Hellish Crossfire

Hello Iron Incubus! This is Mirgilus from the Transylvanian Mirgilus Siculorum/Cross of Black Steel magazine!

IRON INCUBUS: Hellish hails to Transylvania!!!

What is the current situation with Hellish Crossfire?

IRON INCUBUS: At the moment we’re preparing for some shows in the recent future rehearsing songs as well as writing new tunes for our second full-length album...As for now we got a huge part of the new tracks finished already so I think we can enter studio the coming winter / spring...Furthermore we’re of course still keen on drinking and worshipping evil, twisted Metal music - "business" as usual, hehe!

Last year came out the Slaves of the Burning Pentagram album on CD with a new cover artwork, which is best so far like the cover of the LP. What is your opinion about this?

IRON INCUBUS: Some people prefer the LP, others the CD version – it’s a matter of taste, I guess! I personally think that both artworks are quite well done, whereas I prefer the CD artwork as well. But, as said, everybody got an own taste and if you prefer the CD to the LP cover, that’s ok. Originally we wanted to put "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram" out as MLP through the Dutch Steelfire Invasion label. After this company ceased to exist there was still the half-finished cover artwork. We then signed to I Hate Records and told another guy to draw a cover for our full-length record. When he was finished with his work, the former label owner of Steelfire Invasion came up with his finished artwork as well, and we obviously liked what we saw. That’s why we decided to put it on the CD version of the album.

How got in touch with the Swedish I Hate Records? For how many albums did you signed with them? Are they supporting with some tours?

IRON INCUBUS: I knew Peter of I Hate Records quite well through my fanzine "Blood Of The Ancient", through his label and his band Terrorama. We traded tapes and zines back and forth already before, and I knew he liked HELLISH CROSSFIRE’s music a lot. So it was only natural that after the disappearing of our former label Steelfire Invasion to join the I Hate squad...In the beginning it was more like a "gentlemen agreement" but when "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram" was unleashed and sold quite well, we decided to sign a contract. It’s lasting for two further albums (apart from our debut), so we’ll be part of the I Hate squad for quite a long time, hehe...which I think is fabulous!
I Hate Records organized one show in Stockholm, Sweden, together with Morbid Insulter, Terrorama and Bloodbanner in February 2008. This was also the very first HELLISH CROSSFIRE show abroad, and it was a huge blast! Then Peter of I Hate invited us to come to his 30th birthday in May this year where we played in a small restaurant to a selected and mad audience, which was quite great as well! Only a few weeks ago we were offered a show at "Sweden Rock Cruise 2008" together with Candlemass, Dismember, Demon and Evergrey, which has been a result of I Hate’s great promo work. Unfortunately we had to cancel the show because we’ll enter the stage at this year’s "Thrash Assault 3" festival as well which makes it impossible for us to play on both events because they take place at nearly the same time and flights are nearly impossible to get in order to co-ordinate both festival appearances. It’s sad but true - anyway, I Hate does everything possible to help us out, be it with gigs or with promotional work in zines etc. Due to the fact that I Hate is an underground label possibilities to put us on big tours are not very huge...furthermore we prefer to play selected single shows instead of playing in front of few bored teenagers during tours...

The LP was limited to 500 copies. How many copies were released from the CD version? Do you have some plans for a picture version of the Slaves of the Burning Pentagram album?

IRON INCUBUS: Puh, I’m not sure about the CD version, honestly said, but I think the number is close to 2,000 copies... Furthermore there’s been an extra South American tape version unleashed by Chilean Proselytism Records which was about 300 copies...We don’t care for sales figures, all we care for is to play our utterly dark and devastating kind of Thrash / Speed Metal the best way we can!
No, there won’t be a picture version of our debut album. But we talked with I Hate about a proper special version of the vinyl edition, with a full-coloured LP etc. But these plans are on hold at the moment unfortunately. Maybe it will still come, we’ll see...

It’s a bit strange for me, that first came out the LP and after one year later came out the CD version. What is the story behind?

