Hail Seventh Blasphemer! Please, I’d like you to present a short biography of the band, mainly who founded it, on what influences and which of your records you find the most significant.

Well we formed in 1842, it was me and six other people, we ventured through Tibet with a bunch of south American occultist, at first the expidition was successful, we gathered fossils from the pre Neolithic ages, we had our backpacks packed full of valuable items, we were sure to be famous when we would return to home. Everything went fine, but then suddenly a blizzard came as from nothing, the winds rose, the snow in our eyes, I got separated from the rest, and finally after hours of terror I was so exhausted I passed out, when I woke up it was 1998 and two of my mates were there, Lord Ternion and Sir Heinrich, we agreed to form a band and took the names Lord Titan, Heinrich and I called myself Necrodevil at that time. We took on the task to spread the horrors of the nightmares we had during our long sleep, we had been enlightened by the lord of goat.

You come from the Danish scene. What’s your relationship with the local bands? Who are the best Danish groups in your opinion? What do you find the local scene like at all?

Well we have a good deal of bands, most suck though, but I don’t bother so much with that, well I just saw that Illnath released one more album, boy did they ever suck, yes they suck… I am in contact with some really good Danish bands, most are still very underground though, to name some, we still have Nidhug who really rule, Blodfest and Wolfslair who are great too, Ligfaerd is great new band, we have Denial of God who just released a new LP, Goatfago is turning out really great, I left the band before I had time to do any harm there, but they manage really good by themselves…

The brilliant King Diamond is perhaps Denmark’s best-known metal figure. What do you find his music like? Does it inspire you? Do you maybe keep in touch with him? [though King Diamond lives in Texas...]

Well HELL, yeah King Diamond is a force to be reckoned with… he was and still is great, especially with Mercyful Fate, but I never met him, I would like to though, but I am not sure what to tell him, maybe just drink some beers and talk about old heavy metal…

The song titles refer to Satanist rituals. Do you belong to a sect at all? Anyway, what do you think of Satanist sects? And how do you see the LaVey kind of Satanism?

We all belong to the Goat Cult, it is not a Satanist cult, but it is satanic in the ways of demon worship and blood sacrifice, I think it is good to spread the power in underground networks, but mostly I do my things alone, it is more and more rare, but things happen… I am pro Lavey, I think the concept of do what you want is good, I am my own God too, but still I am not into his church, I do my own things and don’t follow any laws of Satanism….

In 2005 the band’s name changed into Sadomator. Why have you changed the name? Whose idea was it? What does the new name mean to you?

We actually changed he name in 2004, it was mainly my idea, but we had been talking about it for a long time, but most people didn’t know as we still had lot of Sadogoat to release and we still have some, but the idea was there already in 2004 and we did record some Sadomator already there. We mainly changed because Lord Titan left, but also I wanted to part from Impaled Nazarene and part with lots of things, so now when the final Sadogoat stuff is out we are only Sadomator left, still the same band, but we work different, the name represent the bringer of sadism, which is what we do in music, old death…

Sadogoat, I suppose, comes from Impaled Nazarene. Where does Sadomator come from?

Impaled Nazarene did a 7” called that and a song by the name, but I didn’t take it from there, I had lot of band name ideas and most included goat in them, so actually inspired by Impaled Nazarene’s – Satanic Masowhore 7” I thought, if they make a word and put maso in front I can put sado in front of one, so Sadogoat was born, only later I found out there was an Impaled Nazarene song, I didn’t have it back then and no internet to look it up, but I don’t care, old Impaled Nazarene is great, the new just suck… I probably should have called the band Solomons Gate, ha haha… now we are Sadomator and that is the best fucking name in the world, sooo much more underground and fitting… hail and vittu…

Beside the obvious Beherit/Archgoat/Impaled Nazarene/Blasphemy influences, what other bands could you mention that had an effect on you? Not necessarily extreme metal.

Ha, there is so much, I actually ripped a Cream song for the Scourging EP, but people are morons, so that is not trve and kvlt, most people really are morons, the good metal is everywhere, I get inspired in dreams from non existent bands and such, I get inspired by hammers, rockets and I don’t care, if I wanted I would rip all Beherit songs note by note and release it and all people would weep and say, that is not original, so what? Why do I have to be original, so many bands rip stuff and get praised for it, Darkthrone ripped The Cures song Lovecats, that is pretty funny, I would love to rip some classical music, but I already did that…. Maybe I made this sound like I never come up with anything myself, that is not the case, I just don’t care much for originality, I get heavily inspired by few great bands and then I mix it to my own liking, Beherit, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Von, I have been listening to much heavy metal lately and also punk, but punk don’t really influence me musically, I am not into playing that music or following their lifestyles, but old punk and lot of mid 90`s punk is great too, lot of energy…

The word “goat” is a recurrent element in the song titles. What’s your opinion about animal sex? Do you like such movies? What do you think of those people who, for instance, fuck a goat?

Yeah animal sex is great, I hope you didn’t mean two animals having sex? I like to watch the girls being fucked by dogs, horses, goats etc, that is great, but I don’t want to see a man having sex with an animal and I would never do it myself, but I could fuck a girl in her ass while she suked off a horse or something like that, ha ha ha, I think it is really sick, that is great, but don’t harm the animals, I like animals, they are more trustworthy than humans…

I’ve seen some photos on which you’re surrounded by glasses of beer. This makes me think that one of your favorite pastimes is having some glasses of beer with friends (and so is mine). Do you often get drunk? What’s the most astonishing thing you’ve done when being drunk?

