Insision is a fucking awesome Death Metal band from Sweden. Carl Birath and Roger Johansson introducing their band for the readers of Mirgilus Siculorum with the help of David “Metal maniac” Leslie!

Hello Carl! Your debut album „Beneath the folds of flesh” was released for two years. In what kind of reception was the album participated? What kind of reactions did you get?

Carl: Hello David. BTFOF was received by the public very good I think. Except for having to do quality music to pierce each soul of the listener I think that the fact that we where a Swedish band releasing such a brutal and non-melodic music in the world was part of the fact that people opened their eyes a bit more. But also that Insision actually has been around in the Underground for quite some time now. All the truly Underground Death-heads that has been around tape trading since 1995 and up to 2000 all already new about us so for them I guess it was an easy choice. Last but not least I think just being associated with the name Earache/Wicked World helped out quite a bit as well. We got major exposing in all bigger magazine, Metal Hammer (both English and Greece-versions) all Bigger Scandinavian magazines, Close up, The Uk- Terrorizer etc. and of course a hell of a lot of interviews with the “firesouls” of the Underground such as yourself, David, and that meant a hell of a lot.
Johansson: I think a reason that we got some attention was that we where one of the first Swedish band playing this type of DM that got exploited in media. For an example we had the Black Metal era here for a while and then the melodic metal and we thought that all of that wasn’t what we anted to hear. We listened and still listen to Deicide , Cryptopsy , C.C., etc.

What’s your opinion about it? I think so, it was a very fast and brutal record, an excellent debut in the underground.

Carl: Yup Indeed man. We wanted to skip all fucking useless 5 min intro’s and just get right on it. A fast and aggressive debut, to show where we stood. I think we did it good. Of course there are always things you thought you could have done better… But na that’s just history right now. It’s a good and brutal album. Still worth checking out if you don’t have it.
Johansson: We where pretty fresh when we released the BTFOF too, it’s the debut and we didn’t now what people would expect from it. It’s a brutal piece of music and it came out good.... If we had a little more time we would adjust the sound a little more. We just went in plugged in our stuff and started to record.

Were you on tour or tours after the releasing of the album? With which bands did you play together? Tell us please about your shows!

Carl: After The BTFOF album we did 2 smaller tours in the UK with Bands such as The Berzerker and DICAPITATED. Good and fun tours but we wanted more... still the years past, we did some small tours to Germany and so forth but nothing really major. In the same time things started to go bad in the band. We didn’t rehearse that much and Thomas started to behave strange.
Johansson: Both the tours we did with the Beneath album where fun and was good to start with. And personally I prefer the shorter trips cause you can give everything every night you go on stage. So two, three weeks touring is great. After that you can go home without having forgotten about the reality.

In your line up happened changes, guitarist Toob Brynedal and drummer Thomas Daun have left the band. Why and when did your ways part? Do you remain friends?

Carl: …yeah Thomas left the band because lack of dedication to the brutal metal scene...He did not believe in it anymore… ha wanted to dress like a woman insteed and became a glam pop drummer in one of his bands on the side.... no really its true! Puffed hair and leopard pants, red scarf and big color hats or something. Which really did not matter for us as we already had gotten tired of his jumping around between bands and not showing up at rehearsals, not giving a 100%. You see today in Sweden it’s really popular to be doing old Motley Crue songs and dress like Bon Jovi so I guess Thomas kind of bent for the trend so to speak, still he has always been in to that, but he has in the same time changed opinions on everything for year to year and in the end he even dragged Toob along with him telling him they would be rock stars or some thing I don’t know really, but we had problems with Toob since before, drug related stuff, which we did not accept, so when he said he quit the band we just replayed right. Good! Later I heard he got sacked out from the Glam band Thomas plays in ... kind of ironic really. We are not really friends anymore as we where before but still we really hold nothing against neither of them and can hang out. They choose their way and that was good for the whole band in the end, Didn’t feel like it in the beginning but today we are just glad it when the way it did. I guess I don’t really meet Thomas that often today… we never see him at any gigs and I don’t sure go to any of the glam pop gigs he goes to so... But what I want to let you know is that before we split up that way we recorded the new album Revealed and that was that last with Thomas and Toob… and yes they did a good work! Well there you anyway.
Johansson: We need members that are 100% dedicated in the Death Metal scene and in the band if we going to go somewhere. As for us, we think about the band 24h a day 7days a week... Of course you need a break sometime...And it’s ok to do that but the important thing is to now that you are in the band and have to go in for it whenever if we practice or playing on stage or planning for the upcoming tours and that was something that was missing with the other guys when we got together and did songs and stuff so we made a decision that it was better for them to leave.

