Duncan Petterson ex-member of the greatest British band Anathema, came out with a new project called Antimatter.In the first part of the year 2002 Antimatter self released the first album Saviour, and signed a contract with the German label Prophecy Productions(the album review in Disk Flash).My friend Robert Forgacs(October Sun) made an interesting interview with Duncan about past, present and future:

Hi Duncan, how are you?

Fine thanks.

You have left Anathema in 1998. What did you do in the following 4 years?

First of all, when I left Anathema I wanted to do something straight away but I was prevented from doing that by businessmen.I just got my head down and worked on 'Saviour' and tried to figure a way to record and release the album. I left the 'band' scene for a while and went out and discovered new music and met some people who were involved in nderground music of all kinds. We used to set up free parties and that. It was great time for me and I was well inspired. These people along with Fugazi inspired me to start a label.

How you and the other musicians from this first album Saviour find each other?

I've known Mick since school and met the girls during my days in Anathema. They were involved in their own music projects and I used to live in the same part of England as them.

Where did this name-ANTIMATTER-come from?

I came out of a club once and somebody gave me a flyer for a night called 'Antimatter'. I was impressed with the artwork and the concept of this at the time. Months later we were looking for a name for ourselves and I remembered this flyer so we decided to use it. It suits us well I think.

Is Antimatter a band, or just a simple project?

Call it whatever you want. Me and Mick write words and put music together. Simple as that.

What kind of reactions did you get so far for "Saviour"?

So far I have only seen positive reactions from all different types of people. We have received a few Album of the Months and had 10/10 in some magazines, which is always nice.

Personally, I was a little surprised by Antimatter, I guess I wasn't expecting for this kind of music (darker and more ambiental then your previous band), but in the end I really like it. How would you describe your music? Are there bands which would you compare to the music of Antimatter?

Dark and ambient, you already said it. There are a lot of bands who play dark music but my main influences are Roger Waters and Celtic Frost and have been for a long time.

I like listening your music especially during the nights, sometimes I feel that I'm listening the soundtrack of some dark movie.

Yes, its a good album to sleep to. I remember recording Going Nowhere in the studio and everytime we played it back we were all going sleepy. Mixing it was a nightmare as it was late at night and I'd drunk a bottle of wine and could hardly keep my eyes open.

You have written really nice depressed music and lyrics for Anathema. That hasn't changed, so what inspires you to write low-spirited songs?

Cos I'm an unlucky bastard, to put it bluntly. Everytime something positive happens, theres something bad waiting for me around the corner. Sometimes its coincidence, sometimes it is other human beings with no standards. I write about these things as its like a therapy for it.

Do you have a favourite Antimatter track?

I'm happy with the way Psalms and Flowers turned out.

Would you like to speak a little about the times you've started to play/make music? Which bands made you to take a musical instrument in your hands?

I think Iron Maiden inspired me to play guitar. I swapped a Rambo knife for the Killers album while I was in school and that got me into Maiden. Then I got a guitar soon after and that was it.

What are you listening these days?

I search for new music nowadays. Theres a lot of undiscovered stuff out there and I'm making the effort to find it. I've been buying a lot of dark electronic stuff but also traditional Irish music I enjoy.

You have signed recently for Prophecy Producions. How did you find each other? What is your opinion about their work? Do you know his engaged bands?

They found us really. We got in contact and sorted out a quick deal for Saviour. It was a great relief for us because Icon Records wasted the album and kept us in limbo for a long time. People were looking for the album but it wasnt released properly. Its good that a decent label have taken it over now. I have heard some of their releases and they are more towards our direction, which is good for us.

Do you make your living only from music, or you're working somewhere?

I am careful enough with money to survive from music.

How is passing a usual day of yours? What are you doing besides music? Have you read any good book, have you seen any good movie in the last months?

I havent been out for a while so I have just been eating healthily and trying to get fit. I had some health problems recently so I need to be stronger.

What is your opinion about the last two Anathema albums, which has been made without you?

A Fine Day To Exit is a good album. There are two tracks on there that I especially like. I didnt hear Judgement but I heard one song in a pub on a jukebox and didnt think much of it. I have heard some Judgement songs live but I wasnt impressed at all. They seem to have got back on track though with the latest album.

I've heard that you and Danny Cavanagh are getting along just well again and that you wrote some songs together too. Some months ago he announced that he wants to spend his time with Antimatter and his intention is to leave Anathema. Is he a part of Antimatter now?

We havent wrote any songs together. I dont know where that story came from. He left Anathema and we had planned for him to play a bit of guitar on our next album whilst starting a new band himself. He decided to try and resolve the Anathema situation so nothing has changed with Antimatter. He has planned to play guitar with us for some acoustic nights planned for October.

What can we expect from the next Antimatter material?

The new stuff is very dark and will feature more of Micks voice. I'm looking forward to doing this one as I feel it is very strong material.

There will be any live performances?

Just the acoustic nights are planned so far. We will plan some full gigs after the next album is done.

OK, that's all for this time. Thank you very much for your time, I wish you the best with Antimatter.



Forgacs Robert