Church Bizarre/Victimizer

Hail- sorry for the super long time answering, but have been swamped with stuff to do and no computer. Here is the interview, hope you are satisfied?? Since we just got back our pc, we did not have any chance to install spelling control yet, so if possible- run the interview through yours ok?

This is your first interview for a Transylvanian magazine, please introduce yourself and of course your band Church Bizarre! Let's review the band's history!

Hails!- Church Bizarre started as a sort of Nunslaughter tribute band around 2001 or 2002 canít really remember, just jammed whenever we got together around late 2003 we started focusing on our own material, however the distance between members was huge and we were all busy with other stuff as well. Songs took shape and in beginning of 2004 we recorded a track for a Nunslaughter tribute album (still not out) and a few months later we laid down the trax for our debut demo. Our producer fucked up the production as he had no clues of raw metal, but a friend of mine really skilled in mastering saved the recording and I'm almost satisfied with the tape now, I just wished the sound was a bit more dirty- next time... after the demo we kicked out our drummer due to his lousy attitude towards the underground and a starting rock star ego (shitty as the guy used to be a real close friend). We searched for a drummer for six months without result but now it looks like my friend J.Voltage from the Swedish death metal horde Karnarium will do session drums on our next release to be called "Evoked or not-evil will come" this will be recorded this winter and be released as a demo or 7Ē Ep. Current satanic line up of the Church Bizarre is: A. Larsen: Chainsaw Massacre, J. Pedersen: Reversed Exorcism and as mentioned hopefully J.Voltage on skin of the dead, we will see after our first rehearsal.

Your first release was the "Demo 2004", please tell me all infos about this release! How do you see it now, from today's perspective and how many copies was selling out?

Iím still very proud of the demo, the songs are catchy, evil and brutal, the layout is killer old school design and the sound is good although it could have been a bit rougher but all in all I think itís a very good debut demo. We recorded it in a day and a half at a local studio and had it mastered by the talented J.Hasseriis after the producer left us with a clean sounding shit production with almost no vocals. It contains an intro, "The horned Majesty", Enigma of Hades and a ripping cover of Nunslaughters "Devil Metal". I think something like 400 copies or more was sold/traded and its still ordered. Horror records will release it on 7Ē Ep later this year.

The first "track" on the demo tape is an intro from a horror movie Hellraiser. Why choose this short conversation from the movie of your intro? Are you a horror movie fan?

A. Larsen and I choose this intro as it fitted the lyrics and atmosphere of the demo and yes we are both huge Horror fanatics, I collect lots of dvds/vhs tapes, posters , stickers, soundtracks etc. of horror stuff, I esp like italian films from the 70ís and cheesy 80ís horror as well. Some faves of ours include: " Excorcist" 1+3, " A Nightmare on Elm Street", "Phenomona" "Night, DawnĒ and "Day of the Dead", "Halloween" 1+2, "The texas Chainsaw Massacre" "The Beyond", "Suspiria", "Superstition", "Evil Dead", "Return of the Living Dead", "Friday the 13thĒ 1-4, "The Ring", "The Omen", "Hellraiser", "The Ninth Gate", The Fog", "The Thing", "Nosferatu" , "From Hell", "Riget" , "Phantasm" and tons more.

Tell me something about your lyrics! Which things influenced your lyrics?

The lyrics are about Satan and his kingdom my own visions of darkness and destruction of holy values in general, I am mostly influenced by my own hatred for mankind and also movies and books and stuff like that. The lyrics mean a lot to me and I put some time into them. They were not printed on the demo but will be printed on the 7Ē Ep version of it.

You have a nickname "Killhailer", where come this name, and what is the meaning?

Itís just a name that the old Victimizer guitarist started calling me and the name kind of stuck, itís probably because I support murder and killing in general I guess, I wish death to all people besides the few that mean something to me.

Church Bizarre is a title of the classic Nunslughter song and on the demo 2004 CHB covered the Devil Metal by mighty Nunslughter. I think you are a great Nunslaughter maniac ha-ha??? Which is your favourite Nunslughter release?

Yes we are both really big Nunslaughter fans but mostly me, I have a very big collection of their stuff and also a big "devil metalĒ logo tattoed on my left arm. Nunslaughter is the best death metal band around and Iím sure they will never betray the roots of the extreme underground like countless other once so great bands did (Slayer, Metallica, Morbid Angel, Death, etc. etc. etc.) my fave hmm thatís a tough one since I love all their releases I must say I love the "Face Of Evil" release but perhaps their songs on the splits with Bloodsick and Dekapitator are my fave ones, but I also love their newest 7Ē Eps: "The bog people" and "The supreme beastsĒ as well as both full length albums and all older stuff.

Don of The Dead and his companies heard the cover of Devil Metal??

