Germany’s leading Black-Thrash Metal acts came out a new CD called „Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies” . This is a live album which was recorded in Brazil. I hope other long introduction is not necessary about mighty Desaster, I hope that everybody will know this band!! If not get the fuck out from Mirgilus Siculorum site and lick mother Mary’s asshole! At the same time this is the first Desaster interview for a Transylvanian zine!

Hi Tormentor from Hungary! How are you nowadays, everything in all right?

Hey David... thanxx for asking... everything right here, a bit to warm I guess but the weekend is coming closer, having some beers and listen to music the whole day... With the band we are writing new songs for the up coming album... six are ready by now! Mutilation Records from Brazil also just released our live record „Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies” and we are really happy with that. But we also still wait for the DLP and DVD version. I think that’s all for the moment!

Let we fly a little bit into the past. 2001 you have played your 100. show on the Wacken Open Air. How do you remember about that festival? I think, it was a great celebration, wasn’t it?

The show at the Wacken Open Air was our 99th show!! And it was amazing... so many people in front of the stage... but I can’t remember that much because we were so fukkin’ nervous that we drunk very fast too much beer before the show! Haha, but everything went great... only our crazy roadie Duke had some problems to start the fire- works... haha... But anyway we had fun. A lot of great bands played at this Wacken Open Air. We met a lot of great persons and Infernal and I looked like „Japanese” with our cameras in our hands to make pictures with all these well- know persons... haha... But Wacken is a big business nothing else... and after the show with Metalucifer in 2002 I’ll never go there... too much „Wannabe’s” and Idiots. I prefer smaller festivals here in Germany like Party San OA , Rock Hard OA or Chronical Moshers OA this year was great, too. Open Hell in Czech Rep. Is also killer... there are a lot of great OA festivals around with good bands and much more cheaper!! Our 100th gig was also the first show with Sataniac and we played in the youth club where we our rehearsal- room as well. It was in a small room with maybe 100 maniacs, a lot of beer for free and after the show we had a long and intense party until the morning!! Haha...

Although you are an underground band on this festival are playing mainstream bands. How did it for you succeed to play on that festival? Did you get a correct offer?

I think Götz from the German Rock Hard Magazine asked us to play there... I can’t remember! It was funny, we got 300 DM for the show and payed 500 DM for the fire works... haha... but it was really great to play there and I’ll never forget that time. I think for most of all bands it is a dream to play on such a big festival and we had the chance to do!

This was Occultos last show within the band. Why, when did he leave the band? What does he nowadays do? Are you still friends with each other?

Yes, this show was Okkulto’s last one! After we went back to Koblenz and started a week later with the rehearsals for the new record, he went to the practise room and said he will quiet the band. Everybody in Desaster was shoked for a while... but we thought that we’ll find a new one. And we asked Sataniac... The reasons Okkulto left are some... we call it private problems and he didn’t like any longer to drive so much around and play shows. Desaster IS a live band and we need to play live. It’s an amazing feeling to be on stage! But he also had some other problems with me I guess .. but he never spoke to me so I never realized that! Haha... I think he’s nowadays working a lot in his regular job. I heard he started playing guitar.. but I cannot say something about that! Odin has still a good friendship to him, Infernal is talking to him time by time but I care about him any longer... maybe some „hello’s and how are you?” but nothing more. I’m really happy to have such a great guy like Sataniac in our band. He gave/give Desaster a bit fresh blood... he’s also a much better friend!

Your last material with Occulto behind the microphone was a 7” EP “Souls of infernity”. On this 7” EP were two new songs, a live one and a RAZOR cover. Tell us please a little bit about this release!

What should I say?? „Souls of Infernity” was released only on this record. This song and the cover version of „Cross me fool” from mighty RAZOR were recorded at the „Tyrants of the Netherworld” recording session. „Souls...” is a very raw double bass killer and to cover Razor is a must for a band like Desaster. They influenced our music a lot and still do of course! On the other side we have two songs we recorded live at the Wacken show. This 7” was released as normal vinyl, in red/black splatter vinyl and as a picture-7”. I think it was sold out very fast and I know a guy from Hungary who’s still searching for it!! Haha... sorry David... maybe one guy or girl who read that interview want to sell you this EP!! Good luck!!

As far as the RAZOR cover it became very good. Do you like this band?

