Der StŁrmer

ďFighting for Something Greatest than Life
Ready to die in this Titanic Strife
Summoning the Spirit of Ancestors Brave
He follows their Steps the White Race to Save

Der StŁrmer! A Spartan Reborn
Der StŁrmer! A God of War
Der StŁrmer! Fearless & Pure
Der StŁrmer! Loyal & TrueĒ

Hello Commander Wolf! Let we start this interview with the first Der Sturmer abroad tour. Who's idea was to organize a Der Sturmer mini-tour in Finland?

The idea for this Mini-Tour was by the Furore Finnum guys. In summer of 2007 we received an invitation for this tour. The whole idea and tour line up sounded great, so we accepted it.

I have read in news that The Pagan Front organized this tour, but on the fliers were written Furore Finnum. Is FF a booking agency or just a nickname to muck the mass media?

No, that was another lie created by the media and their leftist puppets in order to put more pressure in club owners and the police. Furore Finnim was formed by guys who back then had nothing to do with the Pagan Front. It's not a nickname to trick the media or something similar. Iím not sure but I think in future FF will organize more shows in Finland.

I know that you are in contact with Satanic Tyrant Werewolf for a long time and you visited Finland in summer of 2006. Is this true?

Yes, that's true. Iíve been in touch with STW for many years now, and despite some small arguments we had in the past, he turned to be one of our biggest supporters since the very early days of Der Sturmer. He is a very dedicated & honest individual and talented musician. We had the first meeting face-to-face when Satanic Warmaster visited Hellas in 2005 for a concert (which was finally cancelled) so there we spoke for visiting his place. So in 2006 me and Hjarulv traveled to Lappenranta for one week vacation.

I know that both concerts were a great success, all tickets were sold out. From which countries came people to this event?

I was really surprised to see how many people from other countries risked to come in both concerts. At both nights there was people from Ireland, Sweden, Romania, Russia, Spain, Germany & Portugal.

What do you think about the whole antifa hysteria concerning the gigs? Why was necessary to change the location for the Tampere show?

Simply, they are doing the job that get paid for, otherwise there is no reason to exist. All those race-hate groups are controlled and sponsored by multi-nationals from the other side of Atlantic or by businessman like George Soros who is the main creator and boss of internet spy networks like Indymedia and several other activities of reds. The locations were changed simply because the gigs were on TV news and newspapers so in the last minute some club owners refused to give their clubs because of fear that they will face problems with police etc.

Did you have any problems with the local police or with the Rasmus Network against Racism and Xenophobia organization?

As a band, not really. The Furore Finnum guys got a lot of pressure though. Their names were displayed in public, newspapers interviewed them and Police kept harassing them in almost a daily basis. From our side, we found out that the day we entered Finland, the Finnish police contacted the Hellenic one, gave our names and asked if we had criminal records in order to stop us at the borders. Apart from this, there were threats that they will get beaten etc. All this is quite laughable not only because of their comical nature, but because these people think that they can stop us by simply writing some words in some forums or their bosses publish some articles in local newspapers. That's not something new of course, all these things happened to us in the past plenty of times. Photos in newspapers, lyrics translated and published, phone threats and even some notes on our front doors.

What do you think why was the great attention from the mass media about this event? Substantially was just a metal concert with 2 foreigner + 2 local bands. Your comment:

We all know why these concerts (and in general concerts of such nature) are targeted by the media. Actually it is not the music or the band names that cause such problems. It's the IDEOLOGY that makes them shiver. No matter if this happens in a large scale or not, it's the thought that some people after years of propaganda and brainwashing and under the hardest circumstances keep speaking about things that the modern world try to bury deeper and deeper everyday, spiting on the pseudo-values of their corrupted system that wants us sheep without any Racial Pride or Identity.

Did you saw the Absurd show? Did you enjoyed their live presentation? I have seen on stage Absurd last year on Fray Faxi Festival in Sibiu (Nagyszeben) and their show was horribly shit.