Yes they have heard it since we are in great contact since 4 years, we will probably do a split 7Ē Ep with them next year. We also recorded the "Church Bizarre" track for an upcoming Nunslaughter tribute (long overdue) and Don liked our version better than their original track, I must confess that was a great honour indeed, coming from one of my all time fave bands. Recently I released a Nunslaughter/Victimizer split rehearsal tape on my label "Pentagram Warfare RecordsĒ and it turned out as a great release: DEATH IS METAL,METAL IS DEATH-NUNSLAUGHTER DEATH METAL!!!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!!!!!!!

Your demo layout is absolutely underground. Last time I saw same cover of Nuclear Winter - Abomination Virginborn demo (death metal band from Greece). You know this great old school death metal band??

Thank you for the compliment, to many bands today just release fancy gay CDR demos with multi colour cover. We just wanted a simple dirty hand made underground layout reeking of old Death/Black metal and I must say Iím very pleased with it- my wife Pernille did all the layout, cover, logo etc.- she is also a metalhead and really into morbid art. Unfortunately I never heard or saw the demo you mentioned.

On the same time you are a member of the dannish Thrash/Black Metal band Victimizer. Tell me all about this band!

Victimizer is my main priority and it has been around a bit more than 4 years we play a mix of old school Thrash/Speed/Black and Death metal with a bit of traditional metal influence as well. We have done 2 demos, a 7ĒEp and a split reh. tape with Nunslaughter- recently we signed a deal with Australian Apocalyptor records for 2 albums and thatís killer. I have kicked all members since they were either lazy and not dedicated or wimped out and lost interest in metal- hence I am the only original member left and the primus motor so to speak. Current line up is: J. Killheiler: Nuclear hellthroat, Mr Born To Loose: Demonic axe, Azter (Denial of God) Stormtrooping Bass and Atziluth: All Guns Blazing. This line up is the best ever as we are all very into the band and allthough we live in 4 different parts of the country we meet to rehearse once a month and are currently writing much great new material we will play live next month in Germany as well..

I have only your Unholy Banner Of War demo. How many releases have Victimizer? You know in Holland exist a band with the same name?? You are in contact with them?

Our releases are:
Skullfucked By Victimizer: Reh./demo 2000 3 trax
Unholy Banners Of War: demo 2001 5 trax
Communist Crusher: Gatefold 7ĒEp 2003 (Horror Records) 3 own trax + Alice Cooper cover
Revenge Of The Hellhorde: split reh. with Nunslaughter 2004 (Pentagram Warfare Records) 7 trax.
Our next release will be a The Unholy Banners... demo + 5 bonustrax on Lp (Apocalyptor Records).
Then a split Lp with Betrayed/Farscape and Eternal Pain (Deathstrike Rec)
Then I guess we will start working on our full length LP/CD (Apocalyptor Records)
Victimizer recorded "In The Graveyard " for the Nunslaughter tribute a while back and will soon record "Tormentor" for a W.A.S.P tribute (Valhalla Rec.) Yeah I head about that band, but I do not care, they play more standard and groove "death" metal from what I heard, we will keep the name and no we are not in contact.

My favourite Victimizer songs are Pentagram Warfare and Hell Revealed. Please tell me something about the lyrical concept of that songs and tell me something about the lyrics, and what was the inspiration when composed new songs, and who is the main songwriter of the band? What kind of concept does the demo include?

I like all our songs but great that these songs are your faves. I can tell you already now that we will re-record those for the debut LP for sure. The titles says all about the lyrics, they are quite primitive but still great and catchy for Victimizer my goal is to have lyrics in the vein of Venom, Bathory, Sarcofago etc. without ripping them of. All Victimizer lyrics are about satan, hell, demons, blasphemy, hate and nuclear warfare. We are inspired by the old days of metal but do not rip off riffs etc. like many retro bands do, generally I do not like Aura Noir and bands like that. Our main writers used to be the old guitarist C.Molestor and Dr. Rape but as they wimped out its now our new guitar player Mr. Born to loose, he makes really great flowing and powerful metal songs, I think Azter (bass) will also write some stuff in the future. All lyrics are done by me. The concept is demonic metal worship and basicly sex, drinks and metal, hard music for hard men...

Hell Revealed have a lot of Destruction influence, you are a great fan of 80's thrash metal legends like Kreator/Destruction/Sodom???

I like all kinds of music that gives me a great feeling, be it thrash, death, black, speed, heavy, doom, hard rock etc. I refuse to limit myself to only black and death when there is so much good stuff out there, but to answer you question- YES- we all love old violent metal like: Sodom, Kreator, Destruction, Hobbs Angel Of Death, first Slayer albums, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Sarcofago, Vulcano, Infernal Majesty, Mercyful Fate, Venom, Bathory, Rigor Mortis, Voivod, and millions more of corpse.