Thank you very much. We really love Razor... specially the old records like „Executioner’s Song”, „Malicious Intent” and „Evil Invaders” are masterpieces in Speed/ Thrash Metal. Also the great voice of Mr. Sheepdog is amazing. I like his high screams. Total devastating. I think they really inspirated us a lot and maybe we’ll also cover another song of this fukkin’ killer band!

Do you play covers kindly? Do you have such idea to release a CD with such covers, which were played by you?

Yes, I think covers are very important to show your roots and also give your idols a tribute! We covered a lot of songs in the past from bands like Kreator, Sodom, Slayer, Exumer, Venom, Bathory, Violent Force, Unleashed, Death, Sepultura and some more. Some of this cover versions are on our records like „Tormentor” on „Stormbringer” , „Black Magic” on „Hellfire’s Dominion” and the PENTACLE cover „A Serpent in Bloodred” on the split 10”!! But I think we’ll not release such a cd with only covers on it! Looks like to make extra money... and we don’t want to do that!! For live- shows covers are great but to buy a record from a band ONLY with covers on...?! I think that sounds boring and stupid to me!

The 7” EP was released by Iron Pegasus Records. Why did you leave your previous label Merciless Records? Were you dissatisfied with them?

After some years on Merciless Records it was time for a change. We really have still great contact to Merciless- Volker, but we had some problems with his „label-politics”. Maybe that’s the right word. Volker is great underground maniac and he released and still release some great bands like MORTEM and SCEPTER, but we thought it was time to go. So after a while Costa released the „Tyrants...” album for us. Iron Pegasus Records is a great label for a band like Desaster. You know, we need freedom to do what we want. And we need a lot of this. We are not that kind of band who want to sell 100000’s of records. We want to have a good album for our friends and fans, sell some shirts and have a good time. I really don’t care about how much we sold of our records. Important for me is to play in front of wild maniacs and having a good time. The label only release the records, every other shit around the band is made by ourselves, like TSs, Sweaters... we also made turntable mats last time... very cool. Also all things with shows etc is managed my ourselves... I think that’s also a part of „band-life” like playing shows and record albums...

Instead of Occulto joined Sataniac the band. How did you find him? Did Sataniacs band DIVINE GENOCIDE split up?

Yes, our new frontbeast Sataniac joined the band in the second half of 2001 and we are really happy to have him in the band. After the old one left we thought about a good singer and we remembered Divine Genocide’s show here in Koblenz with Asphyx and Warhammer one or two years before. Divine Genocide was his band, but after some problems with his old guitar- player he didn’t found new ones, so he closed this chapter. It was funny... after I gave him a phone call he went to our rehearsal room to practise a bit with us. After he started to sing with the settings of our old singer he killed one speaker directly... haha... he sung four songs without having a look into the lyrics... it was amazing. And I really like his voice very much!

In your opinion, are there differences respectively similarities between Occultos voice and Sataniacs one?

In my opinion Satanic’s voice is much more brutal than Okkulto’s one. I really like Staniac’s voice... it’s a good mixture between Jeff of POSSESSED and Martin of might ASPHYX. Don’t misunderstand me, I also lik(ed) Okkulto’s voice. But for me the voice on „Divine Blasphemies” is fukkin’ killer and I’m very satisfied with this record. Okkulto was a good front man, but he needed around six or seven years to be that good. So for Sataniac it wasn’t easy to go on stage with us and get on the same „level”... but since he’s in the band he become a better live- performance with every show. I like his stage acting and it also totally fits with us and the music of DESASTER!

2002 you were with HOLY MOSES and FATAL EMBRACE on European tour and within the scope of this tour you have played in Hungary too. How do you remember about that gig?

Haha, yes... hails to Heiländer and the guys of FATAL EMBRACE... we had a great time together on this tour. I remember that we played in a place that wanted to remind a bit like inside a ship, isn’t it?! Haha... Also a very big place, but the guy who did that show missed to do any promotion, so there were not that much maniacs. But we really don’t care if there are 10 or 1000 people inside. The most important thing is the maniacs went crazy! And that happend!! I also remember the very bad looking food. It looked like the „balls” of a cow maybe... haha... also something what was called FÖÖS or something like that?? It’s funny... this word is also a word here in Koblenz for „feet” ... haha. In this night Infernal went on stage as as the „Living Dead” for FATAL EMBRACE!

I know, you are good friends with FATAL EMBRACE. Do you know something about them? I like them very much.