IRON INCUBUS: Originally we wanted to put out "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram" on LP only as this is the one and only, the ultimate format for ancient Thrash / Speed Metal! Right after the vinyl version was sold out after a very short time, I Hate told us it would be killer to put the album out on CD as well. So that’s what we did – we’re vinyl hunters and maniacs deeply rooted in the 80s, we grew up with LPs and cassettes, so it was only natural to care for vinyl only at first...

Tell me all necessary info about the first two demos. Are the demos available?

IRON INCUBUS: It’s not exact to speak of two "demos": There’s been one rehearsal tape called "Unholy Tyranny" in 2004 and one promo for "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram" in 2005. "Unholy Tyranny" was recorded in our rehearsal room on an old tape deck and featured the songs “Desecrate / Glorify The Sin”, “...Of Slaying Grounds”, “Death Worship” and “Hellish Crossfire’. We still play the first two and a half songs live nowadays, the rest of the tracks didn’t stand the test of time. We’ll even re-record “...Of Slaying Grounds” for our second full-length, so beware! "Unholy Tyranny" was only spread in an amount of 50 copies to friends and interested people. It was just an "appetizer" for what was to come and a first sign of life. Together with some unofficial rehearsal tracks it will soon be put out by Chilean Proselytism Records on a split digipack CD with the great Paraguayan Thrash troop Violent Attack. The above mentioned promo version of "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram" only featured the songs recorded in January 2005 in a rough mix version and was only meant to be spread among labels, zines, etc. None of these tapes are available anymore, sorry! They were spread in very limited quantities, but fans have a chance to listen to the songs of "Unholy Tyranny" at least when they buy the aforementioned split CD with Violent Attack...

The Slaves of the Burning Pentagram album was recorded in two sessions, first in January 2005 and than in July 2006. What’s happened?

IRON INCUBUS: Originally we only wanted to put out a MLP through Steelfire Invasion Records - vinyl only, of course. We went into Rape Of Harmonies Studios in January 2005, recorded some songs lasting for about half an hour, which was enough for a MLP. Then, after the death of Steelfire Invasion, I Hate Records showed interest in HELLISH CROSSFIRE and they offered us to put out a full-length album. But half an hour wouldn’t be enough for a full record, we thought, so we went into studio again in July 2006 to lay down `Eternal Tyranny` and `Claw Of The Reaper` to have enough songs for our debut full-length. That were the reasons why there are results of two different studio sessions on "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram". However, our producer Patrick W. Engel managed to come very close to the original sound from 2005 when he mixed and mastered the last two songs in 2006.

Was everything recorded live without any modifications (new guitar lines, bass lines, etc) and overdubs?

IRON INCUBUS: Yeah, of course - no space for foolish technical stuff, really!!! We wanted to come very close to an original 80s sound - reminding of early Slayer, Living Death or Razor perhaps. So using triggered drums or shit like this wouldn’t have been authentic at all...Of course we used high tech recording equipment as recording analogue is too expensive nowadays unfortunately. Furthermore I consider myself not as the best guitar player around so it is very comfortable to be able to play some things over and over again in order to eliminate some mistakes etc., hehe... I’m a very impulsive and direct musician when it comes to things like this and I accept the technical advantages offered nowadays. To be honest, just look around in nowadays` scene: There aren’t too many musicians left anymore that could record live the way the bands of the 70s or 80s still did...With my other band Anael we recorded most of the parts of our last album "From Arcane Fires" live which was one hell of a great experience...

Tell me something about the lyrical themes of the Slaves of the Burning Pentagram album.

