Arkha Sva

Interview taken from the Cross Of Black Steel magazine Issue # 3, done by Mirgilus in 2008.

Being involved with Arkha Sva in black metal movement for not so long time you have gained a name for yourself. Every new step, new release is a real move and not just an attempt, a pretension. It feels like you have done a hard preparation work before the first demo, or even before the band was started.

Can you hear the rage of the chaotic nature? The voices are calling you. This movement resembles to a word, that is fundamentally owned by whom utters. Prepare for the new eras coming, and follow, here is curriculum diabolis for you.

Was it like you were shaping musical and ideological niche for the project, or it is more about accurate evolution that has been living once started?

The first one. In most cases, ARKHA SVA's materials are talking about methods to end something in your lives, in the name of demons.

Even if you black metal kind does not require archispecial techniques, I still wonder about your skills. You must have been practicing guitar and drums quite a while, or?

One thing is that there is no rule for choice or usage of instruments, and the other thing is that in A.:A.:A.:A.: those instruments are rather used for meditation or rituals than for playing commercial songs.

"Gloria Satanae" is yet the best you have come with so far musically. Actually, it was the main thing that pushed me to conduct this interview with you. Is it important for you that I judge bands by music, first and foremost? Ideological side must be a very important issue, but only when music turns truly good. Good idea can live with weak music, but weak ideas cannot stand behind good music?

You should keep your viewpoint mentioned above. In fact, in talking about some music, to divide the sound side and ideology side does not seem a good way, seems a little too one-dimensional. Just like any meanings are always in the utterance condition/ situation, in music every chords have each meanings. Voices does not only refer to the vocal parts or lyrical concepts. Or there can exist messages like “no messages to tell, but just destroy the all”. Do honestly listen to the whole sound combination flowing into your ears.

I never read an interview with Arkha Sva. Are you not interested to answering for interview requests? Or people not interested in Arkha Sva? After writing this, I found 2 Arkha Sva interviews on the net. One in English the next one in Spanish, both were done for webzines. When you accepted our interview request you said, that you will answer for Cross of Black Steel magazine, a printed magazine, and not for, because you don't like webzines, so what is your standpoint?

A few interview have been answered by ARKHA SVA, and the choices were mostly done by asking the voices or simply reading cards. So far so good, there have not been found problems with these methods and results, therefore this will still be kept on the same way.

Your band is very enigmatic, no line-up known, no names, not too much info on your webpage, just discographies. Why is this?

Because there does not really exist much information as you normally expect, at least to disclose here in this focus. Without detailed web-pages, or without too much media, there are people who know much about ARKHA SVA and use the recorded materials for them in different focuses.

Are you from Japan? Why did you re-placed in France? I don't know exactly that this information is authentic. I read somewhere.

People seem to be a little confused, but really unknown is what they really want to know.

Where come the bands name, what means and why did you pick this name for your band?

Their coffins, or how to throw your enemies into their coffins, as the voices lead.

Do you imagine how your activity looked like if it were 90-ies outside? I think it would be too difficult to act and work like now. Individuals had more difficulties establishing small labels, and bands were forced to sign at least a bit known labels. It was a pain in the ass to release even a simple pro-printed demo! 15 years have changed many things, now everyone can achieve much more on his own... So, what would Arkha Sva be about if it were 1990?

In MCMXC's, some rituals were already recorded but were not spread at that time. You are right, now everyone can achieve much more on his own, and therefore there are ARKHA SVA well-spread around now. It is always possible that ARKHA SVA stops releasing things, and will keep recording things in a basement like in the past again.

Your sympathy to vinyl forces me to ask: is it also a way to reach listeners who are old timers, experienced with such music, is this purpose related to a special sound that vinyl has, or this is just a part of current campaign to revive the vinyl in general?

In a way for the old timers as you suppose. In the other way, As you know, into vinyls it is easier to knead spiritual vibrations than CDs.

Your releases do not have luxurious and complex layouts as if implying a thought that aesthetic side of Black Metal should not need more than minimal amount of fancies. Will you stay with your minimalist position further on?

In some cases, effects like black mirror are intended, although the whole layout does not look similar to a plain black mirror. Chaos is chaos grandeur, but in most cases, patterns too luxurious or too complex/ chaotic prevent people to clarify and to enter in their own visions. So as a result, minimalist positions will be kept in most cases for ARKHA SVA.

Can you speak a bit about Arkha Sva ideology, and what you want to say to people with your ideas?

Not really ideas, but more instructions for changing the shape and location of something in your lives, mostly about (small to big)destructions, one of the most simple ways to change things, all in the name of Satan. ARKHA SVA are the watchers in this way, to observe the process and the results of spread curse instructions. As you know, quite many of this world now wish the pathetic termination, without any visions of the next dimension.

Let me ask some things about your history. You were playing in other band earlier? When was formed Arkha Sva? Are you a trio?

