Goat Semen

One of Peru’s leading Black Metal acts is Goat Semen, I had a little talk with it’s main man Neyra… We're sorry about the bad English in this interview but it is still understandable.

Hails Neyra!

Hails from Lima Hell... down here in Peru!

I think that you never made an interview for a Transylvanian zine...

No...Actually no... Laszlo. It’s a place I would like to visit some day. I think there must be as mystic as walking among the Inca or pre-Inca ruins here.

Well then please introduce Goat Semen for our fanatic readers!

Goat Semen was spawned in the early days of 2000, formed by Levifer (guit) and me. Later we called the band Satyricon and the line-up was completed around March the same year. We have rehearsed like hell for 2 years and entered to record our demos and some more tracks for the split we were invited to. We got a deal with From Beyond later and now we are preparing the stuff for the album 6 years later.

Levifer left the band. Why?

Levifer was asked to leave the band due to some problems he had with some people in Chile which, although I told him to solve, 3 years after they remained disturbing, and other reasons, mostly there were no chemistry anymore to compose and such things. When I say chemistry I mean the ideas we proposed were different there were other attitudes towards music and composition. The riffs he brought were not like they used to bee.

And what’s your relationship now?

We talked gently with him at the moment we decided this and when we need it, we are in contact in terms of royalties for the composition he helped to make for Goat Semen. It was a mature conversation, hell we are old enough to deal this! Though even before he was asked to leave, there was not major contact with him than only the one or two rehearsal hours for the band and I think that’s not healthy for a band. I hope all his projects go well; still I will contact him when some royalties come.

Childish behaviour has no place in Black Metal!

Yes... I think we are good musicians, we three know what we did for the band and we talked long when this happened.

You are in contract with Devil’s Arts Productions…

Devil’s Arts Productions is Levifer’s label/distribution so Levifer is the same than this…

Are you satisfied with his work?

The work of distro and all concerning Goat Semen was work of both Devil’s Arts Prod. And Austral Holocaust, my label, though I originally did not want to mix our labels with the band release but that was the idea of Levifer. But I didn’t want any logos out of Goat Semen in the demo, that’s why you only see AHP and DAP on the tape as only reference to the labels.

You got a split release with Anal Vomit. Whose idea it was to release that split?

Actually we didn’t want the demo to be released in CD format ever, but one day my friend Jimmy Ruiz from Infamous Warhymn Records from Columbia mentioned the idea to release this split and I told him that we accept only if it is limited to 666 copies. So we accepted and then this idea developed later. He worked well for the distribution of this split, he told me that it all went sold out almost, even when it was not pressed yet!

That’s good news for you! I like that split very much!

It seems that many people out there like to hell this split release, it was even a greater surprise that Osmose Productions were interested in releasing it for Europe. And finally have this in noble vinyl and digipack.

If I know it right, you are in a common band with Evil Noizer from Anal Vomit; Saram....tell me something about that band...

Saram is a Lima thrash band, we try not to make complex composition just Black Thrashing Metal! Raw, uncompromising and evil! The band already existed some time before I joined it’ but I was invoked for a second return of Saram in 2003 so the demo “Metal Mayhem Genocide” was unleashed some time after I joined. An EP is out now and don’t know, I think it’s sold out too”EMBRUJO”! Now we will make a new EP for Blood Harvest from Sweden “Nuclear Bitch”…

Let’s talk a little bit about you. What kind of music are you listening to?

Well, now I’m listening to Killers from France, an old heavy metal band. But usually I am what some people may call melomaniac, focusing mostly on metal and old rock. I like very much rock from 70’s and late 60’s too, not that I am all the time listening only to that. But after a week listening to pure bestial metal I use to play some Emerson Lake and Palmer or Focus, or Rick Wakeman. I also like some instrumental music, classical music a lot, and some great new age composers like Vangelis and Kitaro. But concerning metal, I listen to most hard forms in all genders; heavy metal ala Sortilege, Tyrant (Ger), Iron Maiden, Satan and lost more.

What does the word GOAT mean to you?

