Satanic Warmaster

Satanic Tyrant Werewolf is not a very effusive person – that’s why this interview is so short. However I think his answers will give you a clue about the concept of his works. Read what he said and listen to his music, which I recommend you.

Hailz Warmaster! At the beginning I’d like to ask you why did you part with Horna? Did their music stop to interest you? What do you think about their new vocalist and their new recordings?

I left Horna because of my frustration and necessity to seek out my own art again. The present material of Horna is very different now, but still very much in the same vein as earlier.

“Opferblut” was released some time ago so tell me what was the responses of the underground for it. How do you estimate this album personally? To be honest I liked “Strength & Honour” much more...

The response has been very good. For me it is not perhaps the best we have made, but still a work that surely stands on it’s own. I prefer “Strength & Honour” above “Opferblut” as well.

Why didn’t you put the lyrics in the booklet of “Opferblut”? Could you say something about them? Especially the mysterious title “Pentagram & Wood” interests me...

I did not feel the enclosing of the lyrics necessary. The lyrical concept of the album is about Satanism, the devotion to Satan’s essence, the path towards the existence as an übermensch, and the war that must be fought to reach the goal.
“Pentagram & Wood” is a ritualistic lyric written by S.Devamitra, and is about topics connected with ritualism.

On your discography on Northern Heritage’s site I found two unreleased recordings of Satanic Warmaster - the “Gas Chamber” demo and the “Black Metal Commando” LP. Why aren’t they released yet?
Do you plan to release them somehow in the future? How are they musically? More in the vein of the demo “Bloody Ritual” or the LP “Strength & Honour”?

Those two releases have remained unreleased and spread only for close contacts and respectable people. I am not sure if they will ever be released. Musically they are pretty much the same as the debute album.

Why “Lord Sarcofagian will not play with Satanic Warmaster again”? You want to continue as a duo or maybe there was something wrong with him? Are you going to have another session drummer in the future?

Things just turned out the way it was impossible to continue working with him. We will continue as a duo in recordings, but we will have a session drummer on the possible future live - shows.

Maybe now let’s talk about your side projects... You recently released some kind of an epitaph CD of Pest containing the old recordings of it.
What was the reason of putting Pest to the grave? By the way – what’s your opinion on other retro bands from the underground?

The reason PEST was laid to rest was just the fact that it was clear in 1999 that me and the other members did not share the same level of interest on the band. Almost all of the retro-bands are total shit.

Shatargat is another band of yours. What’s the message of it? You use Celtic crosses and pentagrams in your booklets while the music sounds more like some pagan metal... Is Shatargat still active?

Shatargat is conceptually more connected with nature and the Nordic soil, yet Black Metal in it’s true essence. Shatargat might have some releases in the future.

I don’t know too much about Blasphemous Evil. Could you introduce this band to us?

Blasphemous Evil is Satanic Death Metal like Bestial Summoning, Profanatica / Havohej, Sarcofago, etc. Total disgusting filth.

Blutrache... This one was quite NS-influenced, wasn’t it? How do you see the demo “Marsch zu neuen Zeitaltern” since the some time passed from releasing it?

Which fully conscious person would not be influenced by politics, which to a high degree affect our surroundings? I still like the demo a lot, and it surely is one of the best I have ever made.

What influenced (or still influences) you in the Third Reich? Are you interested in the political/social parts of it? Or maybe you see it as an empire of the Antichrist?

The influence cannot be denied, some of the most advanced social and political ideas were created during the iron regime of the Reich. Of course I am interested and feel strong sympathy for the ideals of that time. To speak about the empire of the Antichrist is not total rubbish either.

When a band sings about the hatred to christians then everything is ok, but when a band starts to sing about the jews instead of christians then some people (even some “die-hard” Satanists!) seem to have some problems with it... Isn’t it ridiculous?

It is fucking ridiculous. It is ok to mock THE KING OF JEWS but not mock the GOD`S CHOSEN RACE. FUCK JAHWEH AND FUCK JUDAISM.

Give me your opinion on the following topics: a) masochism in black metal (self-mutilations); b) September 11th and the war in Iraq; c) worshipping the Devil; d) suicide.

a) Self-mutilation is a part of some rites involving blood and the blood-cult, as well as a way of meditation.
b) Maybe even a hoax and a way for the JewSA to wage their useless wars on anyone they want.
c) Worshipping the biblical devil is nothing I can relate to.
d) A way to escape. Either because of weakness to face the world or just because of being born in the wrong world.

What’s the meaning of the sign you used on the front cover of “Black Katharsis” mCD (it’s also present in the interior of booklets for other releases of Satanic Warmaster)?

The meaning of the symbol is personal, so it will not be explained extensively. It symbolizes the creative and destructive essence of Satan and the homodeus.

Future plans for Satanic Warmaster... Do you still intend to release the split Eps with Moonblood and Akitsa, and the split LP with Clandestine Blaze? Anything else? What about your other side projects? Is there anything planned for them?

The split 7” with Moonblood is definitely cancelled because of the fuck-ups and asshole behaviour of Sombre records. The other two mentioned releases are still due to be released. With my other projects there are no releases planned at the moment.

That’s all I wanted to ask you! Thanks a lot for your answers! Last words are yours...



by FSR (Martwy Zmierzch, )