Necros Christos

"And I will lay sinews upon you,
and I will bring up new flesh upon your corpse,
and cover it with skin, and put breath in you,
and ye shall live in hell;
and ye shall know that I am Necros Christos ..."

"... The conquering has begun ...

"... all minions shall gather in blasphemous adoration while the bells of ritual doom chime for ...

"... the discoverie of black wytchcraft in music ...

"... the Doom of Necros Christos ...

What is the current situation with NC in terms of compositions and members? After releasing your debut album you have been a quite inactive.

To be precise we’ve actually played 6 shows in Finland, the Netherlands and Germany since “Triune Impurity Rites” was released in early 2007. I wouldn’t call that inactive. Things have been going a bit slow for us in 2008 year though. We’ve begun to work with our new drummer Raelin Ra, are rehearsing new material and will return to the stage in autumn.

Why did you choose a Greek name for your band? It’s very unique and sounds great, I think.

You’d have to ask Mors Dalos Ra about that, but I think it was actually inspired by Hellhammer (Slayed Necros).

What’s happened with you previous drummer Christhammer? I think you have some problems with drummers. If I’m not wrong Mister Raelin is your 3rd drummer in the bands history.

There have never been problems with any past or present Necros Christos members. People have lives. Mr. Christhammer had to focus on other things in his life, and since he wouldn’t have been able to commit himself to rehearsing and playing live as much as before he chose to pass the job on to somebody else.

Introduce your new drummer to the readers in few words:

He’s also involved in a great Death Metal band called Hatespawn who will release their debut album shortly.

Where came your name Black Shepherd Ov Doom and what represents for you? Why did you choose this name?

Because I’ve always liked the old Belgian Thrash band Black Shepherd, and their name in particular. Simple as that.

You define your style Necromantic Death Metal. What means to you this definition?

Just that.

Your debut album Triune Impurity Rites was sold out very quick. Are available the second pressing of the album? How many copies was pressed?

It has been repressed by now. The first pressing was 2.000 copies, as is the second. The vinyl version has also just been released in an edition of 1.500. The album will not be limited. As long as there’s a demand it will be kept in print. However, since Sepulchral Voice is a small underground label delays may occur.

What is the goal of the placing of Temples in your recordings? More specifically what is it they attain for the listener?

The idea is to interconnect the songs into a large whole, to establish a mesmerizing current, a mantra-like atmosphere.

Would you say that NC is the culmination of your search for a perfect entity which suits you perfectly with both your musical taste, personality and ideology. If so, in which way?


Despite being a traditionally sounding death metal band, NC possess something that many bands lack nowadays, and that is its unique atmosphere. How do you manage to combine the dark atmosphere presented on the songs with the thematic exposed there in? I mean in terms of compositions.

Necros Christos is an entity that speaks through Mors Dalos Ra. It’s a state of mind. If you write music you don’t think about the process, the music realizes itself through you. At least if you do music with any meaning in there.

In general terms, where do your inspirations come from, in term of Satanic organizations and ancient Roman and Etruscan Cultures?

I don’t think that Necros Christos in influenced by any of them.

Is there a difference between the lyrical aspect of the band and the personal studies in the occult you undertake?

Of course the lyrics pretty much represent some aspects of occultism that we, and Mors Dalos Ra in particular, are interested in – the religious and magical worlds of ancient high cultures as Egypt, Sumer and the Middle East. Necros Christos also reflects aspects of the Qabalah and the Old Testament.

Would you say that the recordings of NC were used as a form of personal catharsis and as a mental decompression type of ritual in order to generate a response/reaction from the listener?

You could apply a personal cathartic aspect to music in general, I think. Good music at least. But we do this for ourselves exclusively, and not in order to cause any reaction from anybody.

Speaking of the lyrics penned by you for NC. Do you reflect experiences of your own that were gained in occult and magical rituals as I have got the impression that you are extremely dedicated to subjects dealing with these occult issues?

Since Mors Dalos Ra is writing all music and lyrics for NC I cannot answer on his behalf, but let me say that Necros Christos is all about occultism, and that not because we think it’s fancy.

Topics for some songs have been taken from the ancient cultures and mysteries of Sumerian, Egypt and Mesopotamia. How much have you familiarized yourself with cultures and mysteries of those ancient ones?

