Finnish ferocious Death Metal quintet, DEVILRY, is no doubt to be one of the precious remaining Death Metal jewels in the worldwide Underground "scene". A slab of soul shredding sharpness, guitar slicing, tight performance are few words just to describe such a style. Devilry IS Death Metal - of how this is really defined : ANTI-LIFE. Homosexual bands (and their fans) into PORNO Death Metal should Fuck Off and not bother knowing this band. Devilry is slapping faces, breaking bones, burning souls…all rolled into one. How (short and) brutal you'll find answers from their leader, SIR HOLM, is as brutal as Devilry's blasphemous representation… And this interview is more than just "Music"… It's ANTI LIFE. Hail Satan!!!

Greetings Sir Holm. When you join Carnival Diablo, Grave change the concept and turned C.D. into Devilry. What I want to ask first is: could it be that Grave changed the concept because of you? Would you consider these changes as a sign of respect of Grave to you?

Sir Holm: This is incorrect. Grave did not change anything other than accepted me to join the ranks. Prior to my joining the band had no actual aspirations or goals to pursue nor did they have any particular concept about anything. It was me who brought these mentioned aspects into the band.

When the early demo went under Oskorei, how do you view or foresee the future existence of Devilry since Oskorei is very young during those days?

Sir Holm: Oskorei being a relatively fresh label at the time was nothing to contemplate upon as far as the future of Devilry was concerned. I do not know why I should have thought things like that as it was just our debut demo.

What are the other materials that Devilry have in the closet? Will you be releasing these materials someday with a new recording? Are you using the same studio on these materials or are they recorded in various studios in Finland?

Sir Holm: What do you mean by other materials? No unreleased recordings from the Carnival Diablo era exist. When it comes to the material recorded under the Devilry moniker, who knows, we might re-record some old songs in the future. So far we have recorded all our releases in Studio Perkele but most likely will not record there in the future. It has been closed down, I think.

How do you see the progression of Devilry from day to day?

Sir Holm: Developing and perfecting our sound and style is an endless process so I rather not analyse.

What is your opinion that the majority pointed Devilry as "Deicide-clones"?

Sir Holm: That is pretty fucking far from the truth. I do not have a clue where you have got such an impression. This supposed majority you are talking about is maybe a couple of reviews. We have been compared to numerous other bands such as Centurian, Diabolic, Slayer, Blasphemy, Marduk, Dark Angel, Possessed, Krisiun, Morbid Angel. And these comparisons are often just references to something specific in our music. Be it a single riff or a vibe in a certain song or vocal performance or whatever. Furthermore, many people seem to think we actually have succeeded in creating our own sound.

Do you suggest some drum parts for the music of Devilry or do you wish not to touch the skill of the drummer and let him do it in his freewill? Who's who in the present line up of Devilry? Any additions or band members quitting?

Sir Holm: Having played drums myself in the past I obviously come up with ideas. Sometimes I invent a drum pattern and explain it to our drummer, sometimes I suggest changes to already existing drum patterns. Whatever. We have a good drummer so he is able to follow the leads given by me, or others, and if our ideas fail he comes up with better ones. The present lineup of Devilry is Sir Holm - vocals, Grave - guitars, Tupi - guitars, Luihu - bass, Louhi - drums. The lineup has been the same ever since Carnival Diablo transformed into Devilry in late 1998.

How do you see Death Metal as of today's scene? Is there progression? What are TRUE DEATH METAL bands for you and the most that you listen into?

Sir Holm: There has been quite a resurgence of real Death Metal during the last couple of years. That is great although it has had it’s obvious negative repercussions as well. About progression, I think that real Death Metal is ferocious, violent, brutal, raw, intense, dark, chaotic, twisted, sick, savage, ruthless, heavy, ripping, eerie… That is to say Death Metal has it's boundaries within which bands should operate to retain the essence of what Death Metal is about. The approach and way to perform Death Metal is not limited to one, of course, and there is plenty of space to move within these mentioned boundaries. There are many bands pushing the envelope further while still remaining true to the essence of Death Metal. However, I stress that progression as in constant innovation is not essential to the vitality of this music. What I just said should give you an idea of what kind of bands I am into. I am not interested in dropping names.

Are you the one or will be the one to decide on using artworks on Devilry's upcoming materials? How do you relate any album cover with the band's musical direction?

Sir Holm: Ultimately, yes. Everybody can suggest ideas but I will rebuke them if I cannot find any connections to the ideas I intend to propagate through the lyrics. The artwork and layout of a release do not necessarily have to relate to the musical direction. The lyrics are more important factor. For example, take the layout of "Satanasphere" 7", you cannot absolutely determine the style of music just by looking at the record but it still suits Devilry.

Do these symbols being use in the underground coming to be generic since we can even see MTV Hardcore bands sporting out inverted pentagrams in their bodies? What can you say about imagery? Is it necessary if you play in a Metal band?

