Nocturnal Depression

Suicide (from Latin sui caedere, to kill oneself) is the act of willfully ending one's own life. Suicide is sometimes used as a noun for one who has committed or attempted the act. No single factor has gained acceptance as a universal cause of suicide. However, depression is a common phenomenon amongst those who commit suicide. Herr Suizid from the French Black Metal band Nocturnal Depression enlighting us about the connections between Black Metal a form of extreme art and suicide. Let the self destruction blossom!

Hails Herr Suizid! I’ll start with a non conventional question: How old are you and when did you start playing music?

I started to play music 20 years ago. And about my ages if you want to know I'm not a teenager who has discovered Black Metal yesterday.

What’s the reason you started to play black metal?

It's the only music in opposition to the others. While the rest are in a very beautiful lovely world (so fantasy), Black Metal is the other side formed negatives feelings like hatred, depression and anti-religion. But in reality it is the music that approaches himself from classical.

What does black metal mean to you? A musical style or a life form?

As I told you: Black Metal is negativity and so for us (Lord Lokhraed and I) a life form. I don't understand why people have to go on shitty happy things in nowadays Black Metal. I am speaking about the pagan waves who deal with beliefs they never believe. Are you sure every pagan band believes in what they say? For stupid lyrics of a warrior tales there is enough with Rhapsody and actual heavy metal.

There are lots of Black Metal bands playing suicidal music; it’s kind of a trend nowadays to play that kind of music. What do you think couses this trend?

With the success of bands like Forgotten Tomb, Shining and Xasthur everybody has discovered a kind of black metal they never thought to listen. It is the same way for the revival of "True or Old School" Black Metal with success of Nehemah (for France). You want to talk about trends problems? Well we have to destroy them for purifying the scene.

Did you play in any bands before Nocturnal Depression?

No, I played for myself for many years. Lord Lokhraed is very active and it is due to him if Nocturnal Depression appears to mankind because I was working on music but I don't have a black metal voice. So works from my past years were re-arranged and finally recorded.

Since 2004 you released 4 full lengths, a single, a split and a demo. What inspires you in creating this fast?

We are not like every bands: we don't stop working on our titles when we have enough titles to make a CD. We continue simply and that's why we've got a lot of release. Everyday negativity controls us so we have music to work. There are lots of tracks but we don't release every one of them.

What does suicide mean to you? Did you ever wanted to kill yourself? If yes, which method would you apply?

Suicide is a proof of courage and a best way to clean the planet of week spirits who are almost crying for a yes or a no. For sure, everyday I get up it is the first thing I think but I'm not a weak it is a pleasure to fuck every gods and/or people who dislike me by my presence. I think the best way I will apply may be a gun on the mouth, even if someone enter and find you, you're already dead. Poison is the worst the time it may goes on everybody can save you. Everything like this is explained on our forthcoming CD.

Nocturnal Depression’s style is very close to Ildjarn`s primitive, raw style. Do you like Ildjarn? Does his music inspire you? There are also Judas Iscariot influences in your music. Do you plan any covers from those bands?

For sure these bands are influencing us like Forgotten Tomb, Shining, Burzum and Nargaroth do. But we don't try to copy them like several bands are doing. These bands are pillar on our Black Metal Style we can only respect them. No covers are planned but why not.

My personal favorite is Four Seasons to a Depression. Can you explain the title of this demo? I don’t really understand it.

It deals with the progression of human spirit who follows the nature: Spring, he live and start already to die. Summer, he begin to rot and the idea of suicide is around him. Autumn, he die more and more as the nature die. Finally Winter, it is the end he kill himself and went into the astral. It is a summary because it is more complex but after the interview may be too long and boring.

Do you like the old Black Legions bands? Are you in contact with any of those musicians? Have they any influence on your music? Are you in contact with any band from France?

No way, this is not stuff I listen to. I don't have contact and influences with them and I don't want to have. We have many contacts but it is more with Lord Lokhraed than I. I prefer be far away of a scene I dislike.

