Nasty Savage

Nasty Savage had need no intruduction. Nasty Savage is a METAL LEGEND. My friend David Laci made a very interesting and deep conversation with Nasty Ronnie. The lesson in metal history starts now!!!!

Greetings Ronnie from Hungary! Let we jump a little bit into the past. „Penetration point” was released in 1989 by Rotten Records. Why did you come from Metal Blade? Or were you dropped?

We were done with Metal Blade, we had trouble within our own management dealing with things including MB so we moved on. MB wanted to sign us to a 7 record deal back in 1985 and we only signed for one with a option ,,so who should have done what? or where did we go wrong? From the start? It’s all the past now.

As I as know, Rotten Recrods belonged to the members of D.R.I. How did you get in touch with them? Did you know them?

A guy who owned RR Ron Peterson was a Nasty Savage fan and Spike from DRI was his partner and said cool so we did that record who many think its a weak NS CD but they need to listen again because it’s a part of NS history of blood sweat and tears , it’s real and it’s all 110% NS music hard ’n’ heavy in your face!!!!

How many did help the label the band? Did they support your career? Does Rotten Records exist? Do you know something about D.R.I.?

It was only one and we left because we really all feel apart tired of getting fucked and no real system of managemant or anything leading us into our future so we broke up.

On this album has played Richard Bateman on the bass. How and when did he joined the band? He was the 4th bass player in the band. You have had always unluck with the bassplayers, haven’t you?

Richard has broken the spell he was on P.P. toured with us for years, Wage Of Mayhem 2003 and on this new CD PSYCHO PSYCHO you will see how he kicks ass!!!!! He is a really devastating talented bass player, ck out Dementia 13 & Merciless Truths 2 songs we co wrote.

I think, „Penetration point” is the most complex Nasty Savage stuff. In your opinion, what is difference or similarity between „Penetration point” and „Indulgence”? Did the fans like the album?

Well click my answer to #2 its really the same, I guess it was a bit complex to some and went over others heads? This CD has been selling all along and Crookd Records re released it with a diffrent cover.

How many items were sold from the Nasty Savage albums worldwide?

Thats somthing we would like to know????? LOL, Ha, Ha what a joke ,,,,I would say 300 thousand or more? who knows? What do you think? It’s sucks to be the talent you know because you always get fucked???

In 1989 you played at a festival in Katowice, in Poland. Do you remember this gig? With which bands did you play together? Were you on European tour too?

Yes, Poland was a true honor to play!!!!!! There were many bands there I remember the Polish band Wolf Spider!!! At the time we were touring with Autocraft from England & Exumer from Germany across Europe ,,,,, another real nightmare in the management dept.

Please, speak a little bit about the early Nasty Savage gigs. As I as know, they were very heavy and full with actions. Is it true, you have broken up tv sets on the stage?

TV is the enemy!!!!! It’s real it’s live and you never know what will happen with NS LIVE on stage? We have a gig tomorrow night in Orlando Fl. and I'm starting to get my mind ready for what I must do tomorrow on stage with NASTY SAVAGE, TV 's? Yes yes yes yes.
Blood and more, at Bang Your Head in Germany I think I had at least 5 or so on stage to destroy ,,, it’s fun but it’s very real. We'll take you on a trip so get on the bus and take a ride with us were going to the old school.

You did wrestling before you joined Nasty Savage, do you? Is wrestling a sport, an hobby or only fun? Do you do wrestling nowadays too? What kind of role does play sport in your life? What’s your opinion about Hulk Hogan?

Hulk Hogan lives here in Tampa Bay and he has been on my TV Show I produce BORN TO RIDE with his Harleys and I must say he is like being around Elvis or somthing. He is a true living legend and I have total respect for him!!!
I co-produced over 200 IWF Wrestling TV Shows out of Universal Studios Fl., Sound Stage 23. I have and always will be into Pro Wrestling in a professional manner and would love to work for the WWE someday.

What kind of sports do you like? For example ice hockey, Tampa Bay Lightning?

Hocky? A little because they are tough guys who fight a lot but the game can be very boring at times. More of NFL Football, I love Tampa Bay Bucs!!!!!!! Baseball a little, Basketball players are brutal! Olympic sports are cool and love greco roman wrestling.

When and why did Nasty Savage split up? Was an conflict within the band? What did you do after the splitting up of the band? Were you in contact with the other members?

It was over because we were tired of being tired like relationships, sometimes they don't work ,,some kept up with each other some didn't, when I got married none came except Fred from NS CD #1.

In 1999 you played at the Bang Your Head festival in Germany, that was your reunion gig? How did this gig succeed? Which songs did you play and who played in the band? Were you satisfied with the circumstances?

BYH Fest in 1999 is what really got NS back! The guys were Dave Austin/Guitar, Ben Myer/Guitar, ( Fred original Bass player from NS #1 ) Myself /vocals and Jim Cooker on drums who filled in for Curtis who didn't want to go ,,,,
It was the highlite of my career and it was like a time tunnel after over 15 years getting a chance to go back in time to somthing you truly missed but can still do with passion and fury, it was unbelievable and the fans were incredible!!!!! The staff treated us great and it would be a honor to come back again and play Bang Your Head Fest!!!!!!!!

When did you decide to reform the band? Whose idea was to reform the band? Did the other members toe the line? How often did you rehearse?

Because of Dave @ Crookd Records wanted it to happen and he was the man to do it!! Everyone was into it 110% and we are now excited about what’s going on.

You returned with the „Wage of mayhem” EP. Why did you re-released this classic demo? Whose idea was to release this stuff? I have the original one too, because Ben Meyer has sent me.

We felt a comeback by NS in 2003 2 new songs and re release the WOM Demo on a CD kept in it’s orignal form for the real fans who would want this piece of true metal history from 1984!!!!!!!

