You have a very interesting name for your band, where came from the original idea to create this word? Why Arghoslent and why not Argoslent?

POGROM: The word ARGHOSLENT is a hybrid between the Greek root word ĎArgoí and a derivation of the word ĎSlaveí being Ďslentí: Slave of the universe, pawn of a higher constellation, mercenary of the order, soldier of the ARGHOSLENT KOMMANDO. The word is made up and we chose to spell it that way for no other reason than to make it unique.

What is your relation to Ancient Greece and its rich mythology?

POGROM: On some level, history always reverts to mythology. The work of historical revisionism is important to clarify and force us to think about history in a different light. Ancient Greece is one of the core beginnings of Western Civilization.

What do you hold most responsible for the decline of man in World? Judeo-Christianity, consumerism? What about the people? Do you see them, in general, as victims of the circumstances or did they dig this hole for themselves by themselves?

POGROM: Man's self-destructive nature cannot be mended or detoured by man-made laws. The destiny of man is to prepare for final battle, as envisioned by most religions, even pagan beliefs. Religious morality attempts to tame man's natural instinct, his warring inheritance, his desire for lebensraum, his chauvinism, his need for dominance, his enmity towards other breeds, but to no avail. For that matter, man and his hatred are incorrigible. This is the cycle and it is never diverted only prolonged.

If you had to define yourself, would you see yourself first and foremost as an artist, a musician, a warrior or something else?

POGROM: I wouldnít define myself as either of those as Iím composed of many more things that would make it hard to label.

Well, what is that you, ultimately, wish to reach with Arghoslent?

POGROM: ARGHOSLENT exists to offend and bastardize your belief system and pacifism. The goal of Arghoslent is to write songs that express our musical vision. This is our aim. The goal of Arghoslent has never been to sell a ton of records. If that were our goal, we would obviously have shifted our emphasis years ago.

Assuming there was some actual meaning to life as opposed to there being none, would it make any difference to you in respect to its value?

POGROM: I think that I find life the most valuable knowing there is no afterlife.

If a single thing, what, in this modern world, would you like to change?

POGROM: Miscegenation.

Do you think technology has worsened or improved mankind and why?

POGROM: Technology is our worst enemy. Even though its contributions are not questionable, its effects definitely are. The industrial revolution transformed human life as we knew it. Most of us are now robots sitting in front of a computer like Iím doing right now, instead of chopping wood for a stove to cook, or hunting for my next meal. ZOG knows what, where, and how you shop, what you eat, where you live, how you spend your money, where you work, and even the color of your homeís roof. Myspace, Facebook, and all the other gay shit out there is food for them. People willingly exposing their private personal lives for the data gathering of our hook-nosed governments.

What is more important, the individual or the collective, a man or a nation, and why?

POGROM: To me the most important is the collective culture of ethnic groups. I donít care for flags and nations. Men of value are hard to come by and we tend to assassinate them when they do.

Do you think it would be to the benefit of mankind if money were abolished? Would it be possible?

POGROM: I donít think it would be possible at this point, not sure if it would be beneficial as if weíre talking about going back to a barter society, not many folks know how to produce anything anymore. Weíre a service industry in most cases. In other cases, machines and assembly lines make what people used to manufacture by hand.

Death or immortality? Which is more attractive to you and why?

POGROM: Neither is attractive because I donít wish for either.

If something is produced with a conscious intention of making a material profit, can it still be considered art? Is there a division between false art and true art, art and commodity? What is art to you?

POGROM: I would assume a true artist would not care if his work is valuable commercially, only spiritually. However, the artist who defies this to make a living from anything else is bound to convert his art into money in order to live, in a way demeaning his work, and bastardizing the integrity and intension of the artistic expression.

What would you say are the books and who are the authors that have given you the most in your path?