Yes of course I saw both Absurd shows in Finland. Though its was not the first time, last time I witnessed them on stage when we played again together in Hellas back in 2004. On their previous gigs they were pretty good, but this time they simply slew! The guys were a true Hammer!!! Great Stage presence, amazing musicianship combined clean vocals and screams and a great setlist with many old classics plus tracks from their latest works.

Are you enjoyed the cold winter in Finland with a massive snowfall?

As the Finnish guys told me, the winter this year was one of the warmest in the last years (-5 the day and around -10 at night). There was snowfall of course and all lakes around were frozen, but still for Finnish people who are used in temperatures like -20 this winter was quite warm. I personally enjoyed a lot these days, especially traveling at night.

Which of your releases do you think is the best? I mean with which one are you the most satisfied?

The split with Totenburg and the "A Banner Greater Than Death" album. Especially the later is in my opinion on the top of everything we have done so far. Music- wise combines aggression blended with passion and Epic passages and at the same time the lyrical concept is focusing around political, philosophical, religious and historical subjects. Definitely the most complete work of Der Sturmer today.

2008 marks the 10th Year of Der Sturmer's existence. What was the best and the worst thing in the last 10 years of your musical carrier in the front of a NS band?

Well, as i told you earlier DER STURMER is not our first priority in life. So I donít know really what to answer here. We are doing many more things (Ideologically speaking) besides the band.

What is the Der Sturmer position in your country comparing with other metal bands. Is DS a well-known band in Greece?

I donít know and to be honest we don't pay so much attention or try to promote our music here since there are other things which we put in priority before music, releases and such.

The only one NSBM band was Legion of Doom who's appearing in the national Metal Hammer. The mainstream metal media reviewing your latest releases or they have no balls to making a review about a political band?

No, as far as i know there were not any Der Sturmer reviews in major metal mags here. I don't know if it's the lack of balls or hate towards the values we stand for and promote that caused this. Perhaps both. Besides , I'd consider it as an insult to see any review (positive or negative doesnít matter) made by one of the bolshevik whores of this toilet paper named "Metal Hammer".

What do you think about the Black Metal (NS or not NS) scene of your country. Are you in contact with other Greek bands? I'm asking this question because DS never released a split with other Greek bands.

There is no "Black Metal" scene in my country in the form that you imagine. Just a couple of dozen of retards and newcomers who are more a parody than near to something that can be called "Black Metal". Once used to be some good bands (Perhaps 10-15 years earlier) but most of them now disbanded or some of them now suck the cocks of mainstream labels. From our side, its our choice since years now to be distant from the local scene. Our touches are reduced to bands that you can count in the fingers of your left hand.

Your latest release, the split with Totenburg, is the best Der Sturmer release to date I think. Strong songs, great riffs and a very powerful sound. Your comment:

It turned really nice i think. This time we decided to focus more on matters based on our Hellenic Roots and Identity to very meditative depths of our Weltanschauung to simple old fashioned (Turner Diaries Rules!) bloodshed.

Are you in contact with Die Todesrune Records? For how many albums did you signed with them? Are you satisfied with Matei? Every DTR releases came out with a huge delay, especially your second album. What do you think about Matei, a Romanian emigrant living in Spain and talking about NS related things in a foreigner country?

We have very sporadic contact with Matei these days. We did not signed any contracts and such, for us the word between men of Honour is valued more than one thousand contracts. To be honest, no, we are not satisfied at all with the distribution which is nearly non-existent. Matei risked a lot by releasing this album, that's for sure. He paid all the studio costs and he also gave us a fair amount of copies from the CD & LP version as well. The huge delay is not exactly his fault as the album was banned from 2-3 factories and it was a hard job to find a place somewhere to print it and with fair prices. It was the first and last album that we've done with him as from now on Totenkopf Propaganda & Deathsquad Rex will take care for most of the Der Sturmer releases ( at least the full-length ones). As for being a Romanian living in Spain, I canít see where is the problem with that. Every (and ONLY!) white man, no matter where he lives can live according to the rules of the National Socialist Weltanschauung.

How would you describe yourself as a Wolf, a commander?

I donít know really, perhaps describing oneís self is not always the best as I donít know how reliable can someone be.

How would you describe your own views on National Socialism?