On the EP was only one brand new song, „Wage of mayhem pt. 2”. When did you write this song? Did you write more new songs?

WOM was one of the new ones and it tells our story of the past and then turns towards our future sort of an anthem, we did that session very quick and I think it wasn't finished writing them when I went in to do my vocals that day, the mind works well in the studio and sometimes you can make it gell.

„Sadonic mosiac” is an Infernal song, which was your band. It can be said, this a cover. Who were the members of Infernal? I mean, Infernal is rather death metal than complex thrash, like Nasty Savage? Do you agree with me?

I call bullshit on that one!!! Sardonic Mosiac was such a cool title I didn't want to waste it with Infernal so I RE WROTE it to fit this NS song and it came of very cool ,,, so yes it is a NEW song also along with WOM!!! Infernal was a very heavy death project I did on Crookd with Josh Sweeny RIP, he was psycho on a guitar and it’s already a cult classic!!!

When did you enter the studio to record the new album? Where did you work? Who was the producer? Please speak a little bit about the process of the recordings!

April 2003 we started @ The Red Room in Tampa Eng. by Mark Prader, Produced by Donald Tardy & Nasty Savage we fired Paul Cursio who produced the 1st Metallica Lp after doing nothing!!!!!! Dave lives in Tenn about 12 hours away so we sent songs back and forth working on the songs Ben had a few, Dave had 5, Curtis had one Richard had 2 and I got to write 10 then he came together in the studio and recorded as much as we could and it worked out.
I did my vocals months later still writing and creating the words for the songs it seemed like Picasso with a lust for life and art my words added color to this large canvas challenge that stud before me ,,,, words of feelings and passion drove me to create and paint another real painting of life as we know it ,,,,, it’s real, it’s nasty and it’s savage!!!!!!

How were the songs composed? Who wrote the songs and the lyrics? Did you re-record old Nasty Savage songs too?

We re did Savage Desire and WWE Superstar pro wrestler Fozzy Frontman & Chris Jerocho did some guest singing with myself and it sounds very cool!! Like I said everyone played their part and worked together with one goal ,,,,,,, come up with a killer CD!!!!!!!

What does mean the title „Psycho psycho”? What is it all about the lyrics?

Just another step in NS history, this time PSYCHO PSYCHO goes deeper into life and mankind ,,can you hear the sound between the words? Look for the answer yourself, what you feel? Is it real?

How many songs will be on the new album? Please, speak about the new songs, about their structure! What would you say about the new record, if you compare it to the classic Nasty Savage albums? Are you satisfied with the sound?

I think its our best work yet, outrageous!! Songs like: PSYCHO PSYCHO, HELL UNLEASHED, ANGUISH, HUMAN FACTOR, TERMINUS MAXIMUS, DEMENTIA 13, STEP UPTO THE PLATE, RETURN OF THE SAVAGE, TRIUMPHAL ENTRY, BETRAYAL SYSTEM, SAVAGE DESIRE, W/ Special guest vocals from WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho & Fozzy Frontman, plus MERCILESS TRUTHS.
This CD is full of passion because 5 people came back together to create somthing that they had lost for years but now it was time to find the key and get it back. Now only you can be the judge for yourselves, make sure you check out PSYCHO PSYCHO!

In this year will be released new albums by Death Angel, Exodus, Nasty Savage, the giants of the ’80-s are back again. What’s your opinion about it? Will be an thrash renesaince? What does motivate you?

I hope we will get more than ever before, it’s like a new birth? Give me new birth put me back upon this earth, like a second chance at fate and what will it bring here in 2004?
Metallica's new CD brought Metal back into comercial success so hopefully this time someone will notice NASTY SAVAGE and we can be the next big thing in your town!!
I am motivated by passion of lust for life, to create more in many ways, open minded to change but always moving foward in diffrent ways.

Do you agree with, you were the grandfathers of the metal scene of Florida? You have had affect on many bands. Tell us please about the early scene of Florida, when Nasty Savage was established! Why did became later Florida the center of the death metal movement?

Yes, grandfathers sounds old more like godfathers. We put a great impact on many future members of some heavy bands that came from Tampa Bay. Most of those bands had great success and turned Brandon/Tampa Bay the metal capital of the world.

I think, Nasty Savage is an excellent, brilliant band, which had never get that appreciation/acknowledgement, what should have deserved. In your opinion, could alter this situation? You are underground heroes/legends. Would you be happy, when Nasty Savage would be popular? What do you think about popularity?

We must make the most of it because here and now life is a great Indulgence!!!!
Popular? Who knows? Hard work is the key nothing comes free ,,,,,,,

Which is your favourite Nasty Savage song and record? In your opinion, which is the most classic Nasty Savage album?

PSYCHO PSYCHO but the next one will be even better,,,,,

Did you play gigs in the States? Will you go on tour? Do you come to Europe, maybe to Hungary? It would be great to see you on stage, because you have never been in Hungary, haven’t you?

We would love to play in Hungary, it would be a honor!!!! Once the CD comes out we will tour every where.

Dezső István Bartha, who played on the bass on the classic „Indulgence” album was from Hungary. What does he do nowadays? Do you know something about Hungary? Have you been in Hungary?

Dezso was a very fine young man who went on to college and I'm sure he is doing magnificent though we haven't heard from him in many many years. We would love to play in Hungary!

Didn’t you think about to record a Nasty Savage live album? Will you record an live album?

We haven't but there are a few out there floating around that are worth.

When will be released the new album? What are your future plans?

In Europe on Metal Blade 3/22/04.

Ronnie, thanks for your answer, my dream came true to do with you this interesting interview. What would you say to our readers? I wish you more luck and all the best! XXX!

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by David Laci