Red Stream Records

Red Stream Records is one of the most famous and quickly growing labels and distributors from USA. This autumn they released the new album of the Hungarian black metal band, Sear Bliss (Forsaken Symphony). I was asking Patrick (the head of Red Stream) about the label's past, present and future.

Hello Patrick! Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Greetings Mirgilus Siculorum legions! I am Patrick, owner and manager of Red Stream, Inc.!

Could you please talk about the early activity of Red Stream Records? When was it founded and with what intentions/aims?

Founded in 92 with the intention to release and distribute underground music without compromise.

What materials have you got released until now? Could you give a complete list?

OK, here we go:
NOSUS01 DOOMSTONE-Those Whom Satan Hath Joined CD (co release with Nosferatu)
RSR-0101 SATAN'S BAKE SALE-Taste it! 7" EP
RSR-0102 SWAG 45-Swag 45 7" EP
RSR-0104 BRAIN POLICE-Bullet 7" EP
RSR-0106 NECROPHAGIA-Death Is Fun CD (first version)
RSR-0107 SMELL & QUIM-Your Enemy's Balls CD
RSR-0108 BRAIN POLICE-Unlucky 7" EP
RSR-0109 BETHLEHEM-Thy Pale Dominion 7" EP
RSR-0110 KAPPOTE MUZIEK-The Malevolent Ear CD
RSR-0111 SKEPTICISM-Stormcrowfleet CD
RSR-0112 BETHLEHEM-Dictius Te Necare CD / PIC LP
RSR-0115 EN NIHIL-Death Keep CD
RSR-0116 AGARTHI-At The Burning Horizon mCD
RSR-0117 BETHLEHEM-Dark Metal CD / LP
RSR-0118 BETHLEHEM-S.u.i.Z.i.D. CD / LP
RSR-0120 SKEPTICISM-Lead & Aether CD
RSR-0121 BETHLEHEM-Reflektionen auf's Sterben mCD / MLP
RSR-0122 WEJDAS-Wejdas CD
RSR-0123 OBLIVEON-Whimsical Uproar mCD
RSR-0124 NECROPHAGIA-Season of the Dead CD / PIC LP
RSR-0125 HIMINBJORG-Where Raven's Fly CD
RSR-0126 NECROPHAGIA-Holocausto De La Morte CD / PIC LP
RSR-0127 VARIOUS ARTISTS-To Live Is To Ever Be In Danger CD
RSR-0128 NIGHTMARE LODGE-Blind Miniatures CD
RSR-0130 ENDURA-Black Eden 2CD
RSR-0131 NECROPHAGIA-Black Blood Vomitorium mCD / PIC 10"
RSR-0132 HIMINBJORG-In the Raven's Shadow CD
RSR-0134 NECROPHAGIA-Through Eyes of the Dead VIDEO
RSR-0136 JUDAS ISCARIOT-Heaven In Flames CD
RSR-0137 KOAN-Frontiers CD
RSR-0138 JUDAS ISCARIOT-Dethroned, Conquered... MCD
RSR-0140 VIOLATION-Moonlight's Child CD
RSR-0141 BLOODTHORN-Under the Reign of Terror CD / LP
RSR-0142 NECROPHAGIA-Death is Fun CD (new version)
RSR-0143 CABAL-Midiam CD
RSR-0144 KOROVAKILL-Waterhells CD
RSR-0147 DARK FORTRESS-Tales From Eternal Dusk CD
RSR-0148 WURDULAK/GORELORD-Creature Feature Part 1 mCD
RSR-0149 BETHLEHEM-Schatten aus der Alexander Welt 2CD
RSR-0150 KREIG-Destruction Ritual CD
RSR-0151 HIMINBJORG-Haunted Shores CD
RSR-0152 HIDDEN-Spectral Magnitude CD
RSR-0153 HATE FOREST-Blood & Fire Ritual MCD
RSR-0154 MARS ON EARTH-Mars On Earth MCD
RSR-0155 SKEPTICISM-Process of Farmakon MCD
RSR-0156 SKEPTICISM-Farmakon CD (Upcoming)
RSR-0157 FOREST OF IMPALED-Forward The Spears CD (Upcoming)
RSR-0158 JUDAS ISCARIOT-To Embrace the Corpses... CD
RSR-0159 SEAR BLISS-Grand Destiny CD
RSR-0160 WURDULAK/GORELORD-Creature Feature Part II mCD
RSR-0161 SEAR BLISS-Forsaken Symphony CD
RSR-0162 THE RAVENOUS-Three On A Meathook MCD
BAPHOMET TITLES (manufactured by Red Stream)
BAPH 101 VIKING CROWN-Unorthodox Steps of Ritual MCD
BAPH 102 OCTINOMOS-Welcome To My Planet CD
BAPH 104 DEMONCY-Joined In Darkness
BAPH 105 MEMORIAL-Enter My Megaron CD
BAPH 106 DEMONCY-Faustian Dawn/Within the Sylvan Realms... 2CD
BAPH 107 URGRUND-The Graven Sign CD
BAPH 108 KHISANTH-Forseen Storms of the Apocalypse CD
BAPH 109 BLOOD STAINED DUSK-Dirge of Death's Silence CD
BAPH 111 NOKTURNE-Curse of Nazarene CD
BAPH 112 THANATOS-Reign of Terror CD (upcoming)
BAPH 113 OBSCENE EULOGY-A Portrait in Fire MCD (upcoming)
BFD 005 ABAZAGORATH-The Spirit of Hate for Mankind 7" EP
BFD 006 SARCOPHAGUS-For We...Consumed By the Darkness + 4 CD
BFD 008 XASTHUR-Nocturnal Poisoning CD

