Nekrokrist SS

NEKROKRIST SS isn't just another NSBM-band as many may think about bands name. It's about darker side of National Socialism; death, genocide, fascism and torture, but still it is devoted to darkness, master satan, self-mutilation and despiting everything living.

Hail Nekrokrist SS! Please tell me, who is answering my questions, and who are the members of the band?

FÜHRER - Guitars, bass, vocals (Answering)
NEKROKOMMANDO - Drums, vocals.

On the back side of the “Suicide” CD there is a photo, with a female in the middle…is she a band member, is it you (the band) on that photo?

There’s a band on that photo but female is not a member. She was cutting her flesh in my apartment and one of my friends took that photo…

Who formed Nekrokrist SS and what was the intention with the band?

Nekrokrist was formed by me and four other guys in 2001, intention was to play very cold and aggressive black metal but it didn’t work. There were too many “different” guys in the band so after few rehearsals Nekrokrist was dead. In 2003 I started to make new songs and I record “Gas Chambers...” demo with a session drummer. Soon after that I asked Nekrokommando for drums and I think that’s the moment when N-SS was born!

Basically we don’t know much about the band, do you have past experiences with other bands? You are not two days musicians, that’s obvious…

Yes, we have but we don’t want to be connected to any other bands, so I will not tell you any names.

Your demo is really good, but still primitive, without much originality. Tell me how did you get in touch with Primitive Reaction?

Valgrinder of Finnish band FÖRGJORD helped us with mastering of “Suicide”, and he was sent the promo-CD’s for labels and Primitive was interested…

The album was a great surprise for me, I really like that kind of harsh, primitive Black Metal, but please tell me, how can you combine NS with suicide? What has depression to do with National Socialism?

We don’t, although we both are interested on the esoteric side of National Socialism. Nekrokrist is not a NSBM band! It may give some inspiration for the lyrics, but that’s all.

Are you Nazis? Are you adepts of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” theories?

Nekrokrist is not NSBM band, what WE are is not anyone’s business!

When I saw the “cut your flesh” inscription, the first thing that came into my mind was the French Antaeus. Are you adepts of self mutilation? Do you like Antaeus?

We both have few scars on flesh but I think title “adept” is the wrong word. And yes, we like Antaeus!

There are some spelling errors in the lyrics from the booklet of the “Suicide” album. Did you know that? Do you care about the lyrics or only the music and the atmosphere matters for you?

“Suicide” lyrics are very important and have personal meaning to me. I know there’s some spelling errors but I really don’t care about that. The point is still clear.

Where does the name Nekrokrist SS came from? Whose idea was that?

It’s my idea. “SS” - of the band name have very different meaning that you may think. In a way it symbolizes the satanic brotherhood of me and Nekrokommando! The name Nekrokrist SS means us the brotherhood of Anti-Christ.

Do you have plans for live performances? Do you like live performances? Should a Black Metal band play live?

I like to watch live performances but don’t play. We don’t have any plans but who knows..

Do you like the Finnish Black Metal scene? Please tell me your favorite bands.

I like Finnish black metal scene very much. There are good bands on this soil like Clandestine Blaze, Warloghe, Baptism, Vitsaus, Förgjord etc.

Do you like nature? Do you admire the local landscapes?

Yes. Landscapes of Finland are very beautiful, forests and lakes..

What does “Itsemurha” mean?


Would you like to be a Nazi soldier in World War 2? What would you do?


Which are the rules that you follow in your life? Do you have any special ideology about life?

I don’t have special rules or ideology about life.

Which are your plans for the future? Can we expect a new Nekrokrist SS release soon?

There’s coming a vinyl version of “Suicide”, including 2 bonus tracks. And some new songs will be released on the form of MCD.

Finally tell me, do you believe that National Socialism will ever rise to power again? What would you do for that to happen?

It’s possible but I think it won’t happen in my lifetime so I don’t think much about it.

Thank you for the answers, close the interview as you wish.

Thank you for the interview, Hail!


by woodlum666