Instead of Thomas joined Marcus Jonsson the band. In which bands did he play? Did you know him earlier? Did he also take part in the song composing?

Carl: Marcus come from a Speed-thrash band called pandemonic and he fits in perfectly. He’s faster than Thomas, more technical…but it’s hard to compare as they have two different way to play. Anyway we had known him just a bit before as drinking pals… meeting up at some local pub just having some pints and nothing more. Marcus knows how to play almost every instrument so he comes with lots of ideas when we rehears which is very cool and very helpful indeed.
Johansson: He is a laidback guy and a great drummer so everything seems to workout good right now. As soon we starting with new material we will now how the new songs and the new album is going to sound.

Didn’t you think about to admit a new guitarist? You have always played with two axe-men.

Johansson: Of course we will always focusing on two guitars. The problem is that it isn’t that much of them that fits or now how this music is going to be written. We have a sound and want to keep it in the way we play. We have a session Guitar right now so we will see how it develops. The thing is that you got to have the complexity in the songs as much as groove and not just straight forward without any interesting pieces.

When did you start writing new material? How were the songs composed? By whom were the music and the lyrics written?

Carl: We started just after the first album was released but as we had some gigs ahead and also some persons in the band did not contribute with all their efforts it was a slow progress. Roger writes most of the stuff along with Daniel and Im still responsible for the lyrical parts.

Where, in which studio and with whom was the new album recorded? How was your mood in the studio? Did you work hard?

Johansson: When we go into the studio almost 99% of the album is ready to be recorded. The rest of the 1% is things you can add or do different. But everyone knows exactly how the song is going to be before we go in. We don’t have that budget that you can be in the studio for months, doing the songs in there. The mood was pretty special because we weren’t their everyone as a band, most of the band came and did their thing and went home. I mean it’s ok if you have a job and don’t have vacation days left or something cause most of the guys did job when we recorded but if a guy just going home ain’t doing a shit and don’t want to be in the studio working for the record is going to be awesome, that guy would think again what he’s doing. Fuck, you work with songs for years and when it’s time to record it’s just half of the band who is into it ?!?! I mean, it’s a joke. Either you are into it or don’t if you don’t give a shit anyway....

In Sweden are three famous studios: Berno, Abyss and Sunlight and earlier was the Unisound. Which one do you prefer? In your opinion why was Sunlight so popular at the end of the ’80-s, early ’90-s? Is Tomas Skogsberg a good guy?

Johansson: Hmmm well....About Sunlight I have heard about Tomas both good and bad talk, But that is going for the most of the guys who owner studios. I mean not all people can like you.... One may think that you are great to work with and the other don’t so I can’t really judge about Tomas. I prefer Soundlab before those three.

Are the songs yet ready when you enter the studio or do you still jam there? Maybe do you write newer ones?

Carl: Well most of the material are ready when we enter then it depends on the time we have to spend on putting it down. On Reveald and Worshipped we got a chance to alter stuff as they came along, making it better...but 99% of the basic music is made pre-hand in the rehearsal room. Same goes lyric wise… maybe just some small arrangements or adjustments. I write lyrics beside the music and fit them together when we rehears that way I’m free to adjust anything in the lyric to fit the music, and of course vice versa.

Let we speak about the new album which was titled „Revened and worshipped”. Tell us please detailed about it, because unfortunately I still didn’t listen to. How many tracks are on the record? How would you characterize them?

Carl: Well it’s actually called REVEALED AND WORSHIPPED haha. Well anyway there are 11 tracks. And what I think characterize the record the most is that you got a package of raw brutality packed with thought-through songs with a red line going through them. Lyric wise the album had some sort of an underlying theme over it. Making every song fit together with the rest the songs. I made some sort of a story running through all the trax this time. So if you listen to the whole album in a row and listen and read the lyrics you will feel like its all connected.
Johansson: The riffs has a feeling that you just want to run through a wall and punch everything you see haha...pure brutality and angry as hell !

What are all about the lyrics? Did you write maybe some love ballads ha-ha?

