Uncelestial/Uncreation’s Dawn

History of the band started in 1999 when Diabolik together with Sadisst created the first demo tape of filthy and barbaric Black Metal. Band was known as Uncreation’s Dawn until 2008 when the band changed its name into Uncelestial. The releases that were vomited upon the earth under the name of Uncreation’s Dawn were:
- Night of the Damnation Demo, 1999
- Stormtroopers Of Antichrist, Demo 2001
- Deathmarch over God's Kingdom MCD/MLP 2003
- Baptism/Uncreation's Dawn Split split 7" EP 2004
- Uncelestial 7" EP 2004
- Lightning Hammer Falls CD/LP 2004
- Death's Tyranny CD/LP 2006
Now the band has recorded its first release under the name Uncelestial and the 4 track (with almost 30 minutes of playing time) mini album will be released at some point of 2008.

Let we start this interview some recent news about your band. I read on metal-archives that you changed the bands name from Uncreation’s Dawn to Uncelestial in January 2008. Is this true? Why was this name change necessary? I think your previous name was very original.

This is true. The name change was something that was influenced by different circumstances. There happened a process of inner and outer change concerning the band. The way I see it, “Lighting Hammer Falls” was our most extrovert and exoteric work , musickally and lyricwise but with “Death’s Tyranny” the path started to move towards another spheres. As every one of our releases, “Death’s Tyranny” was a manifestation of happenings, energies and feelings both inside and outside of ourselves. Inner concentration and will of course being the vehicle that played it’s part how all the mentioned and other elements were shaped finally resulting as this mentioned album. There were strong feelings of hopelessness, death, degeneration, inner and outer destruction – all this resulting to the path of transformation we feel that came at the moment Uncreation’s Dawn as it was previously known burnt away. Uncelestial rose from the ashes and I see this as a purification and birth of a new era. The true essence of our cult is now stronger than ever – we operate isolated in shadows now and there is not ANY feeling of a “normal band” just “playing music” for people, we concentrate totally to the essence beyond all social and scene bullshit and other non-essential dross. I don’t (anymore) care whether Uncreation’s Dawn as name was original or not – actually I don’t care to think much of anything that happened under the name Uncreation’s Dawn anymore and I’m not saying that I do not stand behind the past releases or that I dislike them, I just mean that it’s a path that we walked to the end. Uncelestial is a name that rather came to us. Yes, indeed it in a superficial level is a reference also to the Ep we did with UD that carried the same title. As a name I think it’s carries powerful symbolism, if I should give you a clue of my view think of it not as celestial, ANTI-celestial but really observe the word UNCELESTIAL with your mind.

I think one could see the name Uncreation’s Dawn as an occult metaphor. What do you think about this kind of symbolism, would you encourage such interpretations? Do your lyrics have different levels of meanings, or are they more simply understood?

Instead of speculating the name UD, I would rather speak of the name Uncelestial and it’s meaning – which I actually happened to already to do in the previous answer. Still, I think the same symbolism as was in the name UD is still contained in the new name. Concerning the lyrics and their different level of meanings or lack of – it’s all case sensitive.

What is the bands current line up? What’s happened with Hellwind Inferior & Stormheit?

Stormheit is not a band member anymore, but he for example helped us a lot with the recordings of debut MCD. So Hails to you comrade! What happened with Hellwind is that I have no contact him with anymore nor will I ever have anymore. And to make it clear, this is all I have interest or need to say about the subject.

I read only one UD interview in Horrible Eyes magazine after the “Deathmarch over God's Kingdom” release. Did you have other UD interview available? Are you not interested to answering for interview questions?

I have done some interviews, not for sure many but between something like over 10. I try to answer all the interviews I get, as long as they make some sense. I just don’t get them that often. It’s not a problem for me. If I would answer like 10 interviews a month I would probably end up frustrated as fuck with them anyway. We have also done a couple inties in “big” magazines, like Terrorizer, Metal Maniacs and Miasma (Finnish mainstream metal magazine) and some Australian magazine (don’t remember the name right now).

Before the born of UD, have you played in other projects?

None worth mentioning.

The song “Wolfage war command” begins with a well known Slayer riff. Is this occasional or something subconsciously?

I don’t recall a Slayer riff which would remind the riff you speak of. However, I have noticed some similarity with the opening riff of the “Death’s Tyranny” albums title song and some riff in Slayer’s “Show No Mercy” album. It’s Sadisst who wrote the song so I can’t really answer, but as far as I know – he has mostly listened to “Reign In Blood” from Slayer and is not very familiar with their debut album. It may be it was subconsciously or just a “coincidence” but does it really matter?

