Clandestine Blaze

Interview taken from the Cross Of Black Steel magazine Issue # 1, done by Mirgilus in 2005.

1) Let we start this interview with a not ordinary question. In Lahti was established a football team FC Lahti, in this team playing one of the best football player of all times Jari Litmanen. Do you like football matches, you knowing this guy and what is your opinion about this mainstream sport?

-I'm not interested in sports really. I never been in football matches, even if they happen here all the time. Everybody knows mr. Litmanen from media, though.

2) Last time when I make an interview with Serpent (Annihilatus) he told me a lot of interesting and historical things about Turku and Finland. Please introduce your hometown Lahti in your point of view and tell me something about the battle of Lahti in the II WW, and the battle against the Russia. In your opinion, what influence had the Finland resistance in the course of the 1st and 2nd World War?

- Turku is very much easier historical target, being old capital city of Finland etc. Lahti is just relatively small city of 100 000 people, although Imatra, where I was living before, was only little over 30 000.

I'm not too interested how WWII affected this particular city (and as mentioned above, not my original home town), as probably same as in many other places in Finland, and Serpent must have told something about it. I think one of biggest thing was actually after war, when 10 000 people moved here from lands given to Soviet Union. More info in history books.

But if going much further back in history, Lahti is the first known place in Finland where people has been living c. 9000 years ago. That's more interesting fact that what it's role was in WWII.

I can't say much about role of Finland in whole war in general. I believe it was more of selfish reasons to fight and not surrender, and joining forces with nazi germany against eastern enemy was more of necessity than anything else. In case of not being threatened/attacked, I believe it would be most likely that Finland would have avoided all opinions and involvement, just like usual. Mostly of government of Finland is bowing down in front of Russia, EU, USA, Israel or whatever, even without proper reason. Whole mentality of the country is so "euro/usa orientated", that the most common attitude must be the trendy dislike of "unsophisticated and un-trendy" Finland from wannabe-cosmopolitan and multi culture searching citizen.

3) I'm very curious about your logo with black cross (1st album cover). What is this picture, and why put on the cover of all (almost all) Clandestine Blaze covers?? What is the meaning of the A.K.R. on some NH releases?

-It's a sign of inevitable fall of christianity. In my eyes, there is cross being pushed to the ground, with nobody able to stop it.

A.K.R. means Anti-Kristillinen Rintama, which is/was an dis-orginization. It was sign of support for such activities, not sign of membership.

4) In my opinion the best release of Clandestine Blaze was the Below The Surface Of Cold Earth tape, with 3 great Black Metal songs. Funeral Of Humanity is the one of the best Black Metal songs ever released!!! Why release this great stuff only on tape on 100 copies and distribute only through NH, and 1 copie/costumer??? 7" Ep release is possible in future??

-There was 100 copies of special edition, including cloth bag, lyric sheets etc. But besides that, there has been sold lots of normal copies (just standard J-card in plastic case). I think total sold copies is close to 500 already. I don't think it will be released on other formats, unless situation changes dramatically. CB is doing new material, so that is more priority than think about the old ones.

5) Tell me something about the lyrical side of Below The Surface., I don't find the lyrics, I have interested in the lyric of Funeral Of Humanity. The sound is much more good than other CB releases, including LP's and CD's. This was an accident or conscious decision??

-This tape has the most "professional", or should I say most "normal" sound. Sound is better than on 3rd CD/LP, since being heavier and thicker, especially in drums. That tape was very spontaneous. It was my 1st recording with 8-track MD recorder, and half of material was composed while recording session. It is just another proof that often following the instinct may lead to best result. However, despite sound is easiest to approach, I often like more harsh and deranged sound. Each recording is made with slightly different settings, so there is variation.

„Below the Surface of Cold Earth" is track about obsessive death worship / desecration of corpse. "Weeping on the Cross" is about crucifixion. "Funeral Of Humanity" is the end of humanity, suffocation of remnants of human feelings, emotions and empathy. Lyrics are available upon request.

6) Another great release of CB was the Blood And Cum tape. Great songs including this tape why appear only on this release why don't you put on the full length albums some songs like Raping baby Jesus?

