”You see these smiles that make you sick
These empty eyes of frightened sheep…
They spend on their knees
Their miserable lives
It hurts my pride so much
We’re not of the same kind.
I know that I was born
To live alone against all
I am strong on my own
They’ll never bring me down
Alone against all
Consistent for so many years
The rest behind the wall
Is just a mental pest
And deep in my heart
The flame of hope was born
One day there will be more
Those living alone against all…”

Can you introduce our interview with the biography of all your bands? Can you give me a correct discography and demography all of your bands?

I should mention here the releases of my present bands only: THOR’ S HAMMER and my personal project CAPRICORNUS. THOR’S HAMMER has released „Nothing But Hate” demo (1997), „Fidelity Shall Triumph” album (1998), split cassette with DARK FURY (2000), May The Hammer Smash The Cross” album (2000). Under the mark of CAPRICORNUS I created: „Kein Blut soll verumreinigt werden” reh. tape (1995), „Stahlgewitter” 7”EP (1999), split cassette with ARYAN BLOOD. In the past I also worked with GRAVELAND and INFERNUM, but this chapter of my underground activity is finished so there is no need to talk about details.

Are there a crew around your bands? A horde or friends?

THOR’ S HAMMER changed musically when guitarist Raborym and drummer Diathyrron joined me this year. Our relations are based on mutual trust and hatred against our common enemies, so it’ s rather front than friendship.

You also played in the mighty kult band GRAVELAND. You played on the most kult old recordings of the band. Why have you lost GRAVELAND? How is your contact now to Rob Darken? Can you imagine, that you work with him together one more time?

My relations with Darken are really good, we respect each other and probably follow in the same ideological direction, although our ways are differ. GRAVELAND musically evolved to the level that only Darken alone can feel and create. If I continued playing music I can’ t fully understand and feel, I would be false to myself. Thus, I had to leave GRAVELAND and start to express my own creativity and ideas.

As far as I know, all of the NS BM bands of your fatherland dislike (or hate) the band BEHEMOTH. Can you tell me the cause of this hate? What is your oppinion about the popular metal bands like for example VADER?

Personally, I don’ t give a shit for BEHEMOTH, but I understand the people who simply hate this band. BEHEMOTH presents the same kind of behaviour you know from bands such as DIMMU BORGIR or CRADLE OF FILTH. The bands of underground origin can not shock with poser rock-star attitude. The problem of Nergal (BEHEMOTH’ s leader) lies in his too high selfestimation. To people like me it makes him a funny guy, but other can get angry. Of course, there are also ideological reasons. Permanent BEHEMOTH’ s changes of views, from Viking influences, by Slavonic Pride statements, to Satanic Death Metal - it causes that this band can’t not deserve creditability from serious people of Polish undergound. When it comes to VADER, they belong to completely other decade. Never pretended to be anything more than they really are. I stopped listening to VADER after they recorded their first official album, but still I admire their demos which reminds me the times of Death Metal fascination.

What is your oppinion about the modern musical generes like for exemple the new generes of metal, like rap-metal or techno-metal or so? I find they shit. Do you, too?

I am not interested in such kind of music.

Which bands are the most important BM bands in your wiew in your country? Why?

MYSTERIES (R.I.P) for being incarnation of evil, GRAVELAND for everything that this band have done in the last decade, VELES for „Black Hateful Metal”. The rest still have something to prove.

I see, there is a strong brotherhood between the polish and slavonic NS BM bands? Can you tell me about your comradship? Do you have pagan celebrations together? And with the other NS BM bands, from other countries? Most of the NS BM bands are interested on the old aryan mithology. Are you, too?

Personally, I am in touch only with very few creditable bands/ individuals from my area. I am not kind of man who cares about good relations and friendship with many people. Of course, I am interested in believes and mythology of our Heathen forefathers. To know our past, culture and native religion is to understand what we really are.

