”The weak should be avoided like the plague unless you can obtain something selfish from dealing with them. Never let these leeches suck your blood dry. True weakness is state of being, not a matter of physical strength. And real strength is standing on your own two feet.” If you like old school black metal from the early 90’s (mighty Beherit for example), but you hadn’t heard Morbosidad music yet, go and pick up a Morbosidad CD/LP and then read this fine chat with Tomas Stench666.

Salutem Tomas! Introduce Morbosidad to the Transylvanian maniacs... and also give us a history and bio?

Morbosos salutes demons!! The morboso cult was formed in 1993 a year later we recorded our demo called "Santisima Muerte" but two weeks after the recording our drummer (Yegros) fuckin passed away and due to his death we stop the morboso cult for a while. In 1998 me an 'Ndeath (morboso guitar player) got together again and with a new line up we started to write new material which it was released until 2000 due to some personal and economic problems. Ever since our self title was released, we have been desecrating until the moment.

Morbosidad's been around for quite a while... tell us about some of the positive and negative experiences you've had in the scene over those years?

There will be nothing better than the old school scene man, bands like Beherit, Blasphemy, etc. when they were still around creating evil music, that was worth to keep the flame of the real underground up high. Now in days the scenes is full of gay bands, posers and of course the wanna be's rock stars, trading cdr's instead of a primitive and cult demo tape, they have no idea what was the real underground scene was back them.

Who formed the band and why. Why choose for the band name Morbosidad and what was the meaning?

Me and 'Ndeath. The idea was being able to spread the hatred and evil and forming the band was the answer. The name just came out from my evil and twisted mind, it mean Morbid or Morbidity in English.

What do you feel 'true' Black Metal is? Do you feel that it’s not only about music, but also philosophy?

I think is how you see it, either in the philosophy way or being the way of life.

Tell us about the topics of some of the lyrics you write?

They all deal with destruction, hate and evil.

What are some of the things you personally stand for, both musically and non-musically?


What are a few of the bands, etc. you would consider true to their style and a worthy contributor to the scene?

I think Blasphemy, Beherit, Sarcofago, Sodom just to name a few, were and will be always the ones contributors to the real metal scene.

Your new album “ Cojete A Dios Por El Culo” came out in 2004. I have to say, you have done an underground classic. Tell us please about the songs, lyrics, sound etc., in a word about the whole production?

666thanks. The songs are pretty much in the same vein as the old morbosos recordings. The sound and production could it be better, but I think it came out good, and glad to know that people really liked it.

As far as the BEHERIT cover it became very good. Do you like this band?

I fucking worship them as hell.

Tell me something about the cover of the new album, one of my personal favorite covers ever made!

Killer to know that. It was made by our morboso polish demon Klaudiusz. I came out with the idea and he made the art look deadly.

I saw some great pictures about your live performances, spikes, fire and mould. What kind of feelings, sensations do you have when going up to stage for a live ritual? Do you use some “stimulating drugs” (alcohol, etc) before the gig? You play live very often and spread the plague on stage, which was the best and the worst Morbosidad gig from your point of view?

I get totally possessed, we like to be ourselves once we get on stage. The sensation is always deadly and evil, total potential and brutality. All the time man, before the ritual and after too. We like to play once in a while depending on the venue and bands. Playing live is when people get to see the real potential that we have. There's been some good rituals like when we played with Abigail here in San Francisco (Ca) and of course the bad ones we did in LA, worst sound ever!! and promoter were the shit.

Have you satisfied with your label “Evil Morgue Records”? I think they have done a very low promotion in Europe?

No. You think so? That's why I spread the morboso plague on my own.

Have you played live outside America? Do you want to play in Europe?

No, never. But hopefully we will do it this coming year (06). Fuck yeah, of course man, we will try to reach as many place we can and desecrate them.

I really like your “Profanado En Vivo” tape, have some possibilities to get this live album on CD, and LP format?

Thanks. I have not thought about that yet, we might in the future if there's the chance, if not then it will remain as it is.

You have 2 different websites. Why? The older site is full with live photos. This great photos were not published on the official Morbosidad site. Your comment:

I got an email a while ago, the guy told me that he bought the 2nd album and he really liked as fuck and the he mentioned that he went our website (old one) and he thought it was not good enough, since it was hardly updated and shit. He told me he was a web designer so we let him do it, and there it is. We try to updated as much as we can but we are always too busy so hopefully soon we will posted lots of pictures and shit.

If you could instantly wipe one person living from the face of the Earth, who would this lucky individual be?

There are so many, that I would be so glad to do that, but one of the few lucky bastards already fucking died, the pope.

Morbosidad came from Mexico, and now you live in California, are you American citizen? Why leaved you Mexico?

Some of us are. Same reason people leave their countries, trying to make a better living.

Do you like the American “lifeform”? What is your opinion about Mr. Bush and his activity, wars in foreign countries, immigration policy?

Not really, but I have to get to use it. I think is all bullshit with the immigration rules, they just blame the hispanic people for being the wetbacks, the ones who steal they jobs and shit.We fucking make this country a better place to live with our work, but they don't see it that way. They never see the europeans as a wetbacks, why? They are white skin, blue eyes man, it’s bullshit, they are as much wetback as we are. I like the war that is going on right now, is always killer to see people die. I’m hate politic and all that shit, so fuck it.

What are your thoughts on racism and hate in general? I know lots of people in USA hate the Mexican immigrants. Do you have some problems in USA because you came from Mexico?

It's the color of the skin what people see here man, if you are white and have green eyes even knowing that you are european, they won't tell you anything, they will make fun of the hispanic people instead, fuck them. We all have problem man, they hate us cause there will be a time in the near future when they will be the minority in this country. They should realise that we do jobs white people won't do for the fucking the minium wage, and they tell you, we came here to steal their jobs, ja. I hope someday people in Latin America realise they way "some" people treats us here and treats them the same way when they go there, to make them feel what we are going throught.

What is your opinion about the Mexican black metal scene. Recommend some underground bands to our readers, if possible!

Arghhh killer fuckin one. Just to name a few: Black Empire, Rape God, Sargatanas, Tenebrarum, Shub-Niggurath, Ereshkigal, Xilbalba etc. there are so many to mention.

Your thoughts on the world and its future? Do you also see a dark fate awaiting mankind if things are not changed soon?

Whatever happens, I’m ready for. Hopefully yes, dark fate is what we all need.

Do you foresee a kind of 'Apocalypse' drawing near?

I've been waiting and hoping for something like that for a long time now.

What sort of things do you enjoy in your spare time, outside of music?

Go to shows once in a while, get drunk and fuck sluts.

Name some of the greatest books you've read in your life?

I don't have a fave one.

What one person of the past do you hold alot of respect for? And why?

There are so many, one of them can't mention it though. The ones that I really respect and admire are The Aztec and Maya civilitations, casue it’s my primitive cult-ture, the past they build is evil as hell, with those, blood letting ritual and human sacrifices.

If you might choose the way you shall die, what would it be?

Going to bed, having a killer nightmare and never wake up.

Final comments and words of wisdom to our readers?

Thanks to all of you who read this and support the real underground scene. Stay evil and I will see you in hell soon....until then, in total destruction, Tomas Stench666 and Morbosidad.


by Mirgilus