After long silent years Arckanum, Sweden's cultest black metal band finally came out with new material.I've been talking with them about the new Boka Vm Kaos, and other interesting things:

What is going on with you right now? The latest few years you were pretty out of the picture. If it weren't for Bjorn, I wouldn't know about you releasing new material.

I am working on new material for Arckanum, and I am releasing a lot on Carnal Records this year and the next (2002-2003). A split ep With Craft is coming very soon, this summer I think, and it's a killer in my opinion. And a split EP with the swedish Black Matel act Contamino is coming this summer too! And then I am going to release my second EP in the Boka Vm Kaos series, called Grimalkinz Skaldi, and I am in the studio right now and recording it. Then later on this autumn, the 10 year anniversary CD/LP will be released on Carnal Records, called just plain and simple "Arckanum". I've always wanted to have an album with such a name, and this was the shit. Yes, I've been away a while, I guess to gather myself up to new progress. Arckanum have change, and become more raw and wicked.

I personally like very much your new EP "Boka Vm Kaos", but don't you think it's an exaggeration to come out with only two songs after such a long abscence?

Ha, hell no. Why would it be that? I guess many think that I haven't come up with much material, and I just release an EP to get some shit out at all. But that is all crap. I've come up with much material, 5 EP's, 1 MLP "Kaos Mar Svartvm" and 1 new LP. Y'all have to chill. You see, I love vinyl, and especially EP's, and due to that fuck Paul on Necropolis Records, Arckanum never made it to release one, so I thought that this was the best. To release some EP's then release my 10 year anniversary LP and then release Favnaz Samgang!

If I'm not misinformed, this new material will only appear in LP version. Are you such a big LP fans or collectors?

Vinyl EP's rule. Think about it, who cool is a CD singel?

From the "Boka Vm Kaos" the "Baphomet" is my big favourite, it evokes the golden age of black metal, and the sound is just like a black metal song's should be.

That's the response I've hoped for, and that's what everybody says. Agios Bafomet!

Please talk to me about "Boka Vm Kaos". What inspired it? What are the words about? Because unfortunately I don't speak Swedish, but I suspect you have written about the old themes.

Boka Vm Kaos was born due to my new view upon Black Magic and life. I am close to the swedish Satanic order MLO (, and I've learned a lot from them and they made me open up and become a progressing Chao-Gnostic. And I desided that I had to release a tribute to the black flame and to this new dark philosophy of mine. So I wrote material about Chaos and other gnosis that I have learn from my friends within MLO. And it ended up in a 7"EP series called Boka Vm Kaos. The lyrics and the spirit on these EPs are very Satanic.

Didn't you think about writing some day in English? Though I must admit, I respect all those bands who write in their mother language, I just don't understand all of it.

No. That would destroy the whole concept of Arckanum I think. I you don't understand, ask. And everything is not to be put right before your eyes, you have to look if you wanna see.

Can there be a new album expected in the near future? I read in Carnal Records' news that a split LP and 10th anniversary album will be released these days.

Split EP's, yes. And the 10 year anniversary CD/LP, which will contain only unreleased material from the beginning of Arckanums history and till today. The video "Gava Fran Trulen" will follow with the CD version, and other surprises will follow with the LP version. And Favnaz Samgang will be release on CD/LP on Carnal records 2003!

Though the best pagan black album can be connected to your name (Fran Marder), people can't read too much about you. When I first read about you, it was in the legendary "I Came From Darkness" 'zine. You don't like giving interviews or there's just no interest at this point? Have you heard that Northwind will possibly publish again "I Came From Darkness"?

Arckanum is not Pagan Black Metal. Arckanum is pure Black Metal. What is pagan black metal anyway? I like to burn down all forests and kill off all life. I am a misanthrope. Pan is my evil thought to harm you all. Sometimes I like to answering interviews, and sometimes I hate it. Nowadays I like it. I am a very up and down kinda guy.

Are you satisfied with Carnal Record's activity?I only ask this because I really like their strategy, that they don't enter into a contract with everybody, they just have a few important bands, and focus on them.

Carnal Records are the beast. We don't have any contracts at all! Our words are enough. We have been very close friends since early 90's, so we trust each other fully. I'll stay with Carnal Records til something better comes up, and if that happens I'll swallow the sun and piss lava!!You know what I'm saying.

What about your personal life? If it's not a secret, you could talk about it.

I practise much Black Ritual Magic and I just got a test employment at a magazine (Metalwire) as an album critic. I live in the woods of Dalecarlia in Sweden, just exploring the darkness of Chaos. I like books and Satanic art. I am a tape trader and I love handicraft. That's a part of my grim life.

What kind of music are you listening to these days? Have you been listening to any new band that you liked?

I listened mostly on old Black Metal such as Sodom,Celtic Frost, Bathory, Sarcofago, Mayhem and more. And I listen also to Motörhead, Craft, Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Venom, Tulus, and Khold, Thorns and much much more... And much classical, opera, ambient, like Sophia, 1st Arcana, Ordo Equilibrio...

What's your opinion about the new Darkthrone and Bathory albums?

Haven't heard anything new with Bathory, but I really like Ravishing Grimness and Plaguewielder!!

Thanks for the interview, if there's a new album, we will talk again!

You bet. Thank you for your support and interest. Hail Satan! IO Pan!Xere, o Pan, o melon tu haus erpeton! Shamaatae