Suicidal Winds

Hell-o Guys! I’m Leslie from Hungary. How are you? What did you do before you answered my questions? Everything in all right with you?

Hello Leslie! Everything is allright at the moment. I masturbated my gigantic dick to erection and listened to great metal music with a beer in my hand.

Let we start this chat with a sad event. Thomas “Quorthon” Forsberg has unfortunately died and I think so, this is a heavy loss for the metal scene. What did you feel, when you have heard, that he has died?

It came as a shock to me when I heard about Quorthon’s death. I think it’s a big loss for the Swedish metal scene. One of the most influential musicians ever from my country is dead and buried, but never forgotten. His music is fucking immortal. His soul lives on. Hail Quorthon!

Which BATHORY albums are your favourite ones? In my opinion, he has had a very important effect on the underground scene, hadn’t he?

Hard question. I like the six first albums a lot, but I probably like the “Bathory” album best. It has a cool Rock n’ Roll feeling which I like a lot. Also “The return” is fantastic with it’s cold and evil black metal sound. “Under the sign” is a fucking masterpiece too! Yeah BATHORY was an enormously important act within the underground scene. He created the black metal sound that many bands use today, and also the Viking style on the “Hammerheart” album.

Because this is your first interview for an Hungarian fanzine, introduce us please into the history of SUICIDAL WINDS. Which bands have had an effect on you? When, how, by whom was the band established?

We got our band name in 1992 when our old band KRISTOS MORTIS split up. In 1994 we recorded our first reh/demo “The road to ….” as a duo. Our influences back then were HELLHAMMER, NUNSLAUGHTER, TREBLINKA, BATHORY, BEHERIT and so on. Primitive and chaotic music because we were very bad musicians at the time. The band was created by me; Mathias (vocals) and Peter (guitar). We were quite old if you compare to many other bands, but we created the band because we loved brutal and evil Satanic music and wanted to create the perfect band on earth.

Did you play earlier in other bands too? Do you know each other long since? To what does refer respectively what does mean the name of the band?

Yes, me and Peter played in KRISTOS MORTIS in 1992, and have known each other since 1982 or something like that. We have been friends since we were little kids and have grown up with metal music since we met. We took the band name SUICIDAL WINDS from a CELTIC FROST track on the “Emperor’s return” MLP. An old favourite act of ours. And the name was very suitable with our mental health at the moment, so it fitted us perfectly. May the winds take us. FUCK LIFE!

At the beginnig of your career you have had a lot of member changes? When did become your line up complete? Was it hard to find the suitable members?

Our first line-up was me on vocals/drums and Peter on guitar. In 1995 we got ourselves a bass player called Andreas Ström, I think he may have played in some shitty bands before this. In 1996 we got a drummer called Martin Hogebrandt who came from a band called MINDBLASTER. They still exist. After that we shifted instruments and I started to sing and play bass and Andreas began to play second guitar. We had this line-up from 1997-2001, then Martin and Andreas quit and began to play in a shitty thrash band. We changed the line-up to what we have today. We got Fredrik Andersson on bass from AXIS POWERS, Emil Johansson on lead guitar from ILL NATURED and Thomas Hedgren on drums. He came from PSYCHOMANTUM. The first two mentioned bands are still releasing stuff. No it was no problem to find suitable members we had good luck on that, he he…

Tell us please about your early rehearsals and demos! How many demos did you record? Could you speak detailed about them?

Ok, our first reh/demo was called “The road to ….”. It contains six tracks, although the cover says it’s four. We had four tracks that we rehearsed but they were untight as fuck. So one rehearsal we just improvised while we were recording, just like BESTIAL SUMMONING, and we thought the result was better than the original tracks so we put them on the demo instead. But we didn’t change titles on the cover! Professional, ha ha… Our second reh/demo was recorded in early 1996 and contains eight songs. Six own and two HELLHAMMER covers. You could say our own tracks were in that style too. Our next demo was recorded on a 4 channel portal studio and was called “Aggression”. There are five tracks on the demo. One of them is a SEPULTURA cover (Antichrist). Our next tape “Definitely war” was recorded in late 1997 and contains five tracks. It was recorded in a professional studio for the first time.

How were done/how is done the SUICIDAL WINDS songs?

We usually write the songs at home and then we take them to rehearsals and try them out.

You have taken part on several compilations, for example “Sometimes death is better”, “From the underground…”, “No colours compilation vol. 2.”. Did the songs draw the attention to the band?

Yeah, I guess it has drawn some attention to the band, because this compilation was released before our debut album. The tracks on the compilations are taken from our last demo.

In your opinion, is it important to release such compilations? Is it a good opportunity to present the band to the fans?

I don’t think so. Demos are much more important. But I guess we got some new fans because of it.

