Imperium Dekadenz

Hello! First, tell us the history of Imperium Dekadenz, such as who founded it and when, current lineup, release history, etc.

As I remember we founded it in the summer of 2004, during the Summerbreeze festival in Germany. We sat in my car in the morning, drank our third beer because it rained outside. So we decided to start an project together. After Christmas 2004 we met us and recorded our first songs, which became the “Promo 2005”. During 2005 we wrote new stuff and sent it to some Labels. We got three offers and we decided us for Perverted Taste. In spring 2006 we released our first album which is called “…und die Welt ward kalt und leer”. The reactions for this album were pretty good, so we decided to investigate in some more professional recording equipment. In summer 2007 we released our second album which is called “Dämmerung der Szenarien” in a more professional manner. The reactions were very good.
The current lineup is Horaz and Vespasian.

Where does the band's name come from, what does this name cover?

“Imperium Dekadenz” means translated, empire of decadence. The name was inspired by the film “Caligula”, from the seventies. This is a brutal film about the tyrant decade of Caligula, a roman emperor. A film about hate, yearning, murdering, decadence, despair and mourning. These are all the ingredients of our art.

How got in touch with Perverted Taste? For how many albums did you signed with them?

We sent them two songs via Mail. They gave us an offer, we said yes, so they decided to sign us up. The dial was over two albums. We released these two albums, fulfilled the contract and looking know for a new label. The main decision to leave Perverted Taste was that we are looking for a label which works closer with us, that gives us more feedback and assume more promotional work.

Your albums came out only in CD format. Do you planning to release these great releases on vinyl in the near future?

Yes, we want to release one or both of our albums on vinyl! But that will be certainly a decision of our next label.

On your site was mentioned only one promo Cd-r before the first full length, but I think an other demo was released. Is this true?

No, that is not right. There is only the “Promo 2005”!

I read only 1 interview with ID. Do you interested to answering for interview questions? What is your favorite type of magazines: printed or web?

We prefer printed magazines because the cult factor is much higher. We made a lot of interviews but the most we made were in German language and for German magazines. It needs some time to answer the questions, but the interesting thing is that we always learn something about us when we give answers to the questions. It forces us to think deeper about what we do, why we do that and what we want to achieve with our art.

Tell me all necessary infos about the lyrical background of your albums.

We think you can not describe our lyrics in a collective kind. There are stories about mourning, murdering stories also with a historical background, destruction of civilization, loneliness, nature and war. Our lyrics are not religious or political. Also we have no pagan or satanic topics. Surely someone will stand up now and shout: “hey than it’s no Black Metal!” …all we have to say, call it like you want to call it.

Where come the inspiration to creating ID music?

The inspiration comes from our experiences we have all day. The music and the whole thing is a possibility for us to leave the daily shit that happens. We always say in interviews “Imperium Dekadenz” is our fortress where we can retreat if we want to… and that’s the fucking fact. It’s our true passion in this life.

Can you describe how a typical ID song is composed?

Everyone writes a song for himself and alone. If there is some stuff it will be presented to the other. The other one gives tells his opinion to this stuff. Than there we add a lead melody or an acoustic guitar. Some parts should be longer some shorter… you know what we mean! The song will be improved and improved, till we say, “fine that’s the song”. Of course we make changes till we have the master CD in our hands, hahaha.

Searching on your website I found some studio photos which looks great. Is this your own studio?

Yes, we investigated a lot of money in some new recording equipment last year. It’s important for us that we can record for ourselves. We can record when we have the time for it. Moreover we can create the sound as we really want to have it and we can change things as often we want to change it.

Is ID a studio project only? Or do you planning some live actions with guest musicians in the near future?

Since last Saturday we have some mercenaries for live attacks. Now it’s the time to practice our songs. We hope that we can play our first concerts in late summer or autumn this year. But the songwriting keeps still in our hands, Horaz and Vespasian.

I really like your drum sound. What kind of drumsticks and cymbals do you use?

Vespasian: I´m playing a Tama starclassic performer-set with Zyldjian-cymbals. This set in combination with some good microphones makes this sound happen! I play Vic Firth “Metal” drumsticks.

Tell me all necessary infos about your previous bands like: Kalte & Axt.

Horaz: Kälte and Axt were my previous projects. Kälte was a two men project from 2000 till 2002. After the split I founded Axt, an soloproject. Both projects were very very raw, especially Kälte. Bad sound, bad played. Finally I have to say it was the way I had to go.
Vespasian: I played in some shitty “school-bands” and a really good traditional Metal-band in the vain of Iron Maiden.

Do you also listen to other musical styles outside of black metal. Could you imagine playing something else than black metal one day?

We also like other music styles next Metal like Rock, Folk, Neo Folk or Classic. Non Black Metal bands are for example Bolt Thrower, Motörhead, Unleashed, Shape of Despair, My Dying Bride, Dead Can Dance etc. Imperium Dekadenz will always keep what it is. Black Metal Art.

How were the reaction on your last album comparing with the first one?

The most people prefer the better sound, better songwriting, better lyrics and the nice artwork. But there are also a few peoples which likes the first album more than the last one. They say it is rawer. These are certainly people which almost listen to good Darkthrone stuff. We think our new stuff fits better to Imperium Dekadenz, than the old one. You can not always do the right thing for every one, that’s the way of art.

Do you see the typical black metal attributes as long hair, black clothes, etc as important? On some photos you have corpsepaint & torch in your hands. Is this important for you?

Corpsepaint is not important for us. We like those corpsepaint pictures but we think it doesn’t fits well to Imperium Dekadenz. It’s the essence of a scene that there are attributes which differs an individual of a scene form another scene. An individual needs these attributes to separate him from the mass. We choose this way of life because Metal/ Black Metal has these attributes we can identify with and want to life for.

Is there any philosophy that you consider as important for your life?

“Every man dies, not every man really lives” It’s a citation from the film “Braveheart”

While in the past it was sometimes very difficult to hear certain stuff at all, nowadays it is usually very easy to obtain at least a few mp3 files. When you listen to other bands , is it important for you to have an original copy?

If you spent many-many hours for the artwork, investigate a lot of money in recording equipment and time to write und record the music and someone just download your songs it really hurts. We think an album with artwork and case etc. is a whole unit. Especially many underground bands investigate much passion into there work. If we find a good album in the internet and we like listen to it, we will buy it.

If you had the possibility to travel backwards in time and change some historical event, what would you do?

Summarized… nothing, all is as it must be. We believe into the fate.

Do you read a lot and what kind of literature? Do you consider education in general to be important after all or do you prefer to sophisticate yourself independently?

We think our reading frequency is moderate. Mainly science stuff, historical literature or things about the music scene. Certainly it’s important for children that there is a place and a fixed time when they have to learn something. But at a point in our life we have to begin learning for our self. It’s like you have already said. You should develop your own opinion and character which makes you more independent.

What’s the most interesting book you’ve read in last year?

Horaz: A book about the Celtics in southwest Germany. “Teutates & Konsorten- Reise zu den Kelten in Südwestdeutschland”. It’s written by „Johannes Lehmann“.

How do you feel about the current surge of Islam in Europe? Do you think that it undermines Christianity or could the Moslems become even worse enemy?

WE WILL NEVER to anyone! If Moslems forces us praying to Allah, than they are our enemy.

What is your opinion about the new European state called Kosovo?

Horaz: My personal opinion is that they should have their own state.

The best German metal band ever is:

We have none. hehehe

Thank you for your time and thoughts. Any final thoughts or closing comments?

Thanks for this interview. We hope that we will communicate again!


by Mirgilus