-It is because they are not "demo tapes". They are releases meant to be cassette release, not like demo/advance for future albums. I consider tape to be good format and that was the original idea where songs were going to be. I dislike fact that it has become standard for band to release something on limited tape, and wait few months and then put out all on CD's. There is no longer exclusive "demo" or "tape" releases. They are merely advance tapes of "soon-to-be-on-CD" recordings or tape version of album already done on LP/CD.

7) Northern Heritage don't have direct distribution in South America, Africa, Ex-Soviet Union countries and the biggest part of Asia, why?? You have some racial problems with this territories, or just a lack of interest from the distributors of this countries?

- Actually, that info is not totally up-to-date. I don't have regular distributors there, but once in a while there are distributors in Brasil, Japan, etc. Also some even more random cases of China, South-Korea, Russia, Ukraina, etc etc. I have no racial problems, it's just matter of many of those countries having limited economy. If there is case that label can't offer me trades I'm interested in, mostly they have no chances to buy the stuff as their economy or currency rates are so much below European standards. Therefore, no distribution. Anyone who can offer good stuff to trade, I can work with. No matter if they are from Finland or China.

8) You are not interested in license deals, but NH have some licensed releases with Harvester Records, EAL, Bestial Burst, Norse League in the past. Why do not give records for consignment sales (payments in advance only)?

- There is so much of "cross-breeding" in scene of today. Endless amount of labels without any identity. Labels competing to release stuff for same well known bands, seeking already established names or trying to get licensing deal to make vinyl and tape of their CD's. I don't want NH to be part of such thing. NH is label of it's own. There was co-operation with others done in past with some releases, as at that time it was best choice. I do now release few selected "licensed vinyl", but not under normal Northern Heritage name. But about giving records to someone else, not anymore, unless it is demand of the band with real reason. It's useless to offer pic disc, vinyl or cd re-edition deals for me, but still I get them frequently.

What's the point to give stuff to consignment sales when there's people who want to pay up-front or do trades ? I don't see any point. I believe if distribution is run by people who know what they are doing, they are able to buy records they want to sell. Many labels have minimum quantity like 3 copies per item. In case you once make investment for 3 CD's, you sell them, with that money you can buy 5 more. After that is gone, almost 10, etc. When you choose the right items, there is no problem to sell them. That's how distribution lists are created. That's what I did, and most of people (or other alternative is to release something good what people want to trade with). But if distributor thinks, he can build a huge distribution from asking people to give stuff and then pay sometime in distant future, or possibly return the items if being too lazy to sell, it's the kind of behavior I'm not into. Such people seem more busy to develop their personal record collections so no time to think about how to make money back from those, so always remain in circle of asking stuff to sell without paying.

Often there are cases where record is sold out within matter of months, so naturally it would be waste of time to give records to some distributor who may or may not pay when he feels like it. Most of records go by trading, so consignment sales is very minimal issue anyway.

9) I read an interview with you (I don't remember in what magazine.) where you told: NH never interested in re-releasing old sold out materials! And in the last year and of course in 2004 NH have some re-release stuff like On The Mission 7" Ep on tape, Satanic Warmaster - Strength & Honour (re-released 2 times!!), Black Katharsis CD, etc. with a bit different lay-out then the 1st editions. I know the present underground scene want more copies of this great stuffs, but in my eyes this re-releasing attitude fucked up the true maniacs, why don't you make NH's releases (CD's of course not LPs, or tapes) unlimited??

-Most of the NH CD releases since 2000/2001 are unlimited, unless otherwise mentioned. With disliking re-release, I mean for example re-printing limited CD, so it's no longer "limited" as said before. That I don't like, since it spoils the original intention.

However, CB "On the mission" 7" is tape version of 7". It's not re-pressing of limited vinyl. Vinyl stays limited to what it was. Satanic Warmaster CD's have never been limited editions. That's why they are pressed upon demand, just like CB 3rd CD and several other NH releases. Only reason why SW 1st CD was not re-printed in original covers, was due conflict with rights about using the original front cover image, what belonged to other band. It was used by mistake and had to be removed from new editions.

Only re-releases what are made from supposedly strictly limited/vinyl-only item are Deathspell Omega CD's, and it will be explained below. Also in those cases, there was not pressed more vinyl. They remained limited to what they were. Exordium was previously done on 10" vinyl, mCD version just came much later. 10" doesn't say anywhere it's "vinyl only".