A lot.

What can you tell us about the current German death metal scene in terms of musical quality, originality and ideological efficiency?

I have no idea what you mean by ideological efficiency. In general the German death metal scene is poor, but there are a few truly exceptional bands, such as Excoriate, Nebiros, Hatespawn and Deathronation.

On Grave Damnation demo you covered the legendary Acid Orgy song from the Reflections of the Solstice album by Goatlord. What was the reaction for this cover from your fans? I think your version is better than the original one, you put the power on this song, breathing a new life in this old classic, your comment:

Actually I myself have never been that fanatical about Goatlord, but that particular song is pretty cool, and I do agree that we did something new out of it. (Which to me is the only point in recording cover versions anyway.)

You have an other interesting cover song of Beherit on Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbath Ep. Do you planning to records some cover songs in future? It will be great to hearing some Mental Funeral era Autopsy or an Asphyx cover. What do you think about?

We have actually recorded another cover song for an upcoming mini CD, but I won’t reveal it here. Even though Autopsy and Asphyx are bands that have had a huge influence on us I think it would be boring to record a cover by them. Simply because musically we are too closely related. As I said earlier on, I prefer cover versions that add a new dimension to the song – like Celtic Frost’s version of “Mexican Radio” or Judas Priest’s versions of “Green Manalishi” or “Better By You, Better Than Me”.

I’d like to know more about the Night Of The Unmutilated Ritual Live Video an Bunkertor 4 Rehearsals Rehearsal Video. Where was this filmed and why was it only available on so few copies? Are you planning to re-release this stuff someday?

I don’t think that it will ever be re-released. It was meant as a special item that was exclusively given to friends of the band.

Are you planning to release a pro live concert DVD?

No. I mean, if we could pull it off in a really special way it would surely be worth considering. We have been thinking about collaborating on a video project with a professional movie director that we happen to know, but there are no plans right now.

Do you planning a tour with NC in future? Or do you like special concerts, festivals appearances, etc?

So far we have only played selected shows with bands that we personally like. Our private lives don’t allow to play much more than a couple of selected shows per year. We may do a one or two week tour at some point in the future, though.

Because I had no chance to seeing NC on stage, tell me something about your live rituals. Is your live sound better than CD/LP sound?

I’d like to think that Necros Christos shows are special in a way that they project the spiritual essence of the band. In my opinion also the releases capture the band sound quite well, even if live shows are always different than what you hear on record.

Tell me something about the technical background of NC. Your sound is amazing. What kind of amplifiers, pedals, strings, etc do you have?

Nothing exceptionally outstanding, really. We actually have our own small studio at our rehearsal place. We’re recording everything right there by ourselves, supervised by the Evil Reverend N.

Drowned play a strong role in your life as well. How are you able to share the time between your private matters and these band activities ?

Since neither of these bands has recording/touring commitments it’s actually not that difficult to handle. We are preparing riffs and song structures on our own and assemble them whenever we rehearse. Each of us has been playing this music for more than 15 years, so rehearsals are usually quite effective.

Which band of these is closer to your heart, which band/music of yours portray the best your person?

I would have to say Drowned, because I’ve been involved in that band since 1992. We have a strict conceptual separation between NC and Drowned. I am writing most of the music for Drowned, and Mors Dalos Ra is writing all the music in NC. So obviously, Drowned still is a much more personal affair for me. On the other hand, if I wasn’t completely into Necros Christos I wouldn’t have joined them ...

Because I’m not into Drowned, please introduce your other band for the readers. Releases, necessary infos, etc.

Please refer to

What should we know about Black Warcult/Todeskult/Tothundemeton label? Is your own record label? What is the situation with Sepulchral Voice Records? Are you involved in?

Black Warcult is run by a friend of ours, Tothundemeton is Mors Dalos Ra’s “label”. None of us is involved in Sepulchral Voice Records.

The best death metal band ever is:

Too many to mention! But the most important metal band certainly is Black Sabbath. There is nothing that they haven’t done already.

Thank you for your time and thoughts. Any final thoughts or closing comments?

Thanks to everybody who bought our releases and supported Necros Christos in any way!


by Mirgilus