Interview taken from the Cross Of Black Steel magazine Issue # 2, done by Mirgilus in August 2005.

Ave Ritual Butcherer! You haven't been active for 13 fucking years!!! it seems, but now suddenly we can see Archgoat webpages on the net and so forth. What does this mean? Do you care to tell what's happened since the last interview you did?

It does simply mean that AG is active again, the black crusade shall continue. The flame inside us never died, we just grew tired. We all wanted to be 100% behind our music but the amount of new trendy black bands appearing also made us to want to disappear, cause we did not want to be mentioned on the same phrase as them. The word true black metal disappeared and suddenly everything was melodic- , melancholic-, political and all other sort of shit. We have always believed in our music and our ideology has been the center piece of AG, so it was the only solution. During these 13 years we have been studying, working. Anything else than being in the Finnish underground.

I heard from somewhere that you weren't supposed to do any more interviews but you change your mind. Is this because of your so-called comeback? I was also told a couple of years ago that you have abandoned your instruments and music, is this true?

I have never said anything like that about interviews that I would remember. I sold my guitars back in mid 90´s because I had no inspiration at all to play or compose music. AG is my main band and I have not played in any bands since we buried AG, so there was no point of having a guitar. I bought new guitar in 1999 and have had that ever since. There was a period of 2 years that I did not literally touch my guitar, but for the last 3 years I have been rehearsing again.

I must say that I don't know too many Archgoat enthusiasts besides myself, but the few I know are really much into Archgoat and most likely very interested to know more about you as a person and about your band. So, what do you think about your fans then? Respect, scorn, indifference or something else?

As for my ideology, I could not care less about what people think about my music, but as a composer who reveals his most secured thoughts and kind of puts a piece of his so called soul into music, it´s interesting to hear comments. I listen to comments but do not feel that I would have to change anything because of them. AG´s music is a painting of our ideology and beliefs behind the band, our only. As person I´m totally devoted to AG and the path of Occult and Satanism as my way of life. I’m kind of difficult person to know, since I like to have my own privacy and space.

Even though Archgoat is anything but an old and unknown Finnish Black Metal act, it's not too well-known. Could you tell the history of the band since its birth til today, year 2005?

Archgoat was formed under the wings of Hell in 1989 to spread the word of the Rebel Angel. The line up consisted of Angelslayer (Growls of the Fullmoon), Ritual Butcherer (Axe of Black Mass) and Blood Desecrator (Bombardment). First demo was unleashed in 1992 being called "Jesus Spawn". In 1992 a recording deal was forged between Archgoat and Necropolis Records and in 1993 MLP "Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration)" was released. Archgoat entered studio to record a full length release in 1993 for Necropolis Rec. After disagreement with the terms of Necropolis Rec. the material was kept from the masses and in late 1993 Archgoat decided to vanish from now so commercial Black metal scene. The once so bright black flame was buried till 2004, when the horns raised again to continue the black crusade. Year 2004 saw the release of 1993 recorded material in form of "Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal" 7"EP through Hammer of Hate Rec. The line up was original with the exception of Blood Desecator was replaced with Leneth the Unholy Carnager as permanent drummer. First live Black Mass in over a decade was performed in Kouvola, Finland 1.7.2005. In previous weeks we have done 2 more shows here in Finland.

What lead you doing the kind of music Archgoat plays in the first place? It's still one of the most primitive bands there have ever been and thinking of the time when you started it, it must have been very unique. I think that Archgoat is/was the godfather of Finnish Black Metal together with mighty Beherit, and now the legends are back!

We wanted to create the kind of music we wanted to listen and also same time add our ideology behind the band. There were not too many black bands in late 80´s, so we were among the very firsts to create what is the foundation of Finnish black metal. We have always wanted to create our own path rather than follow somebody else’s lead.

What are the right reasons then? What black metal means to you? I suppose it's a "bit" more than just music to you...

I have always felt that composing music is strongly related to your ideology as well as whom you really are deep inside and to me black metal means BLACK metal. I could not think of composing any kind of different music than raw black metal. Firstly comes the philosophy and after that the music. Black metal is more philosophy and ideology orientated music than any other kind of music and my whole reason of existence is based upon Satanism and Occult, as is also my music. Music was the way that led me to my path, because when I was a young kid I read the lyrics of Venom and Hell Hammer and wanted to know the deeper meaning of the things they sang about. And on that same path I today walk…

Why was the name “Archgoat” chosen and what does it mean to you?

When we thought for our band name, we wanted it to represent our ideology and since goat is a symbol of Satan we wanted our band name to be an opposite of archangels and so it was done. I’m not sure, but I think it was Angelslayer who came up with name Archgoat. The materialized form of true hatred and sinister black flame.