Which bands are your biggest musical inspirators? What kind of ideologists are you biggest ideological inspirators? I read about two persons in the booklet of the first CD of THOR’S HAMMER: Fryderiyk Niecki and Jan Stachniuk. Who are this pesonalities?

Musically I am mainly inspired by POSSESSED, SODOM, VENOM, SAMAEL, DARK THRONE, BURZUM, AZHUBHAM HAANI and others... The ideologists, great thinkers you mentioned are in fact the greatest inspiration for my spiritual and intellectual development. I don’ t need to tell anybody who is Friedrich Nietzsche (I’ve written his „Polish” name on the albums’ s booklet because of his own statements of Polish origin). Jan Stachniuk was the first Polish philosopher of 20th century who said the truth about destructive role of Polish catholic church and created idea of Heroic Community of the Nation and nationalist Heathen movement named „Zadruga”.

In Poland are four good NS BM Labels: DARK BLAZE STRONGHOLD, NAWIA PRODUCTIONS, OLD LEGEND PRODUCTIONS, and WOLTOWER RECORDS. Are there other good labels, too? What is your opinion about the other metal labels of your Fatherland (for example AGONIA etc.)?

Personally, I am co-operating with WOLFTOWER PROD. Only and I can say only good words concerning this label. DARK BLAZE STRONGHOLD is the great one as well. I am not a proper person to talk about the creditability of other Polish labels.

What is your oppinion about the „tipical” and „traditional” BM things, like grave-desecration, blood-drinking, magic seances or animal-sadism? I think, this is childish. Do you agree with me? What is your opinion about the burning of churches?

Yes, I agree it’ s totally stupid and if any kids in my area did something like that, I would be the first person to punish them. For some reasons I wouldn’ t like to comment here church-burnings.

What is your oppinion about the BM with full of suicidal emotions like ABYSSIC HATE, BETLEHEM or SHINING? What is your oppinion about the „drug-metal-bands”, like the most bands of the german label PROPHECY?

Every man has a right to decide about his life. If someone wants to commit suicide he has the free will. On the other hand, maybe playing BM is a kind of selftherapeutics for this people and let them fight depression... And ”Drug Metal”? It’ s nothing but free advertisement for dealers and mafia. I think it these people knew what heroin eddiction really is, and lost some friends because of this shit, they wouldn’ t spread such a bullshit.

I’m proud to be an owner of your split MC with the mighty ARYAN BLOOD. I want to ask: How did you meet the man behind ARYAN BLOOD? Why have you choosen this german band for a split? How do you like the other bands of him? How are your personal contacts to him?

If I remeber well, it was the idea of split was started by JFN of ABSURD. I got in touch with XY (Censored) of ARYAN BLOOD and I found his band interesting enough to do something common. I can’ t say we have great relationships and permanent contact, but anyway we support each other.

In this split MC do you have only one real song, the other tracks are not songs, they are only sonds. But Aryan Blood made 3 real songs for the MC. Why didn’t you made more songs for the MC?

I prepared short material for the 7”EP. Honestly talking, in the beginning. I didn’ t expect it will be released on cassette format.

As far as I know, you wanted bring out this stuff on CD on IG Farben Production, but it is not realised until now… Why?

The label wasn’ t able to release it, because of some reasons...

I have a good correspondence with Hjarulv from DER STÜRMER, and he wrote me, CAPRICORNUS bring out together a split CD. Tell me all about this CD!

The split CD CAPRICORNUS / DER STURMER should be out on April 20th on WOLFTOWER PROD. It will be nearly 40 minutes of brand new materials of both bands. The title „Polish/Hellenic Allaince Against Z.O.G.” speaks for its ideological message.

I have in my personal CD-Collection all albums of THOR’S HAMMER. When comes out the following THOR’S HAMMER-album?

It’ s already recorded and I hope NO COLOURS REC. will release it in May this year.

Some people say: you aren’t creative, because you haven’t so many publications with your bands… Would you comment this?

