Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Here are finally the answers to the interview you sent me quite some time ago.I hope you find it worthwhile. Please contact me again.If there is anything else I can help you with. Kind regards, Tomas & Rose-Marie.

How did this whole Ordo Equilibrio story begin and how was the style born?

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio was an idea which was manifested itself during my involvement in Archon Satani, but which awaited to befall until my departure in May 1993.

1995 - Reaping the Fallen, The First Harvest - CD CMI 32;
1997 - The Triumph of Light, And Thy Thirteen Shadows of Love, CD CMI 44;
1997 - I4I - 7" CMI 54;
1998 - Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance - CD CMI 64;
2000 - Make Love, And War; The Wedlock of Roses - CD CMI 84;
2001 - Make Love, And War: The Wedlock of Equilibrium - CD CMI 94;
2001 - Make Love, And War; The Wedlock of Roses, And Equilibrium - DLP CMI 84/94;
Upcoming 2002 - 4 Life 4 Love 4 Lust And Roses CMI 124;
2 X 7" Box, 2 X 7" Gatefold, MCD

How does Thomas Pettersson live, what is the Ordo's head doing in his personal life?

I envision, fantasize, yearn, long, wait and create. I try to live as much as I can for the realization of myself without the remorse of tomorrow.

How do you put together the music? How much is the live part and how much the artificial (computer sound, etc.)

Each song derives as a consequence of incentive, rendered from one or several separate or congregated impressions - disappointment, love, understanding, compromise, sex, anger, frustration, joy, perplexity, disheartenment etc., etc. which successively convene to establish the aesthetic foundation from which the entire song starts to materialize. I personally venture to realize and control the production process to the extent that is possible, earnestly lacking confidence in other individual's competence of realizing my visions. I envision, apprehend and realize the idea. I author the lyrics, orchestrate the work, enter the studio and personally operate the recording process and the completion of the work; however with the occasional assistance of others.

How do you feel when your music is labeled?

This situation is seemingly inevitable; people love to categorize everything in order to start to understand it; and caring about this is a waste of both time and energy.

Are you planning a long time ahead when it is about the band?

I contemplate constantly with regards to the present and future operations of ORE, whether my intentions are immediate and/or distant.

New album? Where can people get it? Because even I don't have it yet.

I intend to initiate my workings on a new and sixth ORE album following the completion of all impending concerts in October and November - Tübingen Germany 25/10, Lausanne Switzerland 27/10, Rome Italy 29/10, Vincenza Italy 01/11, Vienna Austria 02/11 and finally Stockholm Sweden 16/11. After this there won't be any more ORE concerts until 2004 and which gives me time to focus and realize all the ideas I have for a new and improved ORE work.

Who is listening to this kind of music? I guess the "club" is not too large.

As a listener you are probably better equipped and situated to respond to this question than I am.

On your website, I have seen pictures of you in concert. Can you really perform live this music? How does a concert work/take place?

Performing live we try to present an act that is aesthetically affiliated to the philosophical, spiritual and aesthetic aspirations of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio; whether it is akin to contemplated irony, militia or fetishism; further accompanied by drums, banners and flaming fires. But as we are still investigating the possibilities and disadvantages with regard to performing live, and still are learning about the necessary constituents to appropriately succeed according to our aspirations - the performance will most certainly evolve as we proceed. And in conclusion I can merely say - Do not expect anything, and you won't be disappointed.

What kind of people go to your concerts? Don't you think that your music should be more like listened from an armchair, at home?

The majority and appearance of the people who attend our concerts differ regionally and is seemingly a situation relative to the particular country we perform in, Poland is rarely the same as Germany and Germany is rarely the same as Italy, but in general throughout Europe there is selection of people from the industrial, gothic, metal and fetish communities who take the time to care about our doings and misdeeds. Is our music better and preferably experienced at home? Not necessarily; I see no reason why.

Why are you playing (live-performing) only in Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, and Italy? Can there be an Eastern-European concert expected?

I would like the opportunity of visiting and performing in additional eastern European countries besides Poland, and There is seemingly the possibility of several Eastern European concerts in a not too distant future; in Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia and Hungary but there are several reasons for not being entirely able to realize all the aspirations, such as transport, costs, distances, money and general organization.

