the globalization which endangers Europe? What is your opinion about the organized religions, and I'm talking about the dark side, too.

Concerning the 1st part of your question: This is a very big (political) problem. I could write books about these topics. But I am of the opinion that it is not the right place to discuss this within this interview. As I have explained in the last question: I am not mixing Vinterriket (music) with politics.
Concerning religions: Religion is something for weak and subhumans!! I hate all forms of religion (satanism included!!) and discussions about good/bad, heaven/hell, satan/god. People who are religious are unable to live their lives for themselves! They are not strong and not individualistic! They blindly follow a stupid fictive "god! I can only laugh at them! The same goes for all these stupid satan- followers! Do you know where this Satanism stuff is coming from? Yes,exactly, from the church!!! It's just the other way round! Here I speak of all those stupid Satan- worshippers. I know that the word "Satanism" has thousands of different sides. Some say that they hate religion: Now I ask them: Is Satanism not also a kind of religion???? Yes it is! You see, they contradict themselves!
Personally I hate ALL FORMS of religions, all stupid Satan- lovers INCLUDED!!! Religion is only for weak and stupid individuals not able to stand for their own! Fuck off! I am my own "god"...

What are your future plans about Vinterriket and generally?

Right now I am looking for a label to release the next full-length-CD in late 2003/ early 2004. I am busy writing music which will be released in some way sooner or later. There is nothing special planned right now. The new CD "Winterschatten" has just been released. Tape- and vinyl- version of it will also be released pretty soon.

Thank you for the interview, and if you wish to tell anything else, please, do it. All the best and good luck in the future! I wish for you strength and health!

Thanx for the interview man. The same to you and your magazine: Good luck and all the best. For more infos about Vinterriket check