IRON INCUBUS: Our vocalist Iron Tyrant and / or our long-time comrade Mellhammer were responsible for the lyrics of the songs on „Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram“, so I guess they could answer this question more accurate. But we got one thing we all agree on in HELLISH CROSSFIRE: The music is in the center of interest, the lyrics are only there in order to fit to our songs. Raw and dark music needs raw and dark words, there’s no time for lovely, social-critic or gay stuff! We want to have our lyrics fucked-up as hell, they have to strengthen the atmosphere of the music. That’s all, there’s no deeper meaning behind them. If I want to read some words about the sense of life, I grab a book written by a philosopher and not a CD booklet or LP inlay...And I do read a lot and am very much into philosophy, poetry and such things. But I also recognize that most of the topics I read about wouldn’t fit to the attitude of HELLISH CROSSFIRE. That’s also one of the reasons why I let our vocalist be the man responsible for the lyrics in this band. I mean, back in the early days I wrote some stuff about war, darkness, philosophical thoughts and stuff like this, but Iron Tyrant is the one who has to sing it, so it’s only natural that he’s responsible for the lyrics. The only message of our lyrics is that they stand for evil and raw thrashing Speed madness!!! And perhaps they’re also a fist in the face of those that feel the need to demonstrate how „intelligent“ they are whilst they copy words from philosophical texts... That’s always a good laugh, especially in the so-called „Black Metal genre“ these days: Everybody wants to demonstrate how intelligent he / she is, and in the end they all rely on the same authors / thinkers over and over again and interpret them in a very wrong way – over and over again...

Thrash Metal is very popular in Germany. Early albums of Sodom, Destruction, Kreator, Living Death, Assassin, etc. etc are classics in thrash metal history. What do you think about the current German Thrash Metal scene?

IRON INCUBUS: Hm, there are some good bands like i.e. Old, Chörny Woron, Nocturnal or Witching Hour, but mainly there are faggots around that pretend to be dedicated to Thrash Metal but in fact they play some new-styled Bay Area-influenced shit. Then we got lots of bands that pretend to be "die-hards" and that sound to 100 % exactly like the originals from the past (Slayer, Sodom, Kreator etcetc.). However, I can neither understand the one nor the other group of bands. Concerning HELLISH CROSSFIRE it’s just four friends that once met in a dirty and fucked-up rehearsal room to dedicate their souls to ancient Thrash / Speed Metal. We simply played the music we worshipped before this kind of sound became a huge trend. And that’s why we’ll still be there once this trend is over!
The German Metal scene, however, got hundreds of bands, but in the end only a handful is really worth to check out. I like some Doom acts just like i.e. Earth Flight, Spancer, Doomshine, Voodooshock or some other Metal stuff just as i.e. Stormwarrior, Sacred Steel and Excoriate. Germany definitely can be called a "Metal heaven" considering the quantity of bands, not the quality...

The last few years came out some great thrash albums from Germany. Desaster - 666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate, Nocturnal - Arrival of the Carnivore, Delirium Tremens - Thrashing Warthogs, Old - Down with the Nails, Hellish Crossfire - Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram, Witchburner - Blood Of Witches, etc. I think these albums will be classics in the near future. What do you think about?

IRON INCUBUS: All I’m thinking is that I don’t want to judge about whether our music will be considered as "classic" or something like this later on. That’s up to the forthcoming generations of fans, but I’m honored that you mentioned us in this list!
However, of the albums you mentioned I only like Old’s "Down With The Nails" for 100 %. The rest of the records have got their good moments but I wouldn’t listen to them in their entirety all day long. There are good songs on "Arrival Of The Carnivore" of Nocturnal, on "Blood Of Witches" of Witchburner, on Desaster`s "666 - Satan`s Soldiers Syndicate" and on Delirium Tremens` "Thrashing Warthogs". But all these groups managed to come up with way better stuff in the past already and the newer records cannot live up to this legacy. But hey, that’s only my very own opinion and it’s up to everybody out there to listen to what he / she wants! Absolute freedom for everybody, hehe...! The German scene got some very promising and fine Thrash acts nowadays - just check out the above already mentioned Witching Hour and Chörny Woron!

What is your opinion about the new thrash metal bands like Fueled by Fire, Bonded by Blood, Evile, Violator, Warbringer?

