Deinonychus is an obscure dark metal band from The Netherlands. Sometimes symphonic, other times just metal, but always overwhelmed with mystery, insanity and darkness. The mand behind Deinonychus is Mr. Marco Kehren, also known as “Odin” or “Bruce Willis”, who accepted my invitation to answer a few questions.

Hail! First of all you must tell me how the moniker Bruce Willis was put upon you? I must admit that I also think there are physical resemblances between you and Mr. Willis… Do you like the actor?

Mwa…he’s a good actor though. But I just can’t help it that people see any resemblance in me with him. Though I guess I can take that as a compliment he he;)

Nowadays Deinonychus plays a kind of doom/death metal, but the band started with obscure black metal. How do you remember the early days? Why did you started playing black metal back then and by what kind of bands were you influenced?

Pure ideology just as it is today. I was influenced or better say are….still by everything which sounds dark and obscure. Bands like AT THE GATES for example….

And what kind of bands/musicians/artists are among your favorites in nowadays? Are you still listening to Black Metal these days?

Phew, I must say that I’ve brighten my horizon a lot over the years, I listen to everything which I just like….from mainstream to obscure underground stuff. Nowadays I’m listening more to electronic stuff like HOCICO, FUNKER VOGT and such. Blackmetal…Hmmmm SILENCER from Sweden really have my blessings!

The origins of the name are quite interesting: Deinonychus (die-NON-i-cus) is the name of a remarkable and important dinosaur very similar to velociraptor, named for the enormous "killer claw" on its foot...Why did you choose this name for your band? How do you think it fits to the mood of your music?

I must have answered this question over a 1.000.000 times by now. Do you mind to skip this one and get on with it!?! He he he:)

You were also only by yourself in the band a few years with no other members in Deinonychus. It was because you didn’t wanted to share your ideas with others, or it just happened that way?

Let’s put it this way, it just happened to be this way, I wanted to be in control of things all by myself. Nowadays things are different.

In 1997 Deinonychus had the first and only live performance so far. How did you managed to make a concert, if you were the only member? Did you use guest musicians?

No, this concert was part of a theatrical show, my music was on DAT-tapes, and I sung live over it. The whole event was based on theatrical stuff and such.

According to other opinions, that show was a success. I’m asking why did you stop performing live after a one single show?

I didn’t want to do such a thing ever again, but more likely shows with a normal line up, but things are far more complicated as I ever imagined. I deal with an international line-up which makes things more complex when it comes to rehearsing stuff and coming together as one piece.

In January 1999 William Sarginson joined Deinonychus on drums. Why did you decided to introduce other members in Deinonychus? The drums on the materials before 1999 were drum machines, or real drums?

The drums on the albums before was drummed by myself, just some little parts where done by drum machines. But 95% was done by myself! I decided to use William at a point where I noticed that my drumming skills couldn’t hold up with my approving skills on all other instruments. However, nowadays William sadly had to leave the band for private reasons.

You have released 6 full-lenghth albums and 1 EP on 4 different record labels. Why did you change so many times the label for Deinonyichus? What do you think of the labels for which you were signed to in the past? Which was the worst one and which was the best label for you so far? And why?

Worst = Supernal Music, Best = My Kingdom Music. Nothing more to add, I’m not into this mud wasting anymore….. things have passed, and one should get over with it right!?!?!

Do you have any good advice for young bands/artists regarding the records labels and the whole (underground) music industry?

Be realistic, and just have a good time….. Don’t have such high expectations!!!!

Looking back to your discography which is your favorite Deinonychus album and which is your least-favorite? And of course… why?

WORST = “The silence of December” -crap sound, ill executed!!!! BEST = ”Insomnia” -just keeps killing and killing!!!

You also played with Bethlehem from Germany, which is (or were) quite a cult band with their innovative dark metal. You played on classic albums like S.U.I.Z.I.D. and the following two EPs. How did you reached to play in the band? How did you remember those times?

The guys in Bethlehem are long term friends of mine, we live close from each other, I’m from origin a German native, so things just happened as they came, partly also from the fact that we also had the same interest in music, and all are musicians. My time in Bethlehem was really rock ‘n’ roll 100%..... if I would have stayed longer in the band I’d be ending up like Kurt Cobain or whoever ha ha…

What do you think of their newer so-called “suicide rock” style?