Looking at the band logo and the band name people could think that you are a gothic or doom metal band…newer wanted to change the logo or the band name?

We have thought to change for a more black metal logo. If people think what we are only by visual so they don't have to listen to music: we are not fan of visual concept, the principal thing is that people listening to our music feel sad and tormenting by their own feelings.

Whose idea was Nocturnal Depression? What does the name mean to you?

We made this name a mix between the kind of classical music slow and dark called Nocturne and Depression for our lyrics deal with the hard path to suicide. It's even now a illness phase on depression and suicidal tendencies.

You have some cover songs on your releases. Do you think it’s important to make covers? Would you like if someone would make a Nocturnal Depression cover?

It is not important but I like to play some stuff I really enjoy listening. At the beginning it is a kind of way to show from what bands make influences upon you. I'm not against a ND cover, for example a band in USA will play Nostalgia on live.

What’s your problem with the Parisian Black Metal scene? Mention some bands you hate…

Hahaha, on every interview there is a demand about this. I think they are too pretentious and hypocrite and a lot of other things. It is simply the same regards on them with the Grenoble Scene. Well I won't tell a list of bands because it may be long but I will say the one I like: Temple of Baal is the only who have balls.

When writing the lyrics you are sober or you like to use some drugs or alcohol?

We are possessed by our sad and melancholic feelings.

Do you drink alcohol? In what states are you when you’re drunk? Are you aggressive, depressive or happy?

Are you doctor?

What does self-mutilation mean to you? Do you practice it?

It's a kind of way to make an emotional suffering into a visual thing. Sometimes it is use to bring the spirit away from a feeling of sorrow. My only self-mutilation is Nocturnal Depression.

Many people say that being married and having a family can not coexist with the true spirit of Black Metal. What do you think; every BM fan or musician should be alone and kill himself? Do you have a girlfriend, family and child?

I know a lot of couples married and having children who play Black Metal and I say music with balls not the shitty symphonic ambient crap. Everyone can choose what he wants in his boring existence and being alone is a choice. I think people playing depressive (and who feel it) can't be alone. My girlfriend and my wife is music and my child is Nocturnal Depression.

What do you think about NSBM? Has politics place in Black Metal? Do you like any NSBM band?

I'm not against NSBM, a lot of bands on this thought plays a Black Metal of better quality than stupid cunts who spit on their face. Well politic and music is always hard things to unite. I think nowadays with the affluence of atheist, Christianism in Europe is no more the most important thing to destroy: lot of people say Religion is bullshit because it is just a thing made by fantasy. So to choke people what is the derangest thing they can't deny it has existed? Nazism. So by this way I just want to say that NSBM are more in the Black Metal philosophy than pagan. Eastern European countries and Scandinavia can pretend to be pagan, the rest is masquerade.

Do you like sado-masochism? Did you ever try it? What about perversions? Do you like pornographic stuff?

Are you policeman?

Please mention three of your favorite movies…

Lord of the Rings, Sergio Leone's Westerns, Carpenter’s vampires.

Favorite food?

Italian food.

Favorite drink?

Belgian Fucking Beers.

If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Would you try to change the course of history? Would you like to kill someone?

Nowhere. There is no evolution concerning mankind. If I want to see some cunts I just go outside. Maybe I have already killed someone...

If you had to chose between prison and death which would it be?

Death, a start to a different thing (better or not I don't know).

My last question: did you hear about the disappearance of Kvarforth? What do you think is he dead or not? What was your reaction to Jon Nodtveidt`s suicide?

I don't know and have no ideas concerning Kvarforth. Concerning Jon Nodveit it is really stupid to survive in jail and to kill himself after. His death made no remorse or feeling on me, I don't like Dissection even if they made a great work this is not "my-cup-of-blood". EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO KILL HIMSELF.

Thank you for answering my questions, let the suicide propaganda go on!


by Woodlum666