Musta Surma

Finnish ferocious Black Metal death squad, MUSTA SURMA, is no doubt to be one of the precious remaining Black Metal jewels in the worldwide Underground scene. One of the best Black Metal releases of all times is evidently the Musta Surma MCD’s called Riena. Bruno (Kratornas) made a short but very interesting interview with one of my personal favorite Finnish BM band called Musta Surma. Hail Satan, hail Musta Surma!!

Bruno: MS style was said to be Northern (as what the bio stated), but how would you extend on playing such a style because it is been done since ages? Would you care for doing the old tradition or impose new elements in order to be called as "original"?

Strigoi Mort: Yes, Northern style is what we are doing and old tradition must be kept alive. Our own roots are also in bands like Bathory, Mayhem and Dark Throne so it's natural to do BM as we see it should be done and we never have been interested about newer style of BM. We don't care about “new elements”, too many bands have lost basis of BM spirit when they try find some so-called “development” for BM and I don't see any reason why band couldn't sounds as original when they use traditional elements skillfully.

Bruno: I hope you can guide other bands on what kind of equipment they should purchased for a cheaper home recording. Since I am familiar that you as well own good recording equipment. What should an uprising band have, I mean on equipment? In order to save bucks but still endorse good sound? Are you willing to specify?

Strigoi Mort: Well, we have done recordings very various equipments, from cassette 4-tracker to analog reel 8-tracker at the moment. I think 4-tracker, some effect box and couple of good mics are enough for demos if you know how to use them. Specially right tune for instruments (many times forget in drums) is necessity for good result. Digital recorders are quite cheap at the moment but search model which could record at least 4 track simultaneously because cheapest can use only 2 tracks at the same time and that's no good for drums. Good but no so expensive mic is Shure 57.

Bruno: Since already owning an equipment. Why still wanting experiences inside Tico-Tico? You weren't satisfied using the studio - would you even prefer to stick on using your own studio on all upcoming MS materials?

Strigoi Mort: We have used Tico-Tico only one time: mixing our home recorded “Riena” MCD there. At the time we had problems with own equipments (actually part of them was also hired) so we decided to use tico–tico for mix and take it as experience also. And actually Tico-Tico was quite cheap studio. After hands we think results wasn't good. At the moment we don't see reason to use studio such band as MS is but never say never if we lost place for home recording or so.

Bruno: If Black Death means putting evil within music, then what is your stand concerning the support of Metal on Satanism and anti-Christian propaganda?

Strigoi Mort: Lyrics are mainly full of anti-Christian propaganda (in Finnish) or Satanic aspects, music brings evil and cold atmosphere. IMO that's unholy covenant in real BM. Lyrics are like battle hymns for ancient soldier, confirm own will in battle and mocking and blaspheming enemy's weak will and gods. Only stronger will survive.

Bruno: It is already a tradition to see blasphemous bands among the Metal Scene, but nowadays there are Christian Metal and NS bands. Do you think this relates in Metal, generally? Those NS bands play very strong and very good (ie. Nocturnal Mortum) - what's your opinion towards NS bands and since it is now increasing in large numbers there in Europe?

Strigoi Mort: Christian metal is bad joke, could you imagine, somebody of them call their music even as Christian BM! One of the most absurd things what I know. It’s true here is some good bands involved in NS and it’s ok, I could like their music even if I don't care about their politic views. But when talking about NSBM, I think it’s strange if bands support only such NS views like 14 words but don't speak almost any thinking about basis BM views and call their music as BM. Then, call your music as NS Metal , not as NSBM.
Yes, here is many uprising NS involved bands but I haven't heard too many good among them but NM and Graveland are perhaps best NS-involved bands we ever see.

Bruno: If alcohol makes Finnish people happy, then what drives you such bands as Beherit, Warloghe, Horna to play the most violent and rawest Black Metal on Earth?

Strigoi Mort: Hah, that sentence is full of sarcasm, don’t take too literally it! You should visit in Finland to see situation. Drunken Finnish is still gloomier than everyone else non-alcohol foreigner…

Bruno: You've been also in a melodic/softer band, so I assume that you might be having sympathy on melodic bands? Stand me corrected.

Strigoi Mort: Perhaps you mean Crimson Evenfall? Actually it was some kind of pre-MS and in practice difference were only some synth parts and mainly English lyrics. CE worked ´94-´97 and released 3 demos, I am still proud of them even if MS is nearer what we want to do.

Bruno: I assume many labels are now having big interest to release MS. What do you think of the best way to release MS? What should a label have for MS to sign with?

Strigoi Mort: First of all, the label for MS must be in vein of same attitude towards music and general goals. Mostly that means quite UG-involved labels but size of label is not important point (of course I speak only real metal labels). At the moment we are co-operated/co-operating with EAL, Northern Heritage and Blut & Eisen and they all are satisfied us with their working.

Bruno: You've been involved in this kind of music for a very long time now. What are your most struggling point in order to preserve your philosophy and musical playing as the years pass by? Was it not difficult for you to cope up with all the trendy bands, that are momentarily shunning the exposure of MS?

Strigoi Mort: We know what we want to do, we know we have ability to do what we want and ability to spread our philosophy via music. That's simple. During these years here were been many trendy bands in scene but we knew they will disappear soon when trends changes and that happened. We simply ignored them outside as soon as we noticed their fool basis.

Bruno: Most bands do have a lot of "side-projects" in order for them to be kept in motivation. Do you think it is just right to accomplish all these things with too many projects? What keeps you motivated through all these years? How many mails were you receiving and in what country you get the most support? Do you send out many letters/flyers in order to get a lot of reply back?

Strigoi Mort: Side-projects are ok if they don't share time and power for main band. Also we have had couple of projects during these years just to play a bit different style but we never have released them officially and they never harm MS working.
It's clear if some members have 666 side-projects, it affects his working. About our motivation, long time before we formed the band we are listened this kind of music from since 80´s so it's more than “just our hobby at this moment”. It's way to live.
Amount of mails depends on how fresh is last release, at the moment via E-mail and snail mail circa 10-20 contacts/week. During Silent time amount is less than 5 contacts/week. Mainly from Finland, Germany and USA. Last Flyers were done somewhere ´99-´00 and nowadays I have informed via E-mail people who are interested our works.
Fuck the spam, I never send mass mail to unknown persons, my messages gets only ones who have been straight contact to us earlier.

Bruno: If people listening to anti-Christian songs weren't interested to do any kind of actions to support it, how would you react among others that are too willing to do a lot of things for it? Do you think MS music carries a strong message inside them, powerful enough to drive the listener burn down a church or commit murder after listening to it? This is a triumphant feeling for any band, I guess…

Strigoi Mort: Yes, I think without doubt it's possible to get our lyrics inspiration for straight actions as they are what they are. If it happens, we take it as honor for us even if it might cause problems to us too. Actually in Finland it's quite sure band will be in big problems with policy and media if something this kind of happens but we do what we see right way to do and don't care.

Bruno: Even, when a person was jailed for arson or brainlessly "shocking" the public with such an insipid actions - would you consider him doing the BM attitude just because he have been jailed on what he had committed?

Strigoi Mort: It depends on case, if actions will be done in drunken as duck and just as stupid “accident” I don't give a fuck about attitude of it. Pure crime self is nothing to do with attitude, losers do brainless crime without goals and their works haven't any worth. Of course we must remember, here is many other ways to do attitude than such straight actions, and actually more effective in long run.


by Bruno Zamora