What can we know about the members of Victimizer, you have some strange nicknames like Dr.Rape, Snuff, C.Molestor, where come this names??

Letís just say that I was the only one in the old line up that could live up to his name, it was just crazy names since the goal has always been to play over the top violent metal music with and attitude. I have no contact with the old members anymore, Snuff is now playing funk as far as I heard = die and the other two turned their back on the metal underground and now only listen to pseudo intelligent gay music like Devin Townsend...

Tell me something about Communist Crusher, I really don't like this song!!

That songs show more of a heavy metal influence (I guess you are not into old heavy metal much??) (Yes I am into old heavy metal, but I donít like this song Ė Mirgilus) the lyrics are meant as a fucking fist in the face of the polished political correct scene of today, of course we were instantly branded as a nazi band, but Victimizer has and never will be a N.S. band, we are all about demonic violence. Of course we have our opinions on various political topics, but we would never use the band as a channel for this. Here in Scandinavia it is so trendy to be a neo communist (99% of these hippies hardly know what communism really was anyway) preaching that we should all get along and that a multi cultural (read black) society is utopia. (Man, I live in Romania, I know lot of ĄthingsĒ about communism!!! Ė Mirgilus) We meant to insult them, and so we did, the cover of our Ep shows a painting of Marx with a bullethole in his forehead. WE DO NOT WANT TO BE PUT IN THE SAME BOOTH AS TALENTLESS NS SO CALLED BLACK METAL BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you ever wonder where your riffs come from? I mean that many musicians claim there inspirations are precisely selected in their own heads, without any outside influences. Do you also believe that it is possible to make a totally own thing, even if you listen to other bands?

Hmm tough question, as I told you before, we never stole riffs from the old gods like so many others do, we have our own style, of course we are not doing anything new, but what we do, we do with style. Putting all kinds of shit instruments and dictionary lyrics to your shitty music might make a band original but a crap one as well. Fuck all the bands trying to be super creative just for the sake of appearing intellectual and acceptable. You will always be what you listen to in my opinion.

What is your opinion about the Dannish metal scene. I know only few metal bands from your country bands like Denial Of God (fucking rules!!), Panzerchrist, D.A.D. (ha-ha).

The Danish scene is right out the worst in the world, whatís considered underground here is standard death metal (read life metal), and the popular bands are neo bullshit like Mnemic (FUCK FUTURE METAL!!!) or Raunchy, these bands have nothing to do with metal or shitty bands like Hatesphere (NO YOU ARE NOT THRASH METALL!!!) I do not support these bands, the old danish metal scene was a pretty good one with bands as: Mercyful Fate (3 first releases = kings of evil), Witchcross, Battalion, Artillery, Disneyland After Dark, Mirage, Alien Force, Desexult (1st demo), Black Rose (King Diamonds first band) and a few others. Good bands here nowadays are only to be found in the underground and are a few besides Victimizer and Church Bizarre: Denial of God (black horror metal), Nortt (black funeral doom), Feikn (evil bewitching metal), Strychnos (demo + 7Ē Ep - black/death with horror touches), Forlis (horror ambient/minimal rock), Opus Obscurium (horror soundtrack inspired insanity), Blackhorned and a few more. I donít like Panzerchrist- to standard and boring for my taste and I only liked D.A.D. when they where known as Disneyland After Dark, after their 3-4 first LPís they switched to boring and homosexual radio rock.

Tell me something about live performances! How often you practice?

Do to fucking constant line up problems and incompetence by former members we have only played live once and that was with Victimizer at our metal friend Karstens 40th birthday: a holocaust of booze, drugs and wild metalheads. The new line up of Victimizer meets for 3 day rehearsals once a month and we will play live this year, currently we are planning some gigs. Church Bizarre has never played live and it is not likely that we ever will since we are only 2 full members and havenít rehearsed for 7 months or so by now. We will see how it will work out with our new drummer (who as before mentioned is a swedish) and if we find a bass player we might play a few selected gigs.

What do you do in personal life beside Church Bizarre/Victimizer? What about classical motto of rock music: drugs, sex and rock' n' roll?

My life is basicly metal, besides the bands I have recently started a small label/ distro named Pentagram Warfare Records and the first release just came out (the before mentioned Victimizer/Nunslaughter split reh. tape lim to 150 copies) and also a few more releases are planned for this year like Opus Obscurium MCD and Kill (swe) 7Ē Ep. I live in a cabin by the sea with my wife and 2 cats and collect records, demos and horror stuff. I used to work in the school system, but was sick of it after 5 years, so now I attend a crap work applying course to get union money as there are no good jobs to get here right now. During the weekend we usually drink lots of booze and listen to metal with the few cool people around here. I also like to travel and plan on going to Australia this winter to visit Jarro of Apocalyptor Records. Sex, drinks and metal is not only a great song by Sarcofago, but also my life code basicly. Drugs I pretty much have taken a break from (I used to do the really hard stuff like smoking heroin 4-5 years ago) sometimes I smoke a joint and snort a few lines of speed and coke but thatís it.

