[MS]Sorry for the long-long delay. At finally here are the questions for the interview. So, let we start at the very beginning. I don’t find too much info about your early activities, please introduce your band. Whom was the band formed by and why and of course when?
As this is your first interview for a Transylvanian zine, let's review the band's history. I know you had an unreleased demo before the „Kult ov 666” album. Looking back, how do you see it now?

[AttAkker] ProVokker and I had previously been in Product INC. This was a band from the alternative genre and not very heavy. That ended on bad terms with the rest of the members. The 2 of us were bonded by anger and life’s turmoil back then and over time it was inevitable that we would make music again. Quite unplanned I started making some odd cuts based on dark Drum and Bass influenced greatly from Black, Death, Trash and Industrial metal on a PC and gave them to ProVokker on CDR. He went crazy writing lyrics and actually put words to the 1st Track (Nu Wurld Holokaust). As I composed tracks he fit words to them, we started rehearsing, I upgraded the equip and we fast forward to what we became as [[Saposmittz]] and the release Kult ov 666.

[MS] After that, you have releasing the debut album called “Kult ov 666”. Tell me all necessary information about this release.

[AttAkker] This album is very meaningful to us. When we were in Product INC we never released anything official. So, it was a goal for us to do so as [[Saposmittz]] we originally were rehearsing on the 2nd floor of a barn. We knew that we would not be able to record anything decent in that environment, so I invested some money to build us what became Hell-U-Land Studio (Our Kingdom). The change in sound of course was astonishing. The recording, mixing, and mastering went very smooth and fast for us. The album it totally self-financed, produced, and conceived. Every detail was done by us from the sound engineering to the artwork, layout and even photos. We used Morphius Records for the pressing, other than that there was no other involvement from outside entities. I even started a label to support the release Misanthropica-Enterprises. We knew that the music would not be accepted right away and mean to stay in the underground. In our minds the style of music that we created in Kult ov 666 is ahead of it’s time.

[MS] On the flyers you have advertising Saposmittz, that you have playing „Hypermetal”, but I think your music is absolutely not metal, just a good combination of electronic music and some noise. Your comment:

[AttAkker] Because we are greatly influenced by many facets of metal, as you can tell in the vocals we did not want our music to fall in a category decided by the industry. It is a genre that we decided to call our sound. It has been described as Misanthropic War Techno, which we are quite fond of (SaposHailz to Dod from Blood Red Throne) for that description. What aspects of the music make it “absolutely not metal” in your opinion?
(ProVokker) Call it what you will, but our muzikk is basically horror-inspired misanthropic hate noize... if we are not basic metal, then good! At least we won't be located in the same music section as some of the lame-ass metal bands out there these days!

[MS] Tell me something about your names (Attakker, Provokker), where come this names. What is the meaning of your band’s name Saposmittz? I know that you have some Hungarian origins/roots.

[AttAkker] Our band names embody our personalities. ProVokker is a respelling of Provoker – Provoke - To incite to anger or resentment verbally. Since he is the writer of the lyrics. AttAkker is a respelling of Attack. Attack - To set upon with violent force. Feeling that this is accomplished through the music. [[Saposmittz]] as a band name, since we are only 2 we wanted the name to contain parts of our true selves. Sapos being my surname and Smittz being ProVokker’s surname with a twist (really spelled Smith) so the name also represents the 2 of us as brothers in hate. The Hungarian (Magyar) family origins are from my side- Sapos. I am half Hungarian, half Polish.
(ProVokker) It's a rather basic concept....I provokke the listener through the hateful lyrics and attakker assaults peeps with the noize machines (ie; electronics), and maybe even with a boot to the face if they act up at shows...he-he.

[MS] Tell me something about the lyrical side of „Kult ov 666”. All lyrics have glorifing the wars in general, but the story of „Amerikan Vampyres in Hell” is something different.

[AttAkker] I will leave this to my komrade ProVokker -
(ProVokker) (((AVH))) is a horror-inspired theme that seems to confuse some listeners with it's strange concept...this song is about a rabid bat hiding in a man's house which bites the home owner on the neck one night while he is sleeping, turning the man into a vampyre. Unbeknownst to what has happened to him; the man soon discovers that he has a strong desire to seduce female whores of the night for erotic pleasures and sexual fulfillment. As he lures these women into his domain, his plan is to bite each of these women on the neck and infect each and every one of them with his venom. Once accomplished, he eventually finds himself a sex slave as he succumbs to the vamps torturous and erotic tactics, eventually finding himself caught in a looped nightmare of erotic fantasies which he lives over and over each night for pain and pleasure...this is dark porno - done ((((Saposmittz))) style!