10 ) Deathspell Omega albums was "vinyl only versions" and last year NH released on CD format! I read your statement about this subject on NH webpage, but I smell easy money in the air ha-ha. Your Comment:

- As I would anyway just repeat myself, this is official NH statement considering the topic, and been published before, so people who haven't seen the same you saw can judge by themselves:

"Northern Heritage releases vinyl, because it's format what I prefer. All the vinyl are meant to be LISTENED. They are NOT status symbols, they are NOT collectors items of people who are afraid to listen the vinyl because it's value could decrease from "m" to "vg" if they remove album from the plastic sleeve!

Original idea of limited vinyl was to reach exclusively the true underground maniacs who listen this format with passion. Unfortunately big part of records are nowadays ending into internet auctions, sold to those who will pay hundreds of $$$ to obtain something they probably consider status symbol. This has resulted that Northern Heritage intends to improve situation and those who truly want to listen records and be possessed by the message of the bands, don't have to compete with those with too well paying jobs, but can obtain official CD version which is not inferior bootleg.

Once in a while to our ears arrives information of some labels planning Northern Heritage related bootlegs. Already now in ebay has been sold numerous shitty and cheap bootlegs. This is total insult and disgrace towards work of NH. In some cases somebody else is making altered artworks, even different logos and going as far as advertising it as "NSBM" so they could capture some more listeners.

Even if many of the bootleg auctions has been able to stop before they are sold, and these inferior bootlegs don't seem to spread very far, it doesn't end. There is always some jewish hustler who wish to try his luck, and rumors say, even with doing real factory manufactured tape/CD versions. After discussion with related bands, there has been made decision to stop the reason of those inferior bootlegs and release official CD version of some originally vinyl-only releases.

Northern Heritage or the bands are not concerned about "lost money". Such issue is very minimal and not essential in case of CDr bootlegs. What we are concerned with, is people acting like they would have some rights to be involved in our work. This is desecration of our work, and such must be stopped.

Only way seems to be to offer official CD version. There will be NO bonus tracks, etc! Prices will be standard CD price. There has been published for example: Deathspell Omega "Infernal Battles" CD, Deathspell Omega "Inquisitors of Satan" CD, Deathspell Omega / Clandestine Blaze -split CD, which earlier was vinyl only. Also CD version of Exordium was released.

All comrades who support the cause and all who wish to torment their ears with sountracks for suffering of humanity, can now obtain Northern Heritage releases without having to pay 300$ in auctions or settle for mp3/CDr/dubbed tape copy."

If people are still thinking about "easy money" after this, I would ask is it really? They sell the same as many other NH CD. Some sells even more. Instead of those could be done something else to generate similar "easy money". And EVERY other label can do same with their bands. People sometimes lose sense or reality, when they assume bands being bigger than they are, just because there has been several people who publicly tells it's good.

11) Provocation: If some guys (labels, distros, anything) from Israel wants to distribute NH releases, especially CB On The Mission tape you refusing them or not?

-I have sent couple times orders to Israel, but never been co-operating with any labels in there. I couple months ago approached from anonymous e-mail saying he is from Israel and is it possible to make order. I answered it depends what he wants (- due I surely respect some artists wishes to not be sold to jews, so such releases would not be possible to send due obvious danger happen such thing). Never heard of him again. But couple weeks later I got hateful e-mail from some cunt from France, saying people like me should die in agonizing pain, for hating jews and thinking nordic people are better. She said she doesn't want any reply, since there's no way stupid people like myself have anything worthy to say about the subject. What a load of crap. Either she was identifying herself as jew, being offended by whatever reason they usually are offended by, or some hippie, who can't accept that all hate within black metal is not based on "equality". It's like most idiotic view I've ever heard of. I'm so full of this "I hate all equally". It's just synonym for "I hate discrimination, all people are equal" & "let's gather for big group hugging with all the brothers", nothing else! Hate doesn't follow the politically correct codes. I asked her why to send ME a message, when France alone has endless amount of NSBM, RAC and WP music in general, bands as well as labels, and NH has never been or claimed to be NS.