IRON INCUBUS: I like Fueled By Fire and Violator quite much, the rest is not exactly my personal favourite, to say it very gentle. I consider it as very funny that there are many new bands emerging seemingly from nowhere that claim to be "die-hard Thrashers" that have played this kind of music ever since... When you put their records on, it’s just a plain copy of another, bigger act. It’s not original, and - most important - it cannot offer any good songs at all. Musical-wise Bonded By Blood, Evile, Warbringer etc. are really good, but they lack an own style totally, they’re ripping off the old cult acts with the main difference that they don’t know how to create really overwhelmingly great songs. The spirit is lost on these records - if you call this the future of Thrash Metal, I’m happy to be no part of this movement...
But anyway, there are still some bands that know how to pull it off and offer some good stuff with an own touch - for example the mentioned Fueled By Fire, Violator, Violent Attack, Chilean Enforcer, Skull, Attacker Bloody Axe or Merciless Death.

After the great black metal trend worldwide will be a new Thrash Metal renaissance in the near future?

IRON INCUBUS: If this new Thrash Metal renaissance would offer some very unique and outstanding acts this would be possible. Nowadays the "leading" Thrash Metal troops only come up with music that i.e. Metallica, Exodus or Destruction already offered long, long before. The main differences are that the originals managed to come up with way better songs and used to spread some authentic feeling! The Black Metal trend rooted in the 90s was a very different chapter: This was without any doubt a relatively new sound with extraordinary, unique music and characters! Furthermore certain crimes like murders and church burning helped to gain recognition...dark and heavy music was again a very thrilling and "spiritual" thing. Nowadays the "scene" is an undead factory of one hit wonders production and mass satisfaction instead of a place for free individual thoughts. Anyway, HELLISH CROSSFIRE doesn’t belong to any special "scene" and we also don’t consider us as part of this new Thrash Metal renaissance. We’ve been around before the trend and we will still be here when all that is over and long forgotten!

Comment the following:
“On Speed I die,
For Thrash I cry,
In Black I rule
Slaughtering The Fool!!!

IRON INCUBUS: This was originally the refrain of our song `Death Worship` that can be heard on our "Unholy Tyranny" rehearsal tape. The rhyme was created by me and should all in all tell what HELLISH CROSSFIRE stands for: Speed, Death, Thrash and Black Metal mixed in an ancient way... It’s just some kind of slogan that sounds good and fits to our personal way as a band – there’s nothing more to tell about it!

What is the situation with your other band Anael?

IRON INCUBUS: The last months have been quite silent - at least on the live sector. We didn’t play one single concert in 2008 but we’ll soon go on tour again... We took the free time to concentrate on producing our third full-length album "From Arcane Fires" which will be put out by Paragon Records from the US of A. When you read this interview it should be available already. The album is - once again - totally different to previous outputs: It’s still dark, occult and rather slow extreme music rooted in Black Metal. But there are also acoustic passages, unusual breaks etc., etc. - elements that differ us from most other bands around under the Black / Dark Metal banner... You have to check it out to judge whether you like it or not because I cannot name bands that sound similar to Anael...this time, I think, we achieved to offer truly original music...

Which band of these is closer to your heart, which band/music of yours portray the best your person?

IRON INCUBUS: Every band portrays a part of me as an individual to a certain degree. But I have to state that HELLISH CROSSFIRE comes closer to my personal character: At least I’m the one that comes up with the riffs, I’m the one that takes care for all the "business" aspects, I answer most of the interviews etc. So there’s a huge portion of my inner self invested here, whereas in Anael it’s mainly Seraphackh and Primeumathon that are responsible for the music, the lyrics, the concept, the designs of releases / websites etc. They were the ones that founded Anael and they were the members that kept this band alive during all those years. So I guess it’s definitely certain to say that Anael is to a major part their "playground". However, I definitely contribute as much as possible to Anael but I’ve been a part of HELLISH CROSSFIRE since day one and so this group represents me as an individual much more.

Being involved in these bands, it must take a lot of time, plus you also perform live with Anael and Hellish Crossfire. Can you have a normal job besides these projects? What are you doing for a living?