Could you list Archgoat's discography here? I know you have some bootleg releases, which some maniacs considering official releases. Your comment:

Our official releases are:
Jesus Spawn demo -92
Angelcunt (Tales of Desecration) MLP -93 with its numerous rip off re-releases by Necropolis Records.
Penis Perversor demo -93
Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal 7” -05
Angelcunt re-release picture vinyl -05
Necropolis wanted us to do a split with Beherit with new material, but since their hypocritical behaviour started to show, we did not give them the studio tape of 7 unreleased songs in -93, so they just used Angelcunt. I do not appreciate bootlegs too much, because they are normally done to get few bucks. It is totally different situation if somebody really does a bootleg out of honest reasons and wants to support the band, but this is far too rare since human nature is so easily corrupted to do the most easy solutions.

Archgoat never released official full length album, only demos, Ep, split, why? Have record labels interested to releasing Archgoat albums?

We did record back in -93 material for a full length album for Necropolis, but then realized that they were not the right label for us with their continuing rip offing from MLP royalties etc. They were not for the black metal music, but for the few easy bucks. Back in 90´s we had some medium sized labels wanting to sign us, but we decided not to release with them. Now after our comeback there have been about 20 labels who have contacted us for some kind of deals, but we are now totally happy with Hammer of Hate and see no reason to part from this pact. There is now in September coming a first official AG re-release in form of Angelcunt picture vinyl done by Battle Kommand Records and also we are taking part on their live album consisting of 6 bands that played in Day of the Devoted in Kouvola 1.7.2005.

What was the reason for split up the band in 1993? Archgoat's been around for quite a while... tell us about some of the positive and negative experiences you've had in the scene over those years.

We grew tired of seeing underground black metal becoming commercial over ground music, open to every one willing to enter. The spirit of true satanic death cult was gone and replaced with terms like melodic, melancholic, political, religious etc. We did not want to be part of such a corrupt scene. The most positive moments have been playing live and meeting people with similar interests about music as well as ideology. The one and the most negative period was, when we discovered that Necropolis Records rip offed us.

Your lyrics seem to concentrate on traditional Satanic/occult and pervers themes. Tell us your thoughts on the subject.

Satanic and occult themes come from our own beliefs, ideology and experiences, basically from our life. AG´s lyrics mirror what is going on inside our heads. Perversions means mans true nature unveiled, when the mask of the slave is removed, the true nature of the beast comes out from the figure of a weak man and performs something the original nature would have never dared to even think about. The will to do by persons own beliefs and urges.

What’s happened with your original drummer “Blood Desecrator”? I saw at your website, that he is not playing in Archgoat, why? Introduce to the readers the Archgoat new member called: Leneth the Unholy Carnager.

When we asked him to join us, he was unsure could he devote himself 100% behind the band and after that it was certain to us that he would not play any role on AG ever. Leneth is our old friend whom we have known for over 15 years. He has been playing in many bands before AG including grind core and true death metal bands, but AG is his first black metal band and he certainly is a suitable devoted member in the band. Our line up is today stronger than ever before.

Do you believe in the possibility of living on in some way after the death of your physical self? If you had the choice, hypothetically, how would you spend eternity?

As a man of science, I believe in the physics first law that is; the amount of energy is standard, it does not vanish or born, it simply changes it´s form. If I would theoretically live for ever I would do what I am doing today.

This world seems to grow in its decadence... many share the belief that things are growing worse on an international scale. Corruption has seeped deep into the soul of mankind... tell us do you see any hope for the future?

Mans true nature has been the same from the days of when monkey started to walk on 2 feet. The basic needs and urges are the same, only the priority of the urges has changed from century to century. The hierarchy of human needs show clearly that the physiological needs of the 1800 man have become so much more easily full filled, that they are over run by the needs of self-esteem for status, glory etc. When these urges have become as easily achieved as physiological needs of modern man, the urges become more and more corrupt. I’m the one building my future, so I have nothing I should be worried about.

What are your thoughts on political correctness and censorship? Have you had to deal with any of this in the past? Any problems from the public?

Just pure hypocrisy. Politicians try to attract voters with these censorship laws and correctness and same time they are doing what every other normal human is doing; the deadly sins from the book of the ignorant. Surprisingly I have never heard anything on big scale censoring our music or ideology. On one occasion there were some local white light trash people on our show, who tried to prevent us from playing there.

Your thoughts on the universe... and what lies out there in its vast, mysterious darkness? Do you believe in evolution? How do you think life originated on Earth?

I believe into the evolution of everything, what stops start to degenerate and are eaten by the species that keep on evolving. Human is the prime form of evolution today. Basically I think that Satanism and Darwinism are quite alike believing both in reaching the boundaries and even going further. Universe is theoretically an unexplored terrain, about what is there I have only thoughts but not facts.

Tell us about any live shows you've done and/or plan to do. Any experiences you'd care to share with us? I know Archgoat will be the headline band in Helsinki in next weeks. Archgoat will play together with Watain and Slugathor, any comment are welcomed!

That was the second show after our reunion and it went great. The feeling of playing black metal is like being in trance, not seeing or hearing anything around you, but at the same time sensing everything. Conducting the black light of Satan upon the audience. Our show gear consists of fuck loads of spikes, bullet belts, leather and blood back upped by the wall of unholiness our instruments create.

