After a short period in silence Barathrum, Finland's cultest Black Metal band finally active again and preparing some new material. I've been talking with Demonos Sova about the glorious past and other interesting things. I hope other long introduction is not necessary about mighty Barathrum, I hope that everybody know this band in black metal underground, if you hadn’t heard Barathrum music yet, go and pick up a Barathrum album and then read this fine chat with Demonos Sova and praise the abyss. Hail Satan!

Ave mighty Demonos Sova!

Hail to thee, Laszlo!

Finally here are the questions, sorry for the delay…

Ok, let's see how it goes.

What's going on with Barathrum nowadays?

We're planning to record a series of split-7"ep's with several bands from Finland. e.g. with GLOOMY GRIM, AJATTARA and KUOLEMA. We're also playing some live shows here in Finland, since we haven't been doing that for some time. We're also seeking for gigs from abroad.

When will you release some new material? Its two years now since your last full length…

As I told you before, we're planning to record some split-7"ep's. New full-length album is also in progress, on rehearsal form only so far though.

Is it true that you moved in Germany?

I lived there couple of years ago for some time.

Siculicidium, a Transylvanian Black Metal band made a cover of your Vampire song. I think that's the very first and the only Barathrum cover on a release. Did you hear it? If yes, do you like it?

I haven't hear that. Though it would be interesting. As a matter of fact, it's not the only cover version of our songs. There have been several songs from different bands. For example from LAST DAY IN HEAVEN is covered by quite many bands so far.

What does your pseudonym Demonos Sova mean?

It's my nick name, nothing too mystical about it. I'm widely called as Demonos also in my 'civil-life'.

If we read the first letters of each of your albums chronologically, they result Heil Sova. This means that if you release some new material, you have to continue the sentence. Please comment this…

I’s true, but let's see what future brings to our ears...

Barathrum is an old member of the Finnish extreme metal scene. You released plenty of demos at the beginning. What's your opinion about those old releases now?

I like my old releases too. Of course sound wise speaking it's more primitive stuff, but what the hell, it's still Barathrum.

What does Barathrum mean?

It's Latin word for Abyss, Pit or/and Depth.

What's your occupation in your private life? What do you do for a living?

Pictorial arts; tattoos mostly, but also glass engraving, painting and drawing.

You are a smoker. When did you start smoking and why?

I started when I was 11 years old... What a question is this???

I know that your favorite beer is Heineken. What about short drinks? Do you like vodka? (Finlandia is my favorite vodka)

Heineken??? My favourite??? My ultimate favourite beer is finnish Karhu, but I also like Winkler Brau (bavarian), Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel (bavarian), Guinness (irish) + many many more. I also like finnish Jaloviina (sort of mixture between brandy and vodka), Good vodkas (too many to mention, but maybe Finlandia), Whisky (irish; Kilpeggan or Jameson), Absinth (czhechian)... maynly all drinks, that I can get slaughtered by.

What does Black Metal mean to you? Do you consider Barathrum as a Black Metal band?

Yes, I consider us as Black Metal, Satanic music for Satanic beings.

Barathrum had numberless member-changes. Why where there so many people joining and leaving the band?

Mainly because ex-members were not ready to commit themselves completely for this band and music.

Which in your opinion is the best Barathrum release?

My fave releases varies from time to time. Maybe our first album HAILSTORM, because it was the first album, and I am still doing this.

What does Beherit mean to you?

Nice guys, Friends too. Great music - Cult.

Have you ever been in Transylvania?

Closest place to Transylvania that I ever visited was in Austria, but I would like to visit Transylvania some time.

Do you listen to nowadays Black Metal? Could you please enumerate your favorite bands and your favorite releases?


I'm curious about your ideology concerning life in general. What are the rules that you follow in everyday life?

Do Thy Wilt!

What turned your attention to extreme metal? Which one was the first extreme metal release you heard?

Extremity has been pushing it's limit all the time, so when ages ago I heard e.g. RAINBOW, it was fucking extreme in my opinion. Not anymore as everyone into extreme music knows...

Many people say that the Hell is here, on Earth, that we are living in Hell. What do you think about this? Do you believe in afterlife? How do you imagine it?

I believe in afterlife, but people don't understand, because the get it wrong from the basics. In my belief one is immortal, when one has done something immortal.

Please tell me about your (ex) projects, bands. Do you have any active projects now?

I used to have very many projects/bands in my past; Kirous (dark avantgarde), Fall (dark avantgarde/black), Demonos Jetblack (black metal), Morphosis (thrash metal), Uuvenmaan Hopia (noise) + few others. Some more recent project acts are; The666 / Itsir (black), Kill (extreme death/black), Bastard Brothers (more or less noise).

Why did you cut your hair off?

To do something in change. I have done it few times.

What does jet Black Metal mean?

Perhaps you should use a dictionary with this question.

How old are you?

Heh, mid 30's. By the way how old are you?

If one wish of yours could come true what would it be?

Desolation of mankind.

What is that symbol that you always were on your belt and it appears on most of the album covers?

It appears on all of my releases. It's Sigil Barathrum, The Seal Of Abyss. I designed it myself and it's my personal seal among being my bands seal.

You never released any split release. Why is that? You don't like splits?

I answered this question in the beginning of this interview.

Thank you for your answers, last words is yours…

Thanx for the interview. Sanctissime Colere Perkele.


by Woodlum666