Your guitar themes & style are amazing on the last album, especially in Strangulation song which had a lots of flamenco feeling (like Paco de Lucia or Al Di Meola). Your comment:

Again, Sadisst would be the right person to ask about this but he is not really interested in answering interviews. However, he is very musical person – he has studied music theory, classical music, sung in opera choir and some other things. Also he is pretty crazy. He has listened to really wide range of music during the years so there might be influences you mentioned or something similar. He has told that nowadays he does not really actively practice guitar playing technique at all anymore and when he grabs the guitar and starts to compose material he becomes in a possessed or trance like state and it is not healthy to be in such states for long periods of time.

And what about with piano interludes? Are you planning to add some great piano interludes for the new album like on the “Death’s Tyranny”?

Yes, there will be actually a piano track in the same vein on the MCD. There will be more of them in the future also probably.

Do you see essential changes in the short history of black metal ideology? In it’s own circles, or in society’s views concerning it? If there are changes, are they for good or bad?

This one is a question that one could easily write a book or two about. I have been around only from middle 90’s so from the beginning of BM-scene I don’t have any subjective experience. But it seems there was much more honesty, much less pretendious attitudes, played toughness, pseudo-elitism and stupid social point games in the beginning. Nowadays everyone has the need to start his own project/band whatever and to clue some “ideology” into that crap in order to gather credibility points. The “scene” is divided into thousand sub-categories like suicidal, religious, NS, anti-human, anti-whatever and whatever the fuck black metal and seems that some people try to be all those things simultaneously. And it also seems that some people are learning their “philosophies”, “religions”, “ideologies” and such from band interviews – I mean what the fuck really? Not that I really spend my days thinking what other people are doing or not – it’s just that all this fucking try hard mentality seems to be present almost everywhere and thus I have somewhat detached from any “scene” if there is such thing anyway. And I am not saying this to sound arrogant, I support and listen to many other bands and draw personal inspiration from their work and I am in contact with some people here and then. However, on the other hand – there appear bands whose dedication to their cause combined with honesty makes them in many levels more serious than probably any pioneers of BM. I also wish (just in case) to make it clear that I am NOT saying that BM should only be about music with some silly lyrics about satan. NO. The point is that not EVERYONE needs to be some fucking philosopher and great idealist to perform BM – some should just shut up and let their inner dedication and feelings speak for themselves in the praise of darkness instead of trying too hard to convince how damn “ideological” and “dedicated” they are. Everyone can have some “extreme” opinions about killing all humans and shitting on planet earth and have fantasies of being part of some underground terrorist horde – however those things do not demand anything and do not make anyone special in anyway. Except maybe alienated from reality. Black Metal and occult, mysticism and philosophies of the strong definitely go hand in hand but difference should still be made between those things – they are not the same thing. Black Metal is a cult that is formed around MUSICK – yet, depending of one wishes to see it, the music(k) itself can be secondary thing.

Do you think that there is one true way to understand black metal ideology, or are there several different truths concerning it? What are the typical wrong ideas of it (in the midst of its supposed followers)?

I don’t think there is not one true way to understand black metal ideology, why should I? Because Euronymous told so in some interviews over 15 years ago? He was just a single human being. Black Metal is more than a single human being.

You do ideological work in the form of your art. Have you some other ways? Or do you think that such ideological work is of no importance? Then, what are the motivations behind your music and it’s publishing?

I try to strengthen myself physically and mentally on daily basis, following the torch of Lucifer. Self-overcoming. Change yourself first, then the world. I don’t think about motivations about making the musick and it’s publishing, currently I feel it’s a duty.

What part of your own ideology does the suffering have? Or death? What is their meaning for you, or in your world-view?

Suffering can break or make stronger. Or both. Death is transformation. Both are fascinating and vast concepts. Their influence in my world view is that modern western society tries to cut away them away from reality. Yet at the same time is the major source of them in today’s world.

Does Satan exist? If he/it/she does, in what form? Or this is only a symbol for something feared or not understood?

Both. Satan, then again is just the name. The name is the symbol. What is beyond the symbol is something that cannot be named. THE primal dark force and it’s countless manifestations and faces.

What are the things that most inspire or stimulate your music? Would conflict or disharmony with society or surrounding do that?

Currently it’s mostly my inner landscapes of my soul. Almost anything can inspire and stimulate, physical, mental and somewhat spiritual experiences – both “positive” and “negative”.

Do you feel any sympathy for any non-christian religion, or other world-view that has some spiritual element in it? Or, do you think that materialism is an important value in black metal ideology?

I am interested in religions generally. Even those which I don’t feel sympathy towards, which is probably majority of religions that are still alive. I feel sympathy for the strive for spiritual path of inner strength, no matter what the symbols or aesthetics. Satanic/Luciferian, pre-christian European religions and cults, some far-eastern religions and esoteric systems – I find those the most interesting.

LaVey, Crowley, Nietzsche and Evola are some most influential or most quoted personalities amongst the black metal people. What do you think of these names? Do you respect – or oppose – their world-views or work?