Carl: haha no, no love ballads this time, and in the same time still no gore related stuff either. The lyrics are excerpt from my mind, daily life, dreams, visions and thoughts all mixed up with my belief system. Satan has and always will be part of the lyrical approach but does not restrain me from using my creativity to explore different realms. I got the idea of the whole concept of Revealed and Worshipped from a dream I had.. Of course the dream was swept away but the words still lingered on and the title came to me one morning just in flash.. ”-Ahh Revealed and Worshipped is the name, I said to myself waking up from this potent dream, and all lyrics should be connected somehow.” And that is the way it went...
Johansson: Maybe we’ll do a acoustic record as a best of when we’re 50 or something HAHA
Car: Yeah... unplugged shit right!? hahaha

How was the sound? Are you satisfied with it?

Carl: I absolutely fucking adore the sound... I mean just to once HEAR what Roger are doing to his guitar was amazing. Usually this kind of music seem to get kinda blurred and foggy when played fast, but this time around we made it a bit clearer... I’m satisfied for sure… even thinking we’d be back in Soundlab again..
Johansson: The sound is a little more distinct and in your face without being to clean and boring if you comper to BTFOF. A little step towards a more grown sound but we ain´t there yet. And in another way of thinking we maybe never want it to be too overproduced either, time will tell.... But one thing is that we’ll never leave the feeling that you’ll get a big punch in the face riffs. And Carl’s brutal low fucking voice... We’re not looking for the perfect sound...Death Metal is a dirty saga. But it’s good if you can hear what’s going on.

You have done a videoclip which is the second one, what you have ever done. Where was it recorded? What must we know about this clip?

Carl: It was all made in a haste actually. Earache told us they wanted a video to promote the new album before we left for the Suffocation tour. So we contacted the same guy who did the first clip, Olle Carlsson. And we just set out looking for cool places to shoot. Found this ally in the middle of Stockholm that suited perfectly and we shoot the whole video there, well at least 95%. Some drum clips where taken on another location but for some strange reason they did not fit it and where cut out.. Hmm to bad.
Johansson: yeaa… We actually had a good story line behind the video which Carl had made up plans with the producer but in the end it came out in a different way than we expected, don’t really now what happened. But it turned out all right anyway. This isn’t the last video we’ll do.

It is worth to do videoclips nowadays? Are there in Sweden music channels?

Carl: Hmm we thought the same thing.. Yes there are some but they all suck when it comes to brutal music but this time they actually showed it and we got good response. I think the reason why Earache is doing the video clips are for DVD collections and that stuff like that, but it actually got shown on Headbangers Ball on MTV2…whatever that means ... and who would care nowadays...Hmm I know the point of your question. I see it as a cool thing to do if it comes out right and doesn’t looks cheesy. I think this one came out quite all right really. Nothing fancy or over-done… it’s just a music video that people can download for free...that’s it man.

In your opinion are there differences and similarities between the first and second album? Did you develop compared to the first record?

Carl: We developed a hell of a lot since the first record, but kept the sound and the brutality and feel of Insision. There are so much talk about making NEW stuff and being Progressive to the max these days so you start wondering what really is to be the outcome of Tomorrows DEATH METAL. I mean there is nothing new in mixing hiphop, for example, in metal it’s just stealing someone else sound and rythem insted of making it yourself… ahh... anyway. The first album was a mixture of older songs plus a few new songs. This time around we did them all together and that makes a difference. Your getting a more clearer picture of it all and a better feel and structure to it. The red line that runs through the album is more visibul so to speak. Also we have grown as musicians of course but I think that is a natural development.

Both album were released by Wicked World. How is your connection with them? Do they support you?

Carl: Well, support and support, they help us to pay for the recordings and then they take the money back from sales, the only thing we actually earn are from our own sales through our web page on CD’s and Merchandise. But support us they do. We still have a good contact with them and they know lots of people and important names etc. so of course that also count as support. It lies in their interest that Insision get out to so many people as possible. They help out handing us interviews, getting us promoted in different ways and so forth. So far all has been great, you have to understand that a Company who sell records are not your family buds or your closest friends we are merly partners when it comes to helping the band out... It’s nothing like in the 70-80’s and the rock and roll biz where you live some kinda rockstar life… That’s all just a bunch off bull. Economically no label can survive just handing out money and never getting anything back... you got numerous examples of that from the past with record labels getting bankrupt and going down leaving a trail of bands behind...that’s why it looks like this.
Johansson: If you compare to other Death Metal related labels I think we shouldn’t complain that much. Other bands in the same genre is having way more problems getting the budget to do something. But you shouldn’t be too satisfied, if something shall happen you have got to do it either by yourself as a band or push as hell on the label so they can do something for you back. But most of it is also writing quality music that gets into peoples heads fast as hell.