IRON INCUBUS: Yeah, of course I have to work besides playing music! - Or let’s say better: I want to work besides because this way you’re more independent. You can do whatever you want with your music, nobody can tell you what to do! That’s maximum freedom...and I appreciate that! Furthermore I sometimes also need some time to get away from musical matters, to watch everything from a distance. This may contribute to your creativity as an artist and it may refill your batteries to drive on full energy again...
It’s not the most hectic job I got – it’s working in an office. And besides that I even got more things to do: I’m writing for a big German magazine, I got my own fanzine "Blood Of The Ancient" (which nowadays is on the hold) and, last but most important, there’s my girlfriend... At the moment it’s possible to take care of all these things. I mean, Anael hasn’t played one single live show this year (as stated above), but when it starts again, I’ll have to take care of the dates not colliding with the dates of HELLISH CROSSFIRE. All this works, it’s just a matter of timing! You have to make the best out of your life and take the maximum - and as long as this works and no aspect is neglected, it’s alright!

Do you have enough time for two bands? Both bands are active in live appearances. Is difficult to arrange gigs on summer festivals for your bands?

IRON INCUBUS: As said, it’s possible to combine the activities of both bands plus my other "projects", hehe...
Sometimes it can be difficult and we have to cancel shows. For example I already booked some flights for a vacation in the end of September / early October 2008. And at exactly this time we were invited to play with The Protectors in Prague! Damn, this would have been one hell of a fine show! But I had these vacation plans long before and couldn’t postpone it. So we unfortunately had to cancel it - sorry to Martin Missy and the rest of the guys but I think one day there’ll be the chance we can play live together! On the other side we had to cancel "Sweden Rock Cruise" partly also due to our drummer’s commitments... When we started HELLISH CROSSFIRE we did it for our deep dedication to the ancient Metal cult. And we continue to do so: There should be no pressure from outside or whatsoever. If we play live we play live and if it’s not possible we try everything to avoid cancellation, but hey: If it’s not gonna happen now it’s gonna happen later... With HELLISH CROSSFIRE we also don’t want to play out every weekend in front of a bored audience. What we are looking for are real ancient Metal celebrations, not just plain gigs! When we play shows it’s a huge thunderstorm and maximum annihilation!!! We couldn’t imagine playing a tour with 6 / 7 shows a week because when we play live we always give 100 % and that makes us old men tired the next day(s), hehe...! Furthermore HELLISH CROSSFIRE shows should remain something special - for us as musicians as well as the audience.
Also Anael is not a band that plays live every weekend, so you can see that whenever there are shows it is possible to arrange it somehow, hehe...
So far with HELLISH CROSSFIRE we’ve only played live at "Hells Pleasure" open air for two times but there haven’t been any other summer festival appearances. I think we’re a band that is predestined to drive a small club crazy but also bigger stages are a fine experience. Especially our show at this year’s "Hells Pleasure" was awesome and very inspiring. But of course it’s nearly impossible for a small band like us to play the big festivals like "Wacken" etc. And I wouldn’t like to stand on a stage playing to stupid non-Metallers and trendy faggots! - Then I prefer playing underground club shows for the rest of my life instead...

You don’t have a website. Is this an accidental thing, or do you want to avoid this?

IRON INCUBUS: In the beginning we tried to avoid it as it doesn’t make sense for a real Metal band: I mean, three of four band members don’t have any internet at all and two of us don’t have any mobile phones. - As much 80s as possible, hehe! But I don’t want to say that technical evolution is just a bad thing - I see the advantages of writing emails and of websites where I could offer some HELLISH CROSSFIRE photos and our logo for zines to download instead of sending this stuff to every single zine... That’s why we agreed on the offer of a comrade of my girlfriend to build up a HELLISH CROSSFIRE website. But somehow he didn’t manage to set it up and we aren’t too much into this bullshit internet gay stuff, so it seems as if this was a "sudden death" project... So I guess there’ll be no website of HELLISH CROSSFIRE in future, which is good, because we try to live our lifes far away from stupid computers and all those fools hiding themselves in anonymities behind the screen... I know it both from a "fanziner’s" as well as a musician’s point of view: The internet leads to hilarious, superflous online "zines" and to a state where music is just some kind of "product". In future times we’ll only have "products" in our hands, there will only be a minority still listening to real music made by musicians with soul and dedication. Only this minority will hail their vinyl cults, only this minority still holds high the flag of what Heavy Metal is / was and will always be about: Sincerity, dedication and authenticity. (Cyber) life has become too fast and short-living – that’s how the music will turn out in future times. But anyway, there are still some few creatures out there that long for real, breathing, soulful art, real music...