National Socialism is a Cosmotheory and Biotheory which has its roots back when the White man appeared on this earth (Mainly speaking for the first organized communities). It is Adolf Hitler who took the idea and shaped it using the best elements from the Hellenic, the Roman and the Teutonic world. Thus a timeless expression of European manís ethics and morals. The success of National Socialist movement was that during an age of decay and industrialization, it managed a Folk Awaking returning the White (Germans naturally as it was the place that the revolution took place) man back to his roots and to where he naturally belongs, in terms of Culture and Social development. National Socialism is the only political system (And not only, it's much more than that of course) that embodies True European values like Nobility, Honour, Pride and Racial awakening.

How do you see the relation between metal and NS black metal? Is NS black metal only referring to a more extreme type of metal? I guess we all agree that black metal (and NSBM) is more than just music, can you describe where you see the greatest differences?

I donít think that NSBM is just another extreme type of Metal. Those who think so simply have not got the real meaning that lies behind or in front of this music. The huge difference is that NSBM deals with things considered forbidden, a real Ideological war. NSBM was the FIRST music genre that dared to deal with topics never touched before.

Do you also listen to other musical styles outside of NS black metal. Could you imagine playing something else than NS black metal one day?

How is it possible NOT TO listen to other styles than NSBM? Actually, Iím listening tons of other stuff besides NS Black Metal. Iím involved in Black/Death Metal since the late 80ís/Early 90ís and I grew up with this music long before NSBM appeared. For me it's impossible to forget my old Classic albums which Iím still listening with the same passion.

Can you describe how a typical Der Sturmer song is composed? Are all band members equally involved?

Hjarulv is the main creator of our tracks so far, we, later hear them on studio and add our ideas etc. Also, depending the lyrics of the song, we choose the samples that we think fit on it.

If a great "independent" metal label (like Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Season of Mist, etc) would offer for Der Sturmer a contract for a worldwide release, would you refuse them, or not?

That's a very hypothetical question, since this is impossible to happen even in a thousand years. But, to answer you question, if this would happen one day, it will have me worried a lot, 'cause the ideas we promote and stand for are exactly the opposite from the ones that those labels are built and found upon. There are many ways to spread our works without prostitute ourselves or make politically correct statements in order to sell more albums or be accepted by the major metal mags around. They must hate us and that's the way it should be....

Everybody knows that you are the owner of Totenkopf Propaganda record label with lots of great releases. Provocation: if some guys (labels, bands, distros) from Israel wanted to distribute TP releases, especially Der Sturmer releases, would you refuse them, or not?

Of course Iíll refuse, Totenkopf Propaganda & Der Sturmer are music only for people of European descent (No matter in which part of the world they live). Anyone else buying our stuff is like pointing a shotgun to his own forehead. The only exception goes perhaps for people from Japan, as we are admirers of the Old Imperial Japan and Samurai warrior code.

What is the greatest problem of the current society in your eyes and what could be a possible solution?

Current society is built upon morals totally alien to them and to the core after the 2nd Ideological war. The only solution is the total destruction and the creation on a healthy basis under the rule of inspired and spiritual leadership taken from the very core of our Folk and guided by the same values that our Europe is found upon through the mists of time. You canít cure cancer with aspirins. It was Lykourgos, the law maker who made Sparta into what we know today, it was Gaius Julius Caesar who restored order in the corrupted political system of Rome, it was Alexander The Great the Arch-General of Hellas who drove the Hellenic armies in Asia and crushed and burned to the ground an empire who was always a threat to Europe, it was Adolf Hitler the man who made Germany the fear of the world. That kind of men we need today.

If you would decide to leave this world by suicide, how would you realize this? Is suicide an acceptable solution in you eyes?

It depends of what kind of suicide you're talking about. If you mean the one that some ladyboys in the scene preach about (but never had the guts to do of course!) then I can take this as an act of weakness. I always prefer iron struggle than easy escapist nonsense like "Kill yourself" or "Kill Humanity" and similar bullshit which only laughter can bring. Through out History there were people who faced death with honour and courage. Remember the 300 of Thermopylae, the defenders of Berlin and later the Werwolf Corps, the last warriors of Byzantium. People who knew that they were going to die but faced death with dignity and gave hell to the enemy. It was a kind of "suicide" since those people knew that they had no chance to survive, but instead of running away, they stood their ground and died with honour.