[MS] Where come your logo and what is the meaning for you? Are you a satanist? I’m asking that, because you have using inverted cross in your logos.

[AttAkker] ProVokker started designing the logo with the inverted cross with the arrow at the top end, we thought at that point that the context would be misunderstood as satanic. So, we added the other 2 contorted crosses. We are not Satanists; the representation of the logo to us is hatred towards all mankind and all religious dogmas.
(ProVokker) We are one of the (if not the only) band who's logo does not identify itself with a text message, just the raw (((SS))) graphic...we want the (((SS))) logo to leave an impact without the need to show the band name spelled out, similar to the style of the Nazi swastika...everyone knows right away what that symbol represented without the need to write a single word...our logo stands for raw hatred of humankind.

[MS] All words which contains the „f” character was changed with the „v” in the booklet. Why?

[AttAkker] Since ProVokker wrote the lyrics, I will leave this to his description.
(ProVokker) It just looked better and more modern to us than the plain old word "of"...btw, would you ask ZYKLON why they titled their first release 'World ov Worms'? We both must think it's totally appropriate for our album titles; it's as simple as that!

[MS] Are the songs yet ready when you enter the studio or do you still jam there? Maybe do you write newer ones?

[AttAkker] The songs are entirely rehearsed before starting to record; however we do jam in Hell-U-Land as well as record. As we rehearse and/or record new songs are conceived and ideas retained. All of the songs on Kult ov 666 were recorded in a live setting, no vocal booths or mixing techniques were used. The sound is exactly as it would be live. There were no punch-in’s, cut-n-paste’s or other gimmicks. Both lead and backup vocals were recorded together in order to capture the true energy and emotion of ProVokker and my self’s pent up aggressions.

[MS] How often did you practice? Did you play covers on rehearsals? Did you play live?

[AttAkker] Prior to and during the recording of Kult ov 666 we practiced every Saturday night for sometimes 6 hours. We NEVER play covers of any sort. We are only interested in playing the music we create. Yes, we rehearse live and recorded live. These days as we are simply rehearsing our old album and new material, we are getting together every other Saturday night for about 4 hours. We both have stress-filled slave jobs and therefore appreciate time to ourselves and away from work. This amount of time is plenty for now. We will go back to every Saturday once we begin recording again.

[MS] Saposmittz is a duo, I’m very curious about your line up, because in the booklet was written: “Saposmittz is: Attakker – HyperMetal, NoiZe MachineZ & Throat; Provokker – SpazZ & BazZ”. What the fuck is the “SpazZ & BazZ”?

[AttAkker] Yes, again we wanted to stand out and be different. SpazZ is a term to describe ProVokker’s vocal style. As he does all lead vocals and it is another play on words for spastic – slang for jerky movements. And BazZ is bass guitar [[Saposmittz]] style. As you can tell we are interested in our own form of language. Who said Mr. Webster was correct when making the dictionary?

[MS] You have said bloody and hateful hails and thanx to your moms, and in the “Pain ov Hate” song you have singing: “I see this world as a place so fake/My mom a bitch and my dad a flake/We all hate each other so bittersweet/I smell the vile – a smell so sweet.” Your comment:

[AttAkker] these were ProVokker’s hails so the answer should come from him.
(ProVokker) At the time I wrote this song, I was feeling this vibe about my family and life in general. It is possible to still care about your loved ones but not always be thrilled about your relationship with them at all times...since the 'KO-666' album was released, I've been on closer and better terms with my family, so things are looking up!

[MS] You have using military corpsepaint on your photos. Why is that so?

[AttAkker] A couple reasons: 1. during the recording the album the US had invaded Iraq. 2. We respect Norwegian Black metal quite a bit, but did not want to mimic that trend so once again we came up with something similar yet VERY different from the other bands out there. The photos are from the Addikkts ov War promo set. Of course, we took the photos ourselves.

[MS] Saposmittz have spreading the propaganda to glorifying nuclear wars, mass destructions, holocaust. Why would you like to eliminate the human race from this planet? What is the „push the button in...” campaign?