I remember, I have listened to the band for the first time for four years and you were a great boom for me. I liked your music better than the previous DEICIDE stuffs, you are simply awesome.

Carl: Well thanx a lot for those words.. We had been around since the tape trading days in the mid 90’s and has been growing ever since, but it’s always hard to hit the big market, where the competition always are harder and better. Right now there are so many band so the competition is getting thougher by the minute.
Johansson: It’s many Death Metal bands right now want to be heard but I hope it never will be any jealasy that will tear down the scene leaving it as the Black Metal trend did where people just stood with their arms crossed fighting who was the most evil guy in the audience. This is music is about pure energy. You just want to get together with your friends and tear the whole stage into pieces…

In my opinion nowadays the death metal scene is so good and strong like at the early ’90-s. Do you agree with me? Only the strong survive ha-ha!

Carl: Yeah man your correct... and yes only the strong survive ...or some of them survive by just having a good name or „cool” persons in the band and having good contacts. Right now we got loads of people who went with the big Black Metal Boom in the mid 90’s that are coming back to play DEATH METAL again. Also lots of ’All –Star’ bands that are popping up to claim their rights (or just ride the wave) but it’s all cool anyway and we got so many truly good acts today. Very exiting indeed. Hopefully it won’t go as the BM-trend went when all labels just signed shit they got hold of and waterdown the scene. But I agree it’s strong and healthy at this point. Good shit going on!

As far as the death metal releases, in this year were a lot of cool death metal albums released, for example CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION, BLOODBATH, GRAVE, DISMEMBER, etc. Which albums would you still mention? Which ones did you like?

Carl: The new CC was quite good stuff, still the promo from border pissed me off with all it’s ” BIIIIIP.....BIIIIP” in all the songs to prevent ripping the CD…haha… so stupid. Why not make each song 4 different tracks if you want to prevent people to rip it. Ahhh haha and also the Dismember album really fit my shoes. SUFFOCATION was a cool thing as they had been away for such a long time and a cool and worthy comeback album, need a few listens before it settles but still and completely ok album. Grave, to bad, just passed me by and same thing with Bloodbath whom I never though really was a ’band’ as it’s just ”other members” from already existing bands that don’t really play death metal in their other acts (Opeth, Katatonia and Peter from Pain right??) but still the new record was quite some good death metal’s not bad at all. Other acts I think is worth mentioning are: the new VISCERAL BLEEDING album that really rips your soul out and also the new band called VISCIOUS ART here from Stockholm with ex-members from Entombed and Dark Funeral... cool shit! Yeah and the new UNLEASHED was a surprise... been a good year really!
Johansson: I would say that personally the most interesting stuff is all the new bands growing right now like Spawn Of Possession, Decrepit Birth, Visceral Bleeding, Suffocation even if they’re not new in a way. Hope they will do one more album through. It’s a interesting era we got in front of us.

How did you like the new DEICIDE album and how did you like their previous ones? I think so, they are/were one of the main influences of INSISION aren’t/weren’t they?

Carl: On first listen I thought it was not much… but after a while I understood it… It’s a really good and working album. Best so for if your not counting the first 3 albums of course. I really just listen to the first 3 and this last album when it comes to Glenn Benton and crew. But I must admit it’s a hell of a comeback and a good record to show yours still at it. Good work Mr. Benton! Yeah Decide among others has been a big influence through the years, still I don’t really hear that much of it when I listen to our shit... But in the same time I’m the one on the recordings so it’s hard for me to judge, if you know have to do that.

What do you say to the comeback of OBITUARY and SUFFOCATION?

Carl: OBITUARY I can’t comment as I really haven heard anything from them yet but it’s cool all right. The only thing we have to ask ourself are if they will be able to stay up with the rest of us.. It was really a long time since they where active and did some good shit. SUFFOCATION showed it by being one of the best live acts I’ve seen in a long time... so tight and totally deadly... cool shit. But to both bands I’d like to say; welcome back guys, you’ve been missed!!

