ĒAlways stand proud for what you believe in, no matter how much it may not be accepted. Hiding in the shadows is not the way of the strong. Lurking and hiding are two totally different things. Lurk in the Dark, Donít hide!Ē Here is Toni Kemppainen from the Finnish black metal band Exordium.

Hi Toni! This is your first interview for a Transylvanian zine, so let we start at the very beginning. If Iím not wrong this is your second interview ever done, I have seen an interview with you in the 3rd issue of Northern Heritage and thatís all. People are not interested in Exordium?

Hail! No I'm not very interested to answer these interviews as you probably have noticed.

Who formed the band and why. Why choose for the band name Exordium and what was the meaning?

It was I and Tuukka Karstila who formed the band in 1996 simply because we had need to express ourself musically and both of us were into black metal so it was a easy decision. Exordium comes from latin and it means "opening for the music, speech or writing" as you probably know. Back then in 1996 we had different name but after we commited those grave desecrations we decided that Exordium was a proper name for us because this band was a sort of opening for our actions.

After some rehearsal demos you got a contract deal from Northern Heritage to release a 10Ē MLP called Exordium in 2001, limited to 400 copies and sold out long time ago. How do you see this vinyl release in todayís perspective. How do you comment this MLP.

Well for me 10" is still musically pretty good, but sounds are poor. I think the cover of this release is fucking great, but it is too dark on MCD.

Have you got some good reviews for this release? Are you interested the opinions of the underground media?

I have read couple review and response was pretty good, but I don't really read any zines.

How often you practice at that time? Do you plays covers on rehearsals? When was the Exordiumís first gig? Do you playing live?

Usually we practice 2-3 times in a month and yes we play sometimes covers. Darkthrone, old Mayhem and old Emperor songs. Yes we play live rarely and our first gig was 22.5.2004 at the local metalfest.

After the MLP what happened with the band? After 3 years Northern Heritage releasing this MLP on MCD format, CD version is re-mastered with louder and clearer drums. Why didnít you came out with a new material? Why didnít you put for the CD version some bonus tracks?

Actually we have made three tracks in 2002 for the upcoming "Crushing the holy trinity" complication LP. It has been delayd 1-2 years for various reasons and we just finished our new 7" called "Nihil INRI". We didn't have any suitable material for bonus track and it would have been pointless to put shitty rearsal tracks.

Tell me something about the cover artwork. Ok I know this is dark art, but I really donít see nothing on the front cover only some dark green/red shitty printed lines!

Well as I said before the cover of MCD is too dark. I won't describe it's meaning because there are no simple explanation for that. I don't know where have you heard that we call it "dark art"...I haven't said that...

Please comment the following: ďAs our wrath were gatheredÖno longer fields of the dead couldnít wait our sacrifice. We sacrificed ourselves to the anger of the hypocrites. There were no mercy! No mercy!Öfor the wasted livesÖfor the desecrated souls.

I just describes our grave desecrations back in 1997..... and when you do something like that these so called "christians" who are the real victims get angry and it reflects to some where else.

Tell me all necessary info about your lyrics. Personally I really like your philosophical lyrics. What is your inspiration when you wrote lyrics. Who is your favourite writer? What is your opinion about Nietzsche and Julius Evola?

For me it is important that there is real meaning what you write and it should inspire you to think. For the 10" inspiration came from peoples meaningless glorificatin of so called life as they see it. I don't write lyrics anymore because personaly I'm not very good writer and we have new vocalist who do the job better.

I read in the NH zine you are interested in some grave desecration actions. What is your feelings when making this actions. Have you some problems with the police?

It was fascinating back then but I donít feel it anymore so inspiring. The purpose was simply selfish... to see misery and anger.

What do you do in personal life? I know you have a studio, tell me something about that.

I have my own construction firm so it takes pretty much my time. Actually Exordium own's the studio. We have bought during the time different sort of equipment, we started whit 4 track recorder in 2000, but now we have two ADAT recorders, 16 channel mixer, compressor and effect tool. It's not pro studio but it is suitable for us.

What is your opinion about the webzines, MP3 stuffs, and the whole internet shit? How often do you use the internet? Do you like writing e-mails? Exordium donít have website on the net. It is important for a Black Metal band to have an own website?

I don't use my time on webzines, but I don't have anything against them. Personally in underground blackmetal scene MP3 are not so bad because usually you can get to know new band's from MP3's and if it is worth of buying usually you will buy it.

How do you characterize personally the members of Exordium? Are you good friends? Do you often hang together?

Most of the riff's are made by Atte Karstila (drummer) and I. Santtu Tiihonen (vocals, bass) writes lyrics. Mainly Atte Karstila and Tuukka Karstila handels the recordings. No we don't see each other very often.

What do you think about the todayís Finnish Black Metal scene? Are you in contact with other bands like Musta Surma, Satanic Warmaster, Warloghe, Baptism, Annihilatus, etc.

Think we have pretty strong scene here, but I don't contact with other bands.

Are you satisfied with the Northern Heritage label? You will work together on the new album or do you want to find a new record label? Are other record companies interesting in Exordiumís music?

We are pleased with our label and probably release our full lenght from NH.

Compared to other countries in the World, in your opinion, which are the best things in Finland? Tell me min. 2 remarkable things, events or anything, which confirm your statements.

NATURE and standard of living.

Ok man, thatís all for the moment, and the end of this interview, please give us your future plans. Your words to what I forgot to ask!

Check out our releases on "Crushing the holy trinity" complication and 7". We will see when our full lengh album comes because we usually spend pretty long time making our songs...... Spread hate and desecrate!

Contact: kemppainen_toni@hotmail.com

by Mirgilus