Hails Sod! For this is your first interview for a Transylvanian zine, I would like you to introduce the band for the readers and please add your discography too.

Sod: I started the band in another incarnation back in 2000 but it wasnít until 2003, I got to record anything, because I could not find anyone to play with, so I ended up playing everything myself. The result was total shit, and the recording has never been released. The later my old friend J. Hess on bass joined me. He stayed for a few years, and then I was joined by The Enforcer on drums so I could concentrate on guitar and vocals. We have recorded some pre demos and we are now about to start the rehearsal sessions for the debut 7Ē vinyl.
So far we have released:
ĎHrappí Demo #1
ĎWrath of Hrappí Demo#2 (released in various versions)
ĎMorkheim/Hrappí Split Cd-r
Lots more to come! Weird rehearsals and other limited diehard crap.

During the years there have been some member changes in the band. What caused the changes?

Sod: Well people are not dedicated enough I guess. At first I had a session drummer in for a few rehearsals but he quickly disappeared, then we found a session guitarist, but he never came at all, and Hess just burned out I guess, so I had to fire him. He will still produce some shit for us in the future because he understands how I want things to sound!!

You released only very limited cassette and CD-R releases. Didnít you find any label to release your materials?

Sod: WellÖ a few years ago we were supposed to release a split 7Ē with a band that I wont mention, but that got fucked up, and we ended up releasing our part on Tape with the band Morkheim instead via Final Punishment Recs. Now South American Records have re-released the second demo with loads of bonus tracks, but I havenít even got my own copies yet, so I donít really know. Finally we are going to release a real Ep on vinyl via Wrath Angel Records owned by the awesome Abnoctus, my blood brother here from Denmark. But as for the first demos, I did not seek for any labels for the releases, because it was just demos, and nothing more.

Your style is similar to Archgoat`s style. Do you like Archgoat? Have you heard the Whore of Bethlehem?

Sod: One of my friends is a fanatic Archgoat fan I think, but I have never really listened much to their music I must admit. Perhaps I should give it a spin.

Which bands have the greatest influence on your music?

Sod: At first it was Sadogoat that inspired me a lot (hail the goat cult) but lately I find great joy and inspiration in Blodfest, one of the best and most creepy bands from Denmark. I also praise the music of Wolfslair as Voids riffs are pure evil and brutal as fuck!! The same goes for Nidhug (Hail the Panzer General).

You got a really great website with truly underground attitude. Do you feel it necessary for a band to have a website? What do you think about the bands that hide their identities?

Sod: Thank you!! Seventh Blasphemer did the site for us, and it is truly killer I think!! But I donít think that a band needs a page at all, I just think itís an extra thing for fans or those just curious, but not a must at all!! Hiding your identity is fine if that is what you want.

A guy named B.B. is mentioned as session bass player but no photo is added. Why is this? Doesnít he want people to know who he is or maybe thereís always someone else behind that name?

Sod: The reason is that I actually didnít have a picture of him at the time we uploaded the new page, but I have to ask him if he wants to be official, as it is his decision, some people feels more comfortable, hidden in the darkness of oblivion, but he is well known to the Danish metal scene, as heís been involved in it since the early nineties.

I really like your logo. Itís not too similar to any Iíve known before. What do you think about BM band logos in general? Is it necessary to have a ďcomplicatedĒ logo? (Hrapp logo was quite simple).

Sod: Thanks, the logo was created by a friend of ours, and he creates great things with his mighty pencil!! Just wait to you see the cover art for the Ep!! I think that thereís a lot of great and A LOT of crap logos, your logo must fit the band universe, maybe plain gothic letters fit some bands fine, but I really donít care about most other bands. The Hrapp logo was done by Morkheim main man, HŲd, and its pure Darkthrone rip off, but I liked that logo at the time, so it was ok for us.

You changed the band name from Hrapp to Ligfaerd. Why the change? Do you think the new band name fits more to your music?

Sod: We changed because the old name did not do it for me anymore, it did not match my whole vision of what this band is, and is to be in the future. The change came in the right time; we have changed our style in some way, playing faster and with a creepier atmosphere, and darker lyrics. And as mentioned before, we are going to do the debut Ep soon, so the perfect name for us was needed!!

What does Hrapp mean anyway? What about Ligfaerd? What do these names mean to you? Why did you choose Hrapp at that time?

Sod: Hrapp was a person involved in Icelandic saga. He was a man of wrath and vengeance, and when he died he returned to haunt the world of the living. I chose that name, because it was really weird, and did not sound like anything I had heard before, and I actually stuck to the name for years because people HATED it, that made me more stubborn. Ligfaerd is Danish and means something like, corpse journey, the last journey, a journey to the grave!! This is what my lyrics are about, so it suits us perfectly. But it has NOTHING to do with the Nortt album of the same title, as we got the name from our own minds. Only I know about Nortt, and forgot all about that album.

You are close friends with Seventh Blasphemer from Sadomator (Sadogoat) arenít you? What do you think about his music? Do you like Sadomator? Whatís his reaction to Ligfaerd?