Funny, because I think I have recorded, too many releases.

To provokate you: What is on your wiew better: the old christian church or the new christian sects like scientology or mormons?

I don’ t really see the difference between traditional catholic bastions and neo-christian groups/sects. Both weeds have been growing from the same root. We will achieve nothing cuting the branches, we have to pull out the roots that destroyed fundaments of our culture.

I found some song-titles of THOR’S HAMMER, which are not easy understandable. „Atheosophia”, „Apothetai”, „Surtr Ferr Sunnam”. Can you tell me something about this songs? What do mean this titles?

„Atheosophia” is simply the union of two Latin words: „Atheos”-godless, unholy and „sophia” meaning wisdom. This songs is based on Nietzschean conception of „Ubermensch”. „Apothetai” is the name of chasm famous from the times of ancient Spartans where they throw weak children. Finally, „Surtr Ferr Sunnam” is taken from Edda’ s description of „Ragnarok”, and it means: Surtr comes from the south.

Can you tell me something about the texts or about the conceptions of the following THOR’S HAMMER-songs: „All we need is war”, „Their modern freedom”, „Nine steps to eternity”, „When the weak ones ask for help”?

„All We Need Is War” – I think the title speaks for itself. It is Black Metal answer for hippies’ ideals of love and peace. The truth is that this world will never exist without war and ethnic conflicts, because it they are a part of our nature, we belong to the predatory species. „The(ir) Modern Freedom” was written after the war in Yugoslavia started by USA. Now, when Israel with American consent exterminates Palestinians it’ s even more current than before... „Nine Steps to Eternity” is my lyrics vision of Thor’s death in the day of Ragnarok and the idea of eternal cycle... ”When The Weak Ones Ask for Help” is a kind of fantasy story with moral with could be interpreted in easy way for everyone who read this...

I think, there are so many similarities between the history of Poland and Hungary: too many pains, too many wars, too many foreign emperors... Do you know someting about Hungarys history? Do you agree with my wiew? What do you know about Hungary?

It’ s popular in Poland to say that our nations are like brothers, although our cultures and languages are totally different. But I think this national „brothership” is forged in blood, pain, centuries of slavery and fight for independence. Unfortunatelly, I have never been to Hungary and met personally any of you, so my knowledge is based more on stereotypes than true experiences. For me Hungary is good cooking, great wines and glorious football traditions, which unfortunatelly have fallen down totally in last decade...

What kind of feelings do you have directly, if you are playing your music live or in the studio?

I think the sounds are create are the best expressions of my feelings. Sometimes there are emotions, which are hard to describe. Playing Black Metal doesn’ t give me fun for sure, it’ s too personal, emotional potential I express with this music and lyrics as well.

What do you do in your privat life? Work? Family?

Well, what I really admire are new experieces, last year I spendded in the Army as a volunteer, recently I worked few months as administrative employee, but it was too boring. Having family would mean a kind of stagnation, and although I am nearly 30 I am still hungry for new adventures and conquers.

Do you have something to do with the skinhead-scene? I ask it only, because in the CD-covers your pictures show you in that style…

Well, I don’ t really care what label will I get, I am what I am, and I am not going to identify myself with any subculture. In fact, I listen to White Power bands and I am in touch with many Skinheads, because we have a lot of common preferences.

On the East-Clan Forge website I saw, that the bands THOR’S HAMMER, LORD WIND, GRAVELAND are together in the same front, but as far as I remember, your project CAPRICORNUS isn’t there… Why? Is it important?

I have no idea. Never thought of it, and don’ t really care.

What is the East Clan Forge? How can to be a memeber?

You should rather ask Darken about this idea. But there is no such things as membership in East Clan Forge.

I saw so many pictures about fighting with swords in forests by Rob Darken. Do you fight with, too? Can you tell us something about this fight? Is it real fight or only a play or only pictures?

