Sathanas is an old American black/thrash metal band and I had to ask some questions after I heard their latest release. The questions were sent to Paul but Bill answered themÖ

For Sathanas is a really old band, and you seem to be unknown for the Transylvanian fans (yet your music is worth listening and true), please introduce us the bandís history and what were the responses to your music in the time you formed the bandÖ

The band was formed in 1988 Paul being the founding member. And the only original member left. Through many line up changes. SATHANAS has finally found a strong line up Bill joined in 1992. Then Jim joined I believe in 2003. And this will probably be the final and last change to the bands line up. The scene in PA was much better in the early years of the band but in the last few years, it has fallen to an almost obscure state. With out much backing from record labels through the years it has been very hard to show case the material. But diligent and tireless work and effort from Paul has kept things churning along over the years, having played with many bigger named bands in the passed when they have passed though the area has also helped the notoriety of the band. And If I may say so myself. Sick and brutal music from SATHANAS is a key factor also. In recent years, we have been working with better labels and distributors. That believes in the cult reality of SATHANAS. And have begun getting things together as far as touring and proper and professional recordings.

I think you didnít change much in your style since the beginning. What makes you keep this style? From where you got such ambition to play that kind of music you perform since 1988?

Well it really has just been a natural thing for us to play the style we do we do if we feel a different style we go with it we are not geared towards being Metallica and playing radio friendly songs to make more money. If that is the case with them? I think most of are later releaseís have had a bit of a different style from song to song. We really just kinda see life in an everyday format and we are aware of all things in it good bad and the other. As far as music, I donít think any of the current members would be happy playing anything but brutal heavy shit. As for other members, some have quit music all together turned to drugs that makes them useless in a band or business sense and some have gone on to make music about pretty things and trees and flowers. Fine for them. We will leave that to them. We will stick with the devil and death.

Which bands have the greatest influence on you?

That is a hard one to answer by one member we all very in our taste of music so much that It would take to long to list but of course the standards apply Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Possessed, Nun Slaughter, Immolation, Grave, and so on.

The American black metal scene is a really strong one nowadays. There are lots of good bands like Judas Iscariot (R.I.P), Xasthur, Nachtmystium, Krieg (R.I.P), Leviathan, Grand Belialís Key etc. Whatís your relationship with the scene? Do you perform gigs?

As we said before the scene in our area is not that great anymore. If we want to play descent shows we have to travel out of the immediate area. There are still some good US scenes but ours is not one of them.

Many of the members of Sathanas are members of Acheron, and Acheron was formed in í88 too. Do these two bands have a common history?

Well Mike Smith joined Acheron after he had to leave SATHANAS and his brother Dave also joined for a short time. Who were also some of the original lineup? Jim played in ACHERON in the early years. And joined SATHANAS obviously at the later date. We are still in contact with Vince and remain friends. At one time both bands practiced at the same place. In the early stages.

You (Paul) also played in Bathym. What happened with the band? Why did you split up?

Members were drawing weary of SATHANAS starting to lean in other directions like drugs sports and other things. So Paul dropped SATHANAS for awhile and started BATHYM a new style and direction not long after that line up problems became an issue again. With a big interest still in SATHANAS Paul decided to try to put it back together. Some new members and some old members. This is around the time Bill joined on bass. And Paulís been able to keep it going since. With a better choice of members the band is stronger than ever.

Do you consider Sathanas a black metal band or a death metal one? Which of these two styles do you like the most?

Hard to say we have never really been able to categorize or label ourselves. We our influenced by so many different styles it is really just how we present the music what ever the style may be considered.

All your lyrics are about evil, Satan and darkness. Are you members of some Satanist organization?

No I canít say we belong to anything that is organized. But that is just the way we feel about things in our daily lives. As far as lyrics and music.

What do you think about Glen Benton? Do you like Deicide?

Well we have never met him personally. We were going to play a show with them in Pittsburgh but they had to cancel because of a hurricane or something in Florida. But yea I think Deicide is a good band. And we all listen to there work. Met Jack Owen recently at a SATHANAS show in Clearwater Florida. He said he was impressed with our old school style.