Yes, they are a good Thrash band and the guys are really maniacs. Specially their singer is a crazy collector... if I remember right he has more than 1000 old shirts... only from good bands... amazing!! Haha... We played several times with them before that tour. We stay stil in touch and hopefully they will come to our 15 years party in November! I really like both records and hopefully more maniacs will listen to their music and bang their fukkin’ heads to them!

2002 has your new album “Divine blasphemies” came out. I have to say, you have done again an underground classic. Tell us please about the songs, lyrics, sound etc., in a word about the whole production.

Thanxx mate! „Divine Blasphemies” was recorded in August 2002 in Koblenz, „Toxomusic” by Wally Walldorf. We recorded there a lot of other songs as well like the second demo tape, „Stormbringer”, the „Ten years of total Desaster” doLP and most of all 7” and 10” songs. I recorded there also Metal Inquisitor’s „seven inches for the second attack”- 7”, Metalucifer’s „Heavy Metal Chainsaw” and Decayed’s „The nameless wrath”. It’s a great recording studio with a great atmosphere. Wally, the owner also play(ed) in one of Germany’s most well known Punk Bands called „Toxoplasma”. I have to say, that I’m still very happy with the sound because it fits absolutely with the songs. Brutal, aggressive, violent but also raw an absolutely not mainstream like. This was also the first time for Sataniac with Desaster in a recording studio. He wrote most of all lyrics only „Nighthawk” was written by Costa Stoios and „Spare no Coward” by Wes of ex.- mighty Dekapitator. The intro was done again by Mr. Braun of Chorea Minor. For special guest we had Mr. Mille Petrozza from one of Germany’s leading Thrash Acts. I hope that everybody will know this band!! If not pray to your lovely heaven and lick your god’s balls! Hahaha...The Cover artwork was done by a friend Thomas Westphal who’s also the editor of a zine called „Necromaniac”. The song „Shadowinds” is a old song of Sataniacs old band we „desasterized” a bit and so only the main- riff is a original one. „Nighthawk” we used only as a bonus- song for the vinyl- edition, was a cover of Satanic’s old band Divine Genocide. What else? I don’t know...

In your opinion, did you develop compared to “Hellfire’s dominion” or “Tyrants of the netherworld”? Your last three releases are underground classics!

I don’t know if you can talk about classics right now... maybe in 20 years, you can call it like that. Haha, anyway, I think that we had done with every recording a step further. You know, I think the most important thing in Desaster is, that we are not 4 musicians, we are metal fans like each other. We’ve never had a real teacher for our instruments or something else. We have done everything by ourselves, so you feel that also in our music. With every record/ release you can listen that the band is going on but still Desaster.

“Nighthawk” was both by Mille and by Sataniac sung. Whose idea was to invite the master in the studio? Did you have speak with Mille about the old, golden age?

I met Mille sometimes on some Open Air shows in Germany and start talking to him... Haha, it wasn’t easy for me the first time, because he’s the leader of one of my favourite bands and I have a lot of respect to him. But he’s really very friendly and so it happens, that on one Wacken Open Air, I just had to clean my head with some coffee in the morning, I met him and his girlfriend and we start talking about our bands. I told him that it would be great to had him for a song on one of our records and he said „yes of course, I’ll come and scream something for you!” So he went to the recording studio and screamed a bit for us! It is really a great feeling to have a guy on your own record which recorded one of the hardest records from Germany... „Pleasure to kill” is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! For the new record we also have a guest vokiller again, but I will not tell who it is. But he’s also from a legendary German Thrash band!!

In last year we haven’t heard anything about you. Please, sum up that period! What happened with you?

2003 we played some single shows in Germany and Holland. After that some Open Air Shows in summer like the great Party.San OA (GER), Open Hell Fest (CZ), Kaldenbach OA (A) and some others. We also played a short tour with ZEMIAL through Europe which was more or less very cool. Than I went to the States to play some shows with METALUCIFER around Chicago. I met a lot of great maniacs, mostly Mexicans, who were all so fuckin’ great. First I thought in America only these typical so-called metalfans jump around with their wide trothers and hardcore shirts wearing, but I met really so many cool guys and this trip really changed my opinion about the scene in the USA. But they have very strange laws there... haha... all in a car, when you going on a highway for example, have to be sober! Or it’s not allowed to drink beer in parks, otherwise you have to go to jail for (if I remember right) 1 year and you have to pay a lot of money... haha... stupid! Anyway... a lot of things happend in 2003... the most important thing was for sure our first South- American show in Sao Paulo/ Brazil. What a great country, what a great scene, so much crazy maniacs and a fukkin’ great organisation- team. We really loved to play there... and as it looks like we’ll going again to Brazil in 2005. We also started writing new songs, which banned us into our rehearsal room...