POGROM: It is quite a list of books and inspirations that forged our beliefs and never ending quest for knowledge. Weíve always been interested in history, philosophy, and religion. They are the catalysts for our works. Our lyrical themes deal conjointly with the following topics: Historical revisionism, militarism, enslavement, colonization, eugenics, misogyny, genocide, tyranny, and homophobia. We deal specifically with ideas revolving around the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, the Conquistadors, and Greco-Roman-Teutonic grandeur. Besides being subjects that death metal bands donít deal with, they define our view of the world around us. Iím interested in all the sciences and geopolitical topics. Our education is continuous and our hunger for such is ripe.

HOLOCAUSTO: I am sympathetic towards and inspired by civilizations that have given to the world high art, great science, revolutionary technology, and rich culture, and the most interesting examples to me are of white Europeans. Many continents far beyond Europe have known great empires, but conspicuously sub-Saharan Africa has not. One of the oldest lands trod by man has never mastered architecture, cultivation, technology, science, or any other prerequisite for civilization.

Where do you see the band, say, ten years from now? Obviously Arghoslent is a big part of your life, but is it absolutely essential for you to have this outlet for your darkened creativity?

POGROM: I would hope that in 10 years we are not still involved with this silly funderground, however, I may have said the same thing 10 years ago. Iíve spent the majority of my life in this band (itíll be 20 years in 2010). Neither by my appearance or my home would you guess I was involved in the underground. The same goes for the other members, Iím sure. We all have occupations and life the same shitty life as everyone else. We conceal in our public lives everything related to this art for obvious reasons. We will stop playing music altogether when we feel that weíre unable to match or surpass our previous effort.

HOLOCAUSTO: Because so much of our music is misinterpreted as such I do not announce my involvement to everyone I meet; it's completely unimportant. I have a full and busy life only a tiny fraction of which is involved in Arghoslent. This isn't a political statement or movement or anything other than riffs and words. So do people where I live know who I am? Yes, they do, and they know me without knowledge of Arghoslent. As for not being able to write more riffs, I am flattered that anyone would suggest any of our work as being unsurpassable, but I assure you that Pogrom and I aren't out of riffs yet. We just compose riffs at our leisure, as we are inspired to do so, and are constantly adding to our collections of unused riffs.

Do you ever feel musically chained by the Arghoslent concept in any way? I mean, as a musician there might be other kind of soundscapes you might also want to pursue Ė or does the music of Arghoslent satisfy all your creative needs?

POGROM: Not at all. Our music encompasses all types of metal styles, rhythms, speeds, and sounds. Any metal enthusiast can find pleasure or displeasure in our militant music.

You have quite often performed live and you obviously must like these events, tours to do so, but how do you expect the crowd to react to your music? What do you think about moshing and slamdancing?

POGROM: I canít remember any gig ARGHOSLENT has played here or abroad where people didnít engage in tumultuous slam dancing at some point of our set. Our music is very energetic and tends to encourage violence. I grew up in the hardcore days and find this type of behavior very natural, I wonít lie.

How do you see the present situation in USA? Are you concerned about the destruction of the culture? What is your opinion about the new president of USA?

POGOM: In laymanís terms, whites are responsible for the pathetic state of affairs, to such a degree that even a half-black presidential candidate is seen with optimism around the country and the world. Have no doubt in your mind that by having a white mother, heís should not be considered fully black and that his apparent success as mentioned by my conspirator HOLOCAUSTO would not have been achieved had both his parents been Kenyan immigrants. Furthermore, what nobody should be worrying about is his complexion, rather his dangerous Democratic Party preference and its consequences for America. About anything out there looks better and sounds more promising that what George Bush has done to this nation. Again, ultimately we are our own enemies. We fell to the toes of Christ and Moses, and soon weíll be at the mercy of Allah as well. Nobody should blame Jews or other pests for their own miserable situations. The enemy within is cowardice, complacency, ignorance, pacifism, and guilt. Perhaps we should have Rev. Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson as a President instead. Maybe then itíll create a reaction in the unfathomable potato couch lifestyle of our supposed kin, even though I highly doubt it. For the most part, a full belly, a microwave, a television tuned to Oprah Winfrey, a 7-11 and fast-food drive-thru close by, filthy Jewish porno rags, and a 6-pack of Budweiser constitutes happiness in the basic man.