[AttAkker] Here are both of our thoughts on this subject. Man is the disease, infection of the earth. We promote the death of all humans, we enjoy nature’s wrath (earthquakes, floods, tsunami’s, tornado’s etc) because they all cause harm to man. We are true Misanthrope’s!!
(ProVokker) Pushing the button may be the only perfect solution to man's self inflicted genocidal behavior and distrust among one another...with so much hate and discontent in the world today, why not just go the full distance and end it all? This would alleviate all the mass suffering and pain throughout the world in one single action while putting humankind in check...the earth seems to be already attempting to purge mankind from it's blemished surface all by itself by way of horrendous natural

[MS] How was the sound? Are you satisfied with it? I’m asking that because you had printed on the backside of the CD cover: „For best results, play CD on high-end audio equipment only – and always play it loudly!!!”

[AttAkker] We are happy with the sound. Of course everything can always be improved. We wanted a rawer, not over-produced sound and we accomplished that while still having a killer bottom end and punch to the overall album. That statement is to promote our listeners to not play the album through shit equip and with no volume. We want them to blow their speakers when listening to Kult ov 666 and to disrupt their neighbors and communities world wide.

[MS] I know you have running a label called Misanthropica Enterprises which had released last year the “Kult ov 666” CD. How many copies were pressed, how many copies were selling and tell me something about the reception in the worldwide underground.

[AttAkker] The 1st pressing was limited to 500 copies. I have distributed quite a few copies to distro’s in Europe and in the US. It has been slow to sell and to gain a following, however everyone that has heard it has had only positive things to say really. It comes down to difficulty in getting the word out. The reason I launched the website in January of 2005, to help promote the band and label. In addition to your review, The Goddess of Fire from reviewed Kult ov 666 with a 7/10. We feel that the brand new style and creativity of the album deserves better coverage, but it is impossible to accomplish that as a small label in what has become a trend festering music industry. So, we are pleased to be the 1st band doing this style and will remain happy in the dark dungeon of the underground. Fuck the mainstream!!

[MS] Are you planning to release other bands through ME, or just want to releasing your own stuff?

[AttAkker] I am releasing other bands through M.E. In 2004 I did a joint release with Vendlus Records for the Audiopain album “The Traumatizer” if you are into 80’s thrash, this is the ultimate best hailing from Norway. I also released a demo CD for a band called Elizabeth Bathory in 2004. In addition this year, M.E. is releasing the [[Saposmittz]] split 10” vinyl “Apocalypse Theory” with Conflicting Theories from India. Another planned release for 2005 is Dying Embrace’s “Grotesque EP and Serenades of Depravity”, also hailing from India. Lastly, if I may promote another project of myself and ProVokker. Dislocated Planets could possibly release an album in 05.

[MS] We have a common friend from Turkey, Yalin. What do you think about Y.O.C.? Have you releasing some Y.O.C. stuff through your label?

[AttAkker] Yes we do, cheers to Yalin!! He has been very helpful in promoting Kult ov 666 by sending it to connections that he has made through Y.O.C. Hell, we wouldn’t even be interviewing with you if it wasn’t for his support and brotherhood. I personally like Y.O.C.’s original works the most, however the covers that he has performed and released are thought out and from quality bands and musicians. I respect what he does musically and his voice is of the highest quality and talent. I have not yet had the privilege of releasing anything from Y.O.C. I hope to in the future. I have helped him with getting quite a few of his promo CD’s out to metalheads.

[MS] Tell me something about your Hell-u-Land studio. I saw some inside photos from your studio and I have considered that you have good equipment.

[AttAkker] The studio is what works for us; it is named once again based on a play on words. It has a 2 fold meaning. 1. Helluland in English would translate to Land of Hell, which I feel I am in daily 2. In Norse/Viking civilization Helluland was the name given by the Norse to a barren land of rocks. The studio itself lies in a rural community that is totally surrounded by huge rocks. So with these 2 being so perfect it just had to be the studio’s name. We have sufficient gear to perform and create the music we like. Of course with money, equip can always be improved and upgraded.

[MS] How would you characterize personally the members of Saposmittz? Are you good friends? Do you often hang together?