You had mostly CDs and MCs released. I have no knowledge about you getting released LPs. Don't you like LPs? Or there is just no great interest about it as there is for CDs?

Actualy, we have done CDs, vinyl, and also t-shirts. We haven't released any cassettes, but some of our lisence partners have done cassette version of our albums. I personaly still like LPs and there are plans to do more releases on vinyl which should be excellent. The interest for vinyl is still around, but only certain vinyl.

Are you satisfied with your releases? Do you like them? Do you often listen to them at home?

Yes, I like 90% of our releases still and listen to them a lot. Some records are very hard to listen to anymore because I've heard them to many times. I can tell you some of our albums I have heard over 300 times easily. So I have to put long gaps in between listens. But, yes, I still listen to all our releases.

Which album released by Red Stream do you consider to be the best and the worst ?

The best for me is "Dictius Te Necare" from BETHLEHEM because it was a groundbreaking album, and also because a lot of time was put into the writting of this record - and it shows. I also like "Holocausto De La Morte" from NECROPHAGIA and "Stormcrowfleet" from SKEPTICISM, probably as much. It's really hard to pick one favorite. I consider AUTUMN TEARS-Love Poems PIC LP to be our worst release-simply because it is the slowest moving record we have. The music and packaging is really good, but for some reason the sales are low....

The bands of Red Stream Records represent different styles(black, death, doom, etc).What are the main criteria when deciding to enter into a band on a contract?

We look at a lot of qualities: presentation, attitude, musicianship, willingness to succeed - or do something positive release-wise. Musicaly - originality will help, atmospheres have always played a roll. Image wise we aren't to worried.

Mostly metal bands are working at Red Stream. Can it be expected that you engage for example an ambiental/neofolk or a death-industrial band?

Actualy, we experimented with industrial releases back in the heyday of the mid-90s. We definitley like this style of music, and still support it in our mailorder. However, selling the kinds of quantities we need to sell to survive as a business isn't really happening with experimental music. That's why I can't really tell you if another industrial release will come out. But I will always enjoy this music regardless.

Which one your released materials was the best selling and which was the worst selling?

Top sellers are: BETHLEHEM-Dictius Te Necare, NECROPHAGIA-Holocausto De La Morte and JUDAS ISCARIOT-Heaven in Flames. Worst selling releases are: AUTUMN TEARS-Love Poems PIC LP and BRAIN POLICE-Unlucky 7" EP.

