Flesh Made Sin

Hi Björn! Greetings from Hungary. Because this is the first FLESH MADE SIN interview for us I have thought about to do an in depth interview with you, in all right?

That's fine with me, but first of all, you're talking with Stip, the bass player from Flesh Made Sin and I want to say hello to all Hungarian Thrashmotherfuckers out there!

Tell us please about, when, how and by whom was FLESH MADE SIN established? Which bands have had an effect on you?

Bjorn and Twan used to play in another band called Gore for More. Marco and I played those days in a band called Antropomorphia and we did some gigs together. Every time when soundchecking Bjorn played old school thrash riffs in the perfect way we like so much. We couldn't believe it because these guys were at the age of nineteen and with an age like that you didn't listen to "old" metal like that. So after we asked them if we could come over to watch a rehearsal, they told us that we could join the rehearsal because the drummer had to go somewhere else. It was love at first sight and from that day, 1999, we are friends for life with one mission: to make sure that every thrasher in the world will rise again from the grave and have a good time with our music, with us and with all the other friends they have. THRASH IS BACK! The bands which have had an effect on me are: Slayer, Kreator, Destruction, Dark Angel, Grave, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Infernal Majesty, Dismember. The bands who play nowadays called old school extreme music.

Your first stuff was the „Scenery of death” demo (2000). What would you say about this material?

Well, the songs are very great, we play them still at every show and they became classic for our fans. People say that one song on the demo: "Your Blood is Mine" is the best song we have. When I listen to the songs I still get the vibe to bang my head. Every one can download the songs at www.fleshmadesin.nl.

It was followed by the „Masterwork in blood” EP (2002). Did you develop compare to the demo? In my opinion, the EP became faster and more aggressive than the demo.

Of course it is faster and more aggressive. In the 2 years after the demo we played live a lot and rehearsed like hell, so the band achieved a higher level. I like the songs as much as the demo songs. In my opinion every Flesh Made Sin song is unique.

As I as know you have established an own label and the EP was released by this one, wasn’t it?

Yes, we tried to get the interest of some labels and looking forward to that we released the EP on our own label Thrashing Hell Records. By the way it is not yet a label who will arrange other productions then Flesh Made Sin stuff. May be in the future it will be.

How did you get in touch with Karmageddon Media? Did you get offers from other labels too? Was it obvious to choose them?

We did a mini-tour with Callenisch Circle and Dismember, which was arranged by Karmageddon. We got this chance because they liked the "Masterwork in Blood EP" and because of our live reputation. It is a Dutch label you know and in a short period of time they got a lot of positive reactions from fans and metalheads who saw us for the first time. Instead of other labels Karmaggedon slightly got the idea that there is still market for this kind of music. We got very positive reactions from other labels too, but Karmaggedon has the best opportunities for this moment. Especially the connections for the distribution are very good.

In this year came out your first full length album „Dawn of the stillborn”. When did you start working on the material? How were the song composed?

We started working on the material in January 2004 and after 2 months we finished the writing process and started rehearsing to play the songs faster as we did before. As I mentioned before is it Bjorn and Twan who come over with the best riffs and the four of us arrange those ideas till the best possible songs. Every one has his influences in the songs and that's why they stay very special for us. There is no leader figure who decides what riffs we use. If we are all satisfied with a song we will use it for a recording or to play it live.

Tell us please detailed about the songs, lyrics, cover, recordings etc. – in a word about the whole production! Unfortunately I haven’t still the album.

The first two recordings have we done in the Harrow studios (Pentacle, Asphyx, Occult) and we are still very satisfied with the results, so why shouldn't we go back to that studio again. It also very relaxed between the recording sessions, there is a sort of apartment in which you can stay for the night and in which there can take place drinking- and party sessions with the guys. We were there in the time that the European Championship Soccer took place in Portugal. We made it to the half-finals as you probably know, so you can imagine what happened there after each victory. The lyrics are all written by Twan, there is no man in the world with a sicker brain as he has. He can sing the lyrics just in the perfect way we all like. It costs no time to record the singing. The cover is designed and made by Manuel Tinnemans (Pentacle, Asphyx) and he did quite a good job I suppose. He has his own website: www.somaworks.com. We recorded the shit in 7 days and used 3 days for mixing the album. We tried to get the old sound as much as possible and in our ways we did well.