Satanic Bible was the first satanic text I read as a teenager since I heard that this is what is Satanism. Thinking of it now, my honest inner reaction was that “is this bullshit really all there is to it?” - but as it is natural for teenagers I felt the need to “belong” and for a short time half-heartedly categorized myself as a Satanist in the LaVeyan sense of meaning. But, LaVey is really totally boring shit and does not interest me at all in anyway. Just some pseudo-intellectual bum and a poor showman. It’s a perfect example of american business – you manage to sell shit in a bag if you manage to make a fancy enough marketing. It’s all just some pathetic and sorry ass egoistic worship and dull hedonism and the poor man did not even have anything sensible to say about these subjects. Any good points he made were either stolen from “Might Is Right” or said thousand times before – in better way. Julius Evola is one of the most interesting esoterists and writers ever; Crowley I am looking forward to take a closer look and Nietzsche is definitely worth reading for about everyone I guess.

What are the motivations of black metal lyrics and music, do they inspire for good or for wrong?

Sorry, can’t really answer that.

What is good and what is evil? Are these relevant terms? Can they be used in any really correct meaning or context?

They are words invented by human beings. To describe the nature of events as they influence one’s particular existence. Another one’s evil is another one’s good and so on. They are totally relative, yet to some point necessary concepts for most people.

Are the black metal values eternal, or bound some cultural stage of development or decay? Will the black metal change it’s form or ideology over the years, what would you think?

Nothing is eternal I believe. Black Metal is a manifestation of and response to certain things in certain age. The change of forms I think is already happened, depending how one wishes to see it – it can be degeneration or evolution and again it’s case sensitive.

How much does the art made by others mean to you?

I guess it means pretty much for me since I enjoy to listen music made by others, watch movies made by others, read books made by others, look visual art made by others and occasionally even play video games made by others, haha. Art is a strong source of inspiration for me, yet sometimes also a way to relax. It has many uses really. Actually enjoying art just for it’s own sake is not always a bad idea either.

What does the making of black metal music demand? Who can and who can’t make true black metal?

It means certain dedication and faithfulness to the cult of Black Metal and the essence beyond it. Hard to put in words. An intuitive thing really if you ask me. If you are not drawn by any forms of darkness I don’t think you can make BM.

Tell me about your other band, Famulus ab Satanas. How do you feel it differs from Uncreation’s Dawn? Do you feel more strongly about one band or the other? Why?

Sorry, but I don’t have anything to do with this band and apparently neither Sadisst so I kindly ask you just to leave this question/answer out, ok?

What do you think about NSBM and the black metal used as a nazi propaganda? Do you think that black metal can talk about politics? What do you think about, that every politically incorrect band came from the right wing politics. I never heard of a left wing/communist black metal band.

NSBM is to some point interesting. My opinions I have earlier told about BM pretty much apply to this phenomenon as well. Extreme-leftist youth are more drawn to punk/hc scene I guess. Yet if one worships genocide, murder, torture, war and spitting on human rights I wouldn’t see a reason why one couldn’t start a Stalin or Mao hailing communist BM band. I am pretty sure we will see this happening sooner or later.

Of all your releases, what are your favorites? Do you want to criticize some of the earlier ones now in retrospect?

Sorry, but I am tired of thinking our old releases. All of them have something special strengths and weaknesses I think. Favourite of them all is the forthcoming Uncelestial mini-album “Born With Lucifer’s Mark”. Probably out through Northern Heritage when you read this!

What’s life like in Tampere?

I have actually lived in my birth town Pori for last 3 years. Nothing too special about either city, Tampere was noticeably bigger though. Both have their good and bad attributes.

Do you believe that internet is positive to spread your art & views or do you stand against? Why? What is your standpoint about file sharing programs, mp3 files sharing and so-called internet-labels, where you can download the labels actual release for free?

Coin has 2 sides... Internet is good because it makes some things easy. Internet is also shit because it makes some things too easy.

How do you describe yourself ideologically and more personally? How do you live your convictions in your everyday life? Do you affirm them openly or do you prefer working in the shadows, so to speak?

I think I have told about my ideological side already in previous answers. Eternal strife! Personally, I am quite down to earth guy, rational yet at times impulsive. Quite much of a loner. I do not really have anything to hide, but I am not some pathetic attention whore who goes to bar with corpsepaint on. I can wear just normal clothes or I can wear a shitty Beherit t-shirt and leatherjacket with buttons and patches. I don’t have anything to prove for anybody. My views etc. I can speak with people if I think a sensible conversation can occur, I do not for example try to start discussions of black metal or satanism with my mother or some random guy in school/work/training gym whatever.

Your last album came out on CD and LP as well. Do you planning to release this great album on tape?

It has been planned, but I am not sure when/if it will happen. I at least hope that it will at some point.

Future plans & last comments?

Work on new material! Hail Lucifer – the bearer of the torch of heresy, strife and wisdom! Thanks for the great interview and support Mirgilus!

Contact: www.myspace.com/uncelestial666

by Mirgilus