Suicidal Angels

Suicidal Angels is a young Thrash Metal band from Hellas, after the pulverized concert in Kolozsvar (Cluj) - Roland Garros 08/04/2007, my comrade Woodlum666 made a short but very interesting conversation with the spokesman of the band Nick. Evil Never Dies, Thrash ‘Till Fucking Death, Bang or be Banged!!!

Hail Suicidal Angels! Please tell me, who answers the questions…

Hello my friend, this is Nick.

Please introduce the band to our readers, and tell me how and when it was formed.

Suicidal Angels was formed in 2001, and after many line up changes the band's members now are:
Nick: Vocals / Guitar
Themis: Guitar
Sotiris: Bass
Orfeas: Drums
The very first demo was released in 2002 - 2003 and, following two more demos, the band released its first EP, Bloodthirsty Humanity, containing 10 songs, 8 new and 2 from the last demo. The latest release is a cd-single named Armies of Hell. We’ve done many shows and participated in many festivals, almost all over Greece. The very outstanding ones were as a supporting act to the old school thrashers Tankard, the heavy metal legends Anvil, the death / grind masters Napalm Death and the legendary old school thrashers Onslaught. Moreover, we have performed three times abroad: in Bucharest (Romania), which was a headlining show, in Malbork (Poland) at Malbork Metal Days festival and at Thrash 'Till Death festival, located in Wendessen (Germany).

You are really young musicians, how old are you for example? What about the other members?

I am 22 years old, the older guys of the band, you know the grandpas, are Orfeas 25 years old and Themis who is 27.The youngest one is Sotiris who is 17 and still going to school!

You just finished the Theogonia Balkan Tour. Please tell me about this experience, was it a good experience?

It was a fucking great experience, we had very nice and memorable moments both with Mass Infection and Rotting Christ, and we look forward to the next tour.

The music you perform is similar to Toxic Holocaust’s music. Do you know that band? Does it influence your music?

Sure we know that band, a legendary one! Our influences are from many well known and underground bands, we are fans of thrash metal in general.

Why did you start playing thrash metal? Do you like other styles too, like black or death metal?

We grew up with thrash metal and that’s the main reason that we play that kind of music. Sure we like other styles of metal, but mostly old school thrash and death. Only few bands of black metal.

What was the response in Greece to your music? Are you appreciated by the local scene?

The response is really good, not only towards to us but to most of the thrash bands. There is a rather big thrash metal scene. Thrash is still alive in Greece and if you ever visited our country you could find it out by yourself.

Tell me a bit about your forthcoming album. When will it appear, and what kind of changes can we expect?

The album is going to be out by a California based label named OSM Records during June 2007. It was recorded here in Greece, but the mixing and mastering progress was made by Colin Davis, the guitarist of Vile, at the Imperial Mastering Studio in California. There are not going to be any changes in our style, the main attitude of the album is just old school fucking thrash metal, but a little bit faster.

From where does the bands name, Suicidal Angels come from?

I know that “Suicidal Angels” is an EP of Dark Tranquility. It has nothing to do with that. I cannot remember exactly how did it come to my mind, probably when being drunk someday!

Which are your favorite bands? Which was your first CD?

I would prefer not to mention all that names because the interview will end up full of band names! The most favorite bands, above all, are Slayer and Dark Angel. If I can remember well I think it was “Live After Death” from Iron Maiden, taking me into the metal society.

Do you drink alcohol? Which are your favorite drinks?

Yes I do! I drink everything that is tasty, but the favorite one is a cold big bottle of beer.

What about cigarettes? Are you smokers?

Yes, I am the only one in the band that smokes.

What do you think about suicide?

I never think about suicide. You should ask a Norway guy, I believe that he could easily answer. Hahahaha, just joking dude. Till now I am really satisfied with my life.

What does life mean to you?

I believe that I answered at the previous question, but life is the most important thing.

What do you do in your private life? Are you working? What about the other members?

Yes I am working in part-time jobs when I can find one and I study at a university. Sotiris is still going to school as I told you, Orfeas is working and Themis is studying to become a doctor.

You will play live with the legendary Celtic Frost and Kreator. What kind of emotions do you have?

It will be awesome. We really look forward to that gig because we are fans of both of the bands since we were young, and we are really glad to support them, as soon as we finish our set list we will join the moshpit!

Will you play cover songs from those bands?

No we won’t, we would prefer to listen the songs from them.

I think that’s enough for now, please close the interview, last spells belong to you…

Haha, spells? Ia iak sakkakh ia sakkakh ia shaxul…… Fuck, i love Morbid Angel… Well guys thanks a lot for this interview, we had a great time at Cluj hope to see you soon and play again there. For more infos about us you can check our official site or fucking myspace page Thanks for everything, take care and THRASH TILL FUCKIN’ DEATH!!


by Woodlum666