I saw at the Behexen website, that together with Behexen, Archgoat will touring in Europe in this autumn. Tell me the details about the tour!

At the moment there is only 1 venue open and the tour will feature AG, Behexen and Hell Militia as touring bands plus some local acts supporting us like Goat Molestor, Necros Christos etc. The tour will start from London on 23.10.2005 and will continue through Belgium, Italy, Poland and, Germany. It will be about 7-8 shows in Europe. The tour is going to be quite intensive, since we play every night and the distances are on some days pretty long.

What would you say separates Archgoat from the others?

We are not followers, we are creators and one of the few bands these day that understand what black metal is really about. The transparent and plastic ideology of modern era black metal has not touched us and it wont never do that. We hail for satanic death cult, not for some sorry “in the woods I wonder with my cape and magician hat” ideology.

What do you think of the direction the international music 'scene' is heading? I personally see a lot of worthless, spineless bands around. There is also a lot of ignorance and in-fighting amongst people also. Unfortunately, these people usually share a great deal in common, yet are divided by trivial things. What are your thoughts?

There are today so many record companies and worthless bands and the sum of that is, that there are so many worthless releases, lacking all the necessary ingredients of black metal. Most of the new releases I hear do not have any new ideas or anything original on them, they just copy some old bands. It’s far easier to walk behind somebody than to create your own path.

I know you were a great comrade with Nuclear Holocausto from Beherit. Are you in contact with him? Tell me some news from NH.

We were comrades back in early 90´s but ever since we buried AG I have not been in contact with him and I know only rumors of his where about, not any solid facts. He was probably the most original person in the whole black metal scene I have had the honor of befriending with. Too bad that he did not continue doing metal music, but he has always been sort of lone wolf, so it was not a surprise to me that he suddenly vanished from the black metal scene.

What sort of things inspires you in your life?

I draw inspiration from normal things and also from some not so normal events. Ambition is also very strong part of my character; I want to be separated from the mass in music scene and as well on my normal life. The urge to reach own boundaries and exceed them. I’m eager to study things that interest me like some philosophical or technical issues just to know more and by that to understand more.

Most people, comfortable being mesmerized by their televisions, could care less about the state of human existence and the possibilities of Armageddon. As long as they have their jobs, food on their tables and their remote controls, they could care less. What do you think about these people? What would you suppose makes them the way they are?

As some people say, knowledge increases pain. It’s far easier to watch soup operas on your couch than to really bother your head about heavy philosophical questions. Modern man is so used of having everything as easy as he can, and that reflects his whole picture of life cycle. I hate and despise stupidity and mediocrity, not seeing the possibilities there are and just sitting back in his couch sinking deeper and deeper in to the sea of worthlessness.

What are your thoughts on religion in general? Do you believe that there is anything awaiting us after-death?

Firstly religion is aimed for masses, not for individuals. Easy-to-use answers for those too lazy or stupid to reach the answers themselves. The invisible cage, which prevents clear thinking by giving some moral orders and issues. Religions are always being targeted for the person who are weak and worthless and thus making the whole community as weak and worthless as it’s members are. Weak insecure people seek artificial comfort from them, believing every stupid or non-logical answer they give him.

Hypothetically speaking, if you had the opportunity to ask an 'all-knowing being' one question, what would it be?

I would probably ask him, why he allows so much weakness and worthlessness walk on the face of the earth, the meaningless existence.

If you had to describe Archgoat in one single word, what would it be?


Back to music. Archgoat came out wth a new 7” Ep called “Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal” which was released by Hammer Of Hate from Finland and contains old songs from 1993. Tell me all necessary infos about this release. Have you a contact deal with Hammer Of Hate for the 1st Archgoat LP?

We have a deal with Hammer of Hate and if things go as smoothly as they have, we will continue to do business with them after the first full length release. Angelslaying.. contains songs from our -93 recorded material that was meant to be released through Necropolis. It was recorded on 2 days in KC-studios here in Turku Finland.

What are your opinion about the Black Metal scene in Finland?

Today it is very different than back in 90´s. The music does not sound anymore what Finnish black metal was all about, it´s just like Norwegian average black metal with out any traces of originality. The scene is swarmed by huge mass of white trash people who in the first place shouldn’t be involved in it any way. The once so tight underground community who had firm ideology and a certain way of life has been replaced with your average metal white trash, who lack everything from ideology to originality, just like some lower life form, that keeps on multiplying. The underground has become over ground, old values of black metal are forgotten and lost, being replaced with easy compromises suitable for masses but not for thinking individual. Of course there are few persons involved who rise over the swarming mass of mediocrity, and with those few I respect I try to be in contact with. The most deadly strike to black metal scene was Dimmu Borgir and Cof who being as cross breeds of some kind plastic black metal and commerciality, created a easy way for mass to enter black metal scene. The sheep’s among the wolves I might say.

At last, we reach the end of the interview. Your final comments and words of wisdom to our readers?

Thank you for the interview, it was far better than the average interview, having a point on it. Create the darkness and bring the light of Lucifer, there is no place for weakness or compromises, just total devotion.


by Mirgilus