As far as SUFFOCATION, both you and DEMENTOR have supported them on their Euro-tour. What kind of experiences did you gain? Tell us about this tour! I can imagine it was a killer package.

Carl: Ahh It was fucking dream you know. And yes we had a good time for sure. Did our first European run and also our first European run with a completely new drummer which was kind of hard but went ok anyway. Suffocation are really laid back guys whom has no real rock & roll ”we are so darn cool we cant talk to ya”-attitude… all went really well, lots of fun hanging with them and we got a really good response from the crowd as well. We where actually supposed to go out with them again next year but it screwed up because of economical issius that was out of our hands.
Johansson: That tour was absolutely one thing we will remember for the rest of our lives, I mean it was not glamorous in any way but it was our first European tour and it was together with one of the best Death Metal band in the music industry. And we traveled with the Disgorge guys in a van with 8 seats for three weeks. You are thrown in a van with guys you never met before and the only thing you got in commend is Death Metal. You have to do the best of the situation and not try to step on each other toes. And it went fucking good in the end. Disgorge are sick fuckers...

Why the fuck didn’t you come to Hungary? The Hungarian freaks also like death metal.

Johansson: hmm...don’t now why the fuck we haven’t gone to Hungary, do you have an idea Carl ???
Carl: haha… well how the fuck should I know man I’m not the one arranging the tours you know!! Haha Roger are you putting the shit on again??... No but seriously it was all Metalysee who did the tour and we did not have much to say in that. Would be awesome to get over to Hungary anyway…any festivals to recommend for us to contact? Think Hungary are ready for some INSISION?
Johansson: Yep… If anyone have contact with someone who arranging gigs and stuff in Hungary, contact us.
Carl: Yeah please do!

The Swedish bands have played respectively an important role in the underground. What is the secret of the Swedish bands? What’s your opinion about the death metal scene of Sweden?

Carl: As I told you before the scene is doing well and growing. The secrets? Hmm dedication and the pure love for metal? Ahh I don’t know... damn you got lots of question man… haha!
Johansson: We have a dedicated horde of metalheads and we have a good climate of bands that you can look up to if you are in the age of 15 and are about to start a band. But the older you get some friends that you have had in the past and that you have grown with that use to like the same music you do fall away. Either they get paralyzed by the crap that the Radio pumps out daily, or just trying to grow up or whatever...

The new and unknown acts are GOD AMONG THE INSECTS and RIBSPREADER. Did you them yet listen to? Can you say something about IMMERSED IN BLOOD, VISCERAL BLEEDING and REPUGNANT?

Carl: GATI are a collaboration between different bands and are not really a band merly a project I think you got Masse (Caligula) from Dark Funeral on vocals and Tobben from Vomitory on drums. I actually asked Tobben if it’s a band or not and he replied that they all play a 100% for the other bands but have GATI as a side thing. Immersed with Joel as their main man are having a difficult time right now missing members and all that shit.. It’s to bad they have been around for quite some time now. Think they wont bee much active in the near future. Last thing I heard From Joel he was telling me of the lack on dedication from the other members and I totally understand him. If your not into it a 100% then your just killing the band, hmm tragic really. But I Know Joel is still strong, alive and kicking with different side projects. Visceral Bleeding just released their 2nd full length titled “Transcend into ferocity”. Had vocalist replaced and are still ass kicking all around the globe, just came back from an European tour with the oldies in OBITUARY. Repugnant are dead as far as I see. Both Thomas (Ex- INSISION ) and Tobias (guitars and founder of Repugnant) both decided to skip death metal and play glam-pop insteed. Just like that. Nowadays they don’t look so death metalish so to speak… haha… It’s more scarf, leopard pants and lipstick really if I have to be honest. The other members I don’t know about, but I think they where only session-guys anyway.. Hmm or wait Johan Wallin (Scurvy/Repugnant) are still death metal and plays with GENERAL SURGERY nowadays. I heard there are some old recordings put out for sale (like a ”new record”) but I really doubt it’s because the band is active as a band. I haven’t heard RIBSPREADER yet… any good??
Johansson: It’s kind of wired man...One day people do an awesome old school DM release then one or two years after they where makeup and playing glam-pop. I think it’s strange anyway. It’s like ok, now we do an Insision record and next year we’ll play new school Hardcore bullshit and Carl will rap behind the microphone HAHA.
Carl: ha ha…well maybe. I’m feeling a bit weak here. To many influences around...can’t choose what I am, wanna be or feel anymore... AHHHHH!!! maybe I’ll just surprise the lot of you and do the rap thing hahaha... ahhh.. hehe

Do you like projects? Do you or do the other guys take part in several projects or do you concentrate only on INSISION?