I love to drink, we drink lot of times, but for me, I don’t drink right now, I am being given antabuse, a drug that makes me sick if I drink and I can die if I drink too much, so now I just do other things, it is not permanent though, so I plan to drink for shitmas and of course next time we record some music, beer is essential to make the insanety rise… I done lot of things drunk, sleeping in the snow, walking on roof tops, bleeding, life is shit…

What’s your opinion about love? Do you believe in love? Have you ever really been in love?

It is good enough, but love makes me weak, I can’t say much on this topic…

I thought that Sadomatic Goat Cult is a pirate record, however, on the webpage it figures as an LP. What is it, then?

Sadomatic Goat Cult is spread in the underground as a demo we made, but that is false, these recordings is just a compilation of old songs, but we recorded with Sadomator a LP called Sadomatic Goat Cult, but that has not been released yet, so it is two different things, but fuck that, people are morons as I said earlier…

Since the new name, it appears to me that the sound has been bettered. Do you agree? Is this coincidence on purpose? Dou you think your records sound OK?

The sound has been altered, I don’t know if it is better, it is darker and more brutal, but the old stuff still has great sound, and we record some new rehearsals with trashy sound too, we just don’t release those things, we keep to record less releases but make them better, many people would still call it badly produced, next time we record it will be really brutal.

The black metal scene is filled with shit. Loads of untalented bands appear with random records. However, there are remarkable young bands as well. Dou you pay attention to what happens on the black metal scene? Could you name a few new bands you like?

I like Goatfago, Nuclearhammer, Oath and probably some I forgot, there is really so much new music, and I don’t bother to waste my time with it.

What do you think of the following albums? Darkthrone - The Cult..., Beherit - Drawing..., Ildjarn/Nidhogg - Ildjarn/Nidhogg, Immortal - Damned…

I never bothered to listen to any Darkthrone after Total Death, Beherit’s DDtM is probably the best black metal album of all time, Ildjarn did lot of great stuff together with Nidhogg, I like most of it, but not the ambient, Immortal, well, they used to be great, now they just suck, I never liked Damned in Black…

Which of your albums are you the most satisfied with? Why?

Well that will be Sadomatic Goat Cult as that is the only album we ever did, but also compared to all our demos and stuff it is still the best, next release will be darker though, we have so many ideas and songs ready.

The story of Sadogoat happens to be similar to Ildjarn’s. In the beginning, it got fewer acknowledgements, then, it became cult. Is Sadogoat cult? What do you think of cults? Is this concept authentic, or does it mean something different for everyone?

I think there is so much use of that word, it lost a lot to me, now every band with a demo out is cult… I don’t know if our band is a cult, but we are part of our own cult, but that doesn’t really make it into any huge thing, I don’t know, we get lot of contacts world wide…

Have you ever thought of stopping playing music to make a kind of farewell-album? Then reunite after a while and record a “we-are-back album”? This is what several other bands have done, and you know who I am talking about... What do you think of this?

No I never thought about that, I have sometimes split the band, but not for any reason to revive it to be more popular or such, I just do it when I feel tired of it all.. I think it is great that Blasphemy and Archgoat reunited.

Your lyrics are full of perversions. Are you similar in your private life too? Do you enjoy torturing your partner?

I don’t have any partner at the moment, I never tortured any girl I had, I din’t feel no need to do so, but maybe I should try, could inspire me to make better music, well I have done perverted things in my life, but it is more personal, besides that I write in the lyrics to share thoughts, they are not ment as gospels to follow, but people are free to rape and pillage as they want, I also write of peadophilia and such, but that don’t turn me on, but I ceartenly don’t give a fuck if people rape women and children as long as it is not someone I like, I of course care for my family and friends, but other than that, ha ha ha, rape away fuckers…

What do you do in your private life? What do you make your living from?

Not much, I go some to an adult education center, get my social security because I have mental problems, so I don’t work, that is ok with me. So I spent my time with beer when I am not on antabuse and I play some miniature wargames like Warhammer and Warmachine, and then I play music of corpse…

What’s your viewpoint about the world’s present status? If you were to choose, would you be more American than Iraqi?

I would be neither, rather be dead then, the world suck anyway, most people in the middle east are idiots, but so are most people in America is that too, the world is a grave.

Tell me what you would do if you could get hold of your greatest enemy. Would you eat from his (her?) flesh? What’s your opinion about cannibalism?

Cannibalism is ok, but I don’t know if I would eat any human, but then again maybe, I’ve heard it taste like pork and I really like roast pok and pork chops aaaaah… fuck I don’t know what I would do, the person I have in mind I would preferably not even meet, but maybe kill him with a trout…

If you had three wishes, what would that be?

That was lame, I would wish for unlimited wished and a new guitar.

Is there a country where you got some feedback from regarding your music and you’d never thought your music would get that far? Was it positive or negative?

Yeah, Siam and lot of other countries, I never thought we would go beyond Denmark to start with… I was surprised when I found out that bands actually play cover songs of Sadogoat, ha ha ha

Do you agree that a real black metal band can only be of quality if it’s made by white people?

Not at all, Mystifier is black people and Blasphemy have a great black guitarplayer too, but when jews start to play ns black metal, that is just lame…

Thank you for your answers, and if there is anything you’d like to add, you can do it here. Hail Sadomator, and good luck in the future.

Sorry for the short answers but this was really a bit long and I am tired and wasted these days, get back to me after the LP is out… hail sbdgc eternal, and also I would like to say hallo to my friend Malcolm from Dawn of Sorrow, he is a great singer even though he is from Africa (lives in UK now though).


by Woodlum666