Municipal Waste

“Madness of music turned against itself like the disintegration of sense into military industrial suicide in the 1980s, thrash churns up primal angst with short simple blasting songs and charged post-hardcore anti-control emotion. Formed of blisteringly fast hardcore and metal riffs, this music resisted society and suggested through straightforward logic and basic songs that another way must be found.”
What do you think about the following bands: D.R.I., S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Anthrax, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies, Death Angel, early Corrosion Of Conformity, Chronical Diarrhoea, Cryptic Slaughter, Toxic Holocaust, etc? If you like these great bands here is Municipal Waste a “new” diamond from the thrash-crossover scene and kick your lazy ass! Here is Land Phil the bass player of the band and enlighten us about the Art of Partying!

Salutem, here is Mirgilus from Mirgilus Siculorum webmagazine & Cross Of Black Steel printed magazine. Let we start this interview with some “warm up” questions.
How and when did you meet the other guys of Municipal Waste? How was the band established? How were your early rehearses, how much did you rehearse a week?

Land Phil: I had actually just saw Waste for the first time way back in like 2004 and I thought they kicked ass, Then out of the blue I received a phone call from an old buddy of mine that said Municipal Waste was looking for a bass player. I practiced the material for two days and showed up for the first practice with everything down so they told me that I was "an official wastoid" ha ha. It has been pretty much non-stop touring since then.

What’s the relationship between the band members? Are you close friends in everyday life or only keeping contact concerning the band?

Tony, Ryan and I live within a block or so of each other in Richmond, of course we have been on the road so much that when we get home we want to hang out with our friends and family instead of each other ha ha! But we are definantly friends in everyday life.

What does Municipal Waste mean to you and why did you pick this name for your band?

Ryan waste chose the name for the band after seeing it on the side of a trash truck.

Tell me some strange or crazy story from your last tour in Europe with The Haunted. Do you like The Haunted’s music?

The Haunted are great! And they are great guys in person, I thought it was awesome getting to know the twins from At The Gates! But I mostly hung out with the drummer Per because he smokes a ton of weed just like me ha ha!

What's your occupation in your private life? What do you do for a living?

Thrashing is my business and business is good!! I actually have no job and pretty much play in the Waste full time.

What does Thrash Metal mean to you? Do you consider Municipal Waste as a Thrash Metal band or a Crossover one?

I feel like we consider ourselves more of a crossover band like the accused than a straight up thrash metal band like Kreator, our roots are firmly placed in the hardcore/punk community and we never want to forget it!

Which in your opinion is the best Municipal Waste release?

The next one!!

Do you listen to nowadays Thrash Metal or Crossover? Could you please enumerate your favorite bands and your favorite releases?

I listen to death metal mostly like Immolation - Unholy cult, Morbid Angel - a through c, Monstrosity - Enslaving The Masses, Obituary - everything!!! ha ha. I love the Tampa era American death metal so much that I have a side project called Cannabis Corpse. A weed/death metal homage to Cannibal Corpse with songs like "I cum bud" and "Reefer stashed place".

What turned your attention to extreme metal? Which one was the first extreme metal release you heard?

The first extreme metal release I ever got was Vile by Cannibal Corpse and it knocked my socks off!! I will never forget that.

Are you interested in politics? Do you follow the news on television?

No way but I do know that gas prices here in the USA are getting out of control and something needs to be done about it.

What do you hate & love the most in this world?

I love weed and beer and hate metalcore/emo.

Do you like Toxic Holocaust and Nocturnal (from Germany)?

Yes, we are actually taking Toxic Holocaust out on our next tour.

I didn’t saw too much girls on your concerts…Is Crossover-Thrash Metal exclusively for males?

No there are chicks that love the Waste too, Metal in general is mostly males... duh, are you new?

Do you read often fanzines? Do the fanzines play an important role in the underground scene?

Of course there are a ton of kickass fanzines that have supported us over the years. Buy your local fanzine!!

What do you do after a concert? Do you drink often on stage? I have seen that you offer very often beers for your fanatics from the scene.

I drink on stage every show ha ha! We try to get everyone in the audience as drunk as we are that is for sure. So come out to the shows and take a hit off "The Inebriator!"

What were the responses to your latest release? I think The Art Of Partying is your best album to date, the cover is absolutely bullseye!!!

Yea the cover was done by a friend of ours named Andrei, he is in a band called Deadfall that kicks major ass! He is an amazing artist and really gave us the perfect cover for "The Art Of Partying" I think that a lot of bands out there are not putting enough effort into there album covers these days and it shows. How many times have you seen some shitty photoshop cover slapped on the front of a record that totally sucks?

What is the art of partying? Are you people really such party animals? Or the album title has just a symbolical meaning and all of you in the band are huge depressive and negative, “staying home in silence” people?

Ha ha ha!! We are definantly drinkers that love to get out there and have a good time, life is too short to waste it staying at home being depressed.

Does the band have any personal message, or philosophy, or do you focus more on the music itself?

Well my personal philosophy is "hey hey hey smoke weed everyday".

Did you have any musical training any of you? Do you think technical ability/skilled playing is important for somebody who plays in a crossover band?

I don’t have any traditional training personally but maybe Dave does ha ha! I think that there definantly is a certain level of skill that is needed to be in a kickass metal band, but you don’t need to be Herman Lee from Dragonforce either!!

In your opinion is there any piece of art (be it a painting, book or movie, etc.) which emanate similar feelings like your music?

I guess that movie "Planet Terror" that just came out would fit the Waste perfectly.

Your albums were released on vinyl too. Why were bonus tracks on the LP-s? Which ones were these?

No answer for this question! (Mirgilus)

As far as the vinyls, are you fans respectively collectors of vinyls? Do you prefer vinyls or CD-s? Are they LP versions still obtainable?

Oh yea Tony and Ryan are huge vinyl collectors, I personally don’t have the space for a giant record collection in my apt. ha ha!

What is your favourite D.R.I. album?

Dealing With It.

Anthrax or Exodus?


How did you inked a deal back then with Earache? Did you have sent demos? How the relations with the label are? Are you satisfied with their work?

No answer for this question! (Mirgilus)

Do you like Cannabis Corpse? Do you have an idea when will be out the next album, I really enjoy the first one!

It should be done by the end of the year. Yes I do because I am in it ha ha! I am actually hard at work recording the follow up album called "Tube Of The Resinated".

What are your plans for the future? Any new releases?

We are just going to keep playing shows supporting "The Art Of Partying" until the end of the year and then we will see what happens.

Well, I think that’s all for now, thank you for the answers, the last words are yours:

Thanks to everyone out there that supports the Waste and keep coming to the shows!!


by Mirgilus