It is a metaphor for me What gave it a deeper meaning for me was when I read the Eliphas Levi book “Dogma and Ritual of High Magic” where these is the original goat many Metal bands use and there is described all the symbolism of equality and natural equilibrium in each form of nature including man himself.

Are you interested in Black Magic?

There is a very ancestral tradition in Peru, of shamanism, and in many places in our land people still practice this kind of craft, not called black magic, let’s say as it used very long before Spanish came here with their religion and fear of death shit. There were other concepts and shamanism was used here since veeeerrrryy long time here. I am interested in all this and actually I would like to find out more and more about this, here some shamans have even the power to kill people slowly making use of only a picture or some clothing of the person to kill. But I must be honest and the so many activities into metal have put me away from investigations of this for a good while, many persons are sceptical about this, but for us is something real. I know of many serious cases of witchcraft (black shamanism here) where people have died because of this!

That’s very interesting; it’s called voodoo in African traditions...is this similar to voodoo?

Yes, the Africans developed their forms of magic, they have the cradle of mankind on that continent, but here we have developed different forms than in Asia, Europe or Africa. Here in Peru we developed our own culture and this is implicit in this development, we have here at the north of Lima the oldest city of the Americans: Caral like 5000!!!! years old, as old as Egypt or Babylonia brother! So as old as their form of religions which implies the magical matters, is old our forms developed into this craft.

Christian dogmas are all lies and Christianity is a newer religion, people who live in Christian countries don’t understand the old beliefs and the old traditions...

The dogmas of Christians and their moral is the most hypocrite of all forms of cult. They spread the fear of death, when we must respect and hail the death! They created their own, perfect, cynic god and dogmas to make the sheep follow a man idol, when the most important, as Crowley meant, is that the will of man must be above the rest of things and this must lead man to be intelligent enough to use his life as he wants, and no other want their life to be like!

Tell me your opinion about politics being mixed with Black Metal...does it have anything to do with Satan’s music, Satan’s art?

Politics is stupid to mix with metal, I might take some political aspects to talk and maybe take as base on one track but not as direct influence on the band’s basis or attitude, I think that music is the most important, look backward: SODOM, SARCOFAGO, HADEZ, TORMENTOR (HUN), MAYHEM, RIGOR MORTIS, VENOM and lots of bands who put the basis of what metal is now were not mixing politic shit with metal. I use to say that Satan knows not skin colour, or has no politic or country flag, there is a potential Satan in all of us, in each act we do. Even if you are not into Black Metal, there are people who have no knowledge of Black Metal but have committed mass-genocides, or have caused historical damage upon mankind, not even being politically involved. Many NS Back Metal bands seem to be more like teen-agers, but do you think any of these bands might be called seminal band for something in the future? I don’t think so! I understand if some people who actually are into this and understand a very objective point of view, might agree with certain radical attitudes, after all there is always certain useless scum group of people in every society, never mind if it’s black or whatever. In all parts of the world there are useless people, but it’s a work of natural selection not of NS wannabes!

I agree! But then what does Black Metal mean to you?

Metal and Black Metal is a form of life. It’s something which makes you exist upon respect and to be intelligent enough to be above the other shit with intelligence and wisdom. Not with “kill it all fuck” attitude. Though I don’t deny that certain circumstances make you feel like this, actually many times, but I have a point of view, that maybe the mortal human flesh will die, but not the actions and the creations of the intelligence which is above the rest standard of humans! There is the potential to be a god. God or evil, what the fuck, it doesn’t matter. There is the potential to be immortal. To what an old Peruvian called Cesar Vallejo said and the lyrics of Mayhem said: “what will be left of me when I’m dead, when there was nothing when I lived?”

In your private life what’s your occupation? What are you doing besides music? Do you have a job?

I am into so many things into metal now, after more than a decade when I sent my first letters to the depths of the underground. I am now involved in 3 bands: Goat Semen, Saram and Evil Damn. I run Austral Holocaust Productions, make some artworks for bands and run a distro list called Death Cloister, as well as I provide some merchant to major labels. So this is my life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, I must consider myself lucky for having this, as it’s fucking hard even to run a single band in a country like Peru, though things for this have changed as many opportunities are bit more open now for Peruvian mutants.