Nowadays you have released a live album “Brazilian blitzkrieg blasphemies” which was recorded during your South American tour. Where and which bands did you play with? What kind of experiences did you gain in South America?

Yes... the cd- version of „Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies” has just arrived and we are really happy with that. They only made on mistake... but, haha, you’ll see that early enough I guess. We only played one show in South America... Yes, it’s amazing, the guys from Mutilation Records (Hails to Sergio and Guilherme) took us for only one show to Brazil. So we started from Frankfurt/ Germany on a Thursday, played on a Saturday and went back on a Monday... Haha, just a short trip to Brazil. Amazing! We played with a killer band called TORTURE SQUAD. Great music... mixture of Death/ Thrash and some fast parts. Really killer! The drummer was a monster behind his drumset!! Brazil is really great... we met so many great fans and I’ve never think about that DESASTER is so well-known on the other side of this world!!

As I as know, you have played first time in South America. Did you feel good? Were the fans enthusiastic?

It was absolutely fantastic! We really enjoyed playing there and also met so many great people. We found a lot of selfmade Desaster shirts, one guy also had our cross tattooed on his arm and a lot of maniacs started singing our songs! Absolutely great! You feel that maniacs in South America are still „hot” to see some metal bands playing live! Specially from Europe! Haha... it’s not that feeling like specially here in Germany, where most of the people fed up going to shows and also watching underground bands. It was so different.

What do you think about South American underground scene? Almost in every counry of South America is a cool scene, isn’t it?

Yes, a lot of great bands come from South America. I’m not very much into the scene over there... but I specially like bands like Headhunter DC., Bestial, Bywar, (old) Sepultura, Viper Brasil, Krisiun, Dorsal Atlantica, Apokalytic Raids, Torture Squad and some more. The only problem specially Brazil have is, that a lot of bands want to sound like Krisiun... and this isn’t easy. Haha... but anyway there are so many great metal maniacs... amazing.

This is your first live album. Did you change something later in the studio on the album? Tell us please about the material!

This record is recorded live and with absolutely NO overdubs or shit like that, we only had to cut on song because we made so many mistakes and it was unhearable. Haha... The concert was recorded on 12 tracks, if I remember right. After they copied us the show on CDR we started telling them how the sound has to be and we are really satisfied with the result. 16 songs of pure, darken metal- overkill. Raw and aggressive. I think, when you listen to the CD you’ll feel the live aggression from this show. We had a lot of fun and I maybe too much beer... I played some really big mistakes... but anyway shit happens. As I told you before, we are not musicians, just metalmaniacs who play music and drink beer... haha

By which label will be the album released? Is the album obtainable worldwide?

This record was released by Mutilation Records and I hope some smaller labels will get this release to sell it in Europe. We only got some copies to sell on our shows. Maybe some mailorders will have this release!! If not you have to order „Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies” at the Mutilation shop.

Do you like live albums? In your opinion, which are the best live albums of all time?

Normally I’m not a big fan of all those live recordings... but I still have my favourites like SODOM „Mortal way of live”, SCORPIONS „World wide live”, SAXON „The eagle has landed”, SLAYER „Decade of Aggression”, VENOM „Eine kleine Nachtmusik” and some more. It depends on how the sound and band handle that live feeling on the record. For me it’s very important.

You release album in every second year, so we have to wait for your new album ‘til 2006. What do you do until?

Haha, yes you are right. But I think and hope we’ll record our new studio- record in the middle of 2005. We are writing new songs at the moment and I think we can enter the recording studio in the beginning of 2005. We’ll also release a split-tape/cd with mighty metal masters of SABBAT on a label from Thailand and a split-dvd with Ironfist from Singapore. We also play some single- shows until the end of the year. We also work on a small tour through eastern Europe in March 2005 with our friends from DELIRIOUS and the Brazilian maniacs from Mutilation are working on a South American tour in October next year... so you see... there’s still a lot to do!!

In an old Datura fanzine I have read –around 2001/02- an interview with you and you have told, you aren’t interesting in Internet. Since then you have sent me lot of e-mails ha-ha! When did change your opinion about Internet?