This ritualistic entity started somewhere in MCMXC's. No matter about other musical units, but the sound-side rituals started first as ARKHA SVA. Members are changeable from IV to XLIX, by following the agreement of A.:A.:A.:A.:.

Your sound is very similar with the early 90-ies Les Legions Noires bands. Mutiilation, Belketre, Vlad Tepes are bands you cannot imitate. You can be inspired, but you must lay down your own part of soul to force it sound notorious, side by side with their records. Is it exactly what you feel creating Arkha Sva hymns? You never hasitate about some riffs that might sound too familiar?

LES LÉGIONS NOIRES itself was apparently a sect that had some similar visions to those of A.:A.:A.:A.: in some ways. And their bands are apparently worth being respected. But that's all. If you think and feel suspicious to have found a few similarities among the compositions of those LLN legends and ARKHA SVA, you simply should ask the members if they are really similar or not: They shall say No, totally different, because ARKHA SVA's composition methods must be totally different from any others, everything here is got from channelling process. LLN covers as homage have been done and dedicated on “Hymne” demo but the results must sound totally different from the originals, with different utterance conditions and even different lyrics.

Do you see Christianity falling apart soon? Or in further perspective? How do you imagine this fall? What about France – is this plague really so widespread in your state systems?

Nowadays more and more people hear the voices that are against what this largest profit organization tells. More voices and more opened information throw Christianity into the difficulty in that they can no more proof that they are still right.

If you fight something, then it means you hope for a better tomorrow, when the thing you fight is defeated. But then, if Christianity falls, what's next? You think our lives would change so much?

If you take everything straightly as is written, Satanism is to have taken a little too long to overcome Jesus and God the first and the biggest visible enemies to fight against. But say, apparently, Jesus and God were dead long long ago, if they really existed on the planet. No, there have never been Jesus nor God on the earth. They are just the most common symbols of vested interest and pretended “common-sense”. Necessity is not really the mother of invention, but actually, invention is the mother of infinite necessity. Progression always produces new enemies to fight overcome, and they are always called Jesus and God, the representative of the old vested interest.

Your music is very powerful, intense and insane. Tell me something about the insane vocal style which is very unique. Sometimes I have some feelings that those insane screams came out from a woman's throat. Your comment:

The channeller behind the vocal microphone is simply a male magician. He channels a lot of sources from wherever he can skim the spiritual vibration/ voices. According to him many entities always talks to him and he interprets their important messages, and as well he talks back to them, all through his natural throat.

Almost all Arkha Sva releases came out on different labels, why? Are you not satisfied with the pressing results when the releases came out or something else? The next album is in the corner, which label will release the next saga of Arkha Sva?

Those have been decided by channelling or card-readings as well as the interview matters. Some of the next ones have been decided but it is not time to list them up.

Two very limited demo tapes were released in 2008, because I don't have the chance to listening them, please tell me all necessary infos about those tapes.

They are simply some cassette materials for limited people. “Hell Above, Heaven Below” features a little newer materials than the ones on “Gloria Satanae”. “Zeelum Aphalis Smitael”, by contrast, features remastered materials from “A Sixth Sense of Darkness” compilation.

What is your opinion about the Japanese metal scene. I'm a great fan of Japanese Sabbat! Do you like this band?

There does not really exist a scene in that land of rising sun. And ARKHA SVA has never been involved in any movement there. But there must always, yet separately, exist a few great bands. The one that you mention to might be one of them.

What should we know about Ordo A.:A.:A.:A.:? Is this an organization or a label? And what about Noirinfini Rex & Nekrokult Nihilism record labels. Some infos will be appreciated.

A.:A.:A.:A.: is an esoteric brotherhood that explores in the field of Satanic magick. The record labels are the ones that share the capital under the name of A.:A.:A.:A.: organisation and each have specified concepts and directions.

Is Avsolutized your side project? All Arkha Sva members are involved in this band? What kind of music play this band?

AVSOLUTIZED..., by contrast to and than ARKHA SVA, is more straightly a Black Metal band. AVSOLUTIZED... plays northern-styled, fast'n'cold black metal. As well as ARKHA SVA, they also consist of the brothers in A.:A.:A.:A.:.

I think I'm out of useful questions, so I'd better stop it here and don't let this interview be infected by shitty questions. Thank you for your time. If there is anything you want to mention, go ahead!

Thank you so much for your interview. Look, your world is built on only what you know. What you don't know do not exist there. Without destroying what you regard as the authority or limitation by defining from only what you know, both your world itself and its ending will keep being only pathetic. The end must be near, but always as only what you can miserably expect. Or the continuation might also go on, if you try to keep spread your own world by yourselves. Find your own method to catch the essential voices, and do what they tell you. All under the banner of A.:A.:A.:A.:, all in the name of Satan.

by mirgilus