[AttAkker] ProVokker and I are like lost brothers. We see the world around us through the same eyes which is rare. We respect one another’s viewpoints and share great conversations and discussions. We often attend metal shows together, and at times go to lunch at work.
(ProVokker) AttAkker and I are great friends and we create our music through mutual collaboration... when we merge the talents of AttAkker (Sapos) and myself (Smittz) together, a poisonous gas forms. We call this deadly, venomous potion a '(((Saposmittz)))'.

[MS] Your new website became very professional. What would you say about it? It is important for a band/label to have an own website?

[AttAkker] Yes, we started with a simple Songramp site, which is a great community for upcoming bands. It came to a point where I needed to also start promoting the label, so decided to start 2005 with the launch of the official M.E. site as well as linking directly to the site as well. One day it will have a home of it’s own, but because of costs and managing the site it is easier to have them as one for now. I don’t think that it is that important for bands to have sites. Darkthrone, Audiopain, and Revenge are examples of great bands that still do very well w/o any web presence. As for a label, in my opinion it is imperative for any label large or small to have a site in order to share information about bands they are promoting and releases they have planned. In addition to tours and booking info.

[MS] How often do you use the internet? Do you like writing e-mails or doing e-mail interviews?

[AttAkker] I use the internet daily. It is a catch 22. In some ways I feel technology has made man lazy, on the other hand I would not have the many friends, affiliates and supporters without email and the internet. Shit, we wouldn’t even be doing this right now. I enjoy email interviews if the interviewer has taken the time and detail to dig into the album and related info like you obviously have. I was very excited to complete this when I saw the level of questions you were asking of us.

[MS] What is your opinion about the MP3 stuff?

[AttAkker] I feel that if a band or label wants to provide free MP3’s to people that they should be allowed to. I am not a fan of the uploading of albums and sharing them over the internet by cheap skate fukks that just want something for free. There is more to an album sometimes than just the music itself. Like lyrics, artwork, credits, it is an overall package. As with Kult ov 666, you really get the feel of what we are about when you have the Book of Hate to read the lyrics along with the music.

[MS] What do you do in personal life, besides creating music? What is your all time favorite album? Do you collect rare stuff, vinyl’s, etc?

[AttAkker] Other than music, I ride motorcycles, drink, and collect/smoke tobacco pipes for pleasure. Fuck man, I knew that question was in here somewhere. It would be arrogant to say Kult ov 666, so seriously I guess it would have to be one that no matter how many times I listen to it the hairs rise on my arms, the hate rages inside, and the sound rings in my ego, I would have to say BURZUM – Filosofem. Yes, I collect CD’s like a maniac, 7” and LP’s.
(ProVokker) I collect albums, play my bass, work and ride go-karts...I enjoy listening to MESHUGGAH, Blood Red Throne and many other killer bands.

[MS] What is your opinion about mixing political propaganda with music, I’m thinking about the NS movement in Black Metal. What is your opinion about the politics of the USA, wars in Iraq, so called “freedom wars against terrorism”?

[AttAkker] heavy music has always been a means for disrupting society, government and religion. I am all for open-mindedness and bands saying what they want about any subject. The politricks in America are bad. The controls and fear are getting worse every year, each day. I think that we need to stop trying to be the world’s police and focus more money and energy on fixing things in our own homeland. Of course I support war, but there is a time when the job is done and the troops pulled back, that time is now. So many people are ignorant; terror has been a way of life for mankind for eons they act like 9-11 was the 1st terror attack. Also, we need to wake up as humans; WAR has been a part of every culture since Neanderthal man first found a rock and the club. Peace will never be real, admit your hate and plan for attack!!

[MS] What is your opinion about Mr. G. W. Bush and his activities?

[AttAkker] It doesn’t matter if it’s him or another talking head figure, no one will do a proper job of running this country. I honestly can’t stand our government and justice system. It needs to be overhauled along with the UN.

[MS] Ok man(s) that’s all for the moment, thank you for your time. Your last words and your future plans:

[AttAkker] Thank you for the great opportunity and detailed questions. SapoCheers to all our Sapofiends and supporters world-wide.
Plans for the future: Continue spreading the legacy of [[Saposmittz]] with future releases look for the Apocalypse Theory 10” soon, as well as more Misanthropica Enterprises releases of “Music without Limitations”.
(ProVokker) Thanks for the interview!


by Mirgilus