I know the Dannish peoples are very hard drinkers. What is your favourite drink, book and movie? And of course your all time favourite albums!

Everyone of my friends are hard boozers, although I only drink on the weekends since there is so much stuff to do for me these days. Fave booze is vodka or whiskey in straight shots I like quality beer as well. Fave Book must be White Line Fever by Lemmy or some of the many serial killer books I have read. As for movies, all the ones I mentioned in an earlier question as well as Cobra, Jaws, The Shining, Mad Max, Passion Of The Christ, The Sixth Sense and tons more. A list of favourite LPs is impossible to mention but here are a few of them (in no particular order):
Black Sabbath: S/T + Sabbath Bloody Sabbath + Vol 4 (my fave band of all time)
Slayer: Show No Mercy + Haunting The Chapel
Mercyful Fate: first 3 releases
King Diamond: Abigail
Sarcofago: I.N.R.I.
Alice Cooper: Killer + Welcome To My Nightmare + Raise Your Fist And Yell
Mayhem: De mysteriis dom sathanas
Sodom: In The Sign Of Evil + Persecution Mania
Funeral Mist: Devilry MLP + Salvation
Watain: Casus Luciferi
Rigor Mortis: S/T
Hobbs Angel Of Death: S/T
Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales + Emperors Return MLP
Exciter: Unveiling The Wicked
Morbid Angel: Altars Of Madness
Infernal Majesty: None Shall Defy
Misfits: Static Age
Disneyland After Dark: No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
Nunslaughter: all releases
Nifelheim: Devils Force + Servants Of Darkness
Judas Priest: Painkiller
Iron Maiden: S/T + Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Pentagram (US): First Daze Here
Sabbat (Jap): Envenom
Venom: Black Metal
Bathory: The Return + Blood On Ice
Darkthrone: A Blaze In The Northern Sky
VON: Satanic Blood Angel
Death SS: In Death Of Steve Sylvester and hundreds more, these were just a few faves from my collection.

Do you know Hungarian metal bands (I'm a Hungarian!) or Romanian metal bands, zines, record labels?

I do not have a profound knowledge of you scene, but I am sure I have come across some stuff, canít really remember anything besides the godly Tormentor, some of the most evil demos ever made in my opinion. Feel free to recommend some quality acts + mags my friend.

I know you are a great comrade with the guys from Denial Of God. When appear some new release of this great band? and what is the situation with the Tornado Magazine one of my personal favourite zine???

Yes the DOG guys are some of my best friends and we support each others stuff 100% Azter (guitar) is also playing bass in Victimizer right now. Regarding their new release, time will tell, but I have heard some of their new songs and I can tell you that it will be a real masterpiece of black horror metal. These days they have a problem with rehearsal rooms etc, hopefully they will start rehearsing again soon. The new issue of Tornado should be out in a month or two, featuring interviews with: Watain, Blasphemy, Victimizer, Mirage among other things. It would have been out ages ago, but his computer crashed and deleted a lot of his reviews etc. I agree that it is a damn great mag, full of metal spirit and pride and also has some fucking hilarious angry reviews. DEATH TO POSERS!!!

Tell me something about the Watain - Casus Luciferi tape release, do you like it? ha-ha. Fuck the postal jews (you know what I mean ha-ha!!!)

OH yeah ha ha, thatís when we first got in contact, I ordered this tape to have the release in all formats (LP,CD, tape) but the cash got lost in the mail not once, not twice but thrice fuck the zion postal system and all their jewish workers: BURN IN HELL + BREATHE ZYKLON B!!!! apart from that itís a great release, one of the best black metal release since De mysteriis dom sathanas (along with the Funeral Mist and Ondskapt releases). I love the tape format itís underrated these days of stupid cdr/mp3 worship. At least we got in contact because of this postal fuck up...

OK Jens, that's all for the moment, thank you for your time, I wish to you strength and health, and have a nice summer! Your last words and your future plan:

Thanx for this mega interview my friend, your die hard support is really appreciated, readers get in touch regarding my bands/label/distro at:
Fjordbyen 44
9000 Aalborg
Future plans are many Victimizer releases/gigs, recording of new Church Bizarre material and to release some great and powerful stuff on my label. Humanity is pathetic- pray for cleansing by nuclear flames..... J.Killheiler


by Mirgilus