Carl: It’s only Insision so far... well Roger plays ax in KILLAMAN with (Ex-Deranged members) But it’s nothing seriously. He’s been making the message clear that Insision goes before anything. Marcus (new drummer) still rehears with his older bands from time to time but it’s nothing much. Me myself can be interested in projects, but is not really enjoying of the facts that so many ride the wave of their old bands to profit on the projects... still if it’s good it’s good. I don’t really think about it that much. If I would be doing a project it wouldn’t be a death metal thing, more strange stuff insteed...

How would you characterize personally the members of INSISION? Are you good friends? Do you often hang together?

Carl: It’s strange. The band started back in 1997 but had a lot of people going in and out and Insision has been holding the flanks since 2000 without any member changes (except for Toob joining in -01) and things has been really alright in the band. But After Thomas and Toob left, the band has grown tighter together, for obvious reasons really. We needed to be sharp and focus and be able to trust each other in all directions, to help out and support each other in different ways. We all where really good friend before, no doubt, but it was always something that did not work out between someone or another. Especially in the end of 2003 we did not work in the same directions, well some of us did anyway. We have always stated that all members of Insision all are different characters and that is the reason we work so good, but somewhere on the trip you have to draw the line. We still are very different but work really good together because we are, in the same time really similar. Same, but different as they say. We all hang out together from time to time, not every weekend but it happens, you have to understand that you meet up 2 times each week, sometimes up to 3 days each week and then it’s the week end coming... But just the other day we meet up and had a beer bash. Daniel doesn’t hang out much but it’s ok he knows he’s always welcome and from time to time he tags along as well. I mean now when you meet up some many times in the weeks you don’t see the need to hang out on the weekends, best hanging time in the band are defenetly when on tour. That’s when it shows you have grown together and can party like hell without loosing it and in the same time give people a pause without being in their face all the time.

Your new website became very professional. What would you say about it? It is important for a band to have an own website?

Carl: thank you man I have tried to work on it so it works as smoothly as possible looking sharp and informative, still not boring and flat. Yes I truly think it’s a great idea with a website as it’s a superb tool to reach so many people in a short time. You can present the band in a good manner, with both visual and with audio things. Make it look good and in the same time inform people how to get hold of you and your band/music.

How often do you use the internet? Do you like writing e-mails or doing e-mail interviews?

Carl: As responsible for both and the merchandise + newsletters and advertisement on the net I use the internet every single day. It’s a good way of spreading the word about Insision. I also work on lots of other things with the computer, I’m doing a site called EXTREME STHLM (about the Stockholm scene, demo bands to prof.) and also a zine (NOT a net zine this is a paper zine) and yes of course we do lots of interview by e-mail. This one was one of the longest for at least 2 year hahaha 32 questions is a hell of lot of questions to answer haha. I like doing interviews most of the time, it’s more fun doing them live though…

What are your future plans? Will you go on tour?

Johansson: At the moment we’re planning and rehearsing for a Scandinavian tour with The Haunted. After that we’ll do some new songs and are focusing to play some festivals or maybe some small tours, it depends. But we’re absolutely not slowing down. The goal is to do a headlining tour further on so we’ll just see what happens...

Carl & Roger thanks for your answers. I wish both of you and the other guys all the best. INSISION rules! Tell us your closing words!

Carl: Well first up thanks for this humongous interview, good luck with all and thanks for the support!! To all you crazy death heads out there and fans of this music and scene remember without you there is no fucking scene at all, you all count! Keep the bloody flag of Death metal high. Be sure to check out our latest album Revealed and Worshipped. Feel free to visit the web page: for more stuff on Insision. The Stockholm scene? Well get you sorry ass over to: Keep it brutal and twisted! See you guys out there! Rex Mundi regare. Over and out.
/Carl Birath/ Roger Johansson / INSISION 2004


by David Leslie