If someone would be willing to sell "On the mission" in Israel, I think it could reach the other type of target audience who can relate to the message in different way than most. However, importing such stuff to jewish national socialist country, could be dangerous for the person, I suspect.

12) Some appreciated labels, distros, "true underground fanzine makers" refuse distribute or buy CD-r releases, because in their point of view this stuffs "destroy the underground spirit", like the webzines. What is your statement about webzines, CD-r releases?? I know you have a lot of CD-r releases through your industrial/noise label (FAR), and you wrote some good reviews in FA webzine. And what is your opinion about shitty made bootleg releases and about the bootleg trend of nowadays? I find some NH releases on bootleg format on some mailorder lists (names not mentioned here). What is your statement about MP3 format?

-I'm not against CDr itself. But CDr is kind of format in metal scene, what is often made by the very same people, who compose "bm" in bedrooms of their parents, with help of drum-machine or computer generated drums, then burn it on CDr or upload on web. It lacks all the feeling and atmosphere. They might release it as "tape", but actually just release covers + CDr master. Some of them even not having tape deck themselves. It's utter bullshit.

In noise scene, often CDr's are professional, like real albums. Just like tapes are cassette albums. They are not to be compared with demo/reh type stuff done in metal scene in same format! It's true that also in noise scene CDr has been lowering standards due its easiness and cheapness to make. That's one of the reasons Freak Animal Records is no longer doing CDr releases (at least now).

About websites/zines, I don't visit them often. Freak Animal "webzine" part consist just handful of reviews written during one day. It was because there is so limited amount of information about old noise/power electronics, and I wasn't sure if it would be good idea to publish printed zine full of reviews of records you can't find too easily, if at all.

I don't like CDr bootlegs, especially not of bands who are still existing or of those who never wanted this kind of publicity. I hope the labels realize they are surely not "supporting the band" or "scene" by doing those. It's just excuse to have a way to make some quick cash and get to trade cheaply CD's for their own collections. The whole point of CDr bootleg is beyond my understanding, especially when some crappy ltd 33 CDr version made of 5th generation copy of Vlad Tepes demo and goes for 100$ in ebay. It's just COPY on CDr! Such material belongs to uncommerial tape trading (or CDr trading if you consider that as nowadays alternative), not be "released" by someone who has no connection for bands whatsoever.

MP3, I don't use, except sometimes check advance sample of something I may take to distribution. I have exactly 0 of mp3's in my own "collection". I prefer concrete releases, not just data online.

13) In the Desecration Of Virgin's interview you told: "World Trade Center incident was the greatest thing happened last year." What is your opinion/statement about the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, terror actions in Madrid last year, massacre in Russia last month? Terrorism is the only choice for destroy USA, Israel and their assliking alliance and eliminate Zionist cancer? What is your statement about the immigration to Scandinavia in particular to Finland?

-They are proof of individuals power. No matter how much some people like to think that people are always crushed under strength of state, all these incidents prove how vulnerable any country is. You can always defend yourself for open attack, but to detect the "clandestine blaze" within people is nearly impossible. Same is with serial killers, mass murderers, political forces who use the force for the private obsessions etc etc.

Terrorism might not be only choice, but it is the logical choice. There is only certain amount of headkicking person can take before they and their comrades revenge and when you manifest your cause with blood splatters on concrete, it will be noticed.

Some kind of immigration has always happened during history of mankind. But I do not enjoy the situation, where when you visit some European city like London, Amsterdam, Paris, etc etc. And you hardly see the original european people. You walk through the streets of Brussels and you may see just the same as you were in some arab country and might take a while you even spot of white person in the crowd. I know some people praise this multicultural view, but to me it's like picture from Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower or McDonald's advertisement!

I'm not specially nationalist (nearly at all), I don't believe that white race in general would be somehow much higher than something else, but when it's questions of your everyday life, what you are willing to watch surrounding you etc, it's definitely not the nowadays popular "street niggers" imitating the hip hop videos in too large clothes and wandering through nordic streets like owners of the world.