The Red Stream materials are of high level not only musically but as far as the outlook is concerned, too. Do you like when somebody gives attention to the outlook of the releases? What do you think about those, which came out on the market with a simple black and white xerox cover, which contain minimal information?

I definitely like some releases that are black and white with photocopied covers.... But usualy I prefer professional printing with a nice layout. If a band has no money and no one will release their material - they almost have to go the less expensive route. Some of these releases are good......and some suck. If you are talking about someone that has the attitude, that photocopied covers are more underground, my thought is this: Go fuck yourself. And one note of interest: for all the bands that keep copying the Darkthrone "Transylvanian Hunger" cover - you're mindless and lame, and you are just showing your idolism towards someone- and for me, that's really commerical and trendy.

Which bands take priority at Red Stream?

At this very moment we are working very closely with DARK FORTRESS, BETHLEHEM, NECROPHAGIA and FOREST OF IMPALED on their new releases.

This year you released a material of a band named Hidden, about which can nothing be known. Could you introduce them to the readers?

They're a Death/Black Metal band with different lyric concepts and attitudes. They want to rely on music and not image- so the band doesn't reveal any identity....Thus the listener can make pre-determined concepts (although some are biased before they listen, because they want to know who it is). This concept is somewhat annoys people. However - is this because bands are really about looks and image for them? They need to have an idol? Then go listen to Brittney Spears you fuckhead!

Red Stream offers distribution services, too. Is this necessary for keeping the record label alive?

Yes, everything is going hand in hand right now. We have a huge selection of titles, available at our website: Stuff is added daily!

How much time of a day does the work at Red Stream take?

Between four people - hours and hours. I myself work 10-15 hours a day at this, along with two full time employees and one part time employee!

What Hungarian bands do you know except the Sear Bliss? Is there a chance that you enter into a contract with some other Hungarian band, too?

Well actualy, we just got a big shipment in from Hungary including: Cross Borns, Demonlord, Nevergreen, and Dying Wish. I also know TORMENTER, YWOLF, and a few others that are slipping my mind. We have no plans to sign a Hungarian band at the moment.......right now we aren't signing anything.

What are your near future releases? Could you recommend them to the readers?

Sure, here's our upcoming schedule:
Skepticism (Fin)-Farmakon CD RSR-0156

Forest of Impaled (USA)-Forward the Spears CD RSR-0157 Already in progress, this will prove to be even more brutal than 99's Demonvoid!

Gorelord/Wurdulak (Var)-DVD RSR-0162
Late December. Aina Eliassen recently finished the editing of the material to be featured on the upcoming Gorelord/Wurdulak DVD release. The DVD will contain videos from both bands, studio reports, footage of drunken parties, photo sessions, photo gallery, and also the Norwegian Gorefilm Butcher Bob, which was produced by Frediablo and the soundtrack was made by him and Fug. Expected to be released late this year or early next year through Red Stream. Aprox running time - around 90 minutes.

Necrophagia/Sigh (USA/Jap)split 7" EP RSR-0163
Kindred of the Dying Kind (unreleased) by Necrophagia Young Burial by Sigh.

Bethlehem (Ger)-Suicide Radio interactive CD-rom RSR-0164
Audio visual CD rom with 5 clips, 7-8 songs, photo gallery flash animation, discography and more.

Bethlehem (Ger) Sucide Radio/Dictius Te Necare double CD RSR-0165

Winterblut (Ger)- Grund: Gelenkkunst CD NWR 2

Pest (Fin) Hail The Black Metal Wolves of Belial CD. Members of Satanic Warmaster.

Thanatos (Hol) - Beyond Terror CD BAPH 112
Obscene Eulogy - A Portal into Fire CD BAPH 113
Svartpest (Nor) Svartpest CD
Ave Sathanas - Pity of Religion CD
Soul Forsaken - Tales of the Macabre CD
Brown Eye/Satanas Bake Sale-split EP (Baphomet) BAPH 110

Thanks for your answers and good luck for Red Stream in the future! As a conclusion, is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks for your interview! Please check out our website at! Stay underground! PATRICK