The guys are training ancient techniques of fight and most of people treat them as a kind of folklore. Personally, I have haver taken a part in something like this. Let’ s say I prefer modern technologies.

What is meaning of BM? And of NS BM?

I am afraid the meaning of contemporaly Black Metal was reduced to commercial activities only. NS Black Metal araised as the form of violent reaction against downfall of BM ideals from the early 90’s. I belive, NSBM is the only independent and extremist genere of metal music.

Why have the positive filled NS-movement to do with the negative filled music „BM”? Why not with the Death Metal-movement, or with Power Metal-music etc.? What is your oppinion about this? The music-genere „true BM” is much more old than NS BM, although NS-ideology is older than NS BM. Why?

For me it’s a phenomenon hard to explain. Maybe simply the Metal genre rised from the remains of hippie movement of 70’s and evolved in totally different direction... Note that we have new geneartion of people playing this kind of music, who gave it new meaning.

Can you tell me all of the ideal lifeform you imagine for the mankind?

There is no ideal lifeform... As long as our nations don’t realize it, we will have such absurds as christianty in Europe..

Are you intersted in the history? Which is your favorite hystorical or pre-historical era?

Yes, I am. I have no favourite era because I treat history as the unseparable totality. I think we live in the very interesting period. Maybe we will be the witnesses of the fall of Western culture and the greatest global conflict in the history of this world...

To provokate you: I know, that there exist a big brotherhood between the most of slavonic BM bands. In the history there was so long centuries for your fatherland, as your forefathers are slaves under the Russian empire. What do you think about the russians and Russia?

Most of Russians I know are great people, really similar to Poles and I don’ t mean here only Vodka drinking... The problem with Russia is that her imperial tendencies will always awake fear of her neighbours. On the other had, Polish policy controlled by Vatican to turn Russians into Catholic Church resulted very bad as well....

As far as I know, the most of the german NS scene hates the polish people. Many skinhead-bands play songs against your fatherland. For exemple: LANDSER: „Polakentango” on their second CD or inside graphics of ABSURD’s „Asgardsdei” MCD. What is your opinion about these?

There is too big cultural difference between Germans and Slavonic nations to forget about stereotypes. I think the wise people in Germany know that the danger for German identity is not Poland.

The pope is polish, and the church has a big influence for the life of Poland. What does it means for you?

I feel nothing but shame.

My favorite polish film is „Ogniem i mieczem” (=With fire and iron). Have you saw this film? Do you like it? Why?

The correct translation would be „By The Fire And Sword”. Yes, the film is great, and the book as well. It describes the part of painful and bloody Polish history. Although, it’s a pity it doesn’t fully express the influence on Catholic Church on anarchy of Polish gentry and its policy towards the Ukrainian minority.

How is the position of your bands in the polish underground scene. I think now not only BM or NS. I think now the whole wide poish metal scene.

I am not interested in whole scene at all. I respect here only few people for whom I am authority. I have never been interested in being popular for the masses, because it’ s simply disgusting...

Tell us something about the polish metal (not only NS and BM!) scene! As far as I know, there exist also polish Metal Hammer Magazine. Does it ever a review with your bands or it makes boycot against you?

As I have already told you I am not interested in Metal business. I am independent underground and I have nothing to do with bands that appear in official medias. I boycott them, they boycott me and we are all satisfied. Haha!

Only to provokate you: The ansestors of all of european folks was pagan, but since 700-800 A.D. are the most of bigest european folks christians (the hungarian are since 1000 A.D. christians). It was before 1000-1300 years, and and since this day are our ancestors and the sons of our ancestors no more pagan. Don’t you find any positiv things in this second era of our ancestors?

I see many positive things, but none of them is based on christianity. Most of revolutionary thinkers, scholars or inventors were condemned by the church authorities, and I am sure that without christianity-the nest of blessed ignorance our world would evolve much faster...

Thanks for the interview! Your last words?

Thank you very much for your support.


by János Stauderer