Neither sex, nor God is a taboo to you. So what is taboo?

I do not believe that are any taboos as far as you are intellectually capable of defending your ideals and perspectives for yourself and those who contest your believes. If there is defendable thought, reason, intellect and argument behind the utilization of anything, I am willing to accept it, but as I am neither willing nor able to defend or support the utilization of sex with either children or animals, that's where I draw my line.

What kind of music are you listening to?

I am listening to all sorts of music that I find interesting - Country and Western, Classical Music, music from the 40's 50's & 60's as well as music from the same scene that we are akin to ourselves.

What do you think of the mankind's situation?

Civilizations rise and blossom, so it has ever been and so it shall ever be, but everything is ultimately destined to perish, such is the natural order of everything. Everything lives by the dictum of Creation Destruction and Renewal; and I believe this assessment confers a relatively clear perspective on my opinion about mankind's situation; past, present and future.


See above.

Do you use some kind of "energizer" (drugs, alcohol)?

I smoke and drink vast amounts of tea, so I guess I do. I believe there is more than one way of using drugs; one is to use them, another to abuse them, and I certainly believe drugs are capable of serving as elements of both practicality and entertainment. We are all certainly aware of the hazards, and consequently responsible for ourselves and our own individual progress and/or decline utilizing them. I utilize drugs infrequently in order to effectuate a desired purpose, may it be sexual, magical or merely practical.

What's your attitude towards the "sex and love" theme?

Everything is interesting enough to try at least once. Realize yourself, no one else will, and act according to your own individual desires with consent.

What do you think when you hear these words: faith, honor, and respect?

I think notions akin to the concepts of family, religion and tradition.

Do you believe in God?

I believe in myself and me the benefactor of my individual prosperity and misfortune, so I guess I believe in god.

Do you consider yourself a part of today's consumer-society?

Can you truly alienate someone from something he or she doesn't seek, nor wish to belong to? There is vast ideological difference as far as my conceptual and factual belonging to society is concerned, but as far as the world looks like it does, we are all part of it whether I want to or not.

What does Ordo Equilibrio mean?

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio translates the Order of Roses and Balance and signifies the substance of my aims, intellectually, spiritually, aesthetically and sexually, it is the implement through which I am capable to aesthetically manifest my delusions of equilibrium on the illusive boundary of conjectural extremes. Equilibrium on the threshold of the sensually seductive and morally reprehensible; on the verge of the conjecturally acclaimed and what's soon to be inflamed- Equilibrium somewhere on the illusive boundary between the impending apocalypse & the rising of an Epicurean kingdom. The balance of madness and sanity converged as an implement by which to advance to the stars.

Can some kind of project be expected from you in the near future?

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio is my project and beyond the continuing operations of ORE it doesn't seem likely that you will ever see anything else.

What do you know about Transylvania? Have you ever been there?

I have neither been to Transylvania nor Romania, but surely hope to some day.

With which label are you in contract at this moment? Because I have seen you at Cold Meat Industry and Erebusodora, too?

On behalf of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio I am not in contact with any labels besides Cold Meat Industry at present time. But there are however labels which I am in personal contact with, such as Tesco, Eis & Licht, and Rabbau Organization.

It is very difficult to get your albums. Don't you think about entering in a contract with another label? Because Cold Meat Industry lets only a specific stratum gets your music.

It would naturally be great to sell more records and possibly reach a larger audience, but the changing of labels is an issue which concerns far more issues than the selling additional copies and reaching larger audience. If this would have been the sole issue, I would surely have been better of making different music. Changing labels is an issue which concerns to the possibility of being able and allowed to maintain your aesthetic and intellectual freedom without being transformed, mutated and forced to become a pawn of commercialism and spiteful consumerism, and as far as CMI grants me the possibility to exercise my full creative freedom without intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic compromise or constraint, I see no reason of changing labels, especially not for the sole purpose of selling more records. So in conclusion we can merely hope that the distributors who hold the key to commercial success and the possibility of reaching prospective buyers throughout the world, ultimately give Cold Meat Industry the time and respect it deserves.

Thank you very much for your time, I wish you the best with Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio.

Thanx.Please contact me again If there is anything else I can help you with.

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