Do you see black metal as an extreme form of art or rather as a tool for propaganda?

Both. Black Metal can be a way of expression and the same time tool of propaganda as well. Lately the famous British Anti-Fascist magazine Searchlight wrote a very good article on how NSBM have succeed so far in the terms of propaganda. The article is written of course from the view point of a leftist jew, but still one can easily see that NSBM grew in something bigger than someone could imagine. You can see the whole article here:

One problem that creators of uncommon art often have to face is censorship. Did you ever encounter any of those troubles? What is your opinion about the today's music business with tons of costumers shit without massage, without real meaning, just surface no substance at all.

We have already faced it, several times and Iím pretty sure we will continue experiencing such problems in the future as well. From the very beginning of Der Sturmer we had not any illusions that we would be able to print and spread our material without facing such kind of problems. We don't whine about it since we already know what the so called "Freedom of speech" can do to voices who dare to raise ideologies beyond the regular standards or promoting ideals that today are considered forbidden. History is written by the victors. That's the truth. Music business is business like the rest. It's not completely their fault, blame also the bands who allow and give space to such kind of labels. Every whore has a pimp.

Are there any others activities that you are involved in that you can tell us about? I'm interested in non musical stuff.

I think what Iím doing besides Der Sturmer is of less importance to your readers. In general, what I can tell you is that I try to spend most of my free time trying to be creative as well evolving ideologically while the at the same time keep myself away as possible from modernism or dealing with the flock.

If you had the possibility to travel backwards in time and change some historical event, what would you do?

Heh, thatís another difficult questions as there is plenty of historical events which I'd like to see with my own eyes. It will sound too arrogant if Iíll say what I can change but I can tell you in what events i would like to have witnessed with my own eyes. The Battle of Thermopylae and all the wars after the crush of the Persian empire and their drive back to the sea, the crossing of Rubicon by Gaius Julius Ceaser and the battle of Pharsalum later, joining the troops of Alexander the Great to Asia and watching all the great battles he fought until entering victorious through the gates of Babylon. The operation Barbarrosa and the crusade against Bolshevism and many others...

Without a doubt, the internet has a big influence upon the underground: it enables not only fast communication and cheap way to write mails but it makes also a lot of people talking big words in massage boards. How do you see this? Would you disassemble the whole structure if you had the possibility to do this?

There are advantages and many disadvantages in the use of the internet today. The positive things is the fast communication and the way to spread your stuff in a cheap and fast way to as many people as possible, without depending on the post offices. The negative is that the internet have opened the doors and gave to every wanker out there the freedom to judge and spread rumors and gossips (Not surprising that the 90% of such people are newcomers who never managed to do something on their own). Internet turned Black Metal from something deeply spiritual and mystical to a soulless form of harmless music like the rest. But, as i said earlier, internet can be useful and canít be controlled all the time. There are far more dangerous things than internet, TV or Newspapers are a very good example of how the informative media are easily turned into a weapon of propaganda and brainwashing for the masses.

What is your opinion of the European Union?

There is nothing truly European in the so called "European Union". It's just a constitution invented by the economic & Multi-national oligarchies in order to expand further their business with the minimum cost possible. It's the same people behind the huge immigration waves from asia and africa. The EU is found on totally alien ideals than our European ideals. To people like me, who always believe in symbolisms, the following words from The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion must not taken lightly, to those who truly care to see who is behind the scenes and what they have in store for the future: "Soon the circle of the symbolic serpent, which represents our people, will close. And when this circle will be complete, all the European Nations will be caught within it as if from an iron grasp" Protocol III. Do I need to say something more?

Where do you get your living from? Do you think it's important to have a real job instead of just laying home unemployed like a parasite in this society?

Currently Iím working on a pharmaceutical company. For me working is always important as I always like be financially independent. Besides I donít come from a rich family. From the other side, if I had financial freedom I would stay unemployed. A daily job is very time-consuming.