By whom were the music and the lyrics written? What are all about the lyrics? Did you re-record some old songs or are on the album only brand new ones?

There are only new songs on the album and the lyrics are all about killing people in the most perverse ways.

All of your releases were in the famous Harrow studio recorded. Why did you choose this studio? How was your mood in the studio? How many times did you spend there?

It was the 3rd time that we where there and it was great fun as I mentioned before!

With whom did you record the album? Are you satisfied with the sound of the album??

The album is recorded, mixed and produced by Marc ter Braak and he did a great job. For this time we are very satisfied with the sound.

In your opinion are there similarities respectively differences between the album and your early releases?

I think the songs are faster as before, but they have the same "feeling" or vibe to me as the earlier recordings. I'm very curious to your opinion and of course from the Hungarian maniacs.

Did you celebrate the releasing of the album?

Every weekend we have another "reason" to get drunk, so yes we did celebrate the releasing of the album. Of course we were very satisfied when Karmaggedon was interested in the band.

Is there nowadays a thrash scene? What do you think about the neo-thrash movement? Do you like such bands, like THE HAUNTED, CARNAL FORGE, IMPIOUS, SCENTERIA etc.?

I don't think there is a particularly thrash scene at the moment, but there are a lot of metal fans who like thrash, especially for a band like The Haunted. A band who plays thrash in a modern way. I like it because it is also very fast and aggressive. Unfortunately they started playing more mid-tempo now, I hope they don't make the same mistake as the old heroes did to make slower songs for a bigger audience who at the end nobody likes. We played with the Haunted and Carnal Forge on a festival back in 2003. We had a great time as probably can imagine.

In my opinion The Netherlands have played always an important role in the underground scene, such bands like SINISTER, PENTACLE, ASPHYX or PESTILENCE have had an important influence on the scene. Do you agree with me?

All I can and must say is a big YES and I'm very proud that our name sometimes is mentioned between those heroes. I'm looking forward to a reunion of Pestilence, not?

As far as the Dutch scene and bands, how did you like the latest OCCULT record „Elegy for the weak”? Your are label mates, are you good friends too?

We played and partied a lot with each other. They live 100 km's from our place and we meet a lot in the Tilburg Metal Hall: 013. I heard that they probably take place on the next Morbid Angel tour. Lucky bastards, but they deserve it. In my opinions Elegy for the Weak is the best trash album after Reign in Blood from Slayer and Pleasure to kill from Kreator.

What does it mean for you thrash metal? How would characterize this art of music?

It is fast and aggressive, but if you listen very carefully and you have the right feeling for this kind of music you should be aware of a feeling that wants your body to swing instead of just banging your head. Old-school death metal has also that character.

The first five thrash albums in your opinion! Why?

-Reign in Blood from Slayer. Fast, aggressive, swinging, great vocals. -None shall Defy from Infernal Majesty. BBest musicians in the metal world at the time that this album was released.
-Elegy for the weak from Occult. Best swiing album in the world.
-Pleasure to kill from Kreator. It's the whole vibe what gets me. Mille as well as Ventor singing on a very aggressive album. Looking forward to their new album Enemy of God.
-Darkness Descends from Dark Angel. Misteer Gene Hoglan is of course superman on the drums and gets a lot of my respect, because he wrote almost all the Dark Angel material.

Tell us please about your future plans! Will you go on tour?

We hope that we can play a lot in foreign countries and that we can make a lot of new friends. A chance to get on a tour would be very nice to get in touch with a great group of metal fans to show them our live performance. Of course we will predict our statement THRASH IS BACK! Hopefully see ya soon.

Stip, thank you for your answers, I wish the band all the best and a happy new year! Please close the interview!

Thank you Leslie too, it was a pleasure to me. I wish all the best for the Hungarian thrashers. Cheers: Stip!

Contact: www.fleshmadesin.nl

by David Leslie