Black Beast

Black Beast is an old school Black Metal band with lots of 80ís Thrash Metal influences, and their split album with the mighty Bloodhammer is really one of the best split releases from the past few years. The bandís main man - Infernal Tormentor Necrocorpse von Demonblood - who runs the Primitive Reaction label answered Woodlum666ís questions, about skicross accident, Finnish Black Metal, Beherit, coffee & cigarettes, politics and other interesting subjects.

Hail Infernal Tormentor Necrocorpse von Demonblood!

BB: Hail Woodlum666, how are you?

Iím fine, thanx.

Tell me the story of the band, who formed it, how did you met? etc.

BB: We (me and Ruumisruhtinas) are very old friends from childhood; we were in a same class in school about 15 years ago. Autumn 2002 Ruumisruhtinas said to me that we should create pure Nordic black metal and at this point we formed Black Beast. Session members are also our old good friends and they are session members just because Black Beast is me and Ruumisruhtinas, they just make things easier.

How did you get in touch with mighty Bloodhammer? Who had the idea of that unholy split release?

BB: I have been in contact with Bloodhammer guitarist since 1999 and we became good friends. Black Beast as part of this split release, was supposed to be released as a MCD/MLP, but Bloodhammer guitarist said to me that they have recorded material for split album with Uncreationís Dawn, but it that cooperation never happened, so I asked if they would like to do split album with us. They agreed, as you can see the resultÖ

You have no website. Why? Donít you feel it necessary for a band to have a website?

BB: We didnít want to do a website, because itís not that important to us, but maybe we will do them somewhere in the futureÖor maybe Myspace sites. We do this music for ourselves and weíre not trying to lick anybodys ass, so it doesnít matter do we have them or not. Of course itís free advertising for the bandÖWe prefer oldschool! True maniacs find good bands without internet.

Black Beast was formed in 2002. Did you play in other bands before BB?

BB: Thatís true as I told in a first question. I have had some bands before but not anything worth to mention, because bands had splitted up before anything real releases was made.

You are the owner of Primitive Reaction. (Nice logo!) The Bloodhammer/Black Beast split was the first release of the label if I know it right. How did you decided to run a label? Does it worth the effort?

BB: Yeah, this split was the first release under the name of Primitive Reaction. I have ran distribution since 1996 and I released 6 releases back then. So, I changed the name to make everything better and more professional with Primitive Reaction, one and half year ago. Sometimes I really feel that itís not worth of effort, but always I have continued. I think itís more lifestyle than job/hobby to have underground black metal label. At least I have lost all my free time with this label.

You released Beherit - Beast of Beherit LP. Do you think that Beherit is the cultest band ever existed in Finland?


What the fuck was happened to your leg?

BB: It was really serious accident in skicross World Cup in France in the beginning 2005. Now Iím back in business stronger than ever! I just used this picture in my labels logo and BB-split CD because itís from my own private picture collections and it really has a real connection with me. Normally bands and labels use some horrible photos and they have nothing to do with it.

What kind of music do you like? Finlandís Black Metal scene is one of the strongest nowadays. Are you satisfied with the local underground?

BB: Mostly I like black metal especially raw Nordic style BM, but I listen a lot of weird music like Devil Doll and The Coffinshakers. A lot of good BM bands coming from Finland nowadays and Iím satisfied with scene expect this internet nerd scene. Some fucking losers try to be tough guys in internet but in true life they are nothing but losers and nerds, FUCK THEM!!!

Which are your favorite bands?

BB: Those I mentioned in previous question and Alice Cooper, Bathory, Beherit, Bloodhammer, Immortal, Maleficia, SighÖ

Besides running the label, do you work anything else in your private life?

BB: Unfortunately I have to, because I need money for label. I do work that I can do workÖWell, I have lot of releases (mostly) vinyls waiting for releasing. Itís not so cheap to press them. I work everyday like 10-17 hours including weekends.

Are you interested in politics? Do you follow the news on television?

BB: Not so much, only if it touches me somehow. I watch the news always when itís possible. Itís nice to see what kind of nature catastrophes or terror acts has happen each day. News are full of death and miseryÖ

Do you like coffee? Are you a smoker? What about alcohol?

BB: No coffee, no smoke, no bullshit, Iím pure Aryan evil, strong and whiteÖI drink alcohol sometimes, but not too often.

If you could create your own world, how would it be?

BB: I havenít thought about it because unfortunately itís not possibleÖIím not a fantasy role-play kid.

What do you hate the most in this world?

BB: islam & muslims, I think you donít need any explanations, do you?

Whatís your opinion about Christianity?

BB: Today they are really weak, at least here in Finland. Mostly people are christians but just because itís normal to be a christian. They donít go to church nor pray. I think some ďchristianĒ kids donít even know who is jesus christ. This means Iím not much touch with christianity, but of course I can say that I donít like their lesson, because those are for weak people. I think you donít go to kick handicap people? It is same with christians, they are as weak.

Do you believe in the existence of God and Satan?

BB: Yeah, of course. They both work for me.

Do you collect CDs, Vinyl, anything?

BB: I have a huge collection of CDs and vinyls, but nowadays Iím not collecting them anymore. Of course I save one copy for my own collection if the record is good enough.

What is your greatest dream?

BB: To do what I want to do. Actually I live just now like I want to, but still I have leave many things because I donít have enough money to do it or I donít have time for it. Money makes many things possible but itself itís only piece of paper for me.

Whatís your worst nightmare?

BB: To be a slave of muslims.

Your favorite movie?

BB: I donít watch so much movies, it doesnít matter is it horror or action. If itís good in my opinion itís good. Porn movies always work.

Do you like the ďSawĒ trilogy?

BB: Yeah, it was good, really exciting. I couldnít ever guess what is coming next.

My last question: Did you ever made an interview before? If yes, for which magazine?

BB: Twice before, first one was in Finnish Fornicator magazine three years ago and second one in English Zero Tolerance a year ago.

Thank you for the collaboration, the last words belong to you.

BB: Thank you. Think with you own brains, be strong and worship mighty Black Beast!!! Take care & blasphemy!


by Woodlum666