Do you read a lot and what kind of literature? Do you consider education in general to be important after all or do you prefer to sophisticate yourself independently?

I try to read as much as possible without of course being a bookworm or prison myself away from reality. Basically Iím reading all kind of literature, mostly Ancient & Medieval European History, Hellenic and Roman Classic philosophy and warfare history. Currently Iím reading the Hellenic version of Otto Skorzenyís autobiography "Meine Kommando Unternehmen" which is a book that I fully recommend to anyone who has an interest in all the major events (From Political/Ideological to the detailed battles of the Waffen SS) of the second European civil war based on facts and words by an eye-witness. Next in line is Ciceroís "Somnium Scipionis".

How do you feel about the current surge of Islam in Europe? Do you think that it undermines Christianity or could the Moslems become even worse enemy?

Thatís a very complicated matter which can be seen from a different angle. Islam in Europe is different from the one we know in Middle-East. It depends mostly on the kind of people that usually immigrate to Europe being the lowest scum (Faggots, liberals, marxists and criminals in general who in their own countries would have been hanged in public places). From there they carry their mentality and way of life on the European Soil as it's the place and it's governments that promote and fully support the poison of multi-culturalism and race mixing. That's why we often see muslims in Europe encouraged and fully supported by the Zionist-slave governments and at the same time Islamist countries facing from economic boycotts to often ending in air bombings. Countries like Palestine, Iran and Syria are on the top of my mind right now. Those countries have my respect because in a hostile environment they struggle hard to keep their own ground, Traditions and Identity without kneeling before the Zionist-Capitalist beast. Also they are the only ones who dare to openly blame and unmask zionism.

What do you think about the new state Kosovo? And what is your statement about the situation in Cyprus about the Turkish autonomy ambitions?

Iím always very skeptical towards such autonomies as in the last 2 decades it's obvious that such things are organized, guided and materialized by USA and it's allies in order to divide National states and countries who can be hostile towards the plans of the New World Order in the future. Albanians (and their masters in USA) stole the historical land of Serbians. Kosovo is Serbia! Cyprus is another different case though, this island was occupied after a military action of Turkey. There was a huge fight back by Cypriots, the Hellenic army and many volunteers also, but as usual the whole war was betrayed from within (Local and Cypriot politicians had already sold and openly boycotted it) and ended as we know it today with Turks occupying a big part of the island.

You live in a country where the population is 95-98% is Greek, one nation in one own land. What do you think about the autonomy ambitions in lots of European (and non European) countries like Spain, France, Italy, Romania, etc. where lots of ancient nations living in the same country?

To say that Hellas have such high rates of homogenous population is a luxury I think. Perhaps that was 10-20 years ago. The truth is really far from that. With 1 million of albanians here and also a huge numbers of pakis and other asiatics, africans and similar genetic garbage, Hellas is slowly turning into a multi-racial shithole (Of course nothing compared yet to countries like England, France or Holland). As for the autonomy ambitions that arose lately, Iím very skeptical to them as every time I searched further I found that they lie behind the claws of the new world order and its allies. USA today encourage and often support openly such plans to National states who in future can be a problem in their further plans (be it geopolitically, economically etc.). By creating protectorats around helping them infiltrate more and deeper within the European continent and especially in areas that can play a significant role.

This summer we have the chance to see lots of great football matches at the Euro 2008! The national team of Greece last time won the trophy. Do you like football matches? Would you support your country?

I know and Iím in touch daily with plenty of Hooligans and many Football fanatics, all of them have been really honest to me. Though, to say the truth, I donít really like at all football. In my opinion these people spend their energy towards wrong directions. I don't consider a football team to be "my country", Hellas is much more than eleven football players who get paid with large amounts of money pretending to be "patriots". I don't say that sometimes a football match canít be enjoyable (especially against Turkey or Albania) but to live for it like many do, I find it pure nonsense.

I think that's enough for now! Thanx for your time for answering my boring questions, I hope you would play someday in Transylvania, Romania!

Thanx for your support, patience and the very interesting questions. Anyone interested in future releases and live attacks, keep an eye to our official website.


by Mirgilus