"Thy sinister werewolf kult of Horna was born in 1993 by Shatraug and Moredhel. The hammer of uncreation, Gorthaur, joined in 1994 and the first release "Varjoissa" was created in 1995. Joined by Satanic Warmaster (prior known as Nazgul) in 1996, Horna set out the course lead by "Hiidentorni" all the way upon the grim splendour of "Sudentaival". In 2001 Satanic Warmaster was replaced by Corvus unveiling an entirely new era in our existence. In the summer of 2003 we found our current lead guitarist Saturnus and the unholy trinity of Shatraug-Corvus-Saturnus was born, a revelation that clouded any previous settlements. Even when we saw it necessary to replace Gorthaur our thrice cursed black core kept going on, with strenght anew. Lyrically Horna ventures from a past of harsh and primitive devil worship to the occult obscurity of today in an atmospheric and poetic direction - more and more in the veins of our emotions, as reflections of our beliefs and passions. Still captured by the darkness of existence, possessed by an interest in all things of the night... Many questions have been sent to us about this so it is needed to say that our recording line-up is usually never full. What you see live is what we are. Our living distances make it impossible to have everyone master each new masterpiece. Another lingering question is the accusations of being a political band. HORNA has never been and never to be a political band nor do any of the band lyrics have such content. We are satanist, heathen, BLACK METAL. What any ex-members might represent is not what we stand for. For once and all, may it be clear."

Salutem Shatraug! Horna is one of the most known Finnish Black Metal bands…what makes you to go on? What gives you the strength for holding the black flag of Evil?

Hellz. I am still here as long as the flame of Satan burn in my heart. As long as I feel burning passion and desire to create music in his praise, I will be here.

The line-up of Horna suffered some member changes in the past, but the present line-up seems to be really strong. Are you satisfied with it?

Yes, the current one is so far the best. It was sad to go different paths with Gorthaur but it was unnecessary and turned out to be one of best things to Horna in the end. Our liveshows are now much more hateful and energetic than ever too.

Noidanloitsu is my all time favorite Horna song…could you explain me the meaning of the title and what the lyrics are about?

That song literally means “Spell” and it speaks of a hateful spellbinding, gazing the stars and cursing humans with blackest venom.

Beherit is one of the greatest Black Metal bands ever existed. You play some Beherit covers sometimes. What does this legend mean to you? Would you like a come-back?

Beherit is a cult band for Finland. It’s a band I would not like to see coming back but if they can do it as good as Archgoat did, then why not. I seriously doubt it though and fear that the only motive for it would be money…

You declare yourself a Satanist. Do you practice some rituals at home? Are you part of any sect? What type of Satanism do you practice?

I am more of a satanic occultist. I have practiced in the past calling for vengeance and enlightenment but it’s long since I did that. I am not part of any group at the moment and am mostly into thelema and chaos magick.

Tell me a bit about Sargeist. Why did you form the band? Did you have any ideas which didn’t fit into Horna?

Sargeist was made to play Black Metal which didn’t fit Horna at the time of it’s birth. Nowadays it’s almost the same which exist…

What was your first contact with metal? Which one was the first metal band you heard?

First contact was “Powerslave” from Iron Maiden when I was 6 years old. I still have that LP in my collections of course. It was the first LP I ever owned.

What made you to play this kind of music? Did you feel close to Darkness from your childhood?

Honestly, I was possessed only by the rise of Norwegian Black Metal, specially the first recordings of Emperor touched my soul unlike any other music before. That moment I sold my soul to Satan…

Do you think that Satan is real? I mean like a creature. Do you think that Satan is a goat-like creature with horns who lives in Hell?


Do you share your life with someone? I mean do you have a girlfriend or a wife? What’s your opinion about family?

I have a wife and two children. For me it’s a part of my life to breed and have family as I want, it all fits my philosophy. I hate most of the population on this planet but blood is thick…

Horna appears on 10 split releases. Do you like split releases? Why do you feel important to release split releases?

Split releases are one of the best ways to support another band in a concrete way. It is to honor the music of the other band mostly. There have been some split releases we did not want as they came but sometimes things go wrong… it’s life, rotten life.

In my opinion the songs from your splits are stronger than those of your albums…do you feel that it’s true?

Hmm, I don’t think so. There have always been good releases and we don’t want to make a shitty song on a split release either.

Which of your releases do you think is the best? I mean with which one are you the most satisfied?

For me the best is “Envaatnags…” album in it’s entirety. This release is simply having all that I want from music.

What does the word Horna mean? From where did you get this band name?

The word means “abyss” and is an old Finnish word. We chose it in the past to have a name that would sound strong and hateful.

You perform lots of gigs. Do you feel it necessary for a Black Metal band to perform live shows? How do you feel when playing live? How do you feel when you play a Beherit cover live?

We play live because we like it. Not all bands should or need to do it though. Black Metal should be pure fucking energy live, not just music but a joint ritual, a dark gathering. The Beherit cover is nothing special live, it’s just our way to pay homage to this influential band.

There have always been “fights” between the Norwegian and the Finnish scene…what’s the relationship now? Do you respect the other scenes?

Always? Haha, perhaps in the early 90’s but that’s a fucking long time ago. I can’t find any fights in last 15 years anywhere between the scenes here in the North, quite the contrary. There are not much strong Norwegian bands anymore but the few there are, I respect.

Tell me your worst experience with the band.

Playing in fucking Spain without getting food and sleeping place and ending up trying to sleep with cockroaches… fucking shitty gig ever.

If you could turn back the time is there anything you would change in your past? Any regrets?

No remorse, no regret. There are things that could’ve gone different but I would not be the person I am today if anything changed, I’m sure.

What’s your relationship with the society? Are you a misanthropist?

I deal with it as much as necessary. I don’t like people but I don’t show them my hate all the time either, they don’t need to see their enemy.

What do you think about suicide fixated Black Metal bands? What does suicide mean to you?

Suicide bands should rather focus on following their message. I think it’s pathetic to sing of suicide without doing it. Of course, encouraging others to do it is good. I do not see suicide useful until I have lived my time here.

Do you collect anything? CDs, Vinyl, Matchboxes…

I don’t collect, I consume.

What’s your worst nightmare?

Being handicapped for rest of my days.

Do you like animals? What’s your relationship with nature?

I like some, got a couple dogs here. Nature here is all around, it ends nothing special and you will only miss it when you’re away. Finnish nature is one of the most soothing places I know, I love it.

What kind of car do you have? Do you like it?

Old, cheap, junk. It works, that’s enough.

Which was the worst Black Metal album you’ve ever heard? What was the problem with it?

Ah, I can’t really say. I hear so much crap I can’t remember everything anymore. Such shit does not deserve any publicity either.

Finally please tell me your plans for the future. Thank you for the answers, please close the interview as you want….

Hails and thanks for the interview. A bit brief but fuck I’m tired… Plans are to do some split 7” releases and other stuff, and a European tour in September. Latest news can always be checked out at www.legion-horna.com. 666.

Contact: www.legion-horna.com

by Woodlum666