Sod: Yes Seventh Blasphemer and I are Allies in alcoholocaust. I really like all Sadomator/Sadogoat releases, and their forthcoming album KILLS so look forward to that. I think that he likes the old Hrapp releases better that the new Ligfaerd material, because the old shit is more simple and uptight hehehe.

Who writes the songs in Ligfaerd? What about the lyrics? Why donít you add the lyrics to your releases?

Sod: I write all songs and most lyrics, it has always been this way, but The Enforcer has also begun to write some lyrics that I re-arrange and use, so thatís great! Hail Kiwi. I donít really know why the lyrics were never included, hmm... But the old lyrics were total useless shit anyway, so no loss there. Nowadays we only write in Danish, as it is more natural to me. I canít write in English anymore, as itís too difficult for me to make it sinister in that tongue.

Whatís your relationship with the Danish underground? Are you in contact with the other bands? Ex. Denial of God, Church Bizarre, Victimizer?

Sod: Iím in contact with diehards all over Denmark, but Denmark is small, and the scene even smaller, so thatís not a hell of a lot of people. Of the bands you mention, I only know the drummer of Victimizer a little as he created an old Hrapp logo, but besides that thereís no contact with those guys. We have some common friends but thatís all.

Which Danish band do you like the most?

Sod: I really like hmmÖ.. Here goes (bound to forget some) INIQUITY(my old favorite) Nidhug, Sadomator/Sadogoat, Blodfest, Wolfslair, Fallen Angel/Solhverv, Morkheim, Detest, Corpus Mortale, Artillery, Black Goat Attack, Puke Bath, Victimizer, Church Bizarre, Cyanid, Mordulv, Strangler. Swollen, thatís what I can think of right now.

You got a split tape with Morkheim (your only release I gotÖ). Whatís the relationship between the two bands? Whose idea it was to make a split material? How did you get in touch with Morkheim? Do you like Morkheim?

Sod: At the time of the release, I used to be in contact with Hod, on a regular basis, but we donít talk much anymore, because he has lost his passion for metal. Morkheim is dead. It was me who got the split thing going, as we had some songs recorded that was supposed to be released on a 7Ē with another band, but that never happened, and I knew Hod had these good songs just collecting dust, so I asked him if he wanted to do it. He was also supposed to release the split on CD, but that never happened. Our contact started when he contacted us about one of our tracks he liked. I liked his music to so we started talking.

What do you think about Black Metal in general? What does the term mean to you?

Sod: Black metal is life, and is what makes my world spin around. Well not just black metal but all harsh metal in general. In my book, black metal is about the occult and obscure, the divine and afterlife in alternative ways.

Do you perform gigs? Do you like concerts? Whatís the Danish fans attitude in a Black Metal concert?

Sod: We have not played live yet, but I have plans of one or two gigs once the Ep is out. Not more than that because I do not find great joy in standing on the stage myself, but I like to attend concerts, but thereís not many good gigs around here in Denmark so itís quite rare. At the gigs here, people go crazy and mush around. I remember one time, the enforcer and me attended a concert, with crap bands: Pissed of, with the great number of faggots there, we started a bashing pit hehehe, we got fucked up but they suffered too hehehe.

Tell me in short your thoughts about life in general. What do you think about death? What about suicide?

Sod: My view on life is simple. I try to eat, fuck and drink as much as possible, live life the fullest and play metal and worship INIQUITY. Life here in Denmark is quite good, better than in some sand pit in Allahís shithole. Death is what comes to us all, and itís waiting around the corner as we speak. I know a lot of people who has tried and some who succeeded in suicide and itís their own choice. No further comments on that.

Do you like Eastern European Black Metal bands? Which are those?

Sod: I actually donít know that many bands from the east, but hell, Tormentor kills, just to name a Hungarian one!! I would like to hear some from you region. There are bound to be some treasures from that dark and morbid place (HAIL TRANSYLVANIA!)

What about NSBM?

I can only speak for myself here. I donít think it is a good thing to mix politics and music. FUCK POLITICS. I wonít comment on my own views, but Iím sure as hell no red bastard!!!!!!!! Kampgejst, Krigere, Af, Arisk, Aet.

Another absurd phenomenon is Christian Black Metal. What do you think about this treason?


Do you have a girlfriend? Did you ever cheated on her? Do you like metal-chicks?

Sod: What does this have to do with music??? But hell...Yes I am in a relationship and I donít cheat, because that is treason and thatís being un-loyal, and thatís not my way of life. People can count on me not to betray them. Metal chicks... Unfortunately, there is not many hot metal chick around my city, but what do I care, I donít need new pussy, because I donít cheat, do I??

Tell me your plans for the futureÖ

Sod: Our plans are to record our debut Ep ĎJordfaestetí SOON!! We are also working on material for the release after that, and it will DESTROY!!!

Thank you for the answers, keep spreading the Black Death! Last words Belong to youÖ

Thanks for this interview (and sorry about the fucking LONG time answering)!! Hungarian girls are hot and I would like to come to the legendary Transylvania some day!! Check out the samples at our homepage and leave us a message!! JONAS GIR AEBLER KILL FUCK PETER GIR B:I: K. Sod over and out. Listen to Taagernes Aartusinde by the band Solhverv it kicks ASS!!!!!!!!


by Woodlum666