Sir Holm: What? Do you think these symbols are somehow private property of the underground? As mere symbols they have nothing to do with music in any fucking form because they have not been invented or created to represent the Metal underground in any way. They have merely been adopted by certain factions and parts of the Metal milieu as they are supposed to correspond to the message or ideology conveyed through the art. Imagery is important. Naturally. The visuals related to the band such as Sir Holm: s layout, package and presentation of releases, shirt designs, websites, whatever, all that is important of course.

Was it that Finland is far more rich on Black Metal bands rather than Death Metal bands? Can you tell us some unknown and much interesting DEATH METAL BANDS from Finland aside from Devilry?

Sir Holm: Ten years ago we had a plethora of Death Metal bands creating waves in the underground. Most of them are deceased or changed their style and today it seems there are more Black Metal bands. Adramelech are the only band left from the early 90's who still stick to pure unadulterated Death Metal. I do not know why there are so few Death Metal bands here these days. I do not care. I am not the one to recommend any other bands besides Devilry as I have not really listened to them properly.

What is your stand about WHITE PEOPLE in the metal scene? Are you interested with National Socialism being a Scandinavian male?

Sir Holm: I do not have a fucking clue what you are trying to ask about white people. As if white people were an odd minority in the Metal world. Get a clue.

What do you mean when you say something like "Satanasphere"? Can you tell us something about this material and that deal with Nuclear Winter Records?

Sir Holm: I am not interested in explaining the exact meaning of the title. It does not need to be explained. It just is. About the EP itself, I am still quite satisfied with it overall. We had some troubles in the studio during the recordings and due to the hassle with switching the label in the middle of designing the layout I feel it was not fully completed and on top of that the pressing plant who manufactured the covers fucked them up. It left something to desire but it is useless to mourn over these things at this point of time. The songs themselves are excellent anyway so although the EP as a whole could have turned out much better it is still a feral and vicious slab of sonic savagery.

Do you have your own insights regarding the "La Vey Satanism" with that from Satanism commanded by sick and torturous Devil-Worshippers? What is your most Satanic experience? Ever been practice any Satanic Ritual by yourself?

Sir Holm: This line of questioning about Satanism seems completely futile to me. It simply bores me to see people drawing this certain parallel time after time. It effectively renders all further questions pointless. Why are we not talking about something interesting like cooking instead? (let's cook barbecued children, do you want?! -Bruno)

How do you live your life there in Finland? Do you have a normal living since that you are the lead singer of the internationally renowned Devilry? How do you accept Metalheads there in Finland hailing your work while you walk down the streets?

Sir Holm: Say what? Do you really think people recognize me as the vocalist of Devilry when I go to the groceries? We are an underground extreme Metal band not rock stars.

Nowadays, all Demos looks very professional and bands are even the one releasing their own "Self Financed CDs". What is your opinion about the "scene" nowadays? Do you think the underground now already have a tons of bands and tons of labels releasing so many bullshit CDs as we just don't know? Is it over crowded now with crap or what?

Sir Holm: Demos need not be manufactured professionally. It is perfectly alright to dub the tapes and xerox the covers. To me it does not matter a fucking bit when I buy demos, however, I want Devilry releases to have quality presentation. Do you think there is something wrong with bands financing a CD release on their own? On the contrary, I think. There are way too many labels polluting the underground. The underground is indeed overcrowded and flooded with superfluous crap.

Do you still buy CDs of the bands that takes your interest? What is a "good release" and what is the "bad release" in your own opinion?

Sir Holm: Yes, of course I still obtain new albums and other stuff. I am a fan of this fucking music. A good release is a release with good music and a bad release is a release with bad music, right?

Is there any upcoming material coming out from Devilry? Can we hear a more mature and much brutal Devilry on these materials?

Sir Holm: We are not about to quit tomorrow so new material will naturally come out. I do not really know when exactly. We have serious difficulties to arrange time for the studio as me and the other guitarist live in different areas far away from the rest of the band. We are not able to rehearse on regular basis with full lineup which in turn affects everything else. So I shall not predict when new stuff will come out. Rest assured we will never go for a softer or more accessible direction and will not stagnate either. One can only expect what one is accustomed to from Devilry.

If you were about to release an album, if so, in what format you are most like to release it : in vinyl or in CD? Is there any label making an interest with Devilry now? I've heard you will not be accepting any Label offer, is this true? If so, then why? When you make a full length, what must it take for you? What makes a band worth enough to release a full length material?

Sir Holm: Both vinyl and CD. Yes, there are a few labels who are interested in or willing to work with us in the future. A claim that I do not accept any offers from labels is totally absurd. We have already been working with two labels. What I have said is that a deal for a full-length album will not be accepted. I have declined a couple of offers for it because the time is not ripe for an album release any day soon. There are certain conditions and demands when it comes to an album release. That is all I want to say.

Thank you for the time answering this interview. Do you have anything for a last statement.

Sir Holm: Nothing in particular.


by Bruno (Kratornas)