Greetings John! I’m Leslie from Hungary, from the Hungarian underground fanzine Stygian Shadows (and co-member of Mirgilus Siculorum). How are you nowadays? What did you do before you are answering my questions?

Hi Leslie from Hungary, I'm fine nowadays, I try to keep balanced with my lifestyle, by doing music, exercise and eatine fine cuisine. Before answering these questions I was feeding the cat, his name is Hanuman and he’s a stunner.

I’m very happy about the comeback of Cancer. When did you decide to reform the band and what motivated your reunion?

I’m delighted your happy with the reuniun, we decided to reform the band because we felt the time was right now. For example there were new ideas knocking around and a thirst to get out and play the songs again!.

In this year have returned a lot of classic thrash and death metal band, like Death Angel, Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault, Suffocation and also Twisted Sister have given 10 show in Europe. What do you think about these comeback? Do you like these bands? Did you see on stage one of these bands?

I like Death Angel, Dark Angel, Nuclear Assault, Suffocation and some Twisted Sister! I feel that their comeback is because there isn’t much going on in the Nu-Metal and bands with songs have a habit of reapearing. I did see some of these bands, perhaps the few bands I didn’t see I shall get to see now.

How are the new members of Cancer and where did they play, before they joined the band? What must we know about Ian Buchanan? Why didn’t he take part in the reuninon? Does he play music yet?

The new members are great! On Bass Blaster Bombardier we've got Adders (Adam) who’s up for the crack, and on Guitar we've got Rob Engvikson who likes his Real Ale and Gibson guitars, both play in other bands. Adders plays in Assert, Rob plays in Asatru. Both bands begin with A, so check em out! Ian Buchanon isn’t taking part with the reunion but is busy doing his Hairy Scary Music.

Cancer was splitted up in 1996. Why? What did you do during the passed years? Were you in connection with the metal scene?

Yes Cancer did split up in 1996. We did this because our circumstances within the music industry made any growth impossible. So I dropped into travelling over Asia, Carl got into recording bands and playing drums in a wide variety of bands. I think we are/were in connection with the metal scene purely because we write music for that sound.

What do you think about the death metal scene of nowadays compared to the death metal movment of the ’90-s? At the end of the ’80-s/beginning of the ’90-s was death metal popular, wasn’t it? Which bands do you like or do you listen to?

Personally I don’t know much about the scenes. I basically listen to stuff that turns me on, a good song is a good place to start.

I think so, Cancer was a very talented, good band, but you didn’t get that appreciation, what you would had deserve. Do you agree with me? You were underground.

Thanks for the kind use of the T word. We could all do with more appreciation, like we could all do with more money! At the 12th hour we do this because it's what we do and we love it, which is the most important reason to play music. As for Underground? We’re as Underground or overground as the name Cancer let's us.

In your opinion, how was the death metal scene in Britain, when Cancer was formed and how is nowadays? Are any talented death metal bands in the UK? Did the scene develope?

A very difficult question! In England the answer is, at the venues. When the gig is played and what response there is etc, etc.

I have read on your website you’ll have in November some gigs. Do you wait for the concerts, to meet again with the fans? Did you think maybe about, to record a live album? Do you rehearse diligent?

We’re very excited about the forthcoming gigs and also primed to hook up with the fans. A Live album would be a cool project, but I think some more new songs are just as important. We rehearse what's required. We know when were ready to get out and play.

You’ll record a new EP which will be titled „Corporations”. How many songs can be listened to on the EP? Tell me please about the songs! When will be it released and by which label will be released the EP?

Yes, we have a new EP coming out, to find out about the songs, it's best to listen to it and make your own mind up. *It's coming soon*

In your opinion is a difference or similarity between the new songs and the old, classic songs? Will you growl or sing?

In my opinion, Cancer is influenced by Life and Death. The ’Old Classic Songs’ and the ’New Songs’ are moment captured in time and space! The vocals reflect the words.

Let we fly a little bit into the past. Tell me please about the beginning of the career of the band, about your rehearsals, demos! To what refer the name of the band? Did you think about the zodiac or about the sickness?

The band was formed down the Pub (bar) and we used to rehearse after we had a drink! The name Cancer is a WORD for people to interpret in their own way.

Please, comment with your own words the Cancer releases! What was it all about the lyrics, how is the cover, are you satisfied with the sound, what’s your opinion about the album etc. Your first album was „To the gory end”.

Refer to answer 11.

Didn’t you think, „Cancer fuckin’ cancer” was a little bit provocative title? I mean, one of the best Cancer songs. This song was covered in the last year by the danish band Thorium. Did you listen to their version? Did you like it? I think, it was faster than the original one.

I haven’t heard Thorium, but there’s nothing wrong with a little provocativeness!

„Death shall rise”. I mean, this is the most classical Cancer album with a briliant cover.

All Cancer albums have a part to play in the evolution of sickness.

James Murphy played on guitar on this album. How did he joined the band? How was to work with him? Did he write some riffs or songs, or were the songs finish, when James joined Cancer?

James Murphy joined Cancer when Death Shall Rise was being recorded. The songs and the riffs were written already.

What’s your opinion about him? Why did he leave the band? By whom was James replaced? Did you hear, he has a serious sickness? Are you friends, are you in connection with him?

OH NO, it’s James Murphy questions again! Hope he’s well.

„Sins of the maniknd”. In your opinion, did Cancer develope compared to the first two albums? To what kind of sins refer the title?

Sins of Mankind showed a natural progression from the previous release. The title is for the Dark side of the listener.

After the release of the album you have toured with Deicide in the U. S. A. Do you remeber about the shows? How were the concerts? Do you have some interesting story? How could you characterize Glenn Benton?

We toured with Deicide in the USA after Death Shall Rise. The gigs were COOL! The bands were also cool, ie, Deicide & Demolition Hammer.

„Black faith”. I think, both the songs and the cover bacame weak. This album was rather heavy metal than death metal. Were the death metal fans disappointed? Whose idea was to cover „Space truckin’” from Deep Purple? Didn’t you regret to release this album? As I as know, „Black faith” was attented by East/West. How did you get to them? How was your contact with Restless, by which the previous Cancer albums was released? How many items was sold out from the Cancer albums?

Your opinion of Black Faith is contrary to my opinion. It is actually my favourite Cancer album, and I certainly have no regrets. Again it was a reflection of what the band was about in 94/95. Over the years I have had a lot of positive feedback about Black Faith from people with a wide taste in music.

Now we are in the present again. What kind of expections, goals, plans do you have? When will you record your comeback album? Do you enjoy playing music, writing songs?

Plans for the future are basically to play these gigs and then write some new tunes. Also having fun is part of the plan.

How was your mood int he rehearsal room, when you have met with each other? Is a difference or similarity between the Cancer of nowadays and the „old” Cancer? I think, you did became better musicians, you are adult etc.

Rehearsals have been going well. Obvious comparisons are going to be made between the old and the new Cancer, but all what matters is the music, and how it’s recieved is down to the individuals taste. As for musicianship, experience is the key.

John, thank you for your patience and for your answers, I was honoured to make an interview with you. Tell me please your last thoughts! What do you want to say for the Hungarian readers?

„My Last Thoughts”:
I think now the cats content, it’s time for some guitar action, I do like to spend a bit of time playing guitar, I also like watching comedy on TV. As for you Hungarians, I hope you enjoy listening to Corporation$. Maybe see you at some gigs? Thanks for the interview.


by David Laszlo