Incriminated's form of metal is influenced by old school real death and black metal, like Venom, Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost, Deatstrike, Master, early Onslaught, as well as older purveyors of extreme / heavy music from Black Widow, Black Sabbath, Motörhead and Discharge. Here is Harald Mentor from Incriminated to kick your fucking ass!

Let's make one thing clear: are you Harald Mentor? If so, why did you choose this name?

Thatīs me yes. Got the name on our first tour, had a big beard so the guys started calling me Harald at first, and we blasted The Mentors from the car stereo all the time, so before the tour was finished I got this name and so it has stuck with me all these years (since ī98). Anyway it wasnīt a name I chose, it came all naturally haha...

I haven't read too many interviews with Incriminated (only one, ha-ha, in the 3rd issue of Northern Heritage). Why is this? Don't you get any requests or do you just don't give a shit about answering?

I get requests every now and then, but sometimes things are just far too busy to answer, sometimes the questions are not worth answering and too often the fucking zines I answered never come out at all.

Where does the band's name come from, what does this name cover and why do you feel incriminated?

Weīre incriminated in the eyes of the world we fight.

Why don't the Incriminated releases contain band-photos?

Well there are actually some photos, at least live pics in the Blacktask split 7" and "Promise..." album and some poses in the "Hypocricide" mlp. Itīs nothing weīre against really, but I always prefer live photos over poses.

The early releases were recorded in the Necropedofile studio. These releases have a dirty, ugly and crude sounding, but the latest releases, especially the new one, "The Promise of Worse to Come", are more refined, more professional. What is your point about this?

No. I donīt think "The Promise" sounds professional! We recorded that one with 4-track analog device, so it can not be called professional by any means... We did the mastering in a real studio though, so maybe that made it a bit sweeter, but itīs still fucking ugly necro fuck.

Satanic Tyrant Werwolf has been your drummer for a time now. How did he get into the picture? Is he a full member of the band? Does he contribute to the composing?

Originally we talked about him doing drums in live shows only, but after a little chat he became a full member. Yes, he takes part in making songs, yet Iīve always made most of the tracks (and always all lyrics). We have been close friends for a long time, so thereīs nothing dramatic in him getting involved.

How does an Incriminated rehearsal pass off? How often do you practice?

We rehearse very rarely, so our playing wonīt get too tight you know, weīre not looking forward to sound like Slayer or something like that, really.

It is not easy to bump into Incriminated concerts these days. Do you give concerts or do you work as a studio-band only?

Weīre not a studio band only, but at the moment we are on a long break of doing shows. We propably do some gigs someday, but not in a near future.

On the backside of the LP "Miracle of Purity" there's a sentence: "spill the blood you fucking cunt". I don't understand what this sentence has to do with the cover of the LP?

It goes more hand in hand with lpīs back cover art (inside the booklet in cd version) and makes a perfect opposite to the front cover which is a picture of those wise men bringing gifts to oh so sweet baby Jesus.

Why doesn't the band have a personal and special logo? Why do you just put the band's name simply everywhere with the same font?

In fact we have also used a dripping kind of logo in the "Hypocricide" mini album and a vulture logo in some never releases. Anyway mostly we donīt feel like we should underline the bandīs name in any special way, itīs powerful enough on itīs own. Itīs with all we do, we keep things simple and fucking ugly.

After the album "Miracle of Purity" you signed a record deal with Displeased Records. I don't think you match with the label's profile. Why did you change labels? Weren't you satisfied with the activity of Northern Heritage?

At the moment when we started to plan our second album, NH had lots of stuff lined up and as From Beyond (sub label of Displeased) was interested, could do vinyl and cd at the same time and so, we decided to do a two album deal with them. Northern Heritage is still my favourite Finnish Black Metal label and weīre very good friends with him. Well, as From Beyond/Displeased has released bands like Master, Necroschitzma, Blasphemy, Goatlord, Necrophagia, Abscess, Throneum, Sargeist and so on, I really canīt know what you mean with us not fitting their profile, yet maybe weīre really the ugliest filth theyīve done?

What does old school metal mean for you? I believe you are a great old school metal fan, you have even made an Onslaught cover, am I right? What is it that makes metal be metal?

Yeah Iīm very old school what it comes to Metal and Iīm always digging up the deepest obscure shit I can find. My favourite music styles are mystic 70īs hard rock, early finnish bands like Dead End 5 and Sarcofagus, NWOBHM, the very first wave of Death Metal of mid 80īs (from Hellhammer to Slaughter, NME), and of course Black Metal like Venom and Beherit. Itīs the raw power in music that takes my dark soul by the storm. Yes we did a cover version of "Thermonuclear Devastation", I have always loved "Power From Hell" album of Onslaught, straight forward and brutal with a touch of early british hardcore punk like Discharge and Varukers - ace shit as I like the old real brutal punk as well.

You are running an underground metal label named Bestial Burst. What is the criterion when signing up with a band? Why don't you release the Incriminated stuff at your own label, although there were a few EPs released there?

I only release bands I respect, I listen to a lot myself and are mostly overlooked by other worthy labels, but at the very moment Iīm really not looking for new bands to sign. Incriminated has done a bunch of releases for many labels around our cursed globe, but I think more releases will be done through Bestial Burst in the future.

How did you find the Japanese Gallhammer trio, who had signed up with the noted Peaceville label in since then?

Heard their awesome demos and album and as they were looking for european label to do the license of their debut album, I said Iīd love to do it. Canīt go wrong with three Japanese girls sounding more brutal than anything done after Hellhammer or classic Amebix.

A split 7"EP with the German-Hungarian Wolves has been recently released. How did you get together with them?

Weīve been in touch with the members for years for several other reasons.

What is your opinion about NSBM? I am asking you this because it is known that members of the bands Bilskirnir and Hunok make up the membership of Wolves.

I canīt have anything against NSBM, but this split ep is not meant as a political release after all.

What do you do in your private life? Do you have a civil profession, or you gain your money with the label?

At the moment I take my living from the label, it ainīt easy but itīs the only solution that makes sense.

Have you heard the new Celtic Frost album? What do you think of it? I think that the album is pretty flat, except for the song "Triptych: Synagoga Satanae".

Yes I have that album, I respect what theyīve done as they really did things with style... But, I still havenīt gotten really into the album, in some way itīs so big of a monster that I have to struggle to even start listening to it, haha. The sound is a bit too clean for me too, but yeah "Synagoga Satanae" is very powerful indeed. I saw them alive this summer and that was one of the best four gigs I have witnessed in my whole life, fucking earthshaking experience it was.

If you could put together your dream metal band, would you be in it? Who would you like to play together with?

I would put up a love metal band to get more pussy here in my fatherland.

Have you seen the Autopsy DVD? Do you like it?

Havenīt got that one yet, but Autopsy is god.

What are your future plans?

To keep spilling that fucking blood of fucking the cunts.


by Mirgilus