Nightfall, one of the biggest names in the Greek metal scene surprised me with his new CD - I Am Jesus -, their 6th album to date. Quality dark metal is what you can find on this CD, passionate and sensitive though. The band’s front man, Efthimis gave all the details I wanted to find out about this new album and a few other things regarding Nightfall.

Greetings Efthimis! You have recently released a new album - I Am Jesus. What kind of responses did you get so far? Have you heard about any negative reviews?

Hello Robert! So far the feedback is just fine. We are not aware of any negative review but on the other hand we don’t give a shit if someone doesn’t like us…

Nightfall always had interesting and somehow provocative album titles. I Am Jesus: I guess it’s a metaphor as most of your lyrics as well. Why did you choose this to be the title of the new album?

Being provocative through words is one of my favourite games I must admit. Moreover I do consider all Nightfall supporters as clever personalities who like such mind-games to play with. Through this phrase/title I declare my opposition to Christianity, but you have to dive into words, truly, in order to understand it ;-)

I was very surprised that you’ve detached from Holy Records. You had a history with them, your debut was also Holy’s debut as well. Once you’ve said that “Holy is the best!” What did go wrong?

Time passes by and people along with things change. This rule applied onto Nightfall's relationship with holy as well. Don’t really wanna say anything more. We experienced the most difficult period of our career with them and that’s oxymoron. Let’s walk ahead.

I’ve heard that they wanted to release a kind of “Best of Nightfall” in order to let you go, but this had never happened. Have you made an agreement with them at last?

After so much time and effort to set our band free they finally gave their consent to do so, one morning just like that. However they keep the rights of all previous works of ours, waiting new fans to buy them. This is the music industry though…

How is it to be on Black Lotus Records? How the relations with the new label are and how many albums have you signed for?

So far everything goes fine and I hope and work to secure a common future. It’s a promising label with many interesting acts in its roster, most of which are international.
One has to keep in mind that I am so selfish person I always like to have control of everything. Therefore, being in a huge label talking with an employ once in a while and not with the boss directly anytime I want simply freaks me out.

The new album has been out for while. Are you totally satisfied with it? Do you think it’s the best album of yours so far? You obviously have changed a lot. How do you see your latest work compared to your early releases?

Each release reflects a certain period. I Am Jesus was recorded/prepared for about a whole year, so we paid close attention to the detail; the tracks are not “shallow” but have a depth that requires time from the listener in order to reveal the treasures underneath.

Will you make tours to promote the new album? Which are the bands you would like to play with?

Any band as long as its members are cool pro guys is fine to play with. Referring to touring I must say I am not that keen as I used to be in the earliest years. Now I prefer playing few selected shows here and there the way I like it and enjoy it.

I sense a few non-metal influences in Nightfall’s music. What kind of non-metal bands do you listen to?

So many you won’t believe it Robert. I am always open to interesting productions no matter the genre.

You’re part of the scene since the early ‘90s. Do you feel yourself much older then you felt in 1990? How do you see Metal? It’s just music or it’s more a way of life?

I prefer to say that music and art in general is a way of life. After so many years in the scene as you say I have managed to keep the good things with me and let all other silly ones out forever.

What’s Efthimis’ view upon life? Do you think you changed a lot as a person when you are looking back in time?

Change is a challenge my friend, not a threat. If those who stand against changes were dominating this planet then I guess we’d all still lived in the caves! New experiences add new parameters to one’s theories never letting you feeling bored. That short of life I like to live!

What do you think is the meaning of life?

Trying to explain the unknown through values and things you already know…

What do you think about death? Do you think that death is the end, or just a beginning? Do you believe in any kind of afterlife?

Everything is energy and energy never dies, only changes forms.

You used to live and study in London. Are you still living there?

No, not anymore. Nice place to spend some years of your life but nothing more.

What are you doing in your freetime? Any particular hobbies?

The usual type of man in his 30’s. Driving is most probably my favorite thing, really. Fast and furious.

How do you see yourself and the band in the future? Do you think you will be able to keep on releasing and writing good music?

As long as we keep this thing in that spiritual sphere we’ve created so many years now I strongly believe we keep on releasing interesting stuff. You know, most bands lose their identity in the profit hunting circuit, end up wondering what the hell they are doing after some years. We don’t, and that’s the secret; art has nothing to do with pure business!

When was your first contact with metal music? How did you reach to play in a metal band? Who were your biggest influences back then and what kind of music/bands do you listen now?

I listened to Accept once upon a time in the 80’s and that was it. Many memories of mine have metal “soundtrack”, so for me this type of music is something more than reviews and favorite bands whatsoever. It’s part of my life and heritage.

Parade Into Centuries was the first CD in the Greek metal scene that appeared at a foreign label. How do you see your past? There weren’t any Greek labels at that time which could release your album? How was the scene over there at that time?

Back at that time Greece was isolated from the other world. It was as difficult to get abroad with the band those days as it is now for an Iraqi to travel to the States. Grotesque. Greek labels? No.
First came the bands and much later some labels too who mostly failed because the culture of the scene didn't have any background. We and a couple of others band built that scene; many mistakes that we learned from, many people who came in but did nothing more than talking, many endless nights and days trying to produce a descent demo production, etc.
Long story indeed but nice to remember.

Are you following with attention the scene of our days? Who are the bands/albums which impressed you these days? What was the last CD you have bought?

Oh, I am not that much into bands but more into productions. I listen to many things and then I simply don’t remember the names of the artists. You can't have all in life, can you?

What do you think about internet, web-magazines and the digitalized press? What about the illegal download of mp3s? Do you use the internet to download music?

I am a romantic and I like the idea of sharing art freely. Internet is an interesting place to be, but with lots a scums aroung. Needs to be careful.

You’ve been making music almost since a decade and a half. Can you make a living from your music or you have to work? How many copies can sell a band like Nightfall? What about the others in the band?

Money comes in mostly from other music related activities of the members that take place thanks to the reputation of the band. By selling 20 or 30 or even 50 thousand copies these days you cant make a good living as much money is reinvested in promotion and other things a band needs in order to stay “alive” these days.
That’s the reason why you see guys playing music in a band and owning a studio at the same time or doing the management thing or session for others, etc.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

Dark, impressive, and of course poetic.

Where do you think the band will be 10-20 years from now?

Oh, no time even to think about such things right now. Let it flow Robert, let it flow.

What are the future plans for Nightfall? When we should expect a new release and what we should expect from it? Are you still going to make new experiments regarding your music in the future?

Shortly an album with some remixes in all tracks from I Am Jesus will come out (remixes by friends of ours from known and unknown bands) along with a DVD thing. More info soon; stay tuned to our internet nest at

That’s all for the time being, thanks a lot for your answers. If you have any message for our readers, feel free to share it.

Thank you very much all for your time and effort in Nightfall! Truly appreciated.


by Robert Sun