Tell me your opinion about the political situation in the world. USA against the Middle EastÖdo you think that American attacks and bombings are justified?

Not really justified. But Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. I feel did and do need to be stopped. For the safety of the world in a whole. I believe that they would eventually bring about a global war with dire consequenceís to all, and I believe the Bush family in their entirety have brought a lot of these problems to the fore front with there history of dealing with oil companyís and what not.

I really hate your president and the politics he performs. Americans seem to be hypnotized and they are blinded by the US pro patria propaganda. What do you think about that? (It doesnít mean that I hate Americans)

Well not all Americans are blind to his bullshit. There were some underhanded things that went with the previous elections. But it really comes down to the fact that there was and are not any worthy candidateís to vote for. So you kinda have to deal with it and hope it doesnít get to out of hand. There are many more important things that the money used for an over extended war could be used to fix or help. We should have been in and out of there with the key peopleís heads on a stick. Over a weekend.

Whatís your favorite animal? Do you like sharks? The movie Jaws?

Wolves, reptiles most all animals are cool they are animals and they take what they need when they want to I think that is great. Jaws is a classic movie. It is the 2nd and 3rd and so on that sucked.

Whatís your favorite movie? Do you like horror movies made nowadays?

Not many of the newer horror movies interest us. There are some newer ones that are cool but. For the most part itís just the same old formula used over and over again. SAW I think is one of the better new horror movies.

Whatís your favorite weapon? Would you like to kill someone?

Musical instruments. And yes with a pounding of the heaviest metal you could stand. Till death!!!!!!!

Katrina (hurricane) did a lot of damage to America and there were almost no reactions from the president. People from New Orleans were left alone for days after the disaster. If it were a terrorist strike the actions would be immediate. What do you think about that?

I think the president needs to vacation less and do his job more!

Do you like the serial South Park?

The cartoon? Itís alright gets old after awhile but has touch on some good subjects.

Anton La Vey wrote the Satanic Bible, which I consider a total fake. He gathered the ideas from different cultures and wrote that bible, formed the Church of Satan and made a lot of money. Donít you think that Satanism as an organized religion is exactly like Christianism?

Well I think the satanic bible was a mirror of Christianity. I donít feel that it was made to follow strictly like the Christian bible to scare people into thinking that they were going to hell or wherever that may be for that individual. I think it was more of a guide to help people think more freely about life and religion. There are many different views and accounts about the life of Anton La Vey. If he was ever rich from the satanic bible he sure wasnít rich toward the end of his life. By the accounts that I am aware of. I think organized religion in any form is a crutch for people who canít deal with life on their own accord.

If heaven and hell were real, where would you like to go after you die?

I think we are in HELL now. Whatís after this? Let you know when I get there.

From where did your ancestors come to the American continent?

England and Italy that I know of.

Do you have anti-Semite thoughts? Do you like Jews? Do you think that Jews control the USA?

Anti Semite is that anti Jewish? No not that I am aware of. As far as controlling the US. I donít think so but I could be wrong? And after what happened to them in Germany ďconcentration campsĒ and what not I would give them some credit personally just for living through that.

What about black people? Did you ever have a negative experience with black people?

Well I donít like to put people in groups but we have had bad experiences with all sorts of people black, white, yellow and brown.

If you had the power to exterminate a race, which would it be?

I donít know if a whole race would deserve being wiped out. But I could sure pick a descent sized group from all races.

Have you ever been in Europe? Which is your favorite city?

Yes and most of the countryís we have been to are great we have had a good or great reception in all the countryís we have visited. But are favorite so far would have to be Zwolle Holland. We have many good friends from that area. Hailz to Clemens and Nicolene and there new baby Jill. It is like a second home for us.

Where would you like to go the most? Which country do you consider the most interesting one?

Any and all of them that we have been to and we canít wait to experience more.

Tell me your plans for the appropriate future.

Tour, tour, tour. And keep releasing the heaviest nastiest metal we can conjure up.

Thank you for the answers, last words belongs to youÖ

Hailz to all true metal fans keep supporting the scene. And hope to see you all on tour when we come to tear up your town. HAIL SATAN. HAIL SATHANAS


by Woodlum666