What is your favorite music format? Vinyl, CD or tape? Don of the Dead from Nunslaugher said in the Psicoterror # 8: Men and Metallist collect vinyl, women and faggots collect CDs. What do you think? Do you have many releases in your collection?

IRON INCUBUS: That’s a logical explanation of Don, really, hehe! I also heard a thesis about that since man exists he is a hunter and therefore it’s only natural for us to keep "hunting" for vinyl cults out there, hehe...
Of course I prefer vinyl and tape formats. I got lots of tapes as I collected them already when I was a child / in my youth. I didn’t have an own LP player for a long time, that’s why I had to keep on collecting CDs. And even nowadays I have more CDs than LPs due to the fact that through trades and due to my work for the magazine and my fanzine more CDs are sent to my home dungeon...
But, honestly said, I think the format doesn’t matter too much: A good album is a good album, if you listen to it on a raw tape deck or on a huge dolby surround stereo system! I cannot understand those collectors that care for the fact if the vinyl got a blue, white or brown as shit colour... That’s also a way for record companies to cash in some money, a commercial aspect I don’t wanna be part of!

What bands are you listening to nowadays?

IRON INCUBUS: Puh, there’s so extremely much... At the moment I’m once again into all the South American cult acts like i.e. Tinieblas, Massacre (Chile), Taurus, RetroSatan, Attomica, Dorsal Atlantica, Expulser, Sextrash, old Sepultura, Sadism, Metalmorfosis, Chakal, Vulcano, Mutilator, Sarcófago, Holocausto, Pentagram (Chile), Resistencia, Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell, V8 etc. Furthermore I like to listen to bands like Black Sabbath, Coven, Writing On The Wall, Icecross, Lucifer`s Friend, Black Widow, Possessed, Pentagram (US), Candlemass, Infernäl Mäjesty, Onslaught, Venom, Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Bathory, Slaughter (Canada), old Slayer, old Metallica, old Samael, Death / Mantas, Sacrifice (Canada), Exciter, Zemial, Hirax, Merciless, Incantation, Blood Feast, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Rigor Mortis, old Judas Priest, Iron Maiden with Paul Di Anno, Desolation Angels, Pokolgep, Korrozia Metalla, Treblinka, Ossian (Hungary), Aria, Manowar, Saxon, Cirith Ungol, Intruder, Revenant, Morgoth, Violent Force, Darkness, Assassin, Liege Lord, Count Raven, Sparta, Militia, Minotaur, Formel 1, Pink Floyd, Iron Angel, Nuclear Assault, Deceased, Autopsy, Entombed, Rush, Old Funeral, Blasphemy, Morbid, Agressor, Carrion, Necronomicon, Cynic, Kat, Saint Vitus, Trouble, Exumer, Exodus, Dismember / Carnage, AC/DC, Détente, Toxik, Tudor, Root, Pentacle, Turbo, Agent Steel, Blitzkrieg, Luciferion, Mystifier, Nifelheim, Virgin Steele / Exorcist, Motörhead, Tormentor / Kreator, Poison (Germany), Sathanas / Bathym, Sodom, Darkness, Sadus, Tormentor (Hungary), Törr, Necrovore, Slaughter Lord, Massacra, Pagan Altar, Unanimated, Bestial Warlust, Beherit, Dissection, Trespassed, Virtue, Cryer, A-II-Z, Warpath (Chile), Inquisicao, S.A. Slayer, Tank, Samson, old Overkill, White Spirit, old Tygers Of Pan Tang, Slauter Xstroyes, Samhain / Deathrow, Black Knight, Order From Chaos, Sadistic Intent, Dark Angel, Num Skull, Omen, Manilla Road, Grotesque, Bulldozer, Necrodeath, Shub-Niggurath / Tormentor (Mexico), Violent Force, Grave, Inquisitor, Destruction, Witchfynde, Witchfinder General, old Mayhem, old Darkthrone, Living Death, The Obsessed, Angel Witch, Cyclone, E-X-E, Headhunter D.C., old Debustrol, Master (Russia and US), Satanic Rites, Hell, Hydra Vein, Onslaught, Mortem (Peru), Messiah, Incubus (both Florida and Louisiana), Asphyx, old Pestilence, Infernäl Mäjesty, Protector, old Vader, Mercy, Warhammer (UK), Morbid Saint, Terrorizer, Hobb`s Angel Of Death, old Mortal Sin, Deaf Dealer, Anvil Chorus, Stos, Thrasher Death, Exorcist (Poland), Fantom, Arakain, Voivod, Crux, Iron Angel, Tudor, Diabolic, The Chasm, Blasfemia, Astaroth, Insulter, Paralex, Cloven Hoof, Damnation (Sweden), Ostrogoth, Ancient Gods, Infinitum Obscure, Sabbat (both UK and Japan), old Usurper, Reverend Bizarre, Martire, Vomitor, Transmetal, Necroschizma, Necromass, Destructor, Medieval Steel, Leprosy (Sweden), Satan, Jaguar, Razor, Voor, Silent Death, Bloodlust, old Destroyer 666, Warrant (Germany), Unleashed / Nihlist, Crucifixion (UK), Holocaust, Diamond Head, UFO, old Scorpions, Uriah Heep, Thin Lizzy, Accept, Deathstrike, Centurian, Abhorer, Sexfago, Atheist / R.A.V.A.G.E., Dead Head, Sorcery, Savage Death, Savage Grace, Tröjan, Warlord, Overdrive, Wolf (UK and Sweden), Hammerhead, Samurai, Praying Mantis, King Crimson, Arc, Gospel Of The Horns, Legend etcetc.
As for new albums, I enjoy the new releases of Motörhead, Grand Magus, Blood Ceremony, Force Of Darkness, Reino Ermitano, The Gates Of Slumber etc. Puh, this should give you a "small" overview of some of the stuff I listen to and worship these days...