Hmmmm….. lets do question 14 okay?

You were also involved in Dark Sanctuary, a dark/ambient band from France. How did you get in connection with them? What was your role in the band? Are you still playing in this band?

I’m friends with Cyril the drummer in Dark Sanctuary who also used to play in OSULUM INFAME (RIP) from France, and here the same story…things just happened, they asked me to participate on one of their albums, so I did. But that was just it.

In your opinion is there any piece of art (book, movie, etc.) which emanate similar feelings like your music? Personally do you feel close in mood to other pieces of art?

Speaking of recently I would say a movie like The Machinist comes close to my perceptive view of my music…just insane….
I surely feel close in mood to other pieces of art, I think music is a representive piece of art. Was it not the fact that music is so exploited nowadays and mass consumed as just entertainment!

If Deinonychus’ music could be a soundtrack and it would be up to you to decide, which movie’s soundtrack would be Deinonychus’ music?

“Der Untergang”

You are working in a federal state penitentiary. What is your job more precisely? The fact that you are working in such a place, do you think it is good for your music? Do you think that you get influences from that place?

I don’t like to comment on that, as work and private matters are strictly separated for my own likings, sorry mate!

The fact that you are working in a penitentiary does also mean that you have a great respect for authorities, morals and laws? Do you think we all have our role in the system? Do you feel significant or insignificant in the “system” you are living, or you are not interested in these kinds of topics?

Yes, I do respect morality and law and order, it’s just sometimes puzzling to see where it all starts or ends, and what definition you give to it. The same goes for authority! Of course we all have a role in this system, and when you step out of it, you either end up nowhere, or there where I work!

I must now ask if you like “prison-movies” and (it may sound stupid, but) I’m curious if you witnessed any jail-escaping actions. Could you tell any good, bad, or just humorous story from that place?

Again…I can’t comment on this……. Sorry mate!!!!!

Your last CD “Insomnia” came with a delicate subject, more exactly: the terrorist attacks on WTC. From what kind of point of view were the lyrics written? I know that it is a concept album about the 9/11 events, but nothing more. How did you get the idea of making an album inspired by those events?

I have to make some clearance on this matter…the album was not inspired on the 9/11 events in a literal manner, but merely on it’s insanity. It’s that I used as an inspiring tool for writing the lyrics for Insomnia, but they don’t have anything to do with these events.

Though there are more than 4 years since the attacks, the number of the theories and speculations about what really happened are growing everyday. There had been speculations that actually the US government is the one to blame for the attacks. There are also documentaries presenting “proofs”. Personally what do you think of the attacks and what about the mentioned conspiracy theories?

I’ve seen some video’s about the towers being detonated, and a whole bunch of theories where is stated that all this was the work of the US government themselves. Honestly…I think there’s some truth in it…. I just keep being reminded on the Kennedy assassination, and that was done for the same reason….. to have a war going on, and benefit from the weapon industry amongst others. Fuck it, I can’t be asked….. one can’t really tell what happened, it’ll never be revealed. I can’t be asked anyway, as America just means bollocks to me!!!!

Did you intended the “Insomnia” album to have some kind of message for the listener, or did you write the material only to satisfy your artistic desire?

To satisfy my and others craving for complex art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are the plans for Deinonychus? When will be out the next album? Will you ever do live shows in the future? Are you playing in any other band right now?

The new album will be out in 2007, on forhand there’ll be some re-releases from previous works. Live shows are no option for the time being. And besides that I’m not playing in any other band, as I’m having a private life as well ha ha ha!

One more question: On your official website amongst various bands, zines and labels you also have links to Jodie Foster and Uma Thurman. Is this some kind of exceptional respect for these actresses or it is just a kind of fun, because after all you are… Bruce Willis… and these women are your colleagues…

No!!!! Uma Thurman and Jodie Foster are my fave actresses!!!!! I really like them a lot!!!!! And if I really where THEE Bruce Willis, I would still be wining over my divorce with Demi Moore ha ha ha…

OK, thank you Marco for you time and patience. Any words of wisdom in the end?

Pffff….I’m just in a puzzling mood…. Think I’m running out of words here, mind if I leave it blank?


by Robert Sun