Forgotten Tomb

Please tell me, what’s going on with the band nowadays, what were the responses to your latest release.

Negative Megalomania was released in January 2007 and the responses for it were 90% very positive. The sellings are pretty good too. We're currently planning gigs for our autumnal European tour and writing some new material for the 5th album, to be recorded in the first half of 2008.

Forgotten Tomb is one of the best suicide fixated bands around. Are you glad, that you reached this position?

Suicide-fixated or not, I'm definitely satisfied with the position and prestige the band gained through the years. It has been a hard work, since FT has always been a "self-made band", so to speak, but the results were worth the hard work. I hope the band will keep on growing both artistically and in popularity, we never wanted to stay too much underground, it would be boring and unchallenging.

You had a misunderstanding with the Legacy magazine. Could you tell me more about that nasty and fucked up situation?

The whole episode is explained in detail on our website, so who's interested in it can take a look at it. I just can say that some people there are absolutely pathetic, and obsessed with their own close-minded beliefs. From my side, I can't say more than what I already said, I explained the situation very clearly and there's no way that I'll submit to some retarded magazine just to get a fucking interview, there are a thousand others magazines around so we really don't need that shit. From what I saw on our recent German gigs, the whole situation didn't affect our fans, and actually our audience seems to be very loyal and supportive about the whole thing.

Your latest release is one of the best (if not the best) Forgotten Tomb releases, though the music suffered some changes compared to Love’s Burial Ground. (The clean vocals, the slow tempos etc). What made you to go in this direction?

We just wanted to offer something new compared to the past. We took 2 years and half to release this album, so we had the time to examine the material and choose between several songs. In the end, everything came out very natural and spontaneous, so we didn't force the clean vocals or the other innovations into the music, they were just needed to reach a higher quality-level of the songs, and I think it worked out. A few old fans were disappointed from the "change", but from the sellings I can say many other people liked this album, and btw I think the sound on the album is still 100% Forgotten Tomb, it's dark, heavy and paranoid, so I can't see what's wrong with it. I still can't say how our sound will evolve on our next album, but I can assure there's nothing to worry about, we won't sell-out as some people suppose we are gonna do.

What’s your opinion about the Shining events? Kvarforth disappears, Ghoul takes his place and at the end Ghoul seems to be none else than Kvarforth.

I'm seriously uninterested in what's happening within Shining, I lost contact with Kvarforth years ago and I don't care. Their latest album is pretty good, but I'm not interested in gossip.

Dolorian had a great influence on your music. Do you agree? Do you like the latest Dolorian release?

I don't think they influenced our music much. Maybe just a bit on our first album, but nothing more. It's a good band, but I still didn't listen to their latest album.

What’s a scapegoat?

From the dictionary: "When used as a metaphor, a scapegoat is someone selected to bear blame for a calamity. Scapegoating is the act of holding a person, group of people, or thing responsible for a multitude of problems.” Basically the song is about the pathetic people trying to use me as a scapegoat to justify their failures in life.

Why did you choose the name “Negative Megalomania” to this release?

"Negative Megalomania" represents perfectly what's the new direction of FT is about. The terms "Negative" and "Megalomaniac" represent me and the band definitely well. It's a sort of fanaticism in Negativity, who takes us and the music to an higher standard and mocks the inferiors and the ones who were trying to stop us. It's a declaration of superiority, under the sign of Negativity.

Do you still consider Forgotten Tomb a black metal band, or more a doom one?

I never considered the band neither a Black or a Doom band, we're Dark Metal. Those 2 terms are perfect for what we play/represent. We incorporate elements from a lot of diverse genres of music, so I think it's good to sum them up as "Dark Metal".

Do you still cut yourself?

No, I don't do that anymore in my private life due to the fact that I don't feel the need to. Some people would like to see me do that on a live-show, but I won't since I don't like to do what others ask me, and btw in 2007 it's not even shocking or useful for any "evil" purpose. I'm adopting more subtle ways to deprave young people, hehe. I would also add that during the years all this "cutting" thing became very common in other similar bands, and I wanted to detach FT from this trend, 'cause it's becoming quite ridiculous. Honestly I find pathetic all these young kids who try to impress me showing me their soft scars and shit like that. I would find more delight in cutting and do harm to others.

You left the corpse paint behind. Why?

We actually never adopted the corpse-paint as a rule or something, we had it on some old pictures but we never wore it on live-shows. I don't think it will be worn again in the future, but who knows? We don't plan things, it depends on the mood, and it has always been like this. We change our image quite often 'cause we don't want to be tied to a standard-look, you know. In our latest photo-shoot I'm dressed like an esoteric-freak of the '70s, hahah, it's just an homage to some of my favorite artists like old Black Sabbath and The Cult. Probably in the next pictures I will be dressed in a different way again, the black-colour is the only constant thing in our pictures.

Are you satisfied with the current line-up of the band?

Yeah, it works out pretty well.

Do you enjoy your live shows?