What about nature? Does it bother you that the ignorant mankind has raped her to death?

POGROM: Destruction of our nature comes hand in hand with modern society, technology, capitalism, economic success, illusionary necessities, and freedom and equality for every subhuman walking this planet.

Lots of talks in some circles that the end of the world is approaching, given the rapid industrial and technological revolution in the last century. Your comment:

POGROM: The end of the traditional world is ending or has already ended, perhaps with the end of WWII. From this point on, itís been a downward spiral in terms of culture and spirituality.

What is your ordinary day like then? How do you cope with living in a society? Whatís your reason to weak up in the morning?

POGROM: Weíre all professionals and the connection with this outfit is somewhat problematic for our personal lives. We cope just like you and everyone else that isnít shacked up in the woods like the Unabomber. There are a million things to wake up for in the morning, sometimes I wished I didnít even have to sleep to directly handle my state of affairs. Youíre barking up the wrong tree if you think weíre walking time-bombs in dark robes with corpse paint or something of the sort.

What does Death (black) metal mean to you? What kind of role does it play in your life? Could you live without it?

POGROM: Death Metal is the most extreme form of music. If there were no death metal there would still be hardcore, RAC, and OI, and classical music so I think I would be able to survive.

A very interesting part of your website is the section called Hate Mail! Why is this necessary for the band to publish these mails? Have you had some problems with these peoples in concerts, tours? Or they have no balls to talking face to face?

POGROM: Some of the hate mail therein is from actual letters way before the internet. People should think twice before making idle threats. All the information published was sent with such identifying data. If they wished to remain anonymous they should have covered their trail better. No opposition in person, itís mostly anonymous messages and comments made on queer forums. I think everyone expects cowards to behave that way. Where drunks have liquid courage, pussies have internet courage.

Would you say there are any changes concerning the attitude or spirit of Arghoslent now comparing with the early years?

POGROM: Probably. Weíre grown together with Arghoslent now in its 19th year so by the mere biology of it weíre not the same teenagers that started this bigotry. Weíre in our mid thirties now and our lives are much different than when we were in our late teens and playing in a band. Weíve become better musicians, more responsible citizens and contributors to our societal endeavors. What has remained the same is our dedication to this musical output. It would be very pathetic to look and act like teenagers listening to underground music in 2009.

Is there a specific era of European (and American) history you feel particularly drawn to? Do you see any relations between your music and this?

POGROM: Virginian history is of such interest to us for living here, and being part of the New World, which was built on the sweaty backs of imported slaves. In relative terms, we have lived in this continent only a few hundred years, and the history behind this reality is rooted in the trade of human cargo and imperial servitude. It serves our purpose well to capture these feelings of conquering savage lands. We hope to capture, through our music, the essence of combat, encourage and facilitate violence. Eugenics, heredity and colonization have all too much in common; they also possess a negative connotation or lead to a tragic conclusion. Death metal is negative! Iím very interested in the colonial imperialism, Roman history and conquest, exploration, fascism, and the survival of western man.

To what extent do you separate Holocausto from the private person in the everyday reality? Do you try to avoid dealing with humans or are you more of a social type?

POGROM: Weíre not suicidal black metal hermits or incapacitated members of our communities. We do not go around advertising our personal beliefs like a billboard. ZOG is already well informed enough to facilitate it with more ammunition to hunt us down.

HOLOCAUSTO: We all have full lives we lead. Arghoslent is a very part-time diversion for all of us.

Do you have some news about Grand Belialís Key? The split with Absurd & Sigrblot is one of the best release for 2008.

POGROM: The only news I have is the release of a split CD with MARTIAL BARRAGE scheduled for release in August. This album is entitled ďSend Forth the Best Ye BreedĒ on DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS.

Thanx for your time and thoughts, please close this interview with some future plans,


by Mirgilus