Your first album “Winds of death” has in 1999 released. Tell us please everything about the songs, lyrics, sound, cover – in a word about the whole production! Do you still remember about, in what kind of reception was the album by the fans and by the underground press participated?

The songs on that album was mainly old demo songs. Six of them to be precise, and five new tracks. The songs on this album are quite straight on and aggressive. The lyrics deal with violence, hate, perversions and Devil worship but in a fucking primitive way. I’m not pleased with the lyrics on that album because we used fucking child English in them. We never printed them on the album. The cover was done by a guy called Robert Jonasson and we are very pleased with his work on it. I think the painting has a very sad feeling and you can really feel the winds on it. I think it took seven days to record it and the result is OK although I think the rhythm guitar is fucking too low on this album and the overall sound is not loud enough. The album got good reviews from the underground press.

It was followed in 2000 by a split EP which was released together with BESTIAL MOCKERY. Which songs were on this material? What could you say about this release?

The songs on this split 7” were “Joyful dying”, “Suicidal death”; are recorded song from our “Aggression” demo, and “Supposed to rot”; a cover of the legendary band NIHILIST. I like the release a lot and I think it has a very raw sound. It was only pressed in 300 copies and sold out in two weeks or something.

“Victims in blood” came out in 2001. In my opinion, you have developed compared to the first album, the second record became more brutal and aggressive than the first one. Do you agree with me? What could you say about this album?

Yeah, we didn’t repeat the mistakes we did on “Winds of death”. The sound on “Victims in blood” is a lot louder and it was professionally mastered. I think the first album is just as raw as the second though. It’s the weak sound that differs. I like some tracks on the album very much! “Morbid temptation” and “The mangler” is fucking great songs and I think the whole album is fucking aggressive! But I still like “Winds of death” better I think.

How would you characterize the music of SUICIDAL WINDS? I would say, you are playing thrash/black metal. What do you think about it?

I would say Thrash/Black with some Death influences. We try to mix it into something of our own and I think we have succeeded with that

On the second album can be the influence of bands like DESTRUCTION, SEPULTURA, POSSESSED and KREATOR listen to. This album is an old school thrash one and I like it very much.

The bands you named are very good ones and big influences together with thousands of others like BATHORY, PENTAGRAM (chilie), MUTILATOR, NECRODEATH, SODOM, EXUMER, VIOLENT FORCE, SLAYER, METALLICA (old), NECRONOMICON, MEFISTO, NIHILIST, TREBLINKA, DISMEMBER, GRAVE, GROTESQUE, Ok I could continue forever. I think we have some old school in our music but I still think we have a sound of our own.

Your albums were released on vinyl too. Why were bonustracks on the LP-s? Which ones were these?

All the albums are released on vinyl. The “Winds of death” album is the only one with bonus tracks on it. One of them was “Evil dreams”, a song from our “Massacre” demo, the other one is a cover of “Master” originally recorded by the band MASTER.

As far as the vinyls, are you fans respectively collectors of vinyls? Do you prefer vinyls or CD-s? Are they LP versions still obtainable?

I definitely prefer vinyls compared to CDs. I have grown up with them and yes I collect them. I got about 1700 LPs and maybe 200-300 7”EPs. The collection is just growing. CDs can also be great some times, so I don’t have anything against this format. The sound of a vinyl record is just a thousand times better! I think you could still get “Victims in blood” and “Crush us with fire” LPs if you contact No Colours Records.

In the last year you have released an five tracks EP and this material have contained a GROTESQUE cover. What have we to know about this material? In my opinion this EP is rather death metal than black/thrash, do you agree with me?

No. I don’t think it’s more death metal than the other releases but we have the new line-up on this MLP. A much faster drummer and a much better lead guitarist, so I agree the sound has changed a bit. The MLP was like a test recording with the new line-up. It did work out very well and we are very pleased. It’s the most aggressive release until now.

As far as the GROTESQUE cover, why did you choose this song? Was it a tribute to one of the gods of the death metal?

We actually played this song live at our first gig in 1998. It was in the GROTESQUE hometown of Gothenburg. Some years later we picked up the song again and recorded it. We are all huge fans of GROTESQUE. They were a very important band in the Swedish scene and is the only good band ever coming from Gothenburg.

What do you think about the Swedish death metal scene of the late ‘80-s/early ‘90-s? I think so, there were awesome groups back then…

I become nostalgic when I think back at those times. It was a great period in my life. Hundreds of good demos came out between 1988-1991 and the best ones are as you say from Sweden. I think all readers should check out the following: GROTESQUE, NIHILIST, GRAVE, DISMEMBER, TREBLINKA, EXPULSION, SORCERY, ABHOTH, TOXAEMIA, CARNAGE, UNLEASHED, CREMATORY, HETSHEADS, GOD MACABRE, NIRVANA 2002, EVOCATION and many more. Their demos are awesome! I think we have the best fucking bands in the world.

