About, Contacts, Material submission guidelines

Here you'll find some things about our philosophy, our attitude and way of life.
There are also some important infos for labels and bands about promotional stuff.

Because we are doing Mirgilus Siculorum/Cross Of Black Steel Magazine as seriously as you are managing your label/band, we'd like to avoid wasting your or our time providing you with some basic information about our policy on acceptance of unsolicited material. These recommendations will save you both money and time!

We DO NOT accept unsolicited material, so you do have to email us to ask permission to send material.
We accept CDs, Vinyls, DVDs, Tapes, Zines & Magazines!
We do not review mp3 file! Note: mp3 kills music!
We do NOT accept and will NOT review any MP3 files!!! Do not ask! Do not send them via e-mail! Don't be cheap! We realize you want to save money on promotion but we think that showing us a little respect is the least you can do. Sending crappy MP3 files that don't sound good or are so big that they'll block our email accounts is NOT nice and will not make a good impression at all!

Please note that we ONLY deal with certain types of music. Take a look at our reviews section to find out what kind of genres we deal with. We will review everything that falls into the categories and subcategories mentioned in the reviews section, including but not necessarily limited to: black-, death-, thrash-, doom metal, funeral doom-, sludge, experimental, industrial, power electronics, dark ambient, noise, psychedelic, etc. but DON'T SEND: true/new style heavy/nu/gothic-metal, punk, hardcore, grunge, alternative pop rock and other crappy releases!!!
Do not waste your and our time by sending links to myspace, youtube and other crappy sites, we are not interested!

You may send only "real" copies of your CD. If you send us your CD on a CD-R we will not review it and we will not play it either.
The only situations in which we will accept CD-R's are:
if your release is ONLY available as a CD-R and not in any other format (if you run a CD-R label or if your band's release is only available as a CD-R).
Please try to be decent, and we will do the same.

If you do not make promotional CDs (cardbox promos), send your real releases with covers both front and back. Do not panic, we are not selling them, but if you want a serious review do serious promotional work too, do not make it only halfway. Or if you think we could have any advantage by sending us a full original CD, feel free to send a promo version, no problem.

If you would like to know the reasons of our aforementioned policy: we put a lot of energy and efforts in reviewing your material, trying to do our job in the best possible way, hence we think that providing us with a real CD is the least you can do to show us your appreciation for what we're doing (especially considering that we aren't being paid for and we are a non-profit music magazine). Also, reviewing a CD with its original graphics, packaging, bells and whistles does make a difference, because we get the full picture and it is easier to grasp the artist's vision. Last but not least being able to refer to liner notes and graphics allows us to write a more precise review.

Please provide us with as much information as possible! This is very important because it helps us understand your music and your "world". We want to do our job correct as possible and having info about your release will help us write a better review.
Please try to introduce promo sheet (=promo info paper) along promos, any information about your band/release will be useful when we are making reviews.
Of course if you'll write on your promo sheet stuff like "we are the new Darkthrone, we are the X-version of Burzum", you will not gain any respect here.

If you want your releases to have a good review and high points, feel free to put a couple of hundred dollars, euros in the envelope, don't be selfish, be gentle! This is the best way to earn some good points in our magazine, and you'll also make us happy and rich.
Now, if you did not laugh on the last phrase, please really do not send anything. We don't want them! Call us posers, call us unserious, but be sure you stick one of your promos right in your asshole. Hope it feels good!

about REVIEWS:
Do not complain if your release will get a "negative" review!
If you'll get "negative" review, then deal with it, be a man!
Please note that review as a genre is always subjective, being an individual evaluation of a creation.
Our rating its only a relative value. If we do not like your release, that's it. Simple as that.
Also please think a bit about this: on a scale from 0 to 10, rating 5 is average, 6 for example is above average...7 is a nice release, 8 is a strong release, 10 is often a masterpiece.
Of course we cannot detach from certain details (for example our personal taste in music), so our rating methods sometimes can be strongly individual and unorthodox.
But we are not in school here, and we don't follow established rules, right?

All our efforts are simply coming from our love (yes, love) and fascination for music.
We all have our own jobs, we definitely not making a living out of writing reviews and doing interviews, but if you thought so, you can go and check some other sites, cause this is not what it's all about...We are serious music maniacs and we anyway buy all important releases with our hard earned money!

Do not ask for banner advertisement in mirgilus.com, WE ARE NOT INTERESTED TO MAKE AN ADVERTISEMENT FOR YOUR LABEL/BAND. We are and always will be an underground music magazine, no banners, no mp3 files, the purpose is to deliver basic information. Interested in knowing more? Get in touch and ask.

If you have read all of the above and you need to know where to send the material for reviews or possible interviews please contact us by email to find out WHERE TO SHIP. Thank you.


Mirgilus: mirgilus[at]mirgilus[dot]com

Robert Sun: october_sun@hotmail.com