Please name your top 10 favourite releases of all time:

IRON INCUBUS: Of all time? - Without any musical limitations? Then here we go:

Richard Wagner - The Ring Of The Nibelung
King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King
Ludwig van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem in D minor
Johann Sebastian Bach - Air / Toccata & Fugue in d minor
Igor Strawinsky - Le Sacre Du Printemps
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon
Slayer - Show No Mercy
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Modest Mussorgsky - Pictures At An Exhibition

Only two Metal releases, I know: But you cannot compare an universal musical masterpiece such as i.e. Beethoven’s "Symphony No. 9" with "profane" music such as Heavy Metal... However, I at least tried to write down a mixture between what I personally think are 10 of a huge pile of "best music pieces of all time" and that did have a huge affect on my personal development as an individual as well.

Ok man, that’s all for the moment, please close this interview with some future plans, final wisdoms etc. I hope next year I will see Hellish Crossfire on stage, until than don’t forget: Thrash ‘Till Death!

IRON INCUBUS: Yeah, playing in your home country would be awesome! - Maybe one day it’ll happen!
As for now we’ll play some single shows as you can see below - most of them over here in Germany. But I guess we’ll do some gigs abroad soon as well, so beware, hehe...! At the moment we’re writing songs for our second album and we’ve reached the last track that is waiting to be finished. The follow-up album to "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram" will be totally in the vein of our debut album, there’ll be absolutely no musical changes! I guess we’ll become musically even more extreme: Faster, slower and rawer at the same time! - So watch out for this second pure ancient Thrash Metal assault!!!
Last "wisdom"?! – We’re no wise men, we’re just a bunch of Metal fanatics that play raw and aggressive as fuck music, so all I can say is that people should stay true to themselves, stay away from the fucking internet and computers in general. Start to discover the world and nature again instead of living in "cyber worlds"...furthermore, stop consuming and start thinking...there’s no better call to arms, no better "revolution" than this!
Last but not least, thank you very much for your support – it’s been an honour to answer your questions! All the best to the readers of this zine!

On Speed I die,
For Thrash I cry,
In Black I rule,
Slaughtering the fool!!

Contact: wachter0@t-online.de

by Mirgilus