Both the albums and the EP were attend to the German No Colours Records. Why and when did you leave them? Were you maybe dissatisfied with them?

Our contract had ended so we were in need of a new label. We were not satisfied with the promotion side of No Colours. I think we could have been a lot more successful if they had promoted us better. The good think with the label was that he always released the albums in time! We were not dissatisfied with them but we had to move on.

You have contracted the Polish Agonia Records. How did you get in touch with Filip? Do you know respectively did you listen to the releases of the label? I think so, Filip is a real supporter of the underground scene.

Master Motorsag of BESTIAL MOCKERY told us that Filip was interested in us when he heard that we were out of contract. We had heard he was a good guy that did a lot of promotion for his bands. That was the most important thing of all. I haven’t heard much of his releases but I guess he have some good bands on the label.

Shortly will be your newest record released. What could you say about the new songs and lyrics? Could you mention some tracktitles?

The new album is called “Wrath of God” and it contains 11 songs as usual. A couple of titles are “Devil’s heir”, Virgin stabber”, “In death’s domain”, “The road to Hell”. The lyrics are about pure Devil worship! The lyrics are mostly very deep and personal and a lot better than the old ones. We praise the Lord of darkness and hail his name.

Are there similarities and differencies between the new album and “Victims in blood”?

There’s a lot of difference between “Victims in blood” and “Wrath of God”. Like I told you before, we have a new line-up and the musical skills are a lot better! You could say the style of the music is basically the same but much better played than before. The new record is more faster and hateful if you compare to “Victims in blood”.

Where was the album recorded, mixed and mastered? Are you satisfied with the sound, with the end result?

It was recorded in Musikhuset/Fullmoon studio as usual, since we know the producer Robert Bengtsson and all live nearby. It was mixed and mastered there too. We are very satisfied with the sound. It is very aggressive and the end result turned out really good I think.

Will you go on tour? Tell us please about the SUICIDAL WINDS shows! How must we imagine a gig? With which bands did you play or were you on tour?

I really hope we will do some touring in the future. We really love to play live. We’ve only toured once in Holland and Germany with BESTIAL MOCKERY. That tour was truly insane. We have done a lot of single gigs with bands like MASTEMA, GRIEF OF EMERALD, OBLIGATORISK TORTYR, INHUME, SVARTSYN, THE DARKSEND, TAETRE, UNPURE, URN, HORNA, DESTROYER 666, SWORDMASTER, SACRAMENTUM, KILL etc.

One of your shows were released on tape, but unfortunately I have still never listened to it. When and where was the show recorded? Does the tape have a good sound quality? Didn’t you think about to release this gig on CD?

Yeah, Max (RIP) of Impaler of Trendies asked us if we had any gig on tape that he could release and of course we said yes. The tape is recorded 1994 in Strömstad – Sweden and the sound is quite good. Not perfect but it’s fucking raw and that’s what counts! We will not release this gig on CD. I really hope we can do a live CD sometime but then it must be better recorded. On the Strömstad gig we only played songs from our “Winds of death” album but if we do a live album we want to include songs from all of our releases. That’s very important I think.

How would you sum up the Swedish underground scene of nowadays? Which bands are your favourite ones? In your opinion, what’s the reason of that the Swedish scene was/is always strong, you have awesome, talented bands. I think so, I don’t have to list them.

The underground scene in Sweden is OK. Most bands got record deals so the demo scene is not that big. We do have some good underground bands like: HOLOCAUSTIA, MATRICIDE, AXIS POWERS, ILL NATURED, SADISTIC GRIMNESS, BESTIAL MOCKERY, KILL, REPUGNANT, FACE OF EVIL and more. We have a very strong metal tradition in our country. Almost everybody has grown up with heavy metal and then thrash and death metal. We have been into this music since the beginning and know how metal should sound! Not like in Norway were people start to listen to black metal and has never been into early hard rock or metal at all. That’s why all Norwegian bands play fucking pop music today. So the answer is in Sweden we have metal in our blood!

Tell us please still about your future plans! What are your goals with the band?

Our future plans for the moment is to make songs for a new album. We already have some tracks ready and I think they sound a bit like the old albums, a step backwards, haha! We also hope to do some tours and gigs.

So guys, I think, this is the end of our interview. I wish you all the best and good luck. What do you want to say for fans and readers?

I want you all to buy our new record called “Wrath of God” because it’s a great album you can’t miss! I also want to hail all Hungarian metal fans! You have some fantastic bands coming from your regions like: TORMENTOR, POKOLGEP, ROTOR, OSSIAN, DIKTATOR etc. Hail Sathanas!


by David „Steel” Laci