14) CB is an anti-christian and anti-zionist BM band came from Finland where christian and zionist culture is not have great influence to the society. Let we see some statistics from your country: Population: 5,149,242 (1999 estimate); Ethnic divisions: Finn 93%, Swede 6%, Saami/Russian 1%; Religions: evangelical Lutheran 89%, Finnish orthodox 1%, None (pagan, etc.) 9%, other 1 %. So I don't understand your hate about the jews, peoples came from Hungary, Germany, USA with hate against jews and his money maker alliance is reasonable, because their land is "full" of jews, and this nation have a great influence to their society, economy, etc. Your comment:

-I don't know why even ask this, since there is very little about "jews" in work of Clandestine Blaze. There was "Tearing Down Jerusalem" track back in 1999. And "Chambers" back in 2000. Besides that.? Neither of those tracks underline anti-semitism. Anti-zionism is not anti-semitism, if you happen to know the difference?

It is true that there is only c. 1500 jews in whole country, and they do not represent same kind of power as in countries you mentioned. However, tell me what is the rightful justification for hate ? Or even dislike ? Would it be enough that person doesn't want to see each damn country on this planet to be faceless playground of multicultural leeches? Would it be enough that it's clearly seen how the mainstream view values the lives of different cultures and races. Just look at the holocaust hysteria and nazi paranoia, compare it with communism and what happened just little bit to east from Finland. It could be justified reason for anyone, I believe. The very reason why we even speak about jews now, is the reason why they are hated by many non-jews.

But if we get back to case of CB & Jews, I believe you are talking about this:

Those who can understand Finnish language, can read the insert coming with "On the Mission" 7" or tape. Finnish text is taken from book propagating for christian zionism, what says that persons view on State of Israel is not only earthy/political view, but also spiritual issue. It defines are you for or against god. do I need to say why after this piece of texts is said "Destroy Israel!" ? Do I need some other motives to make such statement?

15) Let we see the XIX-XX century scientific history statistics: the half of the discoveries, scientific progression comes from the jew scientists. Leader of the microbiological, mathematical, physics, zoological, biochemistry, (and almost the all scientific research) etc. research is/was a jew scientist. Between 1901-1975 was 66(!) Nobel award winner jew scientist. They are the chosen nation??

- I don't know where you quote the information and if they are accurate. Also, it is been long debated if "jews" are even "race", or mere culture & religion. Are the people on question considered religious jews or maybe they racial background or what ?

But to answer to your question: Yes, they are the chosen nation in their own mythology. BUT: That mythology is not ours.

16) What do you know about Transylvania and about the Hungarian-Finnish (Finnugor) reletiveness/kinhood (I'm Hungarian)?

-Finnish / Hungarian relation in language is taught in school to every Finn, I believe. Linguistic history is not the highest interest of me. I rather see Finland as separate from basically all the rest. We are not Scandinavia, we are not part or Russia. There is some similarities to languages of baltic states, though.

17) Tell me something about the traditional Kantele instrument, I read some articles about the instrument (I have a CD with Martti Pokela playing on Kantele) and what the fuck is the Finnish buffet (such as the smörgasbord)???

-Kantele is just simple string instrument. There exists nearly similar ones in other cultures as well. The simplest ones have only few strings, complex ones have more. Usually each string makes only one sound. You can't pick up different height of sounds from same string like with guitar, it's only one tone. That's why with the smallest Kantele makes only very limited music. With bigger ones you can play more complex things.

About smörgasbord, I believe you are now talking about some Swedish things.

18) Another provocation: I have some friends from Finland and they told me that you are the guy in the skin mask (with "skinhead" style) in lot of cfprod movies, pictures, Erotic Perversion Magazine, and Public Obscenities movies. Why put the skin mask on your face when you appear in some perverse action? Girls don't wear skin mask on the photos and movies, you have some fears that somebody recognizing your face?

- It is leather mask, which is traditional equipment in s/m world, for both masters and slaves. Mine is of course mask of master, since it lacks all the usual slave details (blindfolds, breath controlling things etc). My influence in creations of the material is all those extreme loops of Lawrence Cole a.k.a. Bob Wolfe, several old US underground s/m videos, hardest European s/m. They all have dark atmosphere, unidentified people participating. There are no "stars". And anyway, who would want to watch video or pictures and see some mans face ? And have I ever been appearing anywhere with my face upfront, trying to gain some attention and personal fame ?

