Black Horizons

Black Horizons is a new Black/Death Metal band from Germany. No doubt their debut album Suicide Symphonies is one of the best albums of the year 2004. Suicide Symphonies is a devilish mix between death and black metal in the vein of Dissection’s Storm Of The Light’s Bane.
I’m very proud to making the first interview ever for Black Horizons, which was published first on the pages of Mirgilus Siculorum hellsite!

Salutem Stephan!! Sorry for delay, but I was abroad!! At finally here are the questions for the interview, I hope you will like it. This is your first interview for a Transylvanian magazine, please introduce yourself and of course your band Black Horizons! Let's review the band's history!

It´s not only our first interview for a Transylvanian zine but the first interview ever for Black Horizons!! Well the band history started in the end of 2002. My old band Sally Hardesty splitted up and I was looking for musicians for a new band. Andy played this time in a death metal band called Cremation together with the drummer of my second band Varon. I talked to him about my plans for a new band in the vein of Unanimated and Dissection, and this was his “dream” too. So we started Black Horizons in November 2002. In october 2003 we recorded than our first album Suicide Symphinies. Cause we didn´t find a drummer we used a drum computer on this record. In Februar 2004 I contacted Steffen from the band Illegimitation and master of DSP (Deathlike Sound Productions ). He liked our CD so much that he took the decision to get a member of BH at the bass guitar. Also he convinced the Illegimitation drummer Jonas to be our new drummer. So we have since April a new line up!!

Your firt release was the Suicide Symphonies album, please tell me all infos about this release! You don't have demos? How do you see it now, from today's perspective and how many copies was selling out?

In April 2003 we decided to record a demo in the bandroom with some of our songs, but a few days later I saw at EBAY an offer of the Metalsound Studio. 10 days for 360€!! And for that money we decided to record a full length album in a real studio. I´m very confident with the album, and I like every part of it. So I´m really proud on Suicide Symphonies. After the record Session we sended CD-R copies to different labels, but with no reaction. So we made 500 CDs on our own and sent them out again. A few days later Chris of TWILIGHT called me and we were signed by them. So Suicide Symphonies will be realeased in october 2004 by Twilight. The deal with Twilight is also for our next album.

Black Horizons is a title of one classic Dissection song. Your style is absolutely Dissection, the sound, the song structures, and of course your guitar style. How could you make this Dissection music? If you put the Dissection logo on the cover of Suicide Symphonis I believe that this is the new Dissection album.

Thanks for that compliment! Dissection is my favorite band. We always wanted to make our music in that way. But Dissection is another league. –better musicians, better songs, better sound….

On the band's biographie I saw that on the album used drum machine?? How could you make this real drum sound with a drum computer, it's amazing! Which program have used for recording drums?

Sorry I don´t know. In the studio we were drunk all the time, and at this time I had no idea about music programms. At the moment I go to a sound engeneer school and now I think we recorded with Logic audio or sth similar and the drum programming was realized by some good samples.

Please tell me about your ex- bands like Varon, Sally Hardesty, Git, Vox, Creamtion! I'm a great underground maniac, but I don't know nothing about this bands!

Well OK! Sally Hardesty was my first own band. I wrote all songs and the sound was similar to Black horizons. Varon was member in melodic death metal band with great musicians and songs but some members are no “metalheads” now. They listen now to techno shit! Andy´s old band Cremation is now called Seraph Of Pestilence ! A really great death metal band in future we´re going to play some gigs with them.

Tell me something about the record session in the famous Metalsound Studio!

For Andy and me this was a really great time. Our first recording in a real studio.At the first evening we had do leave the hotel cause of the “funny things “ we made in the loby. HAHA… So we had to sleep 10 days in my fucking car. (We had the smell of death) We were also badly drunk very often. We were not well prepared for the studio also some lyrics are written in the studio and all bass lines were composed in the studio also all solos! And for that Suicide Symphonies is really good. So I think the engeneer will never see us again cause he closed my ebay name on his auctions.

The layout of the CD is very simple. Why didn’t you put the lyrics in the booklet of “Suicide Symphonis”? Could you say something about them? Especially the mysterious title “The Knife” and "Burn The Churches Down" interests me...

I like the artwork of the CD and I don´t think that the lyrics had to be in it."Burn the churches down" is our tribute to the early Norwegian scene that gave this music the spirit. The knife is the only song that is composed by me alone. Originally it is a song of Sally Hardesty. It's about the dream of suicide.

My personal favourite songs are Burn The Churches Down, Bloody Moon, Forest Of Damnation. Please tell me something about the lyrical concept of that songs and tell me something about the lyrics, and what was the inspiration when composed new songs, and who is the main songwriter of the band? What kind of concept does the album include?

Bloody Moon is about the fight in Stalingrad the soldiers that died there. Forest of Damnation is a describtion of a man that gets slowly embraced by satan.

Please comment the following: "...Black Blood runs through the rotten veins of god. His mind is satanized. Destroyer of the old world. His eyes are Black Horizons..."

That’s from our first song on the album! I like the lyric very much couse it´s very “funny” and was written after lots of tequilla. In a few words. The devil changes into a whore, and fucks god. After that god was infected with a satanic virus, he gets sick and becomes evil and so he is the destroyer of his own world. But it´s like most of our lyrics not very serious, but funny…

Jon Nodtveidt heard the Suicide Symphonis??

No I don´t think so, but in October I visit their show in Stockholm. Maybe I can give it to him there.

I read on the band's biographie that DSP help in the promotion and other things. What can we know about DSP???

Like I said DSP is the label of our bass player Steffen. He knows many people in business and organizes our gigs and tours.

Next year Black Horizons will playing on the "Blastin Bavaria Tour". With which bands will playing on tour, and in which countries you will performing?

I don’t know. Steffen is planning it. But I think Seraph of Pestilence will be with us. But, all gigs are in Bavaria.

Tell me something about live performances! How often you practice?

We played our first gig in May 2004 and the next gigs are planned in October.

When appear the next album and have you a record deal or will be released by self??

I hope the next album is coming next year. All songs are ready and recorded as a demo.

What is your favourite drink, book and movie? And of course your all time favourite albums! What is your main influence when compose new songs?

My favourite drink is warm milk... nonono I like bavarian beer and I like tequilla very much. Andy prefers MET. I have many books about different wars that I read. My favourite film is Pulp Fiction.

Give me your opinion on the following topics:
a) masochism in black metal (self-mutilations)
b) September 11th and the war in Iraq
c) worshipping the Devil
d) suicide
c) National Socialist Black Metal

a) Pain is your only friend it never lets you alone. I think it can be a important expierience for all people. It´s like playing god.

b) I don´t care about that.

c) I respect every person that believes in something truly.

d) No comment.

e) Black Horizones dosen´t care about that. Black metal shouldn´t be political. But WE HATE ALL and EVERYTHING hahaha.

Do you know Hungarian metal bands (I'm a Hungarian!) or Romanian metal bands, zines, record labels?

So there are not much, sorry. I knows of course Tormentor and the great Sear Bliss and Negura Bunget.

That’s all I wanted to ask you! Thanks a lot for your answers! Last words are yours...

Thanks for our first interview and your good review of our CD. Maybe we can play in Romania or Hungary.


by Mirgilus