Hails Sytry! Please tell me in a few words the story of your band. When was it formed, by whom and why.

Well, the band was formed on September 2004 thanks to Lord Sereg (guitar) and Lord Mørke (voice), who were already friends. They wanted to begin a BM project because their minds and ideals were similar. They began composing first material, and in the meanwhile they were searching for someone playing the drums and the bass. During the spring of 2005, Lord Blastphemer joined the band as drummer. All the songs were ready to record the first demo, and Lord Sereg had to play also the bass in it. But fortunately in December 2005 Urizen (bass) was enlisted in Sytry and so the band was complete and ready to kill...

You released only one demo, which sounds too good for a demo I think. Where did you record it?

We recorded the demo in June 2006 in a professional studio (Studio ZEM in Bolzano, Italy) because we were searching for a compromise between old school BM and a “good” sound.

The pseudonym of your guitarist is Lord Sereg. Do you know that sereg in Hungarian means troop? What do you know about the history of Hungary?

No, we didn’t know it. The guitarist chose his moniker “Sereg” because it means “blood” in elves’ language in LOTR.

Besides Darkthrone which bands do influence you?

We don’t like to say “influence”, we only have favourite bands, and generally old school BM and other extreme kinds of music.

What`s your relationship with the Italian BM underground? Are you in contact with any of Italy’s great BM bands: Void of Silence, Aborym or the mighty Forgotten Tomb?

We like and respect the Italian BM underground, but unfortunately we don’t know any person of those bands. We are in contact with bands from our region (Trentino Alto-Adige), specially with Near, Lorn, Beatrik, Chelmno and others.

Who is the songwriter in the band? Who writes the music? I see that the lyrics are in English. Newer thought of writing Italian lyrics?

The lyrics are all written by Lord Mørke and all the music is composed by Lord Sereg. We like to write our songs in English so that everybody can understand them.

You all handle your instruments well. It’s obvious that you didn’t start playing yesterday. Are you members of other bands or did you play in any band before Sytry?

Lord Blastphemer and Urizen also play in an pornogrind band, called Parafhilia. Now Lord Blastphemer also plays in Lorn. Urizen plays in a BM one-man-band, too, called E:O:N:. Lord Mørke and Ithil Morwen (the session player in Sytry) once had a dark ambient project called Apzu, but they released nothing.

What does the band name Sytry mean? What does it represent?

Sytry is the name of a demon, usually known as Bitru. He’s the lord of Dances in the woods, the lord of orgies and lust, the lord of nocturnal wilderness and sex.

I saw some photos of the band and I see that all of you ware corpse paint. Do you feel it necessary to ware corpse paint? What does it represent for you?

We think that it’s necessary to wear corpse paints because our real faces are much more worse!!! (Urizen says: “We are grim! Aaargh!”)

What does True Black Metal Mean to you?

Black Metal is a particular emotion, a feeling of darkness and death, a walk in the woods during the night. Black Metal is a way of living, not only of playing. In the 90’s many bands had these characteristics. We only want to make them live in the present.

In your opinion which European country has the best black metal underground? Could you explain me why?

Years ago the best BM underground was in Norway. Nowadays in every country are growing lots of good BM bands, it’s hard to say who’s better.

You didn’t sign with any label yet? Why? Didn’t receive a good offer, or simply don’t want to?

We don’t have any label because we’ve just recorded our first demo. We’re searching for a good label promoting us.

What’s more important to you, to play for yourselves or to play for the audience?

We play because we like it, we mostly play for ourselves. But of course we are pleased if someone likes and respects our war-work.

What do you think about those “BM” bands which make lots of money playing music for the masses which has nothing to do with the true BM?

They’re shit.

Did you ever perform a live appearance? Do you want to perform gigs? Do you feel ready for a gig?

We surely would like to perform a gig, and we’re ready for it, but this is not our only target.

Have you planned an album? Or you want to release some demos or EP`s first?

Yes, recording an album is our target. Everything depends on offers by labels. If we find one, we’ll surely record an album.

Thank you for the answers, hope you will continue with the same enthusiasm and I hope that people will listen your music. If you want to add something do it now.

Support Sytry and Italian Black Metal!!!


by Woodlum666