Yeah of course, there's a sense of "domination" when you're on-stage, which is always great. Plus, I like the deafening volume and the whole "sweat, blood and tears" atmosphere which is created between the band and the audience. Our live-shows are a true "emotional" experience; we don't hit hard only your ears, but your soul too. Our speakers ooze negative feelings, hehe. The after party at our gigs is always quite cool, too. I like a lot to be on the road with the band, the whole Rock lifestyle and attitude, we can be pretty wild at times, hehe.

Which is your favorite band ever?

Heh, very hard question! I listen to a lot of different genres then it's very hard to say. Probably Paradise Lost, because over the years they managed to mix melancholy, Metal and Rock in a unique way, but also many other bands, especially old bands of the '70s/'80s.

Did you ever tried to kill yourself, or have you ever thought about killing yourself?

Probably when I was younger I thought about it, but who didn't? Anyway it's personal stuff I don't want to talk about in interviews. I certainly met Death a few times in my life though, but not on purpose. The Rock N Roll lifestyle brought me near to death several times, due to car-accidents, alcohol abuse, heavy self-destruction and stuff like that.

What’s your worst nightmare?

I don't have particular nightmares, and btw I wouldn't talk about them on here for sure.

Do you like the Italian black metal underground? What about the suicide fixated bands in general?

I'm not very interested in the underground, especially in Italy. There are a few good bands, mostly friends of mine, like Frangar, Spite Extreme Wing, Sacradis, Mortuary Drape, Enthroning Silence, Hiems, Black Flame, Handful Of Hate, The Tombers and some others. I particularly hate the bands trying to copy FT or the whole Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal "scene", so if there are some bands here, I hope they disband very soon.

Forgotten Tomb is well known, many people listen to your music, have you ever made some compromises to sell more CD-s?

No, I'm against compromises both in music and in life. And to be honest, there's actually no need to make compromises with FT, since we usually sell a few thousand copies, so we certainly don't play "commercial" music... If I was aiming to make a lot of money, I wasn't starting my musical career with a band like FT. I'm not against commercial music if it's quality-stuff, though. And btw if I could sell more copies without selling-out the band, then it would be good.

Which of your releases do you consider to be the worst?

None of them. I like all the albums, though I would change several things on "Songs To Leave" nowadays, especially production-wise and lyric-wise.

I know that Forgotten Tomb has nothing to do with politics, but I’m curious about your ideology. What’s your opinion about NSBM, and NS in general?

No opinion. I'm not against NSBM, everyone is free to sing what he wants, so I don't care if there are Nazi Black Metal bands or Stalinist Black Metal bands around, if I don't like a band I just don't listen to it and the rest of people should do the same, instead of complaining all the time. I'm basically against every kind of well-thinking attitude, and I'm no longer interested in any kind of politics or ideologies, so I'm indifferent to politicized bands.

What’s the relationship between the band members? Are you close friends in everyday life or only keeping contact concerning the band?

I hang out with the other guys of the band quite often. We live in different cities so I rarely meet them all together, but I see them all quite often. They're cool people and we have a lot of friends in common.

What do you do besides music? Do you have a job?

I currently don't have a job besides music, and not because I'm rich, only because I hate people so I can't tolerate doing a "normal" job anymore, haha. I try to survive with the music, I have a low-standard for survival so I manage to do that quite-well.

What about family? Do you have any, or would you like to have?

It depends on what do you mean for family. If you mean having a family of my own, like having a wife/girlfriend and children, I already risked to settle down with that kind of shit in the past, and to be honest I won't get involved in any of this stuff anymore in my present and future life. I'm a Rocker and I'm born to run free.

By the way, how old are you?

I'm 27 years old this year (2007).

What are your plans for the future? Any new releases?

The reprint of the original debut-MCD "Obscura Arcana Mortis" will be out in September on Eerie Art Records. It will include the whole original MCD completely remastered, plus 2 lengthy Live bonus-tracks recorded in 2004. The vinyl version of "Negative Megalomania" will be out on Avantgarde Music in September too, including an alternate-version of "The Scapegoat" song and slightly different graphix. On July 31 the USA-version of "Negative Megalomania" was released on CD by Season Of Mist (for USA exclusively). The new album will be recorded in the first half of 2008 and released probably in summer/autumn 2008. In the meantime I'm organizing the European tour for this autumn, we'll play several gigs in many countries.

You never had a split release, except the Ildjarn tribute, where you participate with two songs. First please tell me, why haven’t you participated in any split, and second please tell me, why have you decided to pay tribute to Ildjarn?

They were both casualties. I never had a split-release because I never had the chance to do it, and btw it's not a format that I would like for FT. Plus, it's a typically Black Metal thing and we're not properly a Black Metal band. Regarding Ildjarn, we've been asked to take part to that tribute so we accepted. Not a big deal, we had the chance to record in our rehearsal-room and get some free publicity, so why not? I actually like some Ildjarn stuff, but it surely isn't among my influences.

Well, I think that’s all for now, thank you for the answers, the last words are yours…

The interview was damn long, haha. Thanx and stay negative! For updates and info: +


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