What does Austral mean? Why is Holocaust Prod Austral?

Austral comes from southern, so this is the metal holocaust from the southern lands of the Incas. Our offering to the metal scene, up to now I have worked with Peruvian bands only but in the future I will deal with bands from other countries too, anyway this is made here in Peruvian hell!

So then it has no connection with the continent Australia?

No, the term Austral is not exclusively related to Australia brother, but to the southern hemisphere of the wasted planet called Earth. And there below is where we dwell too!!! It’s Austral, not Australian.

Ok I see... sorry, hahahaa!


But in Hungarian austral means Australian, that’s why I asked…

Certainly the name of Australia come as from reference of Austral, word which is related with the meaning of South, Southern, at least that's is how I understand it and is understood in Spanish and I think in English too, but is west Europe I actually don't know .. Sorry my ignorance...

Some plans for the future? Do you plan any new releases with Goat Semen?

There are some quite number of releases to come... in Osmose Productions next release is Vinyl Format and limited to 1000, Digipack of “Devotos Del Diablo”, then in Holland I am finishing conversations for the European version in CD of the "En Vivo En Lima Hell" (Goat Semen live album), which will be pressed in America by my label Austral Holocaust (both versions having different lay out and bonus tracks), the vinyl version I am dealing for it yet.. But soon will be announced I am sure. Also in Thailand, there will be the Sabbat - Goat Semen "Sabbatical Goat Semen ", an honour to share a release with sick mighty Japanese act! And in deathrash Armaggeddon in Japan will be released the live PLP "Raids the North" 666 copies, and limited 500 copies CD for next nuclear winter. In the mean while the new line up here is preparing the new tracks for the upcoming "Ego Sum Sathanas" debut album.

Which band of yours do you consider the most evil? Do you have any personal favourite band?

I have not exactly preferences for any of my bands... but I must say that Goat Semen is mostly my own creation together with my band comrades and for this is what demands most chaos, noise and Blasphemy... so for this I must go deeper in the abyss of my utter blackened soul in order to keep it dead and Blasphemous! Three bands, three different faces of evil, three different languages of Satan, three different forms of Metallic Chaos!

Well at the end, I must ask this one question...

Let me know...

What about satanic sex orgies? Did you ever take part of one?

I would like to know more “witches” around here... to make a real “aquelarre”… But brother...I went with one girl of this once...you know of those you meet at gigs... but hell, I feel I offend my self to be with a girl who only tells me about my hair and the cute I might be…arrghf! Here in Peru there are fucking very few women in Metal and most of them are kind of empty heads... there are a very few who are really into metal and I know them since some years now... but I prefer them to be friends. I have my woman for sex and such... don't discard an orgy... But hell, I think I might sound pretentious, but I will not put my dick in any fucking low hole anymore...

Black Metal is not for women I think, very few of them understand this Black Art!

Yes....though there is always one or two amazons who manage to at least get enough interest and deserve some respect... Anyway... they are women and are still more sensitive than men...

Do you have a family, any children? What does family mean to you?

I have no children...maybe in the future I don't fucking know, even with my woman…I use to have frequent fights and such... I don't know if I will have a woman till the rest of my life...I think I am able to die just after I have released a pair of good albums, then I will feel I have accomplished what I have come for in this fucking planet.

Is she involved in what you do? I mean in metal...

She is more into classical Rock and respects what I do, and have no problems with her in that sense... I think is better in some way, she respects my metal form of life and that's enough for me…

Well, that’s all for now. Please close the interview, last words are yours!

Thanxxx Laszlo for the interview, interesting one... keep in touch and if this is printed somewhere; please send me a copy of it! I hope someday I’ll visit Transylvania, the same than Machu Pichu or the pyramids of the Moches in Peru, or Egypt, there are this aura I like to be one with...Hail Metal Sur Americano!

Contact: www.geocities.com/goatsemen666

by Woodlum666