19) I have a copie of Erotic Perversion Magazine, I really like the lay-out and the underground style, (Finnish lang. articles I don't understand) but the rest is nothing special, I think all s/m perversity is not real stuff, only organized/arranged exhibitionism, not real and evil, suffering stuff. Too much noise for nothing. Your comment:

-That's because people are looking at the wrong place. There are people who say "all porn is just lame romantic fake bullshit" and all they've seen is couple mediocre Jenna Jameson flicks. They have no ground to make a judgement, since they have never witnessed the things they claim to be interested in. I surely agree, that big part what is sold as s/m is just fetish erotica, nothing else. But in case you are not interested in fetish or consensual s/m, then you should ignore it and not assume that is what you was looking for. This is like situation where guy listens Dimmu Borgir and complains how all black metal is so sweet and useless, while there is endless amount of real stuff what just waits you to dig in.

People can listen Dimmu Borgir, people can watch those sweet Jenna Jameson- or some fashionable light bdsm videos, it's really not my concern. But if you intend to claim after such experiences that phenomena such as the "sexual perversion on video/film/print" is "too much noise for nothing", I can say that it has done more than black metal ever has done or ever will, if we measure things by "evil, suffering stuff" like you mentioned.

20 ) When you make the Public Obscenities movies (great stuff man!) have you problems with police, peoples surrounding your action don't make denunciation at the police office?? Have you some serious problems??? Girls get's money for their "work" or just make blowjob, cumshots, cum swallowing, blowjobs done in several public for just pleasure??

-I have no problems with police of people. Few cases where bystanders have been very surprised or interested what is happening, but nothing special. Girls get paid.

21) Back to music thing...An one man band like CB could make practice? How you record new songs in general?? First you play the drum parts after the guitars or inversely? It possible to go in a real studio for recording new stuff or you like home recordings with 4 tracker mixer?

-I don't practice really. I play when I either make riffs or record material. Sometimes I do record "rehearsal version" on tape, what be either just guitar or guitar + drums. It's done in cases where I feel I will forget the riffs unless they are saved somewhere. If I have not saved riffs anywhere, I play them once in a while so they stay in my mind. There can be even 1-3 months that I don't touch guitar. I'm not such a musician that I would play every day. Drums are my main instrument anyway.

Since 2nd album, my recording methods are:

1st I record guitar(s) with "click".

2nd I record drums

3rd I record bass and possibly additional guitar(s).

4th vocals and the other things.

In few cases I played only demo guitar at first, and recorded real guitars after the drum lines. I don't use real studio, although it would be of course possible. I just believe I would not get such sound I want. I use only 4-track analogue tape or 8-track MD. Final master/edit is done with computer, in case such is needed. Often it means just quick EQ work and limiter so material is loud enough of master CDr.

22) Last year you have a split release with Satanic Warmaster. Split songs was recorded all live without modification after the playing session? The song "Disease" had a lot of old school metal (thrash in general) influence and this was the only CB song with real guitar solo (really like it). Is this so?

-As there was only 2 persons, we recorded drums + 1st guitar (together with 1 microphone) first, then SW played 2nd guitar and bass. Both of us did vocals for the tracks we composed/wrote. Guitar solo you are talking about, is played by Satanic Warmaster. I had very little to do with that. There was no "mixing", except adjusting volume of each channel, since it was very simple 4-tracker with no possibility to do anything else. Also, only 1 microphone input, so we only used 1. In general, CB songs have quite a lot of solos. Each album has them in few tracks always. They are most often only guided by forces of chaos, nothing else. In general, I don't want to make much re-takes, and even if there would be mistakes or such, which would be easy to correct simply playing again, I usually don't do it, but settle with first take, since it often captures the real atmosphere, instead of mere feeling of someone aiming for musical / technical correctness.

23) Ok man that's all for the moment, have a nice day, I wish to you strength and health, Clandestine Blaze fucking rules!! Destroy Jerusalem and eliminate Zionist cancer!!!

And the end of this interview, please give us you future plans (what a fucking clichee outro !ha-ha) Your words to what I forgot to ask!

-To get "Deliverers of Faith" LP/CD released. And that plan should be accomplished before this zine is out.


by Mirgilus