Haha, yes... some years ago I really hated the whole internet shit, but nowadays it’s really important for me to get in touch with other maniacs all over the world. I’m not that kind of guy who sit 24 hours in front of that fukkin’ machine, but some hours each day I have to. But I like to write to maniacs, managing some shows for the band, doing some interviews and talk to other friends... www makes a lot of things really more easier. But it’s also really bad to see that many metalheads prefer to sit of front of the computer instead of going to concerts, record stores etc. This will kill the flair of the Heavy Metal scene I guess. What do you think??

Do you find Internet and the E-mail system good or important? Do you often use the net? Could you imagine your life without Internet?

Of course!! I have done it many years before with out the www!! But everything is much more faster than the fukkin deliverer- companies. As I told you before I sit maybe between 2-4 hours a day in front of the machine... that’s all... but it depends on how much mails I have and if I have enough time.

You have a very cool website. Is it for an underground band important to have an own official website? Do you get often notes in your guestboook?

I don’t think it’s really important to have a webpage. But it makes much more things more easier. There are also a lot of people from around the world who can have a look to your ugly pictures etc. Haha... You know I think still a lot of maniacs prefer the „old way” without the www. The other guys in Desaster don’t have a email connection at home, so I am the only guy who get all mails... aaarrrggghhh ... but I like to get in touch with other brothers and sisters around the globe. Of course I get a lot of mails, but there are also a lot of the „please send me this and that...bla, bla, bla” mails, which I delete directly... Also our guestbook is full of messages... But if people really want to get in touch with me, they can send of course an email or normal letter to my address...

As far as your concerts, you are very active, for example in September you are playing in the Netherlands. How is a DESASTER gig? Do you meet respectively speak kindly with the fans after the gigs? Do you drink beers with them together?

We don’t drink beer! Just tea and some non- sparkling water! We also are all very shy in the band and prefer to stay the whole time in the backstage room and eat some fruits and drink tea... hahaha... this is one of the main reasons for playing shows... to meet some maniacs, drink liters of beer and talking to everybody who want talk with us... I can’t remember one show were we were sober after the show...hahah...We played a lot of shows in the last 5 years in and around Germany, so we stopped playing that much in Germany this and next year. It’s better to keep the band a bit more rare in playing live shows... so you are HOT for the next battles... But we are really interested to play more shows in other countries.

For 10 years you have the same line up, at the least the three quarter of the band is the old line up. How would you characterize the members of the band? Do you hang often together? Do you get on well with each other?

We are all good friends in the band... not only musicians who meet one or two times a week to play some songs... We’ll meet very often at weekend to kill some beers and listen to our favourite music, have some parties and so on. I think it’s very important for a band. Haha, how are the other guys in the band?!!? Mabye... Infernal is the boss, the only remaining member if the first line-up, so he also make all money business, he’s one of my best friends and also for me one of the best guitar players these days... he knows how to combinate aggression with power and feeling... Odin is a bass- player... more words to say?! Haha... he’s the relaxtest band member, very slow in most of all things, but he can do some things also very fast... get drunk, get tired and so on... Sataniac is the „new” member... but he’s also now 4 years in the band. He’s very friendly and don’t like that much trouble around his person. I’m really happy to have him in the band, he become a really good friend in the last years... he like to do a lot of sports and also gave the band a fresh feeling inside the line-up.

My last question: sum up please the career of DESASTER from the early demos ‘til the new album! I mean, you are a very important underground band, you have name in the scene!

I think the most important thing is, that we never changed our style. We are still Desaster and that’s what is all about. Of course we had become a bit better on our instruments but we still write only that music we like. You can listen to the first demotape and to the last record and you’ll still hear that this is the same band. Most of bands of today change their style too much. We are still four rotten metalheads who like to play Heavy Metal music. We are really proud to gave Desaster such a good name and play so much shows in the last year, specially in foregin countries without (!) having a big label or management!! And I think that’s the only way Desaster can exist. We need freedom to that what we are right now! And with a big label etc. you’ll have no chance to do this.

Tormentor, thanks for this interview, I wish you all the best and good luck. Your last words…

Thanxx a lot for this really great and interesting interview... I wish there would be more like this! Hails to all readers and maybe see you next time. If somebody is interested in our merchandise, or need some information, just write to the addresses below. Stay as you are, keep the flame of Heavy Metal burning and... BANG OR BE BANGED!! -Tormentor anno 2004-


by David Laci