Green Carnation

Tchort is one of the most famous and talentated artist from the Norwegian metal scene.He played in bands like Einherjer, Satyricon and he also played the bass part on the Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse masterwork. In present he had two bands: Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne, but he also plays in Carpathian Forest.

Hi Tchort! You should begin with telling me when and how did started the whole Green Carnation story. Donít forget to mention the bands you were involved during the last years.

Green Carnation was formed in 1990, after we had been doing cover songs, etc. from 1988 or so. We started writing our own death metal songs and changed our name into GC. After that and before we reformed again in December 1998, I played with bands like Emperor, Satyricon, Einherjer and I still play in Carpathian Forest and I have my other band Blood Red Throne.

I have read in a zine that your first album actually is Hallucinations Of Despair, but this one does not appear in your discography, so I guess itís a demo. Tell us something about this material, because unfortunately I have not had the luck of hearing it.

Yes, it's just a demo. The demo was released in 1991/92 and was sold out. It was a death metal demo, as thatís what we were back then. There is some talk about re-recording and releasing it again, but nothing is planned yet.

You and the other GC members make the songs together or do you write them by yourself ?

On Journey, X Botteri and I wrote half the album each. On Light of Day... I wrote everything and on the third album that we are working on now, there will be more people involved in the writing it seems.

Usually the musicians are writing shorter songs as the time is passing by, saying that this is a natural progress. In your case this statement is incorrect . How did this idea come for the album to contain only one track of 60 minutes ? Did you start the writing process with this idea in your mind or this solution came with the time passing by ?

I started to work on the album with the idea of writing a one track album so I spent every second of the process having this in mind. The idea came when we did the first album, as it was my first experience with longer songs. I thought it was more challenging and so I came up with the one track album and decided to do that...

Which is easier , the writing of a 5 minute lasting song or of a 15-20 minute song?

I think writing a long song is more difficult than writing a short song, because you have to keep the listeners interest for 20 minutes instead of repeating 2-3 riffs for 4 minutes. But its easier to make a "easy consumed" song that is short, than to do the same with a 20 minute song.

Are you satisfied with the way that Journey... and Light of day... turned out? If you would have the opportunity to change something, would you change anything?

The production should have been better. The songs came out as we wanted them, but I think that they would have been even more valuable if the production was more powerful. It turned out too crisp and light.

Your bands like Blood Red Throne and Carpathian Forest are proving the fact that you are still interested in the extreme genres like death and black metal. Whatís your opinion about the black and death metal scene of the present? Who are the innovating bands?

I think it stands very still right now, not so many innovating bands at all. I think that the bands who will incorporate more styles into their music are the ones who will take things a step further.

This year you performed live on the stage of Wacken. How was it ? Which songs did you played there?

Wacken was great as always. We performed the whole Light of Day... album at Wacken and we got very good reactions. Thanks!!!

Did you had any other live performances with Green Carnation?

We did two local shows, one of them was taped by the national radio, and we did one in Oslo. We are not a touring band, but we aim to do more shows in the future.

Tell me about your hometown, Kristiansand. I was always very curious to know what kind of place is that. Donít forget to tell a few words about the musical scene of Kristiansand. Do you know by any chance what the ex-In The Woods... members are doing ?

Yeah, they are playing in Green Carnation!! Hehe X Botteri has his solo project under the same name and I think that Svitjord sings there and Anders plays drums and Christopher Botteri plays bass. Christopher also has his own project. Synne just goes to coffee shops hehe. Kristiansand is a 70 000 people big sea side city in the south of Norway. Its very nice here and is the "summer city" of Norway. There are a lot of bands coming out from here like Trail of Tears, In the Woods, my bands, Scariot, Cobolt 60, Tonka, etc.

Probably music is stealing all your time .What are you doing when you are having some spare time ? Any hobbies?

Like you said, music takes most of my time. I have a son and I have my music. Thatís how I spend my days. I also like to watch films and read, but donít get much time to do it anymore. I really like to travel and that I get to do with the bands, so thatís cool.

The last albumís cover is shoted by you and the whole booklet is very well produced, the pictures are really nice. Photography is just a hobby for you, or you are dealing with it seriously?

Thanks. No, they were just old pictures I had lying around from holidays, etc. I thought they would into the whole concept and was just an idea I got when I was sitting on the bus going home one day. I agree, it turned out really good.

I have read that you would be interested in making a movie. Would you like to direct a movie or you are interested only in soundtracks?

I have a friend of mine who is into making movies, etc. but it's VERY amateourish, hehe. I hope that we could work more seriously on this matter because I am a big fan of movies. We also hope to visit the US and the producer friend of his who invited us to a big Hollywood film set. Doing music for a movie would be awesome too!!

Would you please enumerate some movies and books that had a great impact upon you!

The challenging, The shining, The exorcist, The omen are books and movies I enjoy a lot.

What can we expect from the next Green Carnation album? Will you invite Synne to sing?

I don't have any plans on using Synne for the next album, but we are still in the writing progress so I don't know for sure. The next Green Carnation album will feature short songs and will be more fitting the description: Dark Progressive Rock Music.

Any other future plans? (not just with GC.)

Writing new music, rehearsing, recording and promoting with tours for all of my bands. Itís a never ending cyclus...

Well, thatís all for this time. Thanks a lot for accepting and doing this interview, good luck for your bands! If you